Sulaiman Moola – Maturity vs Naivety

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The challenges faced by young adults in modernity lead to a lack of mature maturity and the need for graduates to find examples and pursue their careers. The importance of social interaction and money in Islam is emphasized, along with the need for graduates to learn to be strong and confident. The segment also touches on various examples of conservative and liberal media coverage, including a woman who was pressured into giving her money to cover up her father's wealth and a woman named Hope who is a road guide. The segment concludes with a discussion of the need for maturity to avoid dangerous situations and the potential for arguments and bickering.
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Salam alayhi wa sallam Mubarak, one of the greatest challenges the modern world today is facing and they have to contend with is a lack of maturity. When we talk of young adults, we talk of adolescent kids and many times even advanced level adults, there is a lack of maturity. In English there is a very profound quotation that I once read, they say you are only young ones, but you can be in matured indefinitely. You are only young ones, but you can be in matured indefinitely. And yet someone else said that some people only grow old they don't grow wise. If a person studies Quran and Sunnah, and he lives his life according to the teachings, then this is a sense of great maturity.

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It's a great sense of maturity because this is divine revelation, this is the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala in Nationale de la colon satilla. Now, we find so often that we say that the kids got married, they so young, they zoned in, they lack a sense of maturity, etc. You know, when it comes to basic aspects of responsibility, I share with you a very profound narrative a very profound narrative of one of the greatest woman's in the annals of Islamic history named by extension in human history. And I'm referring to none other than a snub into the back or the alarm on Houma, asthma the daughter of Abu Bakr, radi Allahu anhu, the sister of Chateau de la Juana. Although she

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was much senior in age to her Chateau de la Mancha. She then becomes the spouse and the partner of Zubair of Navarra de la, Hawaii rasulillah, the close disciple of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. She is Omar Abdullah bin Zubair She is the mother of Abdullah bin Zubair, the Alonzo she had many many accolades, and you know many achievements and accomplishments. The Night of the night of a Hydra the messenger sallallahu Sallam is going on this journey. The command of Allah comes that he needs to travel he comes to overcome a lot of Abubakar the Alanna is waiting for this moment when initially he had intended to travel then the messenger sallallahu wasallam said La La La Jolla la

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casa Heba Wow, Abu Bakar you don't go Now perhaps Who knows? Maybe Allah has kept a special companion for you my word. Don't go now. Alliance kept this special companion and that special companion is the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And Abubakar Yolanda cries out of joy and the Hadith is in Buhari issue the Alanna says that was the first encounter I had to see someone cry out of joy. What are dedicated luminol Habibi Anna Hussein is neurone photographer for staff, Attorney for staff. Attorney bill buka lava suru Allah you had any Min 30 mapa de Silva ceremony I began he you are inside a dumb routine that you are there to begin I mean for African woman journey that I

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received the letter from my beloved that he's coming to visit me. And in that moment of joy, happiness and euphoria, I just started hearing Oh, I What's the matter with you, you cry out of pain and joy. And so Abubakar, the alarm, who accompanies the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And they came in the cave of toad. They spent three days there, and Abubakar, the alarm, the sun brings information etc. And he also brings food he brings food, he brings food from Makkah to the game, and update them on the whereabouts these 100 camel price attached to the blessing the head of the messenger sallallahu sallam, and it was a small rhodiola rhodiola and had the daughter of Abu Bakar

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that prepares the food. And then she puts it in her apron and she splits it into and that's when she is known as that to Natal train. So she was an amazing woman in all regards, but this is the point I bring to maturity. And I think it's imperative that we we we live that mature example right? So the Father has told his son, what's your steps and the sunset that but you want yours because I'm following you. One of the greatest challenges the youth of today face is to to lead. When they don't find any examples. Who do they follow because that's not the inspiration they get in when they look up to their seniors. Unfortunately, it's just seniority in age but not necessarily in morals and

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So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has left Abubakar the Alon is with him. And the first target for the infidels of Makkah is the house of Abu Bakar because he was the closest lamb until about a year.

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inshallah of Yolanda says from the time I became conscious and focused and I had the means and understanding. I knew that my parents were close and allies to the messenger sallallahu Sallam

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He would visit us on the two ends of the day. So if there was any base to find out or to, to, you know what place you the messenger sallallahu so it was the house of Abu Bakar with the alarm angle. So anyway, Abu Jamal comes about general comes to the house of Abu Bakr, radi Alanna. Now understand this young girl, a father has left and he's gone. And she understands the loyalty to the faith and the cause of Islam etc. and a Buddha comes and asks in a very harsh tone in a very aggressive in a very condescending in a very hostile tone and expression with your father in a book. So a smarter the olana in a very soft, respectful tone says I don't know where he is, for love, had asthma, this

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generation of budaya wouldn't read it in a fit of rage, this infidel this nasty, wicked person, he advances and he slaps a smart of the alarm on her on her face, causing her earring to fall at a distance. And obviously for this young, innocent beautiful child of Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu you know to be hurt, emotionally traumatized, physically bruised as well. But she remains firm and calm. She stands up, gathers herself together, and she puts the views she puts the views. In English there's a very profound quotation Iran, it is better to die for a cause that will live then to live for a cause that will die. It is better to die for a cause that will live than to live for a cause

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that will die. Thereafter Abuja leaves and that's one chapter. As Mara de la Mancha now has to receive her grandfather, a grandfather is Abou kochava. This is her paternal grandfather. He is visually impaired. He's lost his vision. He's very old and age, and he is not a Muslim at that time. He accepts Islam at the conquest of Makkah. So he cannot appreciate the richness of the companionship of his son, Abubakar radi Allahu anhu with the messenger sallallahu Sallam because he's not a believer. So he comes home and he asked his granddaughter Asma,

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Allah, ar ar, ar can be mainly Hey, I think my son has once again launched you departed, and he has not left behind any form of wealth or resources or provisions for you.

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So Suhana law, my brain freezes I really appeal to the youth out there. When I say that the youth today grapple if the doorbell rings to go and respond to the door and there's an elderly uncle at the door or there's an aunt open the door, Usher them in, coming in uncle How are you how you keep in and my dad is in the washroom, my mom is in the kitchen, they will be with you in five minutes. Can I get you some water, how you keep in house, the family, just basic common courtesy by and large. Unfortunately, the average youngster today lacks this type of of social interaction, either because they're so connected to the devices so that this connected to the world or I don't know,

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they just you know what, there's no moral compass. This is no priorities. Look at this young woman. Look at this young woman.

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She had to contend with the hostility of Abuja how she perseveres and yours in the spirit of submission to the cause of Islam. She doesn't you know what, become frantic she doesn't lose her composure. She perseveres, knowing that her father is with the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And then her uncle, grandfather comes paternal grandfather who have a he's not a Muslim. Now, she understands that I cannot convince him about how fortunate we are that my father your son, is a company in the province allows him because he's not a Muslim, and he's more concerned is there any money at home? So she uses a very, very amazing expression she says, Tara kalenna say Ron Kathy, oh

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my word a lover.

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In the language of Quran by and large means virtue by and large means virtue but it has also been used in the Quran in the context of money quotevalet comida Havahart the common man no to in Taka higher adversely to lil Wiley, then you will have turabian in the second chapter in the second Jews in Surah Baqarah that Allah has decreed upon you at the time of death to make was Leah and a bequest in the 26th the Jews Allah subhanaw taala says in Surah manjeri linsay men manner in lil fi remote entered in a theme highlighting and enumerating the evil trade so with this believer that he would withhold good goodness and the word adopted here is Hello

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And Alemany, Sophie says Buffy was a miser so higher was used in the context of money again, in the 30th Jews in Surah rd Allah says we're in a holy hog belhaj really shady. And indeed the love of wealth in men is intense, his love for wealth is violent, he has this intrinsic attachment to to monitor it. That is why when wealth came into Medina say the Narmada poverty line who said, our line not from amongst those who claim to say, I don't love wealth, I naturally have an attachment towards it. I'm asking you give me the ability to spend it in a manner that is pleasing to you. Wow, that's so amazing. That's the reality. We all have a sense of attachment to it.

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So she used the word hail, which was not speaking a lie, look at the maturity. A grandfather is blind. She takes some pebbles regeneration of the diet, she takes some pebbles, and then she covers it with a cloth, which kind of had the shape and the format and the size of a coin back in the day of a theorem now is visually impaired, she covers it with a clock, and then she takes the hand of a grandfather and she places it on top of that year to comfort him to give him a notion that the East some coins and the East some money. And then the narration of the Daya goes on to say, while lahemaa Tara kalenna she, by alarm my father had not left a dime at home when I came out to an sakeena

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shave. But I wanted to comfort my paternal grandfather because I could not convince him otherwise, she did not speak alive she used the word faith which could mean wealth or virtue. And this is what we refer to Estonia. toda means a word which has a dual or multiple meaning and you have one intention, and the onlooker has a different understanding, but the word linguistically satisfies both meanings. So in this very journey of HRM when Abu Bakr radi Alon was traveling with the messenger sallallahu wasallam. They used an alternate route, right? And in also the haba actually read the different locations where they even halted an uncommon route so that he was not apprehended

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by the intelligence of the Quran, who had dispatched and deployed the people and many were there in the anticipation of the 100 camels. So people had heard about the prophets Allah but many had not seen him and people asked Abubakar, who's this with you? Who's this man? So I will Becca the Alanna said who are high denier Dini is my guide who's guiding me. So people thought, Oh, he's a road guide. He's showing the path. And Abu Becker's understanding was, he is my guide, taking me to paradise guiding me to the to the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So when they asked the girl who's this he said, he's a guide, which was not a lie. He is a guide the messengers allies and we're

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in like an attentive team. So not the lucky lady who Murphy's tomato mozzarella in a line,

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the concluding verses of Surah Surah in the 25 Jews and verily you guide to the correct path. So the Prophet said now Baba can refer to the messenger Salaam as a guide, which was correct. And the people assume this to be a guide on the road, but Abubakar, his intention was as a guide to the to the pleasure of Allah and to paradise and saying, Look at the maturity of this girl, she persevered with the hostility of Abu Jamal. She played an amazing, mature, responsible role with a grandfather who was not a Muslim, she did not speak a lie or distort the reality. She was wise, she was a linguist, she adopted the correct expression. In today's scenario, if I were to say, if a young girl

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or a boy had to be put in a situation where it's a reality, and that's why I'm proposing the scenario, there might be a situation where your mum and your granny that's your mom and your mom or your paternal granny doesn't have the best of relationships. Now, obviously in obligation to your dad, he would love you to be kind and courteous and cordial and polite and loving to his mum because that is his mother. But at the same time, there might be a sensitivity of your mum towards her mother in law. How many of the women of today are the sons of today are the children of today without offending encroaching, violating insulting can play a mature role in a way that they could

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be kind enough to, to to their granny and I'm just using a scenario I'm just using a scenario. They could be kind enough caring enough to their granny and at the same time not be insensitive to the hurt or the emotions of their mum. So the point i'm saying is that we need to read these tales and there's a desperate need for maturity to come in and buy alive. There's maturity, it will defuse situations and if there's a lack of maturity, then it will ignite fights and arguments and that could lend itself into some very ugly bickering and discord. So I'll leave you again on those reflections that you are only young

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Once but you can be in mature indefinitely.

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