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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the challenges of life on Earth, including the negative impact of death and the need for pride to overcome these challenges. They emphasize the importance of pride in avoiding violence and avoiding negative consequences. The need for pride to avoid negative consequences and advice on how to overcome these challenges is also emphasized. The importance of settling debts and avoiding creditors is emphasized, along with a recent incident where a man was retrenched and killed by a woman. The speaker emphasizes the need to settle debts and avoid harms in order to avoid becoming a habit.
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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam about the nature of human existence on Mother Earth is riddled with challenges. The nature the temperament of our life. Well after the holidays in Santa Fe COVID man has been created and a life of difficulties and challenges has been designed for him and he dounia moves around in Cheetah Omar Hassan labuda dunya Minami dounia kabil officer Nima Corona, lotta dunya Billahi min ash with dunya moves around in shader Omar Hassan, whether you live a life of prosperity or adversity, adversity, your stay on earth is inseparable from difficulties and hardships. But what is very sad, tragic and ironical, if I may say

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so, is that our staying on earth is challenging. That is how it's designed. There's no way we can escape it. Death is something nature has decreed and ordained, Allah has decreed it, put in federal law and enforce a Kumamoto in boonton side detain divert death from you if you claim that you have power, show it to me, fellow law either beloved in our domain, even when I have no authority to lie him in Kampala kill to the suit, why not? When the soul reaches the collarbone of your close relative, and you are close by observing the entire process and the departure of the soul? Why don't you have the departing soul if you have any muscle or cloud so that is something that has been

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decreed illness that comes that has been decreed, but ironical, as challenging as our life is, men chooses to inflict more pain on himself. So we we have the self inflicted misery we bring about so much things on our life in our bladder, and we make our life more complicated. Our greed paralyzes us because of greed. We are anxious, we are so proud. We so we, we can so much stress so much difficulty because of greed. I'm just giving one example. And today I want to focus on the aspect of deaths. we incur debts. So as it is,

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people are Insomniac today, they cannot sleep. And now with this burden of debts on our shoulders, we deprive ourselves of quality sleep, we make our short stay on earth even shorter because there's no meaning to life there's no quality to life. Luqman Hakim said to his son a COVID name for interval Hmong belay was the long been haha oh my word. Oh my son, stay far from deaths don't incur debts don't owe anyone a dime. Why? It is a worry by night and a disgrace by day, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said men murder wahoo Abedi aminal Kibriya. When Hulu Li when they need the Hallelujah Jana, the one who dies free of three crimes will go straight to Jana, man matava who

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have very minimal kebari free from pride and arrogance. So, pride might be one crime might be one crime, but it bars a person from 1000 virtues because of pride. If I am proud, I won't greet the next person. If I'm proud. I will not accept a gift from a simple person. If I'm proud, I won't apologize. That's the these are the manifestations of pride. Like I often say anger gets us into problems. Anger gets us into problems. But up but pride keeps us there. So in a state of rage and anger, I blurted something, now I'm in the problem. I'm in a fix I'm in a situation I'm in a predicament in a predicament. Well, it humbled by go back, apologize and you can reconcile no no my

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pride and my arrogance won't allow me. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the one who dies three of three things my mother who were very aminal kebari will Hulu Hulu means to deceive to deceit to take anything from the spoils of the war to abuse a trust woman.

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young woman Yama tomahto affair coloane fcmb Maka sebadoh home La Jolla mon. If anybody commits a breach in an Amana and a trust they will be grave consequences on the day of the AMA, what they mean what they mean, and to be free from deaths. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us in a hadith before chiama a time will come and believe it or not accept it or not. We are living in that time which is not allowed in some prophesized history.

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said a person with news, his faith because of his family members. My Word, his beloved he is near and dear ones, he will lose his Iman and faith because of them how old Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam you're your owner who Bill fuckery you are your own who've been fuckery his spouse, his family, his children will turn him on his financial position. When you can leave on a wall man now you think and they will burden him with financial requests, which will be beyond his economic muscle. Listen, Dad, do a die make or break we're going for holiday. I'm going online and I'm booking it. I'm using your credit card and I'm paying, I'm having a wedding and it's gonna be at

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this convention center. And this is the deco and this is how we draping the chairs. And this is who's coming in and I'm inviting so many guests and I wanted to be lavish. I want it to be flamboyant and doing it. You are euro the whole bean factory they will taunt him on his financial standing where you can live in a home Allah you take and they will burden him with things which are beyond his economic muscle for you to hold on. madatha lead

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generation isn't up Ronnie Abdullah road narrates it it's more for and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says he will be compelled and driven by these demands of his family and he will resort to measures to generate revenue which will be forbidden, unlawful and illicit. In the process is a man will depart humanity and depart from him in its entirety. May Allah protect us. May Allah protect us. So we we inflict ourselves life is challenging. Ask a person who doesn't owe a dime to anyone how peaceful his sleep is. And ask a person I've interacted with so many people so many people. There was a friend who was owing millions millions you know a big money and I told him stop living

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for the stage, dissolve all these assets and clear all your liabilities and drive a simple car, rent an apartment and live a simple life but they will be quality to your life and will lie here on it and he did my advice and he came back to me and he said the first day I enjoyed a peaceful sleep was the day all my debts were cleared all my debts I don't have any rich assets attached to my name but there's meaning to life. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once made.

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And he said Allahumma inni Aruba communal coffee with Dane. Allah protect me from disbelief and deaths. So a companion was close by he said they will go for a big day of prophets Allah Islam in one breath in one voice you asking Allah protection from disbelief and deaths? Do you equate disbelief to that like Cofer disbelief that is, you know, sinful, that is the most evil grind? And then you said Allah saved me from disbelief and deaths? Is it on one level? He said yes, yes. And may Allah bless the commentators of Hadith, they explain why his debts equated to disbelief. Because when a person has overwhelming debts, and he needs to meet the payments and settle his creditors,

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then this person due to immense pressure, will resort to anything and everything, even indulge in gambling in the forbidden in fraud in unlawful things. And it will take him to do actions which will result in conferences believe he will do things that will be completely forbidden, unlawful impermissible, illicit, but purely because of the pressure and the commitments that he needs to meet and the deadlines he will resort to haram as well, so that he can come out of that shackle of debts, which he has shackled himself with. Yesterday, a young man phoned me and he said my company is retrenching me, and we don't have much legal recourse or they've offered me some settlement. And I'm

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asking for your counsel and advice. And I also have some debts if I take the settlement, it will free me from my debts. And over and above that the nature of my debts are interest bearing I said my brother if you have interest bearing debts, that this is not something you and I should be discussing, take the amount and settle your debts with immediate effect. When you come out of that interest. Number one out of debts you will sign with relief but more importantly coming out of an interest bearing debt that will take you out of the curse of Allah into the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is the biggest step that you can take. So I urge you, my young brother, you know

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there is this incident, after better had happen after the campaign have better had happen. And then there were these two prominent individuals that were setting one was disbelievers a one of them subsequently you know becomes a believer on urban hub and soft one being a major source of one being omega says what lahemaa feel is about the home higher. Since a Buddha has died. There's no pleasure to live there's no meaning to life.

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So are many of you will have said South Dakota Allahu Luna de nada, you were a year during the Shahada. Laura came to Isla Muhammad had the attitude. Oh, you know, I agree with you. I concur with your sentiments. There's no pleasure, there's no excitement. If it was not for the fact that I have debts on my shoulders, I would have assassinated Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Of course, his agenda was nasty, wicked and obnoxious. But he as a disbeliever, not fearing Allah said, I cannot leave my house and do anything because I have debts. And today, unfortunately, we people come out of one debt, and then they take on another debt. It's like, That's how life is. You must just be

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indebted all the time. Like you pay it off and then buy something else until your last breath. That's how you live. And then America came to came to Medina and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was sitting and as he came, he said, not Roma. Was there my word Can you imagine the richness of that gathering? And Omar said, well, ah, he magia Illa de Chardin of Allah, this man has come with an evil intention. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam you know, said to him, or Asha him in and then he was actually in and then he said in Abu sabaha, which loosely translates as Good morning and the Robinson lrsm said in the La acraman, abita heya Hiram into a coma here.

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Janna Allah has honored us with the greetings of Islam and that is a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah another prophet sallallahu Sallam said, what what makes you come here? He says, I've come here to negotiate the release of my son, who is a captive in your hands, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, my bed was safe, we are no big. Then why is the sword dangling in your neck? You have come here with the agenda to assassinate me, yourself and self one Ben omega was sitting in the harem and discussing the fact that boasts the demise of Abuja, whoa, there's no meaning to life. And you said to him, had it not been for your deaths, you would have assassinated me and someone said to you, I

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will settle your debts, go and kill Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and you've come here with an evil agenda. And he said, Hi, I'm Ron lamea. Ella and I was off one by Allah. This was a private discreet dialogue between me and someone. I bring him on on the beam who has informed you about our discussions and then he becomes a believer and Amara DLR embraces him and he says no who have been a member of the will D I love her Amir more than my own blood children. My message in a nutshell is the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said as I mentioned, if you die free from debts and deceiving or committing a breach in the trust and pride you will go straight to gender. Sadly we die guilty of

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all three crimes. May Allah grant us a debt free life. So when we leave this world, we don't leave liabilities and a mess for our heirs. But we die in a manner that we are privileged with entry into Jannah and that those behind us don't have to hurl any curses towards us. Allah grant us the correct understanding

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