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Sulaiman Moola
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Bismillah he was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. The name of lachemann alayhi salatu salam is synonymous to wisdom, suffice to say in the honor of this great individual, that Allah has dedicated one chapter of the Quran in the 21st just as Surah lokman amongst the many advisors that He gave His Son one particular advice, he said to him, Yamuna Oh, my beloved son adonia baharu me, the world is a deep ocean The world is a deep ocean, and the tides are high and the waters are rough for any Stata at the federal Safina Takata Cola, if you can then build a vessel and what is your vessel the obedience of Allah. So if you bought onto this vessel, Lika and

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tendu hopefully you can make it to the shore without falling off what are aka Nigeria, but my gut feeling is otherwise the world is turbulent and currently we are experiencing very, very severe turbulence. There is a quotation of the verb in Yama and or the Allahu, who used to say, Lady in Ireland nurses, a man when a time is to come upon man, young Judah had none will be rescued from the trials and the temptation of that error in the men dakka in hurry, but the one who supplicates Allah like a drowning person, the message is simple, my brother we need to increase in our our supplication and our prayer. In the 13th Jews of the Quran in the 14th chapter surah Ibrahim in the

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30 35th verse, Allah subhana wa tada speaks about one of the supplications of Ibrahim alayhis salam, wa Taala Ibrahim or Abidjan, Elijah Amina or general Benny Benny and nabooda snom. And remember when Abraham alayhi salatu was Salam said Robbie Jarl. Oh my Lord, make this place meaning Mecca, Amina a place of safety and security. What do you know Bernie? What Bernie and nabooda snom and save me and my children from worshipping idols in bayana Quran under this ayah it is written that Allah Allah and lamea Manu, it's quite explicit from this verse, that the MBR despite being the cream of Allah's creation, yet they did not feel safe about themselves, for gay for the men who love him vain enough

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see what shape and if he couldn't tell, if that is the condition of the purest of the pure, the noblest of Allah creation. Then what about you and I who are fallible creatures, who are either between the clutches of the devil or the provocation of the ego for their young basilia had a baby come early, he will not be highly so do not become boastful or arrogant on your position, rather increase in prayer. In essence, life is fragile handle with prayer. Amelia Bellamy

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