The Spiritual Ladder – A Unique Marriage

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a proposal made by a man to his daughter, who is a woman and has a reputation for bravery. The proposal is presented to the mother of the woman, who is hesitant to marry her and is considering her as a threat. The proposal is presented to the mother in a hurry to FEMA and is declined by the woman. The proposal is presented to the mother in a hurry to fill their mind with goodness and happiness, but the mother declines and is hesitant to marry her.
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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we're bad. Amongst the things that have complicated our life is formalities. So we have a lot of additional things which we

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impose upon ourselves inflict upon ourselves. We want to invite someone there's so much protocol procedure, so much formalities we make it difficult. We want to propose some way protocol procedure for melody. It needs to be done in a particular way you make the entire exercise so difficult and tedious. Say who the man who goes to propose and with him is his brother. Wow. Listen to his CV and his introduction to the prospective father in law. And Abelardo noir the athlete My name is Bella and this is my brother, Abby, Danny Minh and Hampshire. We are two epicene in slaves to Navarre lane for Donna law. We were deviant Allah guided us what could not be the Infanta and Allah and we were

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slaves, Allah liberated us. If you are happy to marry us to your daughters respectively, then Alhamdulillah we're into meruna. And if you decline, Allah is sufficient. Listen to this amazing incident. The alarm goes to bed, new leaf, right? It's a tribe. And he takes the proposal of salamander the Allahu anhu for the care of fabula salmaan where Islam is salmaan he says listen, salamander, the land is a great companion and he's proposing to your daughter. So the prospective in laws they say to Abu Dhabi, Allahu Allah knows a widow. Honestly, we appreciate what you said, but we don't want to marry our daughter to salmaan but we want to marry our daughter to you. So he's

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like, No, well, I brought the proposal. They said no, no, we want to marry our daughter to you. And the Nico was solemnized immediately Selma Abu Dhabi Alanna then comes out, and he meets el mundo the Allahu anhu. And he is now feeling shy and ashamed. And he doesn't know how to face Selma, the Allahu anhu. And he says, Listen, please accept my apologies. So Samantha vilano asked him what happened. He said, I took your proposal, But lo and behold, they insisted that they want to marry their daughter to me. So salamandre vilano responded by saying I should be apologizing to you. Ha ha, ha, ha ha la hulak that I was proposing to someone whom Allah had decreed for you Suhana law

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what was their relationship from that union? Allah blessed him with the daughter Dada and hence is known as abou Dada and Wolfie ethna econometric a bit Derby dimished when he was staying in Damascus, then say the name Where are we are the Allahu anhu proposed for his daughter Dada, on behalf of his son yazeed. So Abu Dhabi alano declined. So people said what a prominent proposal, why do you decline? He said in a hurry to FEMA Senado sala de I gave great thought to this prospective proposal, and then I declined it and the reason I declined

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mamanuca EBIT da da da da da da da da da da da Muna. Well, what did that nafsa have you pursued in your

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boss or a new speaker, Dino hayama? Isn't that if my daughter gets married in the lap of luxury? I'm just worried how will she manage this year? And what will happen to her faith and her Eman? But look at how amazing this union end ended? When Satan Abu Dhabi Alonso passed away. Then many prominent people propose to Omar Dada, the spouse of Abba, dada, and she declined. And she said Allahumma in

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benyfit dunya we're in need to fill our mind has been about Dada proposed to me in this world and we got married, and I am now proposing to him in US de la yaku mini maka, the Abbe de nobody will be now intimate with me after I was ready to Abu Dhabi Allahu anhu. And she lived they have the single with the hope to be united with her husband in general. We ask Allah to bless us with goodness and happiness and less death, separate us in this world and unite us in the gardens of Jannah Ameen. yorubaland Amin.