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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan divulges some details on a person who was from the nation of Musa AS by the name Qaroon. He was the cousin or distant relative of Musa AS. He was the slave of the Israelites but sort of a spy for the government of the time.

He was immensely rich due to his profession and had huge vaults to carry his riches. His people who meant well for him advised him not to get sucked in this facade and to stop being delusional. They wanted him to stay away from false luxuries and see through it and not to turn to fake happiness.

We should pursue the next life with whatever is given in this life. What does this encrypted statement mean? Listen intently to unravel the mystery.


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The Israeli government and its Israeli Army have a need for people to keep tabs on individuals like qarun, who may be part of the Israeli government or part of the Israeli Army. The segment also touches on the history of Islam, including the use of spies and animals to keep people waits, and the importance of being overjoyed with laughter or excitement when people have a lot of money. The segment also discusses the concept of "overjoyability" and how people are constantly trying to achieve their goals, including finding their happiness outside of what is already available.

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omokri sobre la familia Quito phenylketonuria another financial guru who Ll Maasai become Manish guru who

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Hamdulillah Lamia tequila done with me akula who said you can fill milk with me? hula hula Li umina Dolly villa. Well hamdulillah let the ns Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah who Elijah what hamdulillah Latina motto who want to say no who want to stop Pharaoh when we will be here when they when they will be la Himanshu the unforeseen a woman say Melina manyatta hula hula mobila woman new Brill, Bella Hadid, Ala Moana Chateau de la ilaha illallah wa de la sharika when a shadow Ana Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah he was solo Allahu Allahu taala Buddha dealhack leovera who Allah de Nicola de Vaca fabula he shahida for some Allahu Allah He was seldom at the Sleeman concealer on Cassio la

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amabilidad in the US the cul de sac eatable la halal Howdy, howdy Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam international ohmori Masato inoculum Desert invader Bakula in Walla Walla Walla, Latin findout, Allah azza wa jal, Tamil Karim Padma an akula airoldi wilhemina shaytani r Rajim

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in La coruna Canavan COVID Mustafa la him atina hoomin alcune uzima in Nevada who de novo below spotty lil

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is called Allahu como la in Allah Allah

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Allah He FEMA attack Allahu Allah Hara will attend Santa ceiba kameena dunya

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what will actually come after Allah who Lake Willa temple Hill pasada fill in Allah Allah you have Wilma city?

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Let me show you Sorry, we are silly Emily wahoo Dr. Millis Ania. Coco de la Sabina and multi v La ilaha illa Allah, Allah homage and Amina Latina, Amina Mohammed Ali heart, whatever so beautifully, whatever. So v sub i mean urbanite. I mean,

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the Quran mentions a number of individuals, some of them are talking about more, some of them not as much one of the people that is talked about from the nation of Masada. His setup is a man named qarun. I've given what was about qarun before but as I revisited these ayat, I realized that there are a lot of things to be discovered here and a lot of things that are worthy of being highlighted, that I can, you know, benefit from myself. And as a result, you know, for the good enough, it decra remind, so long as the remainder has benefit. And so it's my intention is to hopefully benefit myself and inshallah, in that process benefit all of you as well. In this series of reminders, I'm

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going to try to stay on the subject of cartoon, this individual. I'll tell you some things about him today, and then start off and hopefully over the next few weeks continue talking about this person, and what Allah teaches us about him. First thing you should know about him is he's related to Mossad Islam. So he's from Venezuela, in some even call him a cousin, or distant relative of Busan, Islam. And when the Israelites are living under captivity, meaning the Israelites, the children of Israel are slaves of the Egyptian Empire of the Pharaoh. They need because the Egyptians or the Israelites were a very large population, and they were the Muslims of that time. And they lived in these

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ghettos, right. They were kept in these camps. So they could only stay there where the workers were kept as slaves. And the only time they got all this to do work on the big city, and then they'd go back into their encampments. Well, because their population was so big, and it was constantly getting bigger. They were having children, there was a fear that they might start uniting and maybe planning a revolt against their masters because how long can you keep people slaves eventually they're going to organize and want to develop or you know, fight for their own freedom. So one of the ways the federal wanted to keep them under control, is he had some people within the Israelites

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that were from that community, but he basically paid them off to spy on his own on their own people. Okay, so everybody in the Israelites is a slave. Nobody's making any money but qarun apparently has a lot of treasure. In Karuna Can I mean call me Mustafa, Allah him. The Quran introduces him as no doubt qarun was from the nation the people of Musa meaning he was one of the one of the slaves among the Israelites, but he was a criminal against them. The point of that is he was actually spying for the government of the Pharaoh and he was informing who's doing what to keep tabs from the inside. Okay, you don't need nowadays people have like security cameras. Some people act a security camera.

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Rise, right there. And there are lots of oppressive regimes in the world today that have that they have people planted to keep track. You know, and and, you know, the Muslim community is no different, especially in the United States, other parts of the world. You know, there are people that are planted and massaged and things like that, to keep an eye on us and whatever, because they're suspicious of us. There's one time I remember, many years ago, this was a couple of years after 911, I was in a mustard in New York. And we were making Salah, and this guy next to me, he kind of he he made ruku. And his government ID fell out of his pocket, you know, and he was one of

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the authorities ID. And when we went to such the, you know, I'm sorry, my peripheral vision, I can't help it. So you're in salah and messed up my salon, because of like, three letters. Anyway, so, but by the time we get up, get up from such that the ID is gone back in the pocket somehow. So the size, that was a good maneuver for him to, you know, but then after the Salah was done, he looked at me and he said, suddenly Come brother, but I didn't say anything about you yet. So he was straight up on it. So there is such a thing right there. There is such a thing, as you know, people that work for another entity, and they have to be planted to keep tabs or whatever, I don't want you to be

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paranoid, we have nothing to hide. We have absolutely nothing to hide. So it's fine. But his his cartoons role was to do this, and the government paid him good money to do it. The Federal paid him good money to do it. And as a result of that everybody lives in the ghetto, and he's got a mansion. And every nobody's got even like clothes to wear. And he's got horses, and they've got servants and an entourage. And he's walking through this busted old neighborhood. And people are like, Whoa, look at him. Look at everything he's got. He's so rich. And so he sticks out like a sore thumb. You know, in Texas, you have this phenomenon. Other places where I used to live in New York, we don't have

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this phenomena. In Texas, you sometimes have old neighborhoods with old dilapidated homes. And then somebody decides he's going to demolish a home and build like a monster in the middle. And so you got these homes that are worth like $80,000, and all of a sudden, a half 1,700,000 old mansion in the middle of that it sticks out like a sore thumb. Right? That's what basically what qarun was, but he made a lot of that wealth because he was selling out his own people. And then Allah described, he saw he made so much money, that he had to hire servants to carry the because the he had multiple vaults. He didn't just have one safe, he had vaults. And the vaults had such big doors, that he had

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to hire strong men to carry the log that used to serve as the lock for the vault, to carry it and throw it over. So you can open the vault so you can see his treasure. Let the new owners but that

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little kua a group that was mighty, would be exhausted just opening his vault. That's what the Quran describes. So this person a lot when not only does he describe this sellout, but it's really important model that teaches us about him. And really, I don't want to mislead you, the series of these homeless are not going to be about sellouts. They're going to be about the advice that is so timeless that Allah gave that you know some people who meant well for him, and they gave him some advice. And Allah thought it fit that until the day of judgment, we should be reciting this advice. We should be reciting this advice, which means this is timeless advice. This individual The story is

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not about one person. This is a story about a kind of person, a type of person, and it's not even what he was doing with the Pharaoh and all of that it's actually what's going on in his head. Why is he the way that he is? His people tell him something very strange. The first bit of advice they give him his lack of raw in Allah Allah you have been for him. His people who meant well for him. The translation says Don't be happy. Allah doesn't love those who are happy. That sounds really bad. Because if somebody is happy and you're like Allah doesn't like that, here's the i a lot of raw in Allah. Hello Belfry hain. Don't be happy I love this I love those who get happy is a

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misunderstanding of the ayah. So let's understand what Farhad means or forehand means. Actually, this word in Arabic means to be overjoyed with laughter or to be overly excited and overly entertained. And the point is when people have a lot of money, they're or they they're like their their life is one exciting activity or an event to the next one to the next one. Hey, we're gonna go to the beach this weekend. Well, there's a there's a wedding next weekend. There's a party this weekend. There's this tomorrow. There's this movie coming up. There's this and every time I thought I was awesome. And that that was awesome. That's actually lots of raw, meaning. You're just looking

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for one hi to the next hi to the next high to the neck. That's your whole life. That's your whole life one you know some people Mashallah their whole life is one party to the next party to the next party, one dinner, one potluck, to the next one to the next one to the next one. They can't even take a breath in between and they're just going from one thing to the next to the next. Some people it's it's movies for them, some people at sporting events for them, and they're you know, fanatical fans. And you know

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So these kinds of things, just one crazy experience to the next one to the next one to the next one. And that's all that life becomes every free moment you have is just looking for that exciting Hi. And that the first advice they give him is life is more than these highs. How many weddings you're going to attend before you realize it's the same thing.

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How many you know, people like making videos and pitching a picture and they look exactly the same. Don't look any different. They're still the same mind something, you know, sounds in the background. Nobody can hear anybody talk. Everybody's staring at everybody else. Everybody's getting in line eating the same food and then all meaningless comes from conversation. And then you come back next weekend. Same thing next weekend, same thing next weekend, same thing. And just, you know, keep posting pictures of how happy you look. And it's all fake anyway, how many filters you have to go through, you know, and people are fighting on their way to go to weddings, or arguing with each

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other when they're going to a party. But wait for the picture, they got to look all happy.

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And then post it having a great time while they're miserable. Well, they're utterly miserable, and they have to fake with each other. And so like this idea of showing people how happy you are, how great your life is, how wonderful you look. Right? This facade you have to put up and you know, people have to put up there's no point in putting up a facade. Why are you looking for this next time and showing people you know, why do you have to show it and facade Academy effiziente is coming later on. He came out in front of his people all decked out. He was trying to look real good in front of them. Like his ride has you know, entourage has the look and feel and he wants to show to

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people. Look, look what I'm looking at. Look at the kind of fun I'm having. Look at the kind of life I'm enjoying. And guess what? The oma is now flooded with mini cartoons, who are just living from one moment to the next seeing what can they post on social media that show the world how epic their life is. So they can come out to their comb and there's enough for Corolla comi fizzy that he and why. And what did people see? When they saw that? They're like, yeah, later on, I miss llama, oh, taco, I wish I had what he has. Man Look at, look at where they are. Look at how they're dressed. Look at our car, oh my god, they're having so much fun. I wish I could go there, I could be like

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that, I wish I could look like that. That's all it's become all day just scrolling through other people's lives, and then coming up with your own fake version of your life. And putting that up and showing them and it's this is this is, this is why cartoon is being talked about. There's a reason, because people can get sucked into that fake life. And their years will pass by. And Allah did not create the human being, he did not put the human being on this earth to be entertained. He didn't put us here to have a few laughs. And then to go back to, you know, being delusional and to be oblivious to what really this life is and what we have to earn here. Nobody in the IRA, please don't

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understand, the IRS are not saying you shouldn't be happy. That's not the point at all. Actually, people that run after event after event, you know what they what they're really doing, they're running away from their sadness. They're actually realizing that none of these things are ever filling up their sadness anyway, so they have to keep getting the next one and the next one and the next one, because there's a void inside. And maybe for a few moments, they can forget, they can surround themselves with beauty. And they can surround themselves with luxury. And they can surround themselves with a, you know, an entertaining environment. So they can forget how ugly life really

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is, you know, and that they don't want to face don't become like that. I pray I don't become like that. And I don't wish that on anybody else. That's the advice they're giving him they see through it. His people see through it. I mean, you got all this stuff. But I mean, what do you really have? What do you really have? You know, it's remarkable how many wealthy well off famous admired, you know, looked up to good looking people, people from Hollywood or the music industry, or the entertainment industry are so miserable on the inside, and how many of them commit suicide, it's a shocking thing. You would look at them from the outside, and you would think they have everything a

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person could want. But apparently, all those things are not filling a hole inside. And it's leaving them to the point where, you know, suicides are being committed. And I, I went to college A long time ago, and even when I was studying psychology way back when there were statistics that I was shocked by back in the 90s, there were statistics on Orange County was one of the wealthiest counties in the United States in California, and had the highest suicide rates. The highest count the wealthiest places in the country had the highest suicide rates. So how long without like this, this is the reality of running after fake happiness. It keeps creating the hole keeps getting bigger

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and bigger and bigger, and nothing's filling it. Then Allah describes, and this is this is the advice that I'll start with. This was the The first thing was don't live this, you know, high too high too high life. Don't do that. Don't reduce your life to that to this entertainment. But the next advice is web does he FEMA attack Allah, a data archive is very powerful advice. And if I just get through this portion of the advice, then we'll leave the rest for subsequent goodbyes. And that is

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You should pursue within whatever Allah gave you the next life, that's a loaded term, run after the next life within whatever Allah gave you. Now, what in the world does that mean? What what it means a few things, the first thing it means is, Allah has made some things clearly halal for you. He's made some things helpful for you. And he knows that the things that are helpful for you are things that are good for you, that are beneficial for you, that are actually a blessing for you. And when you enjoy what Allah has made, halaal actually, that in and of itself is an act of worship, in and of itself, enjoying the permissible and thanking Allah for the permissible is an act of worship. So

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when somebody gets a job, and it's a, it's a good job, it's a permissible job, then even when they're at their job, they're doing worship. When they earn that money, that earning of that money is worship, when they buy good halaal groceries, or eat food, that's good permissible food from that money or buy clothes, that buying of the clothes didn't just benefit you in this life, that's actually an act of worship. That's an act because you're within what Allah gave you. And every time you're doing that, you're not just benefiting yourself in this life, you're actually building your next life too. Because you're staying within the boundary of Hello, when you when you do that, every

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act you do that will give you happiness in this life, too. But it will at the same time be building your offset account also. So why not do that? Why not stay within the Hello, what a shutdown wants you to do, same thing he wanted our father to do and our mother to do, you've got all these trees that are helpful, but the one that will get you real good life, the one that will make you real happy is that one, that's how

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you've got a billion trees, but that one is gonna look juicier than all the rest. And what's the devil gonna come to you and me and do all the halaal isn't available in front of you, it's open in front of you, it's easy in front of you, but he's gonna make the Haram enticing. He's gonna make that look better. If you really want to be happy go after that. And the advice given to him is look, you have money, you have opportunity within what Allah has given you, you should look for the next something that will benefit you in this life. And in the next life, earning the right kind of ways spend in the right kind of way, spend time in the right kind of way. Everything that your body

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needs, and everything you need or want in this life. There's a hallel avenue for it. There's a good blessed avenue for it. When you go after that avenue life will be good. Life will be good in this in this world, and in the next world. So Abdullah FEMA, atika la de la hora. But when somebody hears that, and you give somebody who's living the party life, that advice and say, Listen, you should just do something that will build this life. And the next show, you don't want me to have any fun. You will just want because you know, the more Islamic you get, the more miserable Your life is. Look at all the Islamic Oh, that guy looks depressed, he must be Islamic.

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Or these people look so sad. That must be their religious. Because the closer you get to religion, the sadder and sadder Your life is I just want to live I just want to breathe. I just want to have enjoy my life. I just want to have some fun. It's not there's no, it's not harming me having some fun. And you know what Ella's response to that is well attend Tennessee. But coming to dunya. Don't forget your portion in this life. Meaning Allah is saying yes, stay within the halon sure, stay within the hollan. But that doesn't mean you're gonna have a bad life. That doesn't mean you're going to miss out on anything. There are some things Allah wants you to actually enjoy in this

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world. I have repeated this in many photos before I'll remind you as part of this discussion, Allah created this earth, and he put trees on it. But he put trees in general too, right? He put rivers here, he put rivers in genda. Two, he put fruits here he put fruits in Jannah. Two, he put spouses here, he puts that spouses agenda two, he put meat of birds here, he put meat of birds agenda two, he put drinks here, he put drinks there too. He put mentions here he put mentions there to everything he describes an agenda that's so beautiful palm trees, rivers, gardens, lakes, beautiful companies, servants, all that stuff is here, isn't it? And when you when you think of it, you're

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like, Well, you know, you realize a lot make this world a preview of heaven. It's not even close to what happens gonna look like, but at least it gives you some idea. At least it gives you some idea because if we never knew what a river is, or what a tree is, and what drinks are, and unless I'll give you drinks in heaven, we'd be like, well, what's that? Why should I be interested? What are palm trees and you know, waterfalls? Why am Why should I even be interested in something like that? And today what happens when there's a waterfall somewhere a beautiful waterfall, and anybody's building a house or a mansion on top of a hill that overlooks the waterfall that's some of the most

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expensive real estate in the world. Why? Because we'll put an agenda. People see that agenda here to man I wish I had a house like that. You see, so Allah made this world to actually give you a preview of heaven. So what he made halaal on this earth, whether the Holocaust nakum marfin or the Jamia and he put it for you to enjoy

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You know, and he says kilometers curonian solara. He says how little you're grateful. But you know what, what we do, what the devil comes us Intel comes and tells us is, well, if you stay within the halaal, you're gonna miss out. There's some stuff you deserve. You wanna, you want to be happy? Here's some things that are going to make you happy outside of that, outside of that, and that's what he wants. And Allah wants us to stay within that and find our happiness because Allah is never going to make us miss out on what he wants us to be created for. How can we be grateful if we're miserable, you're grateful when you enjoy a blessing. So allow me the holiday actually a means of

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enjoyment in this in this life and in the next life. Here's the other piece of this puzzle. When Allah gives us, you know, he doesn't just describe halaal as halaal, which is permissible. He describes as a player asleep pulumi marfil are the halonen even without a Tabby rocoto attache Todd halaal is described as good and pure also good and pure means is good for you. And it keeps you away from becoming impure. What does that mean that everything that isn't helpful, brings some kind of corruption is bad for you. And it brings some kind of disease into your life problems into your life. It doesn't sell solve my problems and makes them worse, shut down, wants to manipulate my

00:21:18--> 00:21:55

emotions and make the hologram look good. But when I fall for that trap, and I go after the head on, I will only get misery. I'll never get happiness that way. No matter how much he tricks me. No matter how much I fool myself. I just won't find it. When I've done some of CBRE come in adonia. We're going to actually talk a lot more about what happened Santa seebeck Amina dunia and Rob De Lima atika la de la cara, two more dimensions of these portions of the ayah. In the subsequent hold better come. But forget today at least I wanted to remind myself and remind all of you that life is very, very short. It's very, very short. And you and I have something to show before Allah, we were

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created for a much, much higher purpose. We did not come on this earth, to just find ways to escape our problems. We didn't come for that purpose. We came on this earth for a much higher purpose of doing good, Allah has given us the ability to do a lot of good. And if we don't use our potential and our talent to do something good. We're actually only absorbing it on where all of our energy is directed about at ourselves and not actually doing something good in this world. We're missing out on the huge burden that Allah put on top of us. So I pray that we internalize that and we're able to really see for ourselves, what good am I going to leave in the world? What good am I going to do?

00:22:34--> 00:23:10

And what how much of my thoughts are just about myself, and what I want and what I need, and how much of my time, energy and pursuits are actually about one stain within the head on and to actually doing something for others actually spreading some kind of good doing something of benefit. And I pray all of us become people of benefit. You don't have to benefit millions. You can benefit one person next to you. You could benefit a child, you can benefit a family member, so long as you're being of some kind of benefit, then at least there's some purpose more than yourself more than myself in this life. I pray Allah gives all of us that barakallahu li walakum Hakeem, when a funny

00:23:10--> 00:23:12

way er can be it was it Hakeem?

00:23:16--> 00:24:02

hamdu lillahi wa kafa wa Salatu was Salam O Allah, Allah Zina stuffer Hassan Allah, Allah him Mohammed bin, Mohammed el amin, Allah Allah, he was a big marine colonizer, jellyfish tambien caringbah anahola rubella humanus shaytani r Rajim in a la Mola. eketahuna soluna and Debbie Yeah, you Hello Tina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al al amin, amin Majeed, Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Ibrahim al al amin in the middle Majid about de la rahima como la de la ilaha illa de la San Benito corba. And in fact, it will mooncup well as a Kabbalah who Yamato stone Academy Sala enough

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salata kind of mini Nikita makuta