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Tina on Jamba

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shape on your Ragini Bismillah your Walkman you're walking

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in tomonaga Holloman duni, li ha la una una la him this one upon him the UN famine Abdullah, Muslim man if Torah Allah Allah He Govinda saw that Allah who love him. So this is verse number 15, which I've just recited, and it's a continuation of the discussion of these brave, amazing and phenomenal youth. We touched on how Allah subhanho wa Taala empowered and inspired them and how they were vocal, articulate, passionate and vociferous, can you imagine against the challenging the ruler of the time? Who was an oppressor who was a dictator? Who was an autocrat and going against the norm of this society? And, you know, I often say that part of the manipulation of mass media is that

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whenever you present an alternate view, then it is automatically interpreted as conspiracy theory. So if you don't buy into the mainstream narrative, now, that's a conspiracy theory. But hang on, I'm giving you tangible evidence and making a logical engagement and providing you with some substance and prove why is an alternate view automatically interpreted as conspiracy theory, when the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Come commenced the Dawa and the mission of the hate. The pagan Arab the mushrikeen of Mecca frowned, scowled objective oppose challenge, john

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de la vida in Dallas shame on no job, has he condensed 360 Gods into one unheard of ludicrous bizarre

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afterlife NamUs Rudra the Allahu anhu when we talk about the courage of these youth and the value of these youth to stand up and be firm on their value system, and to face the tyrant and and embrace the potential repercussion and the tyranny of this dictator, but they were convinced what they imagine a blindness or whatever they allow, and who Oh, well, lumenier grbl poron who mustered the courage and went in the harem, and publicly recited the Quran, people opposed him, people attacked him, assaulted him, and he stood his grounds in proclaiming the message of the Almighty. So we spoke about how Allah gave strength and that when a lie gives you that strength and courage, then leave

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alone, others being startled and impressed. And you know what, admire in your courage, when you look back at yourself, even you cannot believe the feat you've accomplished. It's purely through the grace and the courage and the strength that Allah endows an individual with.

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The dialogue between sorry the no job a the dialogue between salary w jubair and Hud judge when use of right had just been use of Suffolk, who had claimed many, many lives, who had claimed many many lives

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when he was summoned in the court of HUD judge and in a long dialogue just to again highlight the point how Allah gave him courage, Allah gave him courage.

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So her judgment use of our sorry w job aid.

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A u haul alpha a Bernie omega r J. Bullock, au Hola, thank you a Benny Romania, Anja Bullock, which Khalifa which ruler from the hula fall of bunu. Romania is most impressive to you. Now, this is a tricky question. This is a political question. There's implications on this question. And this is been asked by her judge himself and you have a burning omiya Bullock. So which are the rulers of bunu omiya? Do you fancy the most? Look at the answers that are either in the jubair or bavuma holla at him, the one amongst them who has impressed his creator the most? The one amongst those rulers governors who have impressed is created the most for a yo home our bar lil harlot second question

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now, from her judgment use of Okay, if you say the basis of being impressed with any one of them, is on the grounds of impressing and obeying and compliant and obliging to the commands of Allah. So be let me be more specific which one out

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Have them which one out of them has impressed and Obaidullah the most which one out of them. So sorry, they've never replied, while masonicare in the living

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room, the knowledge of that belongs and is exclusively reserved to that being who knows the internal and the external. I cannot pronounce a judgment amongst them which one has pleased Allah the Most All I know is the one with whom Allah is the most happy. That's the one that impresses me the most. So the straight answer I cannot give you because that's subject to the internal condition and that is only known to Allah.

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So then I judge him the user said,

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What's your opinion?

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About me? More specifically? Ma Ma, you can see Yeah, what's your opinion about me? So sorry, didn't you Baron said and enough sick? You know yourself better. Why should I be telling you right in different places in the Quran, Allah tala says that ballin in Zion, Oh Allah NFC. basura wallow Alvin Kamara, the Euro. Ne man is watchful over himself. Although he gives arguments, he counter somebody tells you something and this happens typically, unfortunately, in marital feuds, your wife tells you something or your husband tells you something now you got to counter it and argue against it. But you know in the heart of hearts what he's saying or she is saying, I am guilty of this

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that's the reality I am guilty of this year. But no no we got to go the defense route. We got to go the defense route.

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And in another verse of the Quran, Allah says in Surah tala that man is ungrateful, like a nude. What you know who Allah Dalek Allah Shaheed, and he himself will attest to his ungrateful nature. Like it's not I need to tell you uh, you need to tell me you know for a fact. So when her judgment use of us I read a new job a What's your opinion about me? Sorry, who better said and I'm sick you know yourself better. So her judge was now getting under his skin. He was probing he was trying he was you know what digging out? It says no booty do l maka anda? I want to know your opinion about me. I know my opinion about myself. But that's not what I'm concerned about. You tell me what's your

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opinion about me? Now? Can you imagine this man is so far he has claimed the lives of so many people and is now provoke inside of ninja bear systematically. So I don't know. jubair is being calculated. It's been euphemistic. It's been polite. He's been very, very calculated in his response. However high judge is pressing the button further and further by Louis Jor. El Mk. I want your knowledge. So sorry, the job ever said yes. Oh, what are you so what are you so rock? If you want to know my opinion about you? Then I'm afraid you won't have the courage to listen to it because it will leave you depressed. It will leave you uneasy. It will leave you angry. You'd be enraged. So hi. JOHN said

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no go for it. Tell me what's your opinion about me. So sorry, who better said in the Alamo Anika Mohali for Nikita Bella. It's quite apparent that you blatantly disobey Allah in Mati in many matters, it's quite apparent it's quite apparent in the LM Anika Mohali for Nikita Bella that you go against the the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So her judgment use of set even as Petula is an actor to luck, then I will slay you, then I will execute you. Then I will behead you. So sorry, who better said he then to see the aleja dunya? What ofsaa Allah?

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If you kill me innocently, because you've asked me a question, and I've responded to it, and then you kill me in because of that, then you will destroy my worldly life. And I will destroy your letter life. Allahu Akbar.

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You will destroy my life on Earth. You will kill me and you will you know what? inflict harm on me in this world. We're also after attack. And I will destroy your latter life. Can you imagine what a baton are? That's the strength This is courage. Generally when you need a favor or somebody can pose a threat, you're intimidated by him you're intimidated by him. And now you you buckle under pressure you buckle under pressure, our hero salmon fakie Nana Telemundo the last arrow in the king's cover is violence. The last arrow in the king's cover is violence. And obviously his opponent more than often will succumb to that threat of ease because he cannot retort in a like manner he cannot retort

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in a like manner. So her judgment user then said to sorry, the job aid if thoroughly enough Sica a

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Let in to read if thoroughly enough sick. Okay decide how you would prefer that I should kill you decide how you would prefer that I would kill you. So sorry who better said no let me rephrase it barely until enough sick for our la Hema Dr. Lenny patella Illa kata laka Allah who beat her Phil Asara. No, no, no, I'm not going to decide how you should kill me. Whether you want to hang me or you want to give me an electric chair, or you want to kill me in any other way, you decide how you want retribution in an era because the manner in which you would kill me accordingly retribution would be executed against you. So why don't you decide Why don't you decide how you want to be

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punished in othera?

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So he said,

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Okay, do you want me to forgive you and pardon you? Sorry, who better said in Ghana iPhone fermina Allah Amiga fella. If in the end this thing you know what gets cancelled and there's a pardon process then that pattern will be from Allah and not from you. That pattern will be from Allah and not from you. For love the bell hi judge, he became angry. And he said as same for your Golem. Oh, slave bring the sword. So as the sword was brought, and he was flexing his muscle and his cloud, sorry w job. He smiled. Can you imagine a smile in the face of death? At the smile in the face of an imminent death coming your way? So her judgment use upset or mad the best smoke? What makes you

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smile? So sorry, who better said?

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Allah Jara, Attica? wilhelmi. La hillock? Allah Jara, Attica. I'm smiling at your arrogance, your haughtiness, your pride, your aggression. And I am marveling at the wrist spite and the grace and the clemency of Allah towards you. I am marveling at the clemency of Allah towards you.

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They decided and he says, Bring the sword and let's strike him. So just before they're about to strike him, he says in the word just to what de la la de photogra sama de Waal orba hanifa wa and aminul mushrikeen a verse of the seven Jews Surah Al anon, in the word Giotto verily I have focused myself might be in my face towards Allah lillahi the bien Fatah sama? What they will or who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth hanifa exclusively to him warmer and aminal mushrikeen and I'm not from amongst the polytheist So hi Jasmine user said that turn him away from Qibla turn him away diverting from Qibla so sorry, who then recited the idea for a nama duelo Fatima widow hola for a

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nama do aloof adamawa Allah that Allah is not confined to any direction or any angle wherever you turn Allah is there so had just been us have said drop him on the ground. So as they dropped him on the ground, sorry, the job he said me now harlequinade gone avina Nori docam wamena ha no hurry Gioconda rotten overall, we've created you from sand, and we return you to sand and we will resurrect you to sand. And when he said this year had just been us have said this man has incapacitated me. I have no answer to this year. And he struck him and just about in the last minute before he struck me It struck him sorry, who were raised his hands and he said Allahumma lottosend

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little hijjah Allah.

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Allah let me be the last victim, let me be the last victim of her judge. And after that he doesn't have access over any person. Sorry, who were passed away. 15 days later, her judge became unwell and sick and he had this severe fever and he would go into a coma and then he would recover. And then

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when he passed away, someone seen him in the dream someone seen him in a dream and asked him how did you fail before Allah? He said tortellini, because pertanian cataldo kottelat and Waka telone bizzarri debney job 18 separate submarine a patella, that in lieu of every unjust killing that I perpetrated, I was subjected to one murder. I was subjected to death once rather, let me rephrase that, in lieu of every unjust killing that I perpetrated. I was subjected to death once I went through the pain and the agony because of course inaccurate there is no death, but you'll go through the pain and the process. Now you could argue for your mudo while catellani bizzarri dibny

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Buried in submarine catalog. And because of claiming the life of sorry, the blue job aid, I was subjected to the agony of death 70 times. The point I intended speaking about it was the courage and the confidence that Allah had given him.

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So what's the regards to these youth? Right? In verse 14, we spoke about it Rob batana. We strengthened it. In Rochelle Bianet is mentioned second, I need to sell Julie mimma. And second, Alfie hamina. Lee again, that Allah had plays strength, Eman conviction, and at that critical moment, Allah kept them strong. So many times you muster the courage, I'm going to tell this person or I'm going to proclaim this year, or I'm going to be articulate about this year, or I'm going to be explicit and I'm not going to be vague. I need to say it. But at that moment, when pressure mounts upon you, you kind of change your tune you mellow down, you soften up you change the whole

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approach. No, no, I'm second Ah, and it doesn't Zoli I'm second Ah, and it does also live. We continue with the discussion and macola have these amazing youth verse number 15 Allah subhanho wa Taala coating the continuation of the discussion of these youth and remember this is in the presence of the king as historical narration suggests the Quran just says that they mentioned Rob bonobo some awatea well,

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so they go on to say aha Ola and como una taco. This is our nation How will a year is our people it the hadoo Min dooney he Lena who have made others as they gods, their diabetes, their partners, their isms besides Allah. So they have made objects items, carving things, etc. And they said this is our God, we worship it. Lola aduna. I lay him based on upon him being Lola, a tuna lamb song burn him by Ian, why can they not produce evidence and testimony and support to the argument? So we're telling you Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth and we given you proof is created this year? You creating and carving an idol and an object and then you worship in it? Give us proof give

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us proof. Right alumina Sophie writes in in muda Rakuten zeal in Surah talabat in the 28 jewels of the Quran so amazing. Under this verse, pagano Abba Sharia dough Nana cafaro, Allah was doesn't Allah wa la magani Yun Hamid, that the polysius amongst their objections that they leveled against the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was a bachelor on Yadu Nana, is it a human that is guiding us like this? According to them, there's disparity and this dichotomy between a mortal and profit would How can the station of profit would be conferred upon a model for God who they said what Bashar human Yeah, do Nana meaning the genes of profits, are they guiding us profits are guiding us like this is

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very strange, unheard of. So he writes so amazingly.

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And guru Rizal attell, Basha warmer and Kuru Reba that alhaja they found it difficult to process for a mortal to be a prophet, but they were quite comfortable embracing the theory that stone is a diety.

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Let me say this again. They found it strange to absorb, to process to embrace, to accept to believe that a human is a prophet like he is a mortal How can mortality a mortal a human be paid up with profit would for profit it needs to be angelic and not a human? So that that is something for them was like you know a question mark red flag, but then an object and a stone and an idol being a God made perfect sense to them. Fatah no

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Was doesn't Allah Allah haldwani Yun Hamid Lola aduna lamb Soltani beiyang Why don't they give any proof and whenever they were asked for proof what was the proof budget and Allah Allah and our well we seen our forefathers and our ancestors doing this year so these you then concluded by saying for men out bernama me man if dar Allah Allah He cares about then who can be more unjust than the one who invents and fabricates a lie against Allah. If you fabricate a lie against me as my child against my father against his father, and that is really heinous. That is really evil. You fabricate a lie against your friend, your sibling, your brother, it's bad, it's wicked, it's nasty, but the

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greater the proof

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Have the person, the more evil and the more heinous the offense is right? how can how can you make your dad a liar? How can you make your teacher Elia? Can you imagine the one who's accusing the Almighty, the one who's accusing the almighty you are accusing because if you saying that we need to worship this year, then you are certainly implying that Allah has endorsed it because the rights of worship belongs to Allah. The rights of halal and haram belong to Allah while dakolo Lima does a sinner to communicate the bajada halal or haram on do not just say what your tongues This is permissible or this is impermissible because in essence, you are conveying a verdict on behalf of

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the Sharia, you need to appreciate the gravity of that pronouncement, how colossal a task it is upon you, before you pronounce that judgment. And likewise, likewise, when you want to pronounce a statement of disbelief against someone that that person has, you know, turn a renegade or apostate, you are taking on a very, very serious responsibility or a colossal task upon yourself. It is better, it is always better to err on the side of precaution and call someone a Muslim than to call someone a non Muslim. You rather and say I think you know what, this lead this makes him a Muslim, then to err on the side of blatantly calling someone a disbeliever May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant

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us the correct understanding. So anyway, coming back to this point that I was saying, yup, these youth are saying where's the proof? Where's the proof Romania dorma Allah e la,

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la Bora Han Allah who will be for innama is Abu Dhabi. So that concludes verse number 15. And now the question was the king said, okay,

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we given you some time, reflect over it, and then we will revisit this whole story of yours and summon you again. Now this was an apparent suppose an outward provision of respect and grace, but in the greater happenings of things, this was the will of the Almighty, and this was the the facilitation of Hey, Elena, I mean, a marina Rashida

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attina Mila don't Karama? It was mercy from Allah, it was facilitation from Allah, it was intervention from Allah. So the king said to them, and that's what I concluded on yesterday, that let's see what happens because now you know what, there is a threat out the king is going to flex his muscle, he said to these youth, and immediately according to historical narrations, he said that they will be stripped of their garb and their robe and the Royal Association, the Royal Association, because coming from a prominent family with prominence, that will be stripped off your privileges will be taken away, but we will give you some time sleep over the matter, and then we will revisit

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it. So these youth now withdraw, they withdraw from the community. It's the news now that they have opposed the community and they move one side and the Quran takes us into that discussion. Exactly. And that is verse number 16. In which Allah subhanho wa Taala says, whatever they are deciding to move on when I bill Duna Illa Allah and remember the time this is a mutual discussion, verse number 16. What if they decided to move on the youth are talking amongst themselves and they say to each other, when you have separated yourself from them as ella tassilo dissolve it as a local mama? rude I mean, Daniela Robbie, I just have a flash now of verse number, or chapter 19, Chapter 19 in the

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16, Joe's in Surah. Maryam Wednesday night Brian Malaika Salatu was Salam tried to reach out to his dad, but his dad did not respond. And then he said, I am parting ways with you and I'm moving on. So the youth now spoke amongst themselves and they said listen, we've moved away from them, as in physically disassociated ourselves. We have denounced their belief system, we've proclaimed our belief system now that we've moved away, we need to find a place that is suitable and that is conducive for us. What if and when it does well to move home you will have withdrawn and moved away. Why Amaya Abu Nidal Allah and you've moved away from their dieties but Allah in Arabic grammar you

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refer to this as Mr. Santa Monica, Santa Monica, because Allah is separate and is not part of their diet is whom they worship. What am I doing and you have withdrawn from the gods and they die It is in the law but from Allah you have not withdrawn name for Allah you have withdrawn for the pleasure of Allah

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For the pleasure of Allah and what are you seeking now and was led to in Allah, you want the closeness and the proximity and what led to that closeness will only come after that separation. So now that they have separated they say amongst themselves for a walk 11 Gaffey, verse number 16. Let's go and take shelter in a cave. Let's find a hide out. Let's go in isolation. Let's find a place where we can be to ourselves. And you know what we away from this place for a little cafe, young Sharla calm or young children Lacan,

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mira Mati, where you hide your lack of men umbraco mirifica. And hopefully, Allah subhanho wa Taala will favor you with His mercy and make your matters easy for you make your matters easy for you.

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So the news is out, the nation has discovered that they are youth that have alienated themselves from the common practice, they gave proof with regards to what they said, meaning in towhead and mono theism the nation didn't have any proof. And they now decide to withdraw and they then take shelter into the cave. So just a recap of the translation again, when you separated from them and from what they worshipped besides Allah seek refuge in the cave was in a cafe, young children, Lacan, young children, la cumbre bukem, Rama T, your Lord was showing his mercy upon you, and grant you the objectives with ease, you know, facilitate everything and provide it. So they withdraw, and

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they go into the cave, unknown to them, for now. It's just like, go in, and just hang out there. And let's see what happens. And this again, is the point as we develop and progress in this regard, is that at each stage, we are MOCA love, we are tasked to do that which is within our reach. So, they needed to proclaim the truth, they proclaim the truth. Now, they have been opposed, so they seek in shelter. I mean, when they go in, in the cave, there's no there's no you know, arrangements for food for drink for other related logistics, but they taking the steps forward, they taking the steps forward, how often in a different scenario in marriage, you know what a husband or a prospective boy

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and girl have seen the need to get married. And there is of course basic income, there's nothing leveraged. There's nothing elaborate. There's a basic house in place or a rental or an income. But you know what, let's take the courage Let's get married as the verse of the Quran is that what am i mean come masala clean I mean everybody can buy a gun in your corner for Cara yovani himolla hoomin fatherly, if they are poor, Allah will grant them independence. Abubakar, the Allahu anhu used to say

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that fulfills the command of Allah Yun G's likoma were either communal Hina Eunice, la cama de comida Lena, Allah will fulfill the promise that he has made of giving you wealth and independence. So you took the first courage I need to find a spouse and you know somebody said so beautifully. The boy asked his mum mum When will I know that I found the right partner and the mum said my son become the right partner and that will be sufficient for you focus on becoming the correct person focus on becoming the correct person and you will soon find your right partner. So it's quick to you know, look for someone else who's ideal but focus the energy on yourself as well. The point I'm saying is

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you took the courage you got married and at each step how things open up you got married and Allah opened one door and then a child came in Allah opened one door and so on and so forth. So they go into the cave unknown to them what's going to happen I will we eat How will we sleep What will we do? And the Quran says that they give courage to each other that the inshallah come Rama Rama de your Lord will show His mercy upon you when you hire a locum in America, America and he will make things easy facilitate and provide, so we'll leave it to that note. They have withdrawn they've arrived at the cave and they have entered the cave. Let's see how nature intervenes to facilitate

00:29:31--> 00:29:49

their existence as they continue to live in this cave. And what unfolds outside the cave. May Allah connect us with the beauty of the Quran. Amina Bella alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali, he was Harvey emmalin well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen