Abu Bakr Zoud – Al Istiaanah (Seeking Allah’s Help)

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The importance of worship and staying in a church where there is a sense of being alone is emphasized in Arabic language. The speaker discusses the difficulties of achieving spiritual strength and productivity, including finding a partner in worship. The importance of seeking help in times of fear and loss is emphasized, and the need for acceptance and support is emphasized. The segment also describes a woman named Hope who has left her house and came to the church, but faced negative acceptance and support from others.
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In Alhamdulillah

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in Alhamdulillah hinomoto who want to stay in who want to study he want to still

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want to also be law he Thailand mysuru Leon fusina amin sejahtera Melina Mejia de la Fernando Bella amin, your little fella had the Ala Wai Chateau La ilaha illallah wa la sharika or shadow ana Muhammadan Abu Rasulo

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Johan suta Pura vida como la de holla Coco meanness soon wahida Allah coming has Oh jaha Oba thermen humeri geralyn kaffee wrong one is

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what de la la de de Luna b1 or ham in LA LA como la Teva

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yo la Vina Amano de la de la Haku colon's de de la, la como la con una mejor para la hora Sula, hufa the affairs of ozen Halima.

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Johan la Vina mano de la De La Hoya pu Colin de de de la electromyography to lock on Luna Uber calm or manual para la hora Sula, hufa faza Falls and Halima from abajo finance local howdy sikita. Bella, Allah Allah, Allah Allah dia de Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Well, in short, one more reminder to her wakulla modesetting beta akula dottin Bala akula boletim, phenol adjani La Jolla come in and out from avid of reason thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as to what follows my dear respected brothers in Islam, the greatest surah in the Quran Surah

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Al Fatiha, the first surah that is positioned in the Quran. And that is for a reason. And the greatest reason for why this was the greed of surah in the Quran, is because within the surah and right in the middle of the solar is an area in which Allah subhanho wa Taala explains to us in a few words, what our purpose in life is, what is life about? Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala create his phone, and that is the absolute central message of the surah. And this ayah comes in the central position of the solar, which is colita Allah iaca nabooda canister in this is an area that we're reading at least 17 times a day. Meaning This is something that you and I are supposed to reflect

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over at least 17 times a day. Now, what's worse is that when you read it 17 times a day, and you have no understanding and no connection to this idea whatsoever. So within a few minutes in this Hopper, what I'd like to share with you is a few insights on this idea. And what does it mean? And what are we supposed to reflect upon each and every single time we read only data Iraq and Afghanistan, my brothers in Islam, this is made up of two parts. The first part is Iraq. And it's the first part and the second part is Iraq. And now let's focus on the first part and what it is and what refers to and then what's the link and connection of the second part to the first part.

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It translates to that we are seeing you alone we worship. We are saying to Allah subhanho wa Taala and we are declaring this phrase in the most noble of deeds, which is a solid. So you're required to say this in a solid, a solid from the very beginning as soon as you begin, you're locked into a worship with Allah subhanho wa Taala you're not even allowed to move and scratch unnecessarily Jani all the reasons of focus are present in a solid, you're supposed to be upon facing the Qibla looking into your place of not moving left and right. All of this is helping you focus on what you're eating. So when you come to holy dialer, er cannabid you are in a peak of focus and concentration to

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understand what you're seeing. Let's share what this means. You're gonna put in that position. You are declaring to Allah subhanho wa Taala and declaring and acknowledging to yourself that you are alone we worship the word novel, it means to worship and it has much more than that in meaning now but means we are enslaving ourselves to you. This is what iaca boot means.

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So when you say yeah can I but it means you are alone we are going to enslave ourselves to why is this meaning much more powerful than to say we you alone we worship, because worship is a kind of service. And worship has a start time and has an end time. For example from avant, it starts at a specific time it ends at a specific time, and has has a beginning date and it has an end date, a solid, you begin the solid and then it comes to an end. So worship is on and off. But a slave is never on and off. A slave is 24 seven, all the time, and a slave he does any kind of act his master wants. So from the very beginning when you say yuck and it doesn't only mean that you are alone we

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worship, it means you alone we are going to enslave ourselves to so that includes that you're going to worship Allah and before and after the worships you are asleep of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the word Nabu, it comes in the present tense and present tense in the Arabic language implies something that is continual something that keeps on going. So yeah, canabalt means you alone, we are going to continuously enslave ourselves to leave until when this continuous process of enslaving yourself to unlock When is it going to end loss or shall he says in the end of soda? Why Buddha Rebecca had directly Akin in slave yourself to master worship Allah until then had to Kalia teen until eliakim

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reaches you until certainty reaches you. What is certainty, there is nothing in life more certain than death. In other words, the aim means worship Allah until you die. That's the very beginning when you say Allahu Akbar and you're reading the Fatiha, you're saying Yeah.

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And you need to feel that as you're praying. This is an implementation of the air. You need to Why do people read the soul of solothurn Fatiha and do not ascribe it to a solid like is reading something outside of the outside of the square outside of the worship. When you read ear canal both in your focus you're supposed to convince yourself that this is how you're enslaving yourself to Allah by standing before his hand and reciting the swallow. So you need to feel this meaning

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you're enslaving yourself to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and a burden. It comes from the word up. It comes from the word up and up means a sleeve and understand my brothers in Islam, that the highest position you will ever reach with a loss origin is to be a slave of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is the highest position you will reach with a lot of social, nothing higher than this. And every prophet and messenger was only chosen to be a prophet and messenger after he was truly asked of Allah subhanho wa Taala after he was truly asleep have a lot of social. So every prophet and messenger began first as a hub that was his title as a slave of Allah subhanho wa Taala then Allah gave him Prophethood and he gave him messenger ship, for even an

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apt is the highest is the highest achievement and title will ever reach with Allah subhanho wa Taala in our relationship. And if you were to focus and ponder over the land, you will find that Allah subhanho wa Taala in the greatest moments of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his life, Allah would refer to him as a Abbot. And if you look into salt and gas that you're supposed to read on a Friday, you begin with the solar mouse or shall he says, and hamdu lillahi Lavie and Santa Ana abdiel keytab He did not say Alhamdulillah he loves the unzila Navy.

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This is a grand Bowman in the event in the life of Rasulullah saw sanlam that he received a Book from Allah. And in this huge moment of his life, Allah referred to him as a hub, even in the grand moment of an Israelite mellows. That's a huge moment in the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when a lot of social described that even in the Quran, he said Subhana lavy A surah B Abdi Leyland minun Masjid al Haram. He did not say superhard Olivia sola Bina V or below su li to teach us that the greatest moments in the life of Rasulullah saw Sonam Allah would refer to him as a hub. This is a huge position to reach with Allah subhanho wa Taala and even in the Bellagio itself, where

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la sala masala Allahu Allah you

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Solomon's ascended to the heavens and he came so close to Allah azza wa jal, Allah referred to him in that position.

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Isla de ma Oh Ha, la Sol shall refer to him as a hub in that position that he's in you and I need to understand that when we reading and saltan Fatiha. iaca we're reading what our purpose in life is supposed to be. The first part is summarizing what our purpose in life is, and what we have signed to with Allah subhanho wa Taala. What's the contract between us and the law, so as well from the very beginning of the Quran, and then the rest of the Quran is to teach you and I how to make a vow to a law social, how to commit to novelty in your life. The chit the entire Quran is just an explanation of the word nabard. It's an explanation of the word of how to worship Allah social until

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the day you die. Yeah, Cannabis, we need to understand my brothers in Islam, that this is the greatest title and achievement a person will ever reach in his life. He cannot. Now my brothers in Islam.

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When you read Yacon Abu,

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and you understand that you're supposed to worship Allah until the day you die. You understand with this also that it's not going to be easy. It's a difficult task. It's a difficult task, to remain upon steadfastness, and worship until the day you die. How many people dropped, and how many people lost their their steadfastness? Because they did not understand that any better is going to come with a lot of difficulty. And with a lot of sacrifice and effort, how many people in your life did you see me that over and came to the masjid two, three years later, they disappeared, they're gone. What happened? And nothing guarantees us that we'll be here next year as well. And these two come,

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even tomorrow and the day after people lose their dinos, anything. Money is gone and they lose their deed. someone gets divorced and all of a sudden his whole team is gone. someone loses his job all his team is gone. It's a difficult task to remain upon your dean. For you need to understand when you see Yeah. You're supposed to acknowledge this is the purpose in life. If and this is going to be something huge and difficult, to the point where when Allah subhanho wa Taala when Allah saw shall created the heavens and the earth and the mountains and everything, law, so shall he offered Allahabad to certain creation, who will take it on the law. So shall he says in America somehow it

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was a bad law social presented this package of a data who wants to take it. He presented it to the heavens and the earth and the mountains. Take it would you want to take the responsibility? Amana? You want to carry it and commit to yourself that you're going to worship me the way I say abena Yamuna they refused. They said no, we're not up for this responsibility. We will just submit ourselves to what you want. And we're not up for this responsibility. Well, heaven or * in southern India who can have a lumen Jia hula, and the human being is the one who signed up to this responsibility that we're going to worship Allah until the day we die. My brothers in Islam we

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sitting here today is an implementation of a yak, an avid, feel this, that when you're sitting here, you are fulfilling the purpose of life, you are exactly where allows you to be there is nothing in the outside world that is much better than you being inside here right now, in this moment in the second you need to feel this because once you feel this, it makes the worship easier. It gives it a kind of taste that nothing else will give you a taste in life. So you need to realize you sitting here now is an implementation of ear canabalt. Now worship is difficult, a lot of social in the Quran. When he instructs us to worship Him, He uses words that are tough and difficult as well. A

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lot of so shall he says when levina Shahada rufina Lana Deanna whom super Nana and those who strive and struggle in our cause, we will guide them along so shall when he described us worshiping Him, He used the word gehad rufina. Allah azza wa jal he says what shall he do? He had he and strive and struggle in the court of foreign law, so shall the way he deserves to be struggled for meaning praise the way of love deserves to be prayed to and fast and worship and love the way he deserves it from you. So the words that allowed us to describe our worship were difficult words, shall he do what he do. He had a decent NaVi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a full

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In speaking about a person you really should have saw who

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he gets up. And it's so difficult to make a logo. If and we understand that Naboo is going to be something difficult. But the thing is this,

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what is going to help us when we acknowledge that our work our purpose in life is to worship Allah until we die. And we acknowledge that this is not going to be easy, and it's going to be a huge matter. can even when the Quran being revealed and Rasulullah saw Salam was described in the Quran, Allah said in a Saluki Allah coenen tequila, that we are going to review a heavy word upon you has just the word is heavy, imagined in the legislation itself, and the worship itself. If the word the word alone is heavy, how much heavy is that the worship itself in the legislation too heavy. So now when you acknowledge these matters, you need to seek something that will give you aid and help in

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your worship. So the first part of this

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was the purpose of life. The second part of the air is the means. How are you going to get to that purpose? How are you going to fulfill the purpose of Novotel what you're going to stay in? And you alone, we seek help you alone, we seek help. Even the idea is that now what is the purpose in life, and the only way you're going to achieve this purpose in life is if you continuously seek Allah subhanho wa Taala is help. Now, when you read what you're going to stay in, you've already told yourself that my if I'm going to rely on my power, and I'm going to rely on myself, zero, I will feel why you're gonna stain just like we are worshipping you alone. We're going to seek your help

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alone, but you're going to stay in. So you do not rely on yourself. You do not rely on your alarm to wake you up. You do not rely on anything materialistic and worldly, that will give you aid in your worship. You rely on the loss of Hannah hautala alone. Well, it's the Anna the Stein, it comes from the word our own. And our own means help. NuSTAR in the scene here means to seek help. So let's say means we're going to seek your help. and for how long? The noon at the beginning, like we said in Narberth, it's a present tense, it refers to something continual. In other words, not staying means you alone, we are going to continuously seek your help, until the day you die. And even the moment

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you die, you're going to seek a lot of social help to make it an easy process for you, and to keep you steadfast and that you remain upon La ilaha illAllah until the time you the soul entirely is out. Truth, the matter is serious. This is why 17 times a day, at least you're reading and reflecting over Iraq and Abu

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Dhabi in my brothers in Islam.

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We need to understand

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and look into the efforts of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And how did he teach his companions the importance of seeking a loss help upon worship?

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Or did what was his attitude? What education? What knowledge did he pass on to the Sahaba to teach them about the importance of seeking allows help in matters of worship? So you know, we understand that a Navy SEAL Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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he wants

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approached while bingeable the Allahu anhu to give him advice. And he said to me, I'm in new a book aphylla he's giving wise advice. He said to him, I love you for the sake of Allah falletta Donna dubara, Coolio salette and the cool Allahumma Niala Vickery Kawasaki Kawasaki a diabetic, he said, Oh my god, I love you for the sake of Allah. So please, don't forget that after every solid, you say Allahumma ireenie the creek or shoe Creek was in a bad attic. After every solid and the salaat that were praying five times a day the obligations. He said to him, please don't forget, after every solid, say Allahumma make it to

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raise your hand and say Allahumma Allah, I need help me. Give me support and strengthen ability for what an ethic that I remain consistent and continuous upon your remembrance. I Niala the Crick or shoe Crick and that I remain grateful to you and the

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I remain in a state of gratitude to today people are not grateful. Today, people are not grateful for what they have. They look left and right, they see someone that is doing a little bit better than them. And already they forgot the name that Allah has given them. They forgotten the blessings that allows or has given them. Why Why is that the case, if you didn't reflect after the Select when you made this, I Neolithic Give me the ability that I remain consistent in your thicker, or shoe Creek, and that I remain consistent in thanking you, and praising you for whatever you have given me, and bestowed upon me, warehouse near a bed and give me the ability and the strength that I

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continuously perfect my worship, not just that I worship was near a bad attic, and that I perfect the worship, that when you say this Vicar after solid

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in your conscience and in your mind, you should be thinking how am I going to perfect solid

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and pre selected also better than I did for solid?

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This is what personally that it means labor that required from you and i is not just quantity. You know what? How much can we do? And how much can you pray? And how much can you fast? And how much can you do it? It's not about that. It's about

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how much can you perfect one solid? How much can you perfect one fasting? How much can you perfect the worship and remain consistent and continuous upon it? Well, that's the struggle. That's the challenge. That's where the achievement is

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a bed ethic. So he says this to my husband, Java robiola wanna see it after every solid will

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be different to different different learning to opinions. When is this liquor supposed to be said?

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Some said it's said after a year before you make

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any once you finish at the highest all of it. Just before you make a tasleem you say Allahumma I Niala Vickery cashew cricket Castaneda. Salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah to conclude your saw that, that's one opinion. And another opinion said that you see it immediately after a solid, they included it from a girdle solid. So when you sell stone for the last stone for the last stone for Allah, Allahu manyana, Vico, shoukry, cosna abetik. Both opinions are acceptable. And if you were to do both, then you're not wrong, that you do want at the end of a solid, because that time is a drug that is guaranteed that it's accepted. Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam he said that, that is

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before the scheme isn't accepted. And then after the solid, you say it once again, doesn't harm your canister in you're supposed to seek a lot of help, that you continue in his worship. This keeps a person humble. It keeps us humble. It keeps us to, to our own level of conscience, that we're not able to worship Allah azza wa jal, unless he gives us the strength and the ability to do so. Then the worship, and to remain continuous upon worship really has nothing to do with physical strength, has nothing to do with physical strength. And I'll give you an example. If we had an 18 year old, and a 20 year old, sometimes you have this, the 80 year old is worshiping, he might must have prayed

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the night prayer. He's fasting that they he's upon his gala what but things are going good. The 20 year old, he's not fasting that day, barely, he's praying his foot up. He didn't pray the night he slept the entire night, what happened? Then he suddenly the 20 year old had more body strength and physical strength than the eight year old. But the thing is, and even even so the case if you have 220 year olds, one of them is worshiping and upon worship, and the other one has nothing to do with worship. Even the difference was spiritual strength. The difference was spiritual strength, the worship, it doesn't require strength of the body. It doesn't.

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Worship requires strength of the heart of the mind of the soul. And this is why no one can inject. No one can inject power in your heart, in your mind in your soul, other than Allah subhanho wa Taala your physical body, anyone can inject it with anything. steroids, gh, whatever it is people that inject in their body to grow stronger. But that does that will help you worship Allah. Does it help the people sure, but it doesn't. It doesn't. You know what helps you worship Allah is the spiritual strength. And you can only seek this from Allah because it's in the hands of Allah and no one can give it up Allah subhanho wa Taala isn't when you make these kind of

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Niala Zico shoukry.

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When you see this kind of stuff,

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You're asking a lot. So, to give you that strength, worship is not about the physical strength. And what proves the what proves this is that

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there are many I can earn was sooner that deal with the physical issue. So if someone is sick, no problems sit down and pray. If someone is sick, any come fast, no problems fast other days, whatever it is, Islam came to accommodate for every physical situation. If you're sick, if you're disabled, if you cannot stand if you have back problems, no problem. This is no problem. And it will never be solved Allahu alayhi wa sallam directors how to deal with this, sit down, lay down, make we'll do it this way.

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No problems in them other spiritual strength, this is where you are. No one can give you this Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is advice of Rasulullah sallallahu.

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ala one, for one of the means in how you're going to seek laws help upon continuous worship of him is by asking him subhanho wa Taala to make the worship easier upon you. Also from another means in how you seek a large social job is the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in where he taught us.

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That a vicar la how La quwata illa Billah is one of the strongest of God to recharge and to energize this heart in the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. A thicker La hawla wala quwata illa Allah? How many times have you said this in your life? And how many times have you been reminded of its importance? And what does it mean? Let's just in a few minutes share what it means. So you can understand that the words are how La quwata illa Billah. When they said with a sincere, honest heart, they will charge you so that you can implement the purpose of life which is to continuously worship Allah until the day you meet him. Subhanahu wa Tada. You know, and more other than when

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Marvin makes a then we are supposed to repeat with him like what he says, except in two phrases of the event. When he comes to say hi Yah, la sala Haryana. We don't say that. We say that how long they live, how long? They live in LA. That's what we're supposed to say. Like, what does it mean that how long does it mean? Generally translates to learn how there is no ability whatsoever? Well, I have no strength, no power whatsoever in lab law, except by law. That's what it means. But in context, when we say it with them or event, what does it mean? When the machine is saying to us hi Yah, Allah sada come to Sala then he's saying, hey, Alan for come to come to success.

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Dean Oliver deenis for all of the teachings of a Dini success, when the more I've been seeing this, you are supposed to say that hold. Now what does that mean? in context? It means he is saying to you come to Sala and you're supposed to be responding by saying listen,

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I have no ability to come to Sala then you say theme whatever.

00:28:17 --> 00:28:51

I have no strength, no power to come to solid illa Billah. Except if Allah was to give me the ability to come to solid I will come. And when you repeating after them, Ivan, where are you supposed to be? You're supposed to be here in the masjid. If and this is a person that has already left his house early, and has come to the budget before we are then. And he's sitting in the front row. And then he he's the more of them. And from here, he's saying I have no ability, no power to come to sinad except by last permission.

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Can you understand? You understand now that it's not about your strength. It's not about what you can do. If a lot of social doesn't give you the ability and if you don't seek and ask for a loss or a shell to give you the power and that help and that support. You belong you will be long gone from here, just like so many lifts their Dean when they relied upon themselves. The Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself wasn't allowed to rely upon himself. He's the one who told us the how La quwata illa Allah and then look at this, when the karma is being recited, it is also another opinion of an older man, that we recite and repeat with them as in when he recites the karma. So when the

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karma is being said, there is no harm in saying Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar a shadow and we fit with them, well, then there's no problem. He's standing. We're just about to begin the solid. And he says once again,

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and we're saying hold on a chord. We're just about to begin. And we're still seeing we have no ability and no power to use.

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stablished except by last permission, and after the solid, and when the solid is completely done and over with a skeletal solid, a stone for the last for the last orfila and one of the Afghan lair Hola, La quwata illa Billah you're supposed to say it after solid, can you finish the solid complete done. And you're still acknowledging and declaring after solid, that if it wasn't for a loss permission, I wasn't able to pray the solid. With this conscience you remain humble with this conscience you understand that I cannot continue worship except by Allah subhanho wa Taala his position. When the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam He said, If you have gone up Do not hold on to

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what a levy law that if the servant was to say this word,

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Allah Allah, a slimmer Islam, Allah would respond to this word. Every time you say it, Allah would respond. And he would say a slum apti that my servant has submitted to me was the slum, he has surrendered. This is a word of surrender. This is a word of submission to Allah azza wa jal and if this word comes out from a Cincy honest heart, you will see its effects in your life, you will see how much easier it will make the worship. Every time you feel lazy. Every time you feel that you're not bothered. Every time you intend to do a good deed and you find yourself hard to get up and do it. C'est la quwata illa and by laws permission, you will get up and you will fulfill that which you

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want. This is what this is. This is why nobody saw Selim, when he described this word. He said la how La quwata illa cangzhou mean coluzzii agenda. It's a kanji to treasure. This is the ability the power it'll inject inside of you. It's like a treasure being given to you. Wouldn't it be subtle Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said to the companion or to look at a Bible Jana. Should I not inform you of one of the doors? Eight doors of the paradise one of the doors he said to me is what is it now VSA La La?

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La? La La quwata illa Villa bourbon mean a bourbon agenda. It's one of the doors of the doors of paradise. What does that mean? Meaning the one that regularly and continuously says that it would continuously lead him on a path until he reaches the door of the paradise and enters the Paradise is my brothers. My brothers in Islam understand purpose in life he cannot but the only way you're going to fulfill this purpose is what he can to stay in the sea colossal panda who without his help, and one of the greatest ways of doing so is

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by saying any other the creek or shoe Creek nearby. And another means in doing that the vicar to say how La quwata illa We ask Allah subhanahu wa tada to give us the strength and the ability and the mind and the power that we continue worshiping Him until the day we meet him. akuto holy Heather stone for the law honey welcome for stone

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and hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Milena v

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has also lower Salima Hinako Allah, Allah hadal Berea was killed by Sharia, Mohammed Abdullah who saw he will hold your Shiva Amala kumala Hotel a million better if he had been upset within the Malaika teen Musa data we could see why you have become known for carnism and called in Lahore mela eketahuna soluna Allah Nabhi Yeah, yo la Vina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad canossa later Allah Ibrahim Allah le Ibrahima innaka hamidah Majeed alberic Allah Muhammad Allah Allah Allah Mohammed comma Baraka Ibrahim on earlier Bala Hema in nikka homido Majeed aloha Marina una de la bella Bella Bella Rosa de Nava Taco Bell Minh in

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Atlanta semi rollin are to Ballina in the cantata about the law in the law. Moreover law

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by Mr. Anil fascia, it

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