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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 crisis has led to people reaffirming their faith in the Lord and taking precautions. It's important to be hygiene and reduce numbers extract in order to protect from infection and sickness. It's important to be responsible for one's actions to ensure their bodies are protected from evil activity and to take responsibility for one's actions to ensure their bodies are protected from evil activity. It's crucial to use charity to protect and improve one's bodies.
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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah here sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. Needless to mention that the entire Earth planet has been corrupt, plagued and rocked by the COVID-19 Coronavirus. And there is this cloud of uncertainty that is hovering over the entire planet. All plans have been cancelled. From political to religious and sporting events, everything has been postponed. And everybody's just holding back their breath looking and eyes are dazzled there is this sense of uncertainty that has gripped every person way too from here. That's besides the economic catastrophe that the world has to contend with. Regardless of how bleak The situation is, as

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believers we turn to Quran and Sunnah for guidance and direction. Remember the moment when say that our Musa alayhis salam was with his army before the water, the Red Sea, the raging waters, how who will borrow amamagna wha hoo, wah, wah, wah, and in the rear was Pharaoh with his army that were equipped with a cylinder in lel mode. And for many of the people there that was this was tantamount to death. This was an apocalypse. It's all going to endear but was semi unnecessary. So 10 fee jolanda Nobu. Suddenly people heard the voice. And I think it is of paramount importance that we echo this voice and we amplify this voice in a time of gloom, Doom, somebody and uncertainty. It

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becomes the duty of the clerics, the clergy, the scholars to reaffirm the importance to people to connect with Allah. And in no way do I discredit in no way do I discredit the need of taking necessary measures and precautions and abiding by the rules that have been put in place. This is widely circulated and people are understanding it, and the necessary measures are being taken. But my aim and my objective here is to take people out of this point of panic, uncertainty and confusion. What do you say that Amazon is Ramsay cola? No, no, it's not over. It's not over. It's not over in America. Robbie, my Lord is with me, sir. Yeah, Dean, He will guide me He will guide me.

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So Allah remains in control of the entire world. However you view it, whatever your take is, whatever your stance is, whatever your speculation is, ultimately, everything happens by the will of the Almighty. Remember, Allah says that there are people who cast spells. And there are people who divide between husband and wife, through through black magic through these different forms of crafts. But Allah says,

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men are hiding in lobbies, Neela, they are unable to execute that plot of theirs without Allah allowing them to do it. So my first message to one and all and across the globe to learn, you see by now in La Mancha, tabouleh, who Lana, we as believers have the article of faith and

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apart from this being an integral component of our faith and our belief system, it gives us great solace in moments like this. And that's why Allah says, like a lot. So Allah ma,

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ma goon, that we've recorded everything so that you don't over regret your failures. And you don't over rejoice your accomplishments, because both were decreed and ordain. So anything and everything that happens will happen through the world of the Almighty. Islam is a very responsible religion. Islam is very pragmatic Islam is very user friendly. Islam has put guidelines in place and the scholars and the Ummah, have told us and the authorities as well, that we need to take the necessary precautions. But coupled with those precautions, there are some points of reflection as well. Let's pause for a moment. It's so important to be hygiene and I'm impressing on my children, wash your

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hands so that you do not become infected and you do not transmit the virus. But have you ever paused for a moment and asked my children wash your hands and take the ablution so that you can be protected from the flames of * did I ever pose so we need to ask ourselves some serious and some tough questions. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam had also warned us birdie Rubin Amalia Subbarao, he said the hasten in doing good actions because there will come a time where you will be gripped by by

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by fitting and by trials, Catherine Leyland modeling like a dark night, which will leave you completely puzzled and confused. And that's that's the reality in which we find ourselves. He sallallahu wasallam said hey you send in the performance of good deeds before you find yourself. In fact, Quran mon sia, starvation that will impair your wisdom, wisdom, linen material wealth that will make you rebel Hara muffiny the old age that will deny you your senses. Or Mara vanmoof Siddha These are the words of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, an illness and a sickness that will destroy you, which will incapacitate you which will paralyze you will which will limit you or restrict you,

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or are you then waiting for the final hour of Yama with the jell o the Antichrist for short, Roja even univer evil indeed is that which people anticipate. So, here's a quick formula that we can adopt and by virtue of that, alone will grant us protection. So from the Quran and Sunnah we are reminded repeatedly of the importance of charity, that give charity charity will protect you will will will insulate you and will safeguard you against

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trying difficulties afflictions etc. So, we need to put people on to action, the measures of you know, reducing numbers extract etc, minimize in contact we are in we practice in implementing, but coupled with that, coupled with that, a spiritual injection to that, in addition to seizing the moment of hastening in goodness, your is the importance of charity and I tell you why I share with you this amazing reflection it's a hadith of Mr. Muslim Rahim Allah goes the Hadith narrated by Abu huraira the Allahu anhu, where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, Mr. Raja lunia, mushy beef Allah tin, there was a person walking in a waterless land there was a person walking in a desolate

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land, a person walking in a desert for 70 or so 10 minute Sahaba he heard a voice does authentic narration hear the voice from a cloud is the Heidi Tata phoolan that go shower your rain on the garden of so and so. So just imagine you walk in it's it's a waterless it's a dry land, you walk in yourself, suddenly there's a cloud above view, and then lo and behold you you're a voice in an audible way which you consciously heard. Now when you around and you're walking alone in New York for a moment like am I listening to myself? Am I imagining Is this real? But there's the Hadith in my Muslim Rahim Allah recorded

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and a blu ray Ravi Alon reports it. The person who heard the voice for dinner had Danica sahab they after the clouds drifted to one side for Afro Rama houfy Hara, and deposited its water on a rocky surface deposited its water on a rocky surface. This man was more curious more intrigued he came close for either shadow john maintain cache rod CURTIS STONE Arabella akula suddenly the water trickles down through a stream and makes its way into a big channel. Curious he inches even forward for the tub back Alma and he walks even closer only to find Roger known car a mon fi Heidi potty he a man is standing in his garden and he has his the Miss heart, his shovel or his spade you have we

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know olma he is now distributing the water on his plants and his trees and the plantation that he has. So I this person came close to him and he said to him you're Abdullah old servant of Allah because that's a generic name that fits us all Abdullah the servant of Allah Allah tala, the female servant of Allah, my is smoke, if you don't mind me asking you What's your name, brother. So he said my name is so and so. which happened to be the precise name that this man heard from the cloud. So the owner of the garden asked the stranger, Lima Sultani and izmi. And why did you ask me my name? He said, because I heard your name being mentioned, Minnesota hobby levy hazama. Oh, from the cloud

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that has showed this rain on you. This cloud was assigned for you. It was kept exclusively for you. And your name was mentioned, which left me curious. Now that I'm confused now that I confirm it is you. Can you tell me what do you do so uniquely, or so differently to others, that when everyone else does drought, there's family. There's no water, there's lack of water. You have your cloud assigned for you, not an assigned driver or an assigned chef or an assigned doctor or a private

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With the dentist No, no a cloud assign. So around you there's no water but there's divine intervention and that's my message. That's my message. He said Mr. Elton and now that you are asking me for Indian Guru Maharaj when when my crops are ready to harvest for me at the Sun duggleby through luthy he the first third of my crops, I give it in charity. second third, I earmark for myself and my family, our Guru Anna, YALI, and the remaining third I re invested so that I can sow some more crops and I can continue, you know, reaping and harvest in more crops. My message my brother and my sister is that when others were afflicted by drought and famine and water was not

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available, there was divine intervention and exclusive arrangements for one individual from every one way a cloud was assigned and sent to that individual because of charity. The very Allah who provided water for him, when water was not available for others is the same Allah who can rescue you and I from the Coronavirus and all illnesses when it has reached an epidemic and pandemic proportion. We conclude with the prayer of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma in Arabic come in saying he is a scum, Allah we ask you protection from all evil diseases and illnesses. My message is rely on Allah, take your precautions, but hasten in giving charity charity

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that is your guaranteed method of protection. I mean your ability mean

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