The Spiritual Ladder – Don’t Start A Fight

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Bismillah he was salatu salam, ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. I often say remove an obstacle from the path. And if you cannot remove an obstacle, then the least you can do don't become an obstacle. Likewise, I say reconcile between two correlation parties. And if that's not possible, then don't ignite a fight between two. So there is an incident regarding the noble companions, may Allah be pleased with them. Prior to Islam, you had the O's and the husbands that were rivals and they were at loggerheads after Islam. They were united. They were one strong arm, and they rallied around the Prophet sallallahu wasallam unity that's unprecedented in the annals of

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human history. The noble companions were setting setting and it was a very relaxed and accom and beyonds, and then came a disbeliever an enemy and adversity a food for lava humara and he observed the warm ambience amongst the companions. And this enraged him this enraged him. So he then deployed someone to go and ignite a spark between two groups of the Sahaba. Now the United they answered the Mahajan, they close but prior to Islam, the condition was rivalry, loggerheads etc, feuds, altercations and skirmishes, so this person came, and he selected one of the bones from the stanzas which was brimming with rivalry and tribalism, which would give off a stench of superiority of one

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race over the other. He barely read that one verse or one stanza from that entire boom. And of course, the entire gathering just erupted into flames for Lemmy Azalea de mesilla debating Wahhabi baiting, so one is now condemning the other and that one is responding back and forth. The noble companions in the foot of the moment, picked up the weapons, and they were on the verge do a protect, he knew that it could lend itself into an argument and a full blown skirmish. The messenger sallallahu wasallam got when he came dashing, the verses of the Quran were revealed, amongst which were young Latina mundo de la haka, Ducati, molten lava and Muslim moon. Oh, you have been in fear

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Allah and die as believers, no sooner the Prophet sallallahu wasallam came, he called the atmosphere, they dropped their weapons, they embraced each other. My message is simple, my brother, if you are in a social get together, don't use a statement or bring about a discussion which is insensitive to some which is going to trigger a sore nerve and is going to convert a warm, calm ambience into a hostile and unpleasant drain. As believers let us reconcile back in the days when two people would have a feud. The third would intervene to dissolve it. Sadly, today, we ignite it. We provoke it, we incite it, and then we capture footage and we circulated, if any, this is the

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legacy of evil people and disbelievers never the legacy of a believer. May Allah make us a key to good and unlock to evil. I mean, you mean