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Murtaza Khan
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After praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who continues to be a theme of discussion as a previous Surah Surah to her that the theme continues inside the Surah Surah Usha

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whereby the surah can be concluded or finished by mentioning what material a baker for Hudis and enumerate and make mention of the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah upon you. Because here is a list of saved mentions. A man a net Amma here unabomber, the netmail upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is Naboo is Prophethood waka Delica Al Quran likewise the Quran both of these meanings are plausible based upon another verse inside the Quran, where Allah mentions surah Yunus the 10th chapter verse number 58, whereby he highlighted called before the lie will be rahmati for be the Laker for Yahoo hi Roman marriage my own. Allah says so rejoice the bounties are for sera annelle. Further, who will

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Islam rejoice the bounties of Allah Subhana Allah of Islam which has been bestowed upon you will be Ramat t at the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, Allahu sera under Rama, Rama who will Quran over Rasul Allah, a salatu salam. Rama is either the Quran or either the messenger based upon the verse inside the endo SoTL ambia, or Sonata in Russian battalion and amin will not send you except for the mercy to mankind's even though we're called Roger the most accurate statement about Rama here is the Quran. Let us take it literally are some people interpret means the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, we can understand the psyche about how certain individuals based upon the soul are based upon certain

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verses of the Quran, they begin to make hollow for Rasul Allah is Allah to Salaam, they begin to become excessive in their love and their devotion towards the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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and it is upon us to understand the material the reason why some people may become excessive inside their devotion and commitment because they are inside the Quran which gave that magnanimous praise to the prophet Elijah to Islam that glorify Him. Highlights is being a Saroja monniera the glowing sun the blazing sun is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam what a foreigner look at the crack is going to occur inside the surah and likewise that sort of column that you find were in Natalia Allah Hello chiave in your khaki so sublime so manifest inside so to the Hazara block can Allah comfy rasulillah he owes rotten Hashanah, lemon can Khanna your doula will Yeoman earthier with Dakota la kathira

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short lassa is a surah that many of us may think Confederate speaking about a Jihad but he's 30 said suited for an Rockies rally. If I come in at a yet how many is that you find speaking about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, speaking about him the relationship about the Prophet alayhi wa sallam towards the believers towards the companions towards his wives. That's the beginning of surah begins by mentioning unabie you all have been many I mean, unfussy him. Allah mentioned the Prophet alayhi wa sallam is more closer to the believers than their own selves. Why they owe even their own selves, the most closest individual to the believers should be the Prophet alayhi salatu salam necochea

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camera follow me and forsaken Aziz una Allah email I need to hurry soon on a common movement either over Rahim, then the suta Toba, there's come a message if amongst your own selves, it troubles him. It worries him he becomes over worried at why you're not coming towards a path of guidance guidance. always watch for over you. And Allah describes him as being a throw for him. Being pitiful, being merciful, so that you can understand how certain individuals take these are yet that they begin to make these hollow this excessiveness, about the devotion towards the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, but inside the surah there is a there's a hidden element it shows how do you make How do you make

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love and devotion towards the Prophet Allah is not to Silla. So the end the surah mentions a priori what I mentioned for a number illusory Yusra Leanna fintiba and Sunnah who are tagged rasa? infolding the son of the Prophet and Islam is difficulty. It was difficult prior at the time of the messenger that people call him a no sir Hey, legend noon. kahin. So Sara, magician splits families apart. There were no companions as well that these people are derailing people. Let's find out as we begin to move forward and forward. More and more away from the Sunnah of the prophet Elijah what we find people who adorn themselves with a Sunnah are classified as people who may be wicked

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individuals or innovative individuals, whom Allah assess and they upon the foundation what the student of the Prophet Allah is allowed to

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numbers. And as he mentioned, he said for to ballyhoura bah bah bah bah. He said to ballyhoura ba glad tidings to the strangers. Lucky lemon. Kumar hora. Who are these horrible? Who are these strange individuals were cobbler that mama a tuba, tuba, machete or heaven warfare to buy either a tree inside paradise that'd be given to the believing individual one tree in paradise to cross the shade will take 500 years of the riding for swift rider. That's one tree that's just a shade of one tree. That's for these individuals and the other meaning have on welfare and men's goodness will be given to these individuals.

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We know ending for these individuals both meanings are plausible. Well I can man woman and hurrah, hurrah. Owner sincerely Hoon yuzhny Runa Massa doonas komak de la Sol La Silla to some oka makalah Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he said these are righteous people. You snake hoonah master the nurse they they rectify our people have corrupted so they surrounded by corrupt people. Whether it be the literal corruption that we find being away from the deen of Allah Subhana Allah or the inner meaning of corruption of people staying away from the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam so why did he stay?

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Inside Jenna that when he said to the gibreel I'm let these people come to me, let them come them almighty. Who is he referring to? That when he says so can can be off be off? So when people say that leave everybody in equilibrium, leave everybody alone. Everyone must be a follower of the prophet Elijah to Islam. Yes, everybody is

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cool on your day was born be Laila. Come on kumbhakarna shirt and every single individual he claims to love Layla claims to have some relation with Elena who are over a food and a fella to salon. But Linda doesn't recognize any individual. Likewise, everyone claims to love the Prophet Allah is not something and he will unfortunately, will not recognize certain individuals. He will he said to them be of be off, they will be described. You don't know what these people the innovations that they invented after you left this dunya.

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So the prophet will say to these people be of Lee Take them away from me. Is he referring to a person who's falling The sooner?

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Is he referring to those individuals who provide the Sona or is he referring to those individuals who deviate from the sadhana who would from their Hulu they excessiveness they begin to make this excessive praise and obedience. Amongst the final words of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, before he passed away. He said woe upon those individuals who took the graves and the shrines of the Gambia and their messengers as a place of worship. Why did he say those words to the end of his life woe to those people who took their their profits and the messengers took their graves as as monuments or shrines

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took it as Aiden will remark that either you redo your career muroran that they took the return again and again that people come to the shrines

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they come in and ask the Ask um what people do they say that what?

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What's wrong with coming to shrines of pious people to an MBA or Russell was solely he was shuhada What's wrong with coming to these individuals? Why did the Prophet Allah stop say to Allie radula to undo any any grave that you find which is beyond one hand, Spain hand span for desecrated, remove it dismantle it? Why did he say that to the end of his life? Have I knew ship belay Subhana Allah This is the essence of shirk. The even even to come back and read them out but call amadora a normal cover even to make dry for the grave and you raise your hands

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somebody read them I didn't allow it. They never allowed you even to raise your hands in front of a gravely madda because a person from a distance will think what will think that you're making derived to the dead

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when Islam it removes any element of shirk

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anything that leads to shit as to be uprooted. If people begin to take gravel stones, take sand, take it and begin to glorify it. Begin to stuff inside their pockets take the land of Mecca to Torah, place it inside their pockets, begin to venerate it begin to take it home place it in glass jars hanging on there next piece it for my whole for binaca obaidul. Under Faraj what's the difference between you and the Christians and the Catholics study Catholicism. Study sainthood inside Catholicism, study the relics

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Study the shrines study the gravels study the stones, the rocks, the beads that they hold, and they said these are what brings us close to Allah.

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That's what people use. Excuse me, not moominvalley Yukari buena illa solfa we don't worship them.

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These are intermediaries to get as close to Allah. Allah needs no intermediaries.

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Allah Subhana Allah needs no intermediaries

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led to shabby and hultman Holic never ever make a similarity between the creation and the Creator. What color of Buddha Rooney, I study bloco Allah Subhana Allah call upon me and I will respond to you in the nadina you're stuck Varuna and he Bagga t those who are arrogant who don't want to call upon me. He will lead them towards Jana death theory in

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in a state of no state of debasing these individuals.

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Why does Allah Subhana Allah negate any element? Allah said in another verse inside the Quran

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when the greatest is in South Dakota and why he does the only for any Karim.

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Allah didn't say for cool in new Karim. Allah never said to you say our Prophet Islam to the people that I'm close by.

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Even though this is man hudgell Quran study rockys quran quran every time a question is posed yes aluna can you rule yes sir Luna and in my head yes sir Luna Can you come very well may seem

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really awkward. Every time they pose a question to you. The answer is given Cool, cool hula as a

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child it is harmful. Say it is haram say it's the same who should say it. You You're a fool. And I select a sinner. But this place inside the Quran, they asked you about Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says in the Quran, and finally folia fallen immediately

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there is nothing there's no intermediaries. There's no there's no parameters that need to go between to break no barriers to gay need to enter now want to make shafa intercession for you for a new career. Just called directly to Allah Subhana Allah. So inside the surah for either for Dr. Fung savoir in Arabic or for ishara, that to get to Allah Subhana Allah you have to carry on doing the task of ob obedience,

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of servitude.

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There is no easy path to Jenna there is no easy path to Allah Subhana and that says that you try to come to these intermediaries. So even the Sahaba a man can have a feast a Muslim, came to the prophet Elijah some and asked him in Lucca, Morocco, Jana, and akun, Sahiba, Kofi Jana, he asked, I want to be with you your companion inside jedna.

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So what did the Prophet Allah Islam say to him? Did he say to him say this wave, Reese, I make this machine this I sing this song, this I chose this name. This I just say this.

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He said,

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me, NASA because 3d sujood

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aid me make it plausible, possible for me to intercede for you to ask for you because that is so rude.

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That you should become excessive inside your sujood he could have said to him that call my name on the day judgment, call me proclaimed me ask about me turn to Me. Make the out to me. All of this is plausible. But he teaches his oma highlights to them. That the only way you're going to come close to Allah Subhana Allah is not via worshiping me,

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is not why just praising me, even though praise belongs to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, but a hidden element of thought of obedience. And as we return back to this surah that many of the early Ummah is to read this surah is to continue from Surah to Doha, is to continue in such suitor Shah had to be dooney Bismillah. Even without the Basilica, they saw the surah as one interconnected surah the theme continues, as you mentioned previously, so to baja kulu, the surah who officiate never fool la salatu salam is all speaking about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and this surah continues. And I'm not sure like Assad rock

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Have you expanded your chest we're calling him I'm sure can if it's a theory called the Shara Nana casado. Indeed, we've expanded your chest.

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And there's two meanings of expansion one chest had we take it longer than literally, which is which happened to the Prophet and his thumb that his chest was split open.

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And Albuquerque Santa Rita city mentioned the age of four. So he's hot, his chest was split open, and his heart was washed out that that

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emptiness that filthiness we can

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Use such words of the impression of shaitaan is removed from his body and he's washed and a second time during an extra El Mirage. Prior to that journey Subhana Allah the extra bit of delay the middle muscle muscle AXA, prior to that journey once again. His body his chest was washed, white under symptomatically howdy si si si Muslim your call come to era arthro Mohammed Allah surgery he is a doctor. I could see that the form of stitches on his blesseth chest. So literally his chest was was cut open. And he's washed and read inside the Syrah his face became pain when he returned back to his to his half brothers and sisters, his foster brothers and sisters and your friend back is

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this pain is whiteness when it was on his face.

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And he explained to him but he couldn't believe what took place. So this is the literal meaning took place in a prophet alayhi salatu salam mm sabula inside is the seed suffered a deficit he mentioned. This is the beginning of of houda is the presence of placing the expansion of one's chest of guidance and amen and taqwa to be placed inside the chest to the Prophet and his love to Philip, which is a deeper meaning wahana knockin in the mm sabbioni mm subunits, so I haven't suffered tafazzin CUT TO Wolfie acaba sad.

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mm Sabu he just passed away a few hours ago.

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Born inside Syria 1930. And then he remained for teach and Omar Cora for 28 years, the official Sharia were to be at the pharaoh in 1996.

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And we began to read it to see from 2002 Dockery when he in Santa

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mm savani Cana Misa Victor fear snowball, right? As you find you're going to read to seek contemplative CV three works at the fasciae as you come to the building of Ramadan, read mm subunits suffer to tafazzin inside three volumes aboubaker Gita is a three to four series or three volumes. Why am Saturday's mostashari said one volume, read these deviceid in preparation for Ramadan, Decatur from Colombo Bula alameen. To understand the words of Allah Subhana Allah because there's a there's a great gap. There's a great ocean between us and the words of Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah Subhana Allah has expanded our chests to understand the Quran. So inside the Quran, he

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mentions the mm shokin he mentions that Allah Subhana Allah, whoever Allah, Yeshua sodre Islam for who are Allah new Remi Robbie,

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the inner meaning Allah expanded the chest of the Prophet Allah says up towards an Islam.

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However, Allah expands their chest towards al Islam, to understand Islam to enter into Islam, to work for Islam to live for Islam for Allah, new Remi rugby and other places are the Quran.

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Allah gives us the parable of the individual that Allah Allah father expands their chest is upon guidance. And whoever Allah Subhana misguides can remember your Sir doofy summary is as if the individual is traversing into the heavens.

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Wherever we know the higher up the altitude, the more pure the auction becomes, the more difficult it becomes for a person to breathe,

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which is scientifically proven, the more higher up that you go. So Allah mentions Yeti and Sandra Day you can hire a DJ and Ghana Maja sarducci, Santa, whoever Allah subhanaw taala to send a stray restricts their chest takes them away from Islam derails them, makes everything about them difficult, in a sense, we don't find that peace that tranquility. So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, Allah subhanaw taala the literal meaning linguistically

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unlike what we find that islamically is well Allah founded on both so then you can understand the words of moose and a ceremony made this rubbish roughly sorry. I will expand my chest dedicated to Herman and other that can be hard to shake me number two. He mentioned the shadow solder expansion a chest means that wherever McKenna's tequila and your kunafa FIFA and mythos sada

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things that daily rituals of practice when some people become difficult, they become burdensome. As Allah mentioned, the beginning side suited Bukhara that Salah is going to be difficult in the other harsh Shireen why Nana Kabira to an Indian harsh hearing is going to be hard. burdensome. So he mentioned the first type of easiness is things which are difficult. Allah subhanaw taala makes them easy.

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second type of ease that we find Allah Subhana gives you the ability to abate to bear the hardship

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the first time

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We find it becomes a speaker Islam become beloved to the individual.

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All of these three elements exist in a profit and a slot to

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the other than all these elements made it easy for the prophet and itself to carry out rituals of a bad dad

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lifted up the burden so Allah Masha Allah Masha laka Sagara wa Anka wiesloch and we lifted the wizard, the blame a really market fusina wizard hoonah vimana, a couple of no Buddha before no Buddha, they there was no praying they will know that the Prophet was doing so this was a burden. This was a feeling that he felt inside his heart that I was hours away from guidance, just like to data that people may be later on inside their lives, that they discover a lot they begin to make tavola they should rightfully have this feeling

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they should have this feeling doesn't mean they should lose hope but this feeling come in and I am coming to Sydney and come in and

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how many days I mean months, how many years Europe I used to disobey you as away from the path.

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That's how the professor we felt inside his heart that this wizard is blamed within themselves Allah, Allah wants to wants to remove this.

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Lots of undertakes away. And I'm not sure sobre la vida Anka wizard, another another Barak

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and Nicole who are so heavy

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and higher one. When you place a burden on an animal, you find it begins to the pain was being placed upon the animal and makes a sound.

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Satish, this burden that was dragging on the the heart, the mind, the back of the prophet Elijah Salaam, Allah Subhana has lifted or removed that.

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That don't worry about the past.

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Let us continue to journey about the present. And know the and

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look at the clock.

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We've raised how your remembrance

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in this world as we began with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the read he seerah an individual, unknown personality, unknown individual.

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And today that you find the most frequent of names that's mentioned and uttered is the name of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salam extracted from the name of Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allah Subhana, Allah is the one that's praised and extract

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is to come in is me.

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For what moody wa mohammadu He is the one who is the one or one of the praise where the throne is Allah Subhana Allah, and this is mohammadu and this is the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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who equally or to a certain degree deserves the praise.

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So Allah Subhana Allah, wherever you find praises the Prophet Muhammad Allah is not to Salaam that's defined amongst the ultimate praises that Allah Subhana Allah lets you find that people talk about this is so not to reform this incident of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, who NACA should not allow

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all the things that we do are a student of the messenger that we imitate inside our lives. There's a sunnah of Allah Subhana Allah. There's a footnote inside the Quran

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in nulla, when mela etha to use aluna and unabie

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then I'm not here you Latina amanu sallu Allah He was suddenly mutaz Nima Allah first he mentioned in Allah wa mela, Eco, Indeed Allah and His message, they say greetings and salutations upon the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. So the new believers should do likewise had these should not be summer he

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should know inside the heavens,

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inside their head, but that's why on the earth, the name Muhammad Allah is praised the place there

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in the journey, were bad as any windows a comma when the celerity when the Tisha hoody II find the name of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was in earth era and inside the ark era What do you find? Jenna will not open doors have generally not open until the Prophet Allah is some comes through the doors

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were Solomon

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who's on the door? Who is there for your cool I'm not a fool. I know Mohammed Salah already we sell them.

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What are your kulu cut omiana enough to know

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we've been commanded to open the doors for the Prophet Muhammad SAW lots of doors of genuine open.

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So we don't know he's praised inside an accurate doors agenda will swing open when it comes to those doors. When our co author will how the

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call for is given to him. The fountain is given to him. The rivers are given to him. You can say cool Jana

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Rasul Allah salatu salam, the owner of Paradise is for him.

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What a foreigner like as a crop for a number three, use raw enamel also use raw. So this coming close to the prophet Elijah to Islam is not easy. Some people that they think as he said, we don't want to sound derogatory. hipbones illa we understand that you mentioned the psychological understanding how they want to develop that love, but we have to say that they've derailed themselves.

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They've gone away from the path from the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, there's going to be hardships. The Prophet, he suffered To what degree

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read he said, How did he suffer the slit his cheek?

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They broke his canine tooth. They hit him on his shoulder. And he's wearing they said two arms.

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Two shields he was wearing of iron rings. And it struck him so hard. He said, Come to Asheville. We had an alum with the T shirt. I felt that pain for a month.

00:26:07 --> 00:26:09

And then he dropped he fell in the ditch.

00:26:10 --> 00:26:18

And he began to praise the thing that killed the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that's what they done to him. companions lay down their weapons and why should we fight anymore?

00:26:20 --> 00:26:27

Why should we carry on any more inside alive? Why Muhammad an elder a fool? In Capri Russell as a matter

00:26:29 --> 00:27:05

of well, who is Muhammad Ali except for messenger of Allah, God hoppin copy Rousseau, many messengers came before him. If he's to be died or to be killed, are you going to free on your heels? Are you going to run away? No, the journey continues when of mohammedans we don't just stop there the life continues. And that's why when the profit, you find the greatest calamity, our own calamity, our fitness and our muslimeen read a shout out to sorry the signs of the last day. The agreement is in 99 signs of the last day and what is the first fitna

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was the first sign of the last day. His device is the death of the prophet Elijah not to suggest the first sign because after everything is going to is going to come to an end is going to come down. That's the Omen hotdog when he when he heard this, he became hysterical.

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It's not possible

00:27:28 --> 00:27:39

for a prophet to leave this dunya it's not possible for him to leave us in this man. When he heard about this he was outside the outskirts of Medina and he wrote back

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and he uncovered the shroud from the blasted face of the Prophet call

00:27:46 --> 00:27:58

table by even Phil. Phil here to fill Moti you with beautiful UI but you his beautiful wife she was living now once you've led for Capella, Dana I know you see,

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he kissed him between the forehead which is two eyes.

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But this is what you find as L is not emotional feelings. So when he said those he resigned This is why Muhammad Rasul Rasul, Allah Khattab said, I felt like that F was shaking underneath me, as these I have just been sent down now.

00:28:23 --> 00:28:28

That's what I understood that the preference of Abu Bakr Siddiq to be our Khalifa

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because he understood that the journey has come to an end. We have to accept it and continue to go forward.

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Find number three Yusra, that after every hardship they will be easy to hardships and too easy as

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well. losartan was short and there is no to hardships.

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Located in the local Arabic He studied Arabic language is something very normal grocery but lammeter if you can read more watain for huobi Mountain out wide. Something's repeated twice inside the Arabic language it carries only one meaning like

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I also use rain is that a hadith that we find that a hardship cannot overcome two easy's

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so you find that there's only one hardship two easiest, and I'm sorry, 32 feet, he mentioned his narration they've hired us to go into a tunnel, you find that ease will come from behind it and from in front of it.

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Indeed, after every hardship there is ease, this ease person shouldn't lose hope that there's no ease. It may come inside this dunya that's shared a lot. I mean, Ramadan I mentioned that it doesn't mean that hardship is taken away that for some of us where they think hardship should be lifted. He said the hardship is alleviated. hardship is made easy,

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simple to bear. Whereas many of us that we think that my hardship should be taken away. That's why you find that we can extract

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For the life of the Prophet I said he never prayed take away hardships. He prayed to expand my chest expand my shoulders expand me to bear the difficulties.

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That's what a Muslim is. There is the difficulty is knowing that a normal grocery user knowing that say yes or no the low bar there are three Nusra elementary that sought to turn up in the 65th chapter, Hunter is Masuda is divorce. By looking at discussion Allah mentioned that if something like this happens is going to be ease of this hardship. And prior to this Allah mentioned three times about takanawa, tequila Raja

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hula phase, Allah Subhana Allah and Allah finds a way out for that individual.

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woba tequila,

00:30:48 --> 00:31:00

Omri usara, then lamented whoever fears Allah Subhana Allah friends are way out for the individual. Then Allah mentor, woman, tequila face Allah, you have them no ajira who Allah

00:31:01 --> 00:31:04

great greatly expands

00:31:05 --> 00:31:43

the reward of this individual. These are all Bushra glad tidings for the believer to not lose hope in the difficulties that we may face on a daily basis for either for us from subway eat out of Baker for hub. So the end of the surah begins to teach us that when you fight either for a different sub, when you become free from the daily rituals or practices that you do inside your life, the daily tasks from Southern turn to Allah Subhana Allah, meaning after the obligatory action that you do inside your life you to find moments inside your life of devotion commitment, thus we find the iamu Lane.

00:31:44 --> 00:31:51

Yeah, you will Muslim mill Camila illa kalila you find Salah to lay a tahajjud, which was obligatory

00:31:52 --> 00:32:35

was compulsory for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to have the night prayer, his vigilance during the night. So, this is a last part of the telling Gita of moments inside your life to find outside we barely do the obligatory actions, let alone try to do something which is supererogatory that does we become lexical, lexical inside a lot of days. There is a form of as we mentioned striving person wants higher limits. person wants this dunya what do they do? They work overtime, they work hard, they take your work home, they sacrifice their time, their money, their family, their will their children, for what purpose, to be given an extra bonus to be given an extra benefit by looking at

00:32:35 --> 00:32:48

our psychological devotion towards Islam, that I just do the bare minimum that will suffice me therefore as long as I do this, this will be enough for me love fighter for the fun so why either a big

00:32:49 --> 00:33:14

tent your Lord Allah Subhana Allah that you had mentioned earlier mentioned attend to Allah and the honor of having hope. having faith in them you can you said you're the rune in a row raga Bongo raba What can you Lena ha Shireen calling upon a local and state of hope and say a need. There's a numerous remark on this. From the iPhone. This is they mentioned there's no time

00:33:16 --> 00:33:33

for play and music on Saturday and Sunday Tafseer he mentioned this, like vaca jozani insight into segments the same thing expands on is that when Muslims thing is time for enjoyment. There's some element of enjoyment, relaxation to struggle and so but the whole of life

00:33:34 --> 00:33:44

that the whole of the Muslim oma is just about enjoyment. enjoying ourselves, he says inside is the fear that you will face a nurse who will must have

00:33:46 --> 00:34:04

an unasked that we find is that you will find that the changing are the people being wiped out which existed in nations before these are terminologies that Allah Subhana use for people existed before that he will do this to them. But he says

00:34:05 --> 00:34:51

when this oma becomes an oma who's over worried about play and amusement, then they will suffer the same two elements of a nurse well musk. Then he describes a nurse and I had the oma he said what is the wiping out of this Muslim oma look at the the Syrah look at historically, the life of Al Andalus which is not too far away from us study the historical background how the muscles began to fight amongst themselves. Brothers amongst brothers Amara Amara leaders upon leaders. One one donor one state over another state, they began to fight one another for for ruling and conquering spilled blood. They began to take the disbelievers the Crusaders, we got to sideline with them to find their

00:34:51 --> 00:34:59

own Muslims and to destroy them. And the other half of the lead is amongst them. were worried about the type of music they should listen to the type of woman that should dance in front of them.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:02

That became the culture.

00:35:03 --> 00:35:29

So what happened and Allah subhanaw taala wiped them out. The Mughal Empire wiped them out. One man must who must means to change identity. Waka thielmann and earlimart take it literally the other didn't physically change people tied back to him in a bathroom the allotted animal he changed him physically. Those who disobeyed a loss of handout to become like those individuals changed disfigured them.

00:35:30 --> 00:35:57

So hey, you mentioned it to see a one man must call muslimeen the changing of Mustangs is rocky Zoo urrutia was seen. Look at that Soviet Union. Look at China. No blame upon those Muslim but just to understand the concept. How do you find musk on a smart home? Their names are being changed. Don't hold Muslim names.

00:35:58 --> 00:36:33

Muslim Russia and Russia don't hold Muslim names. They have Russian names. Chinese Muslims don't have Muslim names. They have Chinese names. So you find out people no blame upon them but there could be an element of truth of derailing going away from the book and the Sunnah, that Allah will perform musk will remove the names of identities of Muslims because why why is there a bigger for God we don't turn to Allah Subhana Allah and as we began with there's not the biggest sin on the face of this earth we're sure bill hammer was in our

00:36:34 --> 00:37:12

hands he unwell mouse Lee. These are all forms of things up Barranca Ll RB is an extra Kabila is to commit ship with Allah subhanaw taala. That's what's this destroyed us mostly today. And it struck a circle. And we're sure isn't as some of us that we think live in the Western world, as we began with to just come to a grave shock is that we find a new form of shape or shape that existed before shake of the ego, the nuts, the mind, the power, the coffee will happen, while one will

00:37:14 --> 00:37:30

reassert the shell code that we find these people in the worshipping of themselves, you dumb, middle Beloved, they destroy countries, they destroy people, they destroyed nations. They destroyed their own people

00:37:31 --> 00:37:42

on what basis because of the shift within themselves. That they don't want anybody to threaten them inside their lives. They feel that they're powerful.

00:37:43 --> 00:37:49

And some of us we play to that tune. That's what we become a nation I place the tune that everything around us.

00:37:50 --> 00:38:00

But what we do wait out a bit further we pray We ask Allah Subhana Allah to liberate liberate us from the hardships from a difficulty that we suffer and we're surrounded by

00:38:02 --> 00:38:48

because a person is stuck in a wall in a school bus. See, we're Hosni in a wall. ask Allah Subhana died. Don't ask the grave don't ask the shrine don't ask people. ask Allah Subhana Allah. May Allah Subhana Allah give us all the tofik in ability to only call upon Allah Subhana Allah to only ask Allah Subhana Allah to remove any element of shake inside our hearts inside our speech inside an action until we meet Allah Subhana Allah be Albin Saleem with a pure heart, with a heart full of devotion and commitment to only Allah Subhana Allah, either of us and Allah, why this is the first time delay Subhana Allah. If you ask only ask Allah Subhana Allah, you seek aid or assistance only

00:38:48 --> 00:38:50

asked from Allah Subhana Allah

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