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Tafseer of Surah al-Mulk – Applying Its Lessons Into Our Lives Part 2 A course by Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

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Bismillah many Rahimi

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

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Behind me are salatu salam ala

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nabina. Muhammad, you are early he was Javi Amanita via de Vaca suniti. He did without

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an agenda, Nikita, call me down upon

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He loaded up.

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Lawson Have a lovely, lovely resume from the point on which we concluded. And I've just been reminded by a kind friend that if we move the manner in which we move with that we're not going to complete this chapter. So he's asked me that shot as much as we enjoyed it, but perhaps it would be good to conclude it. So I'm going to try and limit not my knowledge, I don't have knowledge, but the sciences of the Quran, it is the sciences and trust me,

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in trying to shorten it, it's going to get longer. But anyway, you will find sometimes a hadith

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that the text of the Hadith is three lines, and the commentary is like 30 pages.

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And this is not a far fetched thing has the scholars and they will tell you, and the person said to me I look at my speech is comprehensive, but voluminous. You get some people who speak long, but you didn't understand anything.

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You know, a man spoke for hours and hours and you said okay, but what was the topic all about? What What was the blood trying to say? Where was he going but the words of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam was such that they comprehensive, they brief, they concise, but they are voluminous. They contain and imbibe within itself volumes and volumes. And obviously the words of the Quran. This this is this is the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So there's one thing that I wanted to touch on and then I didn't mention it because we were up against time, is that every time the dwellers of hell will be held into hell, the the guardians, the custodians of hell will say to them, let me at the

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community did a warner not come to you? When you're not reminded? Now this would be a form of psychological infliction on them. Because an occupant of hell knows very well that he was that he minded he was cautioned he was worn, and he would have to grapple and contend with the budget consequences of his evil behavior. to aggravate that he's going to be getting the sarcastic remarks and reminders also, I guess you didn't know better. Also, perhaps no one told you right. Also, you were unaware. Now is like you drumming it in. You're rubbing it in. I am grappling where I am. And

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nobody told you nobody won you corlew Bella Casa de

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da de da, de

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de la la mina shade, in a Laffy Avada in cabby. Now, you know, you think this idea of you speaking to a child and he's rebelling, he's speaking to a disciple and his his obstinate, you speak into a student and he's not complying. And you contextualize this, if you say carlu they would say but most certainly not one or two multiple reminders came to us. Multiple reminders came to us for cat wakulla. Tragically we chose to belie and deny what Khulna and we said Manas.

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Allah has not revealed anything to you you prophets you messages you envoys, this is live this is fabricated. This is a made up tale. You are not been deputed by Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is how we oppose the message of truth. This is how we oppose it. In the 26 Jews. There's an ayah when Allah speaks about the cry and the pain and the plea of parents, and the rebellion and the disobedience and the shenanigans of a youngster one levy call le Wiley they

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When levy

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de de

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la Kuma, Kuma, Atari donnini, an

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early study

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why Allah Subhana Allah, if a person is a parent you will identify with these sentiments you impressing upon your child you calling out to him you desperately trying to tell him at the attitude of the young boy is that my parents enjoyed their life they denying me. And the parent is like I made a mistake with my life. I don't want you to repeat my mistake is not a matter of enjoying I've come out of dirt and I've come out of a mess. And I don't want you to repeat my mistakes in life. One lady that son caller who says livadi they need to his parents of Philip Kumar will be to you, Attorney donnini are you promising me an ohana? That I will be resurrected after my death? What are

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the hello to Kuru Nomi tably many have died before me. I've never seen one man stand up from his grave. I've never seen one man stand up from his grave. But like one scholar gave this example and I've mentioned it, he says simple analogy yet so profound. Anyone who's into fishing, right? It's a big sport and people love it. And some just once will in Canada. So we went past the lake and I see this guy city and and it's a hot day and disgust is a lot. So I just tried to make it a bit of a social conversation. I said, Hey, mate, how's the how's the bites, how's the fishing? He says I'm enjoying the day in the sun. The fish is just a bonus. I'm enjoying the sun. And I my my approach is

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generally whenever whatever happens, I try and draw this into my mind and apply it how I can use it in my life and pass it on to my children. The other day, I'm telling my kids, the big two of them. I said, you know, a phone in your hand is like a knife in a toddler's head.

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So my eldest is saying, you know what, abou that's a good one for your hands.

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I said leave what's good for my talks. This is good for you now is a no no that I'm telling you. That's a number for your talks. I said, you know, and it just gets watered down in in Yuma. And it's a joke and it just gets blown away. So anyway, this guy is saying this and immediately I thought to myself something else and my mind always kind of runs and draws analogies. He said I'm enjoying the day in the sun. And if I get a fish, it's a bonus.

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And I said we need to apply that approach in prayer and

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I am enjoying supplicate in my Allah. And if he answers it, it's a bonus.

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I am enjoying making to a brother you making do as your prayers been answered? I enjoy making glop and even get answered, it's a bonus. But I will not supplicate my lord conditional to his acceptance. Because he doesn't need me and he doesn't need you is doing me a favor. And I said exactly when I heard this it just he told me I said If only I can apply that in my in my own life withdraw and prayer and say that prayer is I'm enjoying it. It's great chatting with my Creator. And in the end if I get that's a bonus, and Subhana Allah The best part of it all is the time in Doha is recorded as worship.

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Imagine an employee comes to his employer and says we need to negotiate a better package, I need a 13 check. I need a bonus salary. I need extra perks. And he says okay after work, speak to me an hour and he speaks an hour and end of the month he submits his extra working hours he says that one hour in which he asked for a better package.

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Would he be paid by any sane employer to say no, no, if any, my data is money and you say you ate up one of my hours.

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So you are supplicating Allah for your material needs and it gets recorded as worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala in addition to the fact that it's granted or not, that is at his prerogative and his discretion, but the time gets recorded as employment as worship as servitude. Anyway, forget who What did they say we denied we denied man as Allah, Allah insha. Allah didn't reveal anything. This is a lie. This is untrue. So I'm coming back to that if the fishermen cast his rod, quick, brief example. I'm not going into detail. So when the fish comes up, and is about to bite, another fish comes close up. So hang on, hang on, hang on, Tony.

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What's all this about? Listen, if you're going to it's a hypothetical situation, but it's a real, it's real. You can relate to it.

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In the sense that hypothetical in its theory, but we can identify with the example in it. So the fish comes up and says, Listen, don't bite on this bait.

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Why? If you bite on this bait, you'll get that little food

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I set the HQ for a little while. But there's a man sitting outside here and he's got a rod. He's gonna reel you in.

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As soon as he leaves you, within minutes you die, you tremble, and then you die. Then he pops his trunk drops you in the back And off he goes on. Okay, then what? Then his wife chops you in pieces.

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And she spices you up. And then you are burned in burning hot oil. And then you are roasted and cooked and brought and fried. And then there are X amount of people that said that after the 16th and they grind you to pieces.

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Okay, no problem. I'll be back in a minute. He does a little swim in the water and he comes back down. No, you know what my research says that whatever you said is untrue. I didn't see a man I didn't see a rod. I didn't see a car. I didn't see a trunk. I didn't see a woman I didn't see oil. I didn't see anything. But hang on all what I told you is happening outside the water and you looking for it inside the water. This is precisely what Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said, if you're going to eat this year, if you're going to deal like this, if you act like this, when you go down in the grave, this is what's going to happen. These are the flames. There's certain consequences. That's

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the repercussion. That's the consequences. Like Wait, wait, wait, wait, let me let me look around. No, no, my research tells me otherwise. But you're trying to understand what happens outside the water inside the water. You're trying to understand what happens beyond death, post death in this life. It just doesn't work. Good luck, go for the bite and enjoy the bait. And he goes and he bites and bait and what has to happen has to happen. So when the messengers came to us, we said no, no, there's nothing like Arthur in, in anthem in the bola and in cabbie, you are nearly in great error. Now, let me just show you something very briefly. You know, this is simple for those that are not

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into Arabic and then but to show you how you has multiple meanings in the Quran and how this diversity if we hold here and this is the scholars of the feet of Britannia, so the occupants of hell retort they respond by saying, No, surely messengers have come to us because we denied wakulla and we said, Manas, Allah whom insha Allah hasn't revealed any messenger. Now, some scholars have to say, because actually there is a stockier shade, in anthem in Luffy, banagher. In Kabir, you are merely in a great era, you are in a manifest error whose speech is this year? So some scholars say that this is a continuation some scholars say it's a continuation of the discussion of the occupants

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of hell, that they said to the messengers of Allah, nothing was revealed to you, you are lying, you are deviant, you are astray. When other scholars say them, their reply ends, when the angels will will psychologically torment them. When you're not told, did nobody warn you? That's it? No, no, no many warnings came to us. But we chose to deny, then the angels will say, well, your denial resulted that today you are in a great era in unto ilahi What are Incubus I hope you understand what I'm saying is that it could be put into the context of, of the statement of the occupants of hell. Or it could also be the context of the statement of the melodica, and so on and so forth. Sometimes one

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verse with its noun and its pronoun, and its context can be rotated and can be explained in like, five, six different ways. And I had the good opportunity to study at my scholars and study that there are the supply as well, and then the different dialect of the Quranic recitation. And here you see again, that with a slight variation and pronunciation, and the slight adjustment of the words of the Quran in the different color art, which is very much related to the science of grammar and etymology, again, you see that in one color, it comes like this in another slide comes like this, and it just amplifies the meaning it just broadens the horizon of the meaning. And it just goes

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deeper and deeper. And it just again, re iterates the divinity and the supreme nature of the Quran. So Furthermore, what would the occupants of health and say wakanow longquan nesma owner until man can be us hobbies sorry, they will also say if we had listened to the warnings of the MBR, or understood, made an effort to understand you see these things in between brackets in English, they say none is more death than the one who doesn't want to hear and none is more blind than the one who doesn't want to say, because even if a person has some visual impediment, but he wants to see through Braille, he can see there's so many things he could read and understand. But if you don't

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want to say that they can be none more blind than that person, and if you don't want to hear, so we chose not to listen, we chose not to, and this is wakanow nocona. This is a repeated message.

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In the Quran, where the occupants of hell will vent their regret, they lament, the embarrassment, the guilt in different yarlington he couldn't do much for fools or foes. I wish, only how I regret, but it's not going to help, it's not going to help, it is too late, it is too late. We need to do it. Now. Someone said

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the past is a mystery. The past is history. The future is a mystery. While the present is a gift, that is what you call it, the present tense, it's a present.

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The past is history. The future is a mystery. We don't know what the future holds. And another scholar said a very, very beautiful thing. He said, a lot of has not informed us of our future happenings what's going to happen the next moment, I don't know what I'd be healthy, will I be sick?

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Well, will I be married? Or otherwise? I don't have I have no clue what the future is gonna hold. But I have been informed about the rulings of every situation. If I'm on journey, what am I doing from it to home what I was doing. So I shouldn't concern myself with my condition. But I should concern myself with the ruling of that condition.

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I should concern myself at this time, what is my role in? I am at home, I have parents, I got to take care of them. I'm married, I have a partner, I got to take care of her. I got to take care of him whatever it is, I got to concern myself with the rulings of that situation. So what would these people say laocoon as smart

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as happy salad. If only we had listened to the warnings of the MDR or understood and made an effort to understand we would have not be amongst the inmates and the drill is of the blazing fire. But it's not going to help. To the extent that it comes in some people are filling in safer totally not that when the occupants from this honor, because there'll be seven layers of hell, there are seven layers kapama is Nevada is sadly the days know how we have different different layers. May Allah save us May Allah save us.

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I often say this brothers and sisters that some sense in our life, we have not yet intended to abandon it. When will we abandon it? You know, there are certain things a person says I need to give up this year I really need to give it up. Make don't want to give up this evil habit. I want to come out I'm trying to wean myself off this year. And then there are certain things I haven't yet it hasn't yet featured on my list. It hasn't yet come into my mind. It's not even in my active thoughts. That Okay, listen, I need to deal with this bad habit of mine. I've got this vulgar language in me, I've got this obscene language I need to get rid of this year. I haven't it hasn't

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even featured. So if it hasn't even featured in my thoughts, then when am I going to get to a point where I'm going to abandon it? This is something we have to do about serious soul searching. So anyway, that dwell is from this oma May Allah save us when they would come to hell, then they would ask molecules in charge of how would you spend some moment, we really want to cry, and we want to vent and we want to, like throw up a tantrum. We have to contend with it. But we still angry with ourselves. We are so angry with ourselves. So we want to express our anger and our pain and our dislike. So Monique will say go for it. It's all yours. And then they will cry. And it's mentioned

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there in the narration. Malik will make a profound statement. He will say my accent bucardo kind of in dunya. These tears are brilliant. But the venue is wrong.

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These tears are brilliant. So the brother He gives divorce and he says, Chef, I love my wife.

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I really at any cost. I want to be with her. Now you said and ask yourself. Where was this logic? Where was the sanity? Where was this balance? Where was this composure at the time? You're 30? What you will blend in? Is that no no Shall I said it in anger. But then who do divorces in love?

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Who divorces in love? If If, if it is baseless, because of anger, then there is no talent because it only happens in but that's why you know nowadays you you and this this. This is like an oxymoron, right? And this is the dichotomy of our world today. They say you need to cover yourself though. You know what, even when things are hunky dory, you need to take out a divorce plan. So I'm like you telling your wife, honey, we'll have lunch and then let's just go through the litigation process in the event you are not my honey. In the event things get like I'm trying to visualize this year. They said no, no, you need to cover yourself and take all your insurances and you know, back yourself up

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and you're back in the event. So I mean, how we live in in this world we live in in these situations and we create in these monsters for us, we create them these monsters, and we enter on the backfoot we enter with these negative things in a nutshell, right because I deal with these various things all the time. So it's

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What just gets flavored in my talks?

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And again at home, you know, my, the other half my wife is like sometimes, sometimes you need to listen to your own lectures.

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Sometimes you need to listen to what you telling people, you know. So it's a it's a challenge because your children see this outside image. You counseling like as if you got it all right. But you're grappling with it as a father, you learn in you stumbling, you fall in, you pick it up yourself, and you grow it. And raising each child is different. Raising children in adolescence is a different challenge. So you're never on top of it, you're never on top of it. In a nutshell, Islam promotes a culture of inter obligation. Islam promotes that we both are interdependent. My wife, I want to be make no bones about this, I want to be explicit, I need you. And my wife, you got to say,

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I need my husband. Today, the world becomes irritated with that word need, I don't need you. I don't need you.

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I can manage myself. And hence, what happens is many of them share a common roof with a separate life. Someone said many of our loans have become hotels. So tell me, I don't know. He checks in at his own time. And he checks out to his own time. So it's Olivia, but you know what he's got, like somebody asks, you tell me who's occupied the room next to his daughter. But I have no clue I came to the reception. I had my reservation I came in at all I know they were rowdy at night. That's all I know, I know nothing else about our homes have become hotels not in terms of comfort and luxury, in terms of independence and isolation.

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The whole system of marriages, I need you.

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If I had an argument with my wife, as a man as a physical need, I would need to approach my spouse if my gazes are not roaming, and I disciplined myself and I behaved myself.

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So I'm going to have to humble myself apologize, because Allah has kept the need within me that I have to go back to her, like when she has a need to me. So in that way, where we realize our dependence, we will apologize and we will move forward. And the more we promote independence, the more I can manage without you. So an argument can carry on for three weeks, you're not paying my bills, and I can attend to myself in many other ways of life. So it can continue and continue. But if we keep it within the framework of Sharia arguments will happen. But it doesn't have to continue forever. I I my analogy in marriages is you've already been on many of my talks, I've said it, I

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said it is like a flight interview and mode, regardless of how advanced regardless of how advanced aviation is, they haven't designed an aircraft free of turbulence.

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One, the second thing is those of you that are not married, I'm not scaring you

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The second thing is turbulence is unpredictable.

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Right. The third thing is when the flight is in turbulent mode, then you cannot expect to walk the aisles and access the laboratories. And And do you know what shopping online and and go through duty free shopping like your deal do when it is cruising at a smooth and and and you know, in its altitude at that stage, you cannot do the same. The etiquettes of turbulence are different strap up Delta behave, just wait, close your folding tray and wait. At the same time when things are in turbulent mode at home you need to it's very easy now you think in the logic is good but when he gets home, there is not as simple as that. And it's a different ballgame altogether. May Allah put

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muhabba in our marriages and May Allah grant us understanding and we look forward to to to spending time today. The one brother came home early from work so his wife is like wow this is good news. You came home early says the boss had a bad day and he said you know what, get out go to hell. So I came home.

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The boss had a bad day and he says you know go Go to hell. So I came home. We laugh but for some people home is held

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for some people whom is held and the imbalance the imbalance in our society. Anyway the Quran goes to mention your Dharma for be them be him philosophically as hobbies sorry. So say they will confess the sense that this belief, may the inmates of the blaze be distance from Allah's mercy, allies in World War Two the emphasis on a burden for food they're going to confess, like I just mentioned here, but confession at this stage number one in Islam, there's no confession to any

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mentor or any scholar, you confess to Allah subhanho wa Taala. This, this is one thing that is no confession to any senior, you need to repent, you say, you know, please advise that this is I've done the wrong, you don't have to go into the graphic details, your confession is between you and your Creator. But on the day of the Yama whether you confess, or you don't confess, the camera would be zoomed on to you, it would be zoomed on to you directly, and your book of deeds will reveal it in all details. So it doesn't, you know, it's like boys coming home and he says, Dad, I've got bad news, I failed. This is the teacher finish for me. And I got a report in my hand. So and he says

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yeah, but at least I was honest. Others were not honest. Oh, what is your honesty going to do now? I mean, the teeth, the reports in my hand, I've been called to the office, I've had a word with the teacher, I have all the details. So confession at this point on the day of the AMA is not going to evade you. But confession in this world is something that Allah subhanaw taala once you continue, if at all, we are not abandoning our role, at least at least and I say this to many you change your attitude, change your approach. Number one, don't be proud about your own. Don't be arrogant about your own. Number two, stop envy those that are doing wrong start envy those that are doing good even

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that's a shame even that's a lotto today I was idolizing this person. But that was bad because the man doesn't have a good slate. He doesn't have a good record. He's not someone I shouldn't be envy. Now I envy the man who's religious who's Allah conscious who's dignified with character with conduct with behavior, who has ethics, morals, values, etc. Start end when the correct people and speak about these people at home, the kind of celebrities and legends that the youth today idolize, you just step into the flip side of the coin, into the fabric of the morality, and the stench is so loud, it would kill you from a mile. The stench is so loud, not withstanding that the youth are

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still oblivious, they will ignore, they would idolize that person because of a particular skill, whether it constitutes the definition of a skill is something we can argue or not, but be it as it may, ignoring all the other, you know, evils to this person, and they could continue idolizing that person. And you said and ask ourselves, where has our society gone? Where is the values of our youth?

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Who didn't behave, they will confess their sins. For so many years hobbies, Sallie Mae, the image of the blaze be distinct from Allah as mercy This is a curse to them. That indeed that is a very, very severe punishment for them. In another verse of the Quran in the 15 Jews, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Johanna Jessa, Jessa among for a while, fella that, indeed How is the only torment that would be adequate in relation to the offense and the crime of the criminal in this world, amen. You know what? He's got 1010 life sentences he's killed 20 people it's only got one life. Even Ken disabled nine lives.

00:28:19--> 00:28:59

A man only has one life. How can you this is one thing we need to understand. This world by its nature doesn't have the ability to fully reward a noble person, nor can it subject retribution to a criminal in totality. Neither of you want to be good to a man, you really want to entertain him. You want to go out of your way and give him the best of foods and you want to offer him the best of delicacies. But you also need to consider that you know what, he's our patient is diabetic. And if you over give him as much as you wish, you're only going to harm him he's gonna have a bad night is gonna have a restless night, there's gonna be consequences. So you want to reward a man but you have

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to limit yourself in rewarding him You have to behave yourself in rewarding him, and how much can you punish him you inflict so much and he does. But the Quran says in general, you will eat and you will eat and the only thing that would happen, there will be a verb and the verb would be more flagrant, and musk, more fragrant than musk. Can you imagine that year? And there would be nothing like you know what?

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A person is becoming obese or person has this condition. Why is that condition? And nowadays, what happens is just semantics. So I was sitting in Dubai, I was gone with my wife to Turkey, and we were coming back and we waited and she used the washroom and this guy's coming is really big, right? And then he's got this T shirt. Yep. I'm not fat. I'm just fluffy.

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And I said right euphemism, euphemism This Is it right? To use a sensitive word to be gentle. So you don't say you don't say fat you say obese, right? It's a syndrome. It's a medical condition. You don't understand brother. It's not like that. You don't appreciate it. So um

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I'm sitting there and he's walking and God is huge, right and he's really walking. I'm not fat, I'm fluffy.

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Good luck. In the end I have shown below

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zero to a drunk cabbie, or lavaca. Indeed, those who fear the rock without even seeing him. One explanation that not just look at this is another explanation. Those who feel they have without seen him, meaning behind the backs of others in seclusion in isolation, they literally means when he's alone, nobody haba you're able to be absent. So you have not seen Allah subhanaw taala with your naked eye, you have not seen Allah yet you feel alive in this world, or second explanation, you feel a lot when nobody's around you when nobody's around it. This is mentioned in terms of money, when you're in isolation, and, and like I was hearing the clip of one scholar and I really liked it. He

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said, we need to have moments with our Creator. We need to have moments with our Creator. And today the way lives have become so occupied and so and grace, that there is no time together, leave alone time with your Creator. And honestly, it's an exercise you need to do my brother and it's an exercise you need to do my sister. When you taste it. It is so beautiful. Islam is not restricted to the place of worship. I don't have to supplicate a lot formally by raising my hands. While that is meritorious. And I'm not averse to that I don't want to mince my words. And I don't want to be misunderstood. But you could be lying in your bed and you could be chatting with your Creator,

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Muhammad Nawaz. He said when a duck to reach Allah, Allah.

00:31:40--> 00:32:03

Allah, I had the privilege of seeing people that husband and wife would share one bed and sleep on one pillow, and the one partner would be sleeping and the other partner would be tearing knees sobbing out of the field a lot. Yet his or her partner would have no clue that the spouse is in grace in speaking with a lion get out of the field with love.

00:32:04--> 00:32:37

And when I was mentioning this, you might think but that's How's that possible? The partner is crying. He's crying, oh, she's cried. And the other one doesn't know Well, I was sick society will expose you to husband and wife sleeping on one bed, and one perpetrating infidelity and disloyalty while sleeping on a common bed and the other one would have no clue what you're busy with. No, no, we just want a recipe checked. What is this? None of my goods are coming in. I'm just speaking to the agent to clear it. It lands tomorrow and I'm just sorting it out is no goods is an operation happening.

00:32:38--> 00:32:40

Not a surgical operation.

00:32:42--> 00:33:15

Right, there's something else happening and they share in one bed. There's this loyalty, there's infidelity. There is the scourge of infidelity and shame. And he said I know of people that would go and one would be cheering, and he would keep it such a secret. The SEIU morrocco his tears would well up in his eyes and trickle down his cheeks. And he wouldn't let his wife or partner have any clue or him that is crying out of the field of Allah. We don't have it. And if we have little we want people to know about it. You know, so even if I'm ending my 200 and my wife gets up, I restarted. You know, it's like, What do you know? Just make it tough for the kids and for you and

00:33:16--> 00:33:37

old man. Oh, man. Oh, you guys, that is awesome. That is awesome that one of my scholars used to say the woman generally praise their husband twice. One is before she gets married to him. Right? You know what I'm getting married to? This guy is amazing. Like, he's brilliant. He's awesome. And the second time she generally praises is when his funeral leave the house.

00:33:42--> 00:33:44

But say to the man when he's alive.

00:33:46--> 00:34:00

Say to the man when he's alive. Why when his funeral leaves, seed acknowledging Don't delay Don't delay whatever you want to say say good word say don't live with regrets. Don't live with regrets. In Aladdin I have shown

00:34:02--> 00:34:17

those who feel alive in seclusion. You sit in your reclining, talk to your Creator, oh my lord, you know my inside condition. You know my behavior, you know my thoughts and my aspirations for those that feel a lot lower filler to

00:34:18--> 00:34:30

carry for them is forgiveness and for them is a great reward. It is immense reward and the pleasure, the pleasure of crying out of the fear of Allah is a different pleasure.

00:34:33--> 00:35:00

What a seal rucola going away the horror movie, in the movie that is pseudo whether you speak secretly or openly Verily, Allah has knowledge of even the secrets of the heart. Besides everything you say, and do Allah even knows what you believe and think so some infidels and disbelievers had said when we conspire and we have our discussions against Islam, let's do it discreetly. So it's not intercepted.

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

By the arch Angel jabril and communicated to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So Allah revealed the verse, how secret Can you be the thoughts that cross your heart and mind even that is in the knowledge of Allah. In another verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala says yamoussoukro by the opening verses of Surah Taha in the 16 Jews, Allah knows a secret, and he knows something more hidden than a secret. And then the scholars have debated and discussed what is meant by more hidden and it says sometimes you sit in a new daydreaming, and then there's a 10 100 thoughts crossing your mind. And then someone says brother and says, Yeah, what do you say? What do you think, you know, nothing,

00:35:38--> 00:36:12

nothing, nothing, just in fool's paradise, you know, and you know, hopping and crossing and jumping and thinking and reflecting and regretting and reminiscing and all packaged together, like some of those dreams, you start off in Makkah, and then you start making the love and then you end up with with some, you know, around woman and then you come back to a pious man and then you meet in a chef in the masjid and after that you pass in the nightlife and you like get up in the morning, man, where am I? Where am I? One is this year, can I make heads or tails of this as this? You know, devolution angelic mixture into me always this all happening? So

00:36:13--> 00:36:33

affirming means more secret, more hidden than a secret and what is that? That you sit in? And you're daydreaming and 1000? thoughts, right? There's a flooding of thoughts. And someone asked you what were you thinking? And you cannot recollect your own thoughts. Allah says, I know that about you, which you don't remember about yourself.

00:36:35--> 00:37:24

You cannot register and recollect that. So Allah subhanho wa Taala knowledge is absolutely wholesome, all embracing all encompassing. What I say rotala original Ruby in Lima ambivert is sudo there's the famous incident of that woman who came and she complained to the master sallallahu wasallam Hola, bien de la barra de la Mancha regarding the husband owes been sommet de la mer animo, where it had ended up in a lot and a divorce the ancient which was known as rehab rehab. So that's the ancient way of divorcing in essence, she was complaining, and she said, my husband, I gave birth to his kids. And, you know, he read me when I was young. And when I Hades and I'm old, he's divorced

00:37:24--> 00:37:28

me. Now we have these kids, if I hand them over to them, then he will not.

00:37:32--> 00:38:07

If I hand over these kids, to my husband, he will not able to attend to them. And if they stay with me, then obviously it's hunger. So how do I reconcile? So I should have said she came there. And she was whispering something I couldn't fully grasp what she was saying. And the next best thing gibreel comes down with absolute details describing our whole dialogue in the Quran. And I said, I'm sitting next to the woman and I'm listening to her directly and I cannot fully comprehend it. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is the Baraka, lady, some rule

00:38:08--> 00:38:52

or praise belongs to Allah whose yearning ability embraces everything, and the full details are revealed. So Allah God Allah in the lies, you know, all watching in the morning even better to pseudocode and then a last question and like I said, we're running through so hopefully we can conclude the discussion. Allah Allah, Allah, Allah playful hobby. So we could reflect here as well as it is the on the projector does the one who created you and your actions not know it's a question is from Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, everything about you and what you do, when he even has knowledge of the intricacies and is well informed, he knows everything he is happy, he is aware of everything.

00:38:53--> 00:39:21

Luckily, luckily one has two meanings in the Arabic language of love will not leave home very badly him Alliance compassionate Allah scandalized, merciful. And luckily if one could also mean here as translated here, that the intricacies the most final things right the advice of local man, look man says to his son, Yamuna, yo, oh, my beloved son in law, Al hustla. To say you're in jail. Elaine is mentioned. If you were to perpetrate an offense that is my new small

00:39:22--> 00:39:59

in Tacoma scholar had met him in the size of a mustard seed, but they couldn't face Sahara hidden in a boulder or a mountain or a cave office somehow or hypothetically, if you were ascend to the heavens and you did it at some location in the heavens. Yeah, db, Allah, Allah will produce that act with its location and precise time and environment. In Allah Allah tea from the istikhara Gina Fabi. Rhonda McCarney, how Allah is aware of it, you know, sometimes you're in an argument and then you give a proof

00:40:00--> 00:40:30

So then the wife tells you, you give a theory. She says, okay, prove it. You say, you know, there is something but no, I'm not sure. But I know I know you said it. Now you have a theory, but you can't support your theory, you have a claim, but you don't have a leg to stand on. You ask your child something and he puts he throws a curveball to you. It throws a curveball. Now you want to like, counter that. But for the moment, you're losing your balance, you're losing your balance. I've seen my two young sons talking. So I said, What's it that keep yourself away? This is more people's talk.

00:40:31--> 00:40:39

So now he's throwing back that same theory, big people thought this is more people stop just a cleaner. So now you're like, Okay, all right.

00:40:40--> 00:41:17

For the moment, you're not too happy. So the point i'm saying is you have a theory that you don't have your finger on the pulse to support it to counter it to substantiate it, you don't have that at the time. Allah subhanho wa Taala has the knowledge, the power, the ability, the know how, of when, where, how and to produce it. Someone says, Okay, if you have received give me They said, Okay, I'll give it to you. Now, you know, you have a receipt, but unfortunately, you've misplaced it. And the longer you take in producing the receipt, you are in a subtle way giving impetus to the argument of the opponent. Well look at you couldn't produce a receipt that means is a liar. But the truth is you

00:41:17--> 00:41:41

have the receipt is just you don't know where it is. You just don't know where the receipt is. And Allah knows the truth, but for now, the person is not gonna buy into your argument. Allah knows exactly what you did when you did how you did. That is why the Quran says it's so amazing. And I'm telling you, my brother, May Allah give it to me and you understand the beauty of the Quran, one can testify to that, as

00:41:42--> 00:41:43

some are going

00:41:46--> 00:42:29

to come on the day of the other when a person will appear before law and his organs would testify against him. And then he would say, oh man, but this is now really bad man. The very eyes would which I used to roam and do wrong, this is speaking out against me. If only I knew so Allah will reply to him and say to him, there was no way to keep the sin away from your eyes other than not sin. Because the very organ that is given evidence against you was the organ with which you send so it's not like okay, does I you shut and close I'm gonna do it with this is not Muslim, leave it out to that it doesn't work like that. That's why the Quran says you couldn't hide, you couldn't hide it

00:42:29--> 00:42:49

from your hand. Because the hand that is going to give evidence against you is the very hand with which you wanted to do your own. The very year with which you wanted to listen to her arm and music is the very year that's going to speak against you. So the only way you can protect yourself against the testimony of your organs against you is not to send with those organs and that you are not happy to do better you read will insert only

00:42:51--> 00:43:26

a verse in the 29 years. Allah says many people say I'm not ready to change when I'm gonna go for Hajj. No, no, no, no, it's not a matter of that is you don't want to change now you don't want to change because if you change and you know that social life goes, if you change those habits go if you change those contexts goes if you change that revenue goes and you know what you're doing is wrong, but you're very comfortable with that revenue, you're very comfortable with that fame, you're very comfortable with that soft cushion that is around you. So you know this is not white and I cannot carry on like this and I cannot die like this and I need to stop this. But I'm not ready to

00:43:26--> 00:43:45

make that bold step. Why? Because they'll pull the plug on me and all my perks will go and in that way Let it not be that your life goes. Allah Allah woman Hala the bid who creates Doesn't he know surely he knows surely he knows what will will will be among knows her child teacher knows his student.

00:43:46--> 00:44:08

A mentor knows his disciple. And employer knows his employee a neighbor knows his neighbor, how can the creator not know his creation? Allah, Allah. Will we move on to verse 15, who will lead the dial Allah Komal Baba Luda, Fung Shui Kiba what is the what

00:44:10--> 00:44:48

it is Allah it is he will place the earth at your service. Again, if you dissect the word go into the etymology of the word the new law, the scholars say etymologist tell you that the new literally means an animal that is subservient to that has humbled itself to you. Allah says look at this earth and the earth has been discussed in many many verses of the Quran. So we have made the hard and solid that you can erect buildings on it. Yet it has been made soft enough that you can dig in it and how is your disease in it? I love Nigel Albuquerque, Florida

00:44:49--> 00:44:59

and warm water. We've made the earth such that it accommodates the living on its back and the disease in its belly. We've made it soft janilla

00:45:00--> 00:45:47

We'll be surprised it's like a bedroom for you. It's like a bed It was summer and we made the sky like a roof for you. So Allah has made the earth we walk on this earth province a lot Isn't this the Quran teaches us how the pious work, I'm sure the homeowner didn't expect earth that today there's so much being said about you know what, we need to become green and emission free and we need to become you know what conscious of the environment and preserve the environment and the atmosphere. You would be amazed to know how much teachings there are of Islam regarding regarding their environment and what lens and what what values and what methodology and what ethics the Quran and

00:45:47--> 00:46:26

Sunnah has taught us, even in a battle, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would go and then a flowering tree was not to be cut off. Do not what why must you have the earth? Why must you destroy the Earth? Why must you cause anything to the earth respect Mother Earth respect Mother Earth, and today obviously, human kind anything that generates revenue, he could trample over fellow humans nevermind the earth. It could travel over temple with fellow humans regardless of what he does and he destroys by the end of the day, which brings home parks and money and generates revenue, you will have to contend with the consequences. So walk on this earth I'm sure a lot of the

00:46:26--> 00:47:07

homeowner modestly walk on this earth gently walk on this earth gently. What was the description of the beast a lot isms war and Fatima the olana would mimic precisely and embody the work of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So the the Sahaba say it was like he was walking down a flight of stairs. Right? It was a very upright walk. It was a very meaningful walk. It was not that slow, sluggish, lethargic. You see we need to we need to be clear about things. Sometimes we interpret humanity. So that means that you know what, it was a lifeless walk. No, no, no, no, no, no, not at all. So now Maria would patrol the streets and if a person is walking slowly and everything, then you would

00:47:07--> 00:47:12

nudge him and he would just give me one shot. Are you sick brother? No, then put little gumption in your walk.

00:47:13--> 00:47:50

And today this is if you look at how societies just just to get a man walking on the pathway a person getting to the traffic line person driving each man is gripped by his device and you sit in think you look at the society just stop and look around you nobody's looking up nobody's conscious and aware of his environment. Each person is just busy with his gadgets and his device. And he's just moving just moving and you sit and wonder once we landed somewhere and we got there before time right? So it was the you know, tail wind and flight left early and everything. And as we landed you see people rushing out and they're rushing. So the one guy next to me says But why are they rushing

00:47:50--> 00:47:51

up come early?

00:47:53--> 00:48:32

Early I said well that's life this is our life has become it's just one thing after the other does that move here but even if you arrived early now you want to try and swap in another three for things. So anyway, the Robertson walk was a very objective walk it was a very brisk walk. brisk walk you can do all the medical research and everything and for your cardiovascular and how he pumps your blood and how all the the meal and loss awesome had a brisk walk. But the balance between a brisk upright walk humanity was the hover said it was an upright It was a meaningful it was an objective walk, but it was looking like he was coming down a flight of stairs which was allowed indication of

00:48:32--> 00:48:33

the element of humility.

00:48:35--> 00:49:24

So the head was coming down there was this modesty there was this gentleness so it wasn't that proud and arrogant and you know brazen and play No, it was this mellowed, passive in the demeanor in the disposition impressed in the walk itself. So hon Allah this was the balance we'll get the wrong thing and there is a lot of them along my journey. Very nice. Avira union Nancy Kabira Oh my word. Oh, my word. Oh, my word. You know, I I often when I read or on and I just, I just repeat my kalama and I say Allah, I am so grateful to you that you have given me a man a lot. I would have never known this beauty. Where do I begin thanking you for favoring me with Simon.

00:49:26--> 00:49:50

Each man wants to live a dignified life. But at the same time, pride is something that we all consider to be repugnant. We shun we dislike. What's the balance between the two? a large majority of the ironies of the law of the Union nastika below, along make me such that I have no opinion about myself. It makes me such that society has a good opinion about me.

00:49:51--> 00:49:57

Today is the direct opposite. You have you think the world about you and people think nothing about you.

00:49:58--> 00:50:00

Someone said in English sometimes

00:50:00--> 00:50:06

People are nothing, then you promote them and you make a big thing, make them a big thing. And they think you know nothing.

00:50:07--> 00:50:20

Some people are nothing in society, then you make them big, you know, give them a bit of momentum, give them a bit of mileage, give them a bit of coverage, speak to them about in local media and everything making big money, things you weren't happy.

00:50:21--> 00:50:58

And you didn't realize that you know what you were the building blocks on which he climbed. And you didn't realize you take a look at the words of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam how how can how can a human think this up these are divine words are loving me such that I have no opinion of myself. But then let me live with respect that people have opinions about me a lot. But these are divine words. And we are the victims of the diametric opposite. We walk around with this high high opinions of ourselves and people are looking at him and talking about myself and the prophets or some said one of the signs of the Ahmed is well, Mr. Raja Maha Lee, people will be revered, honored respect and

00:50:58--> 00:51:04

saluted, not because they deserve it, but just to cover your back against the evil

00:51:05--> 00:51:13

greeting Well, why your deals will fall apart. Greeting well, while there's enough club for my kids going in over then I'll have to take my own kids to school.

00:51:15--> 00:51:50

Greeting well, so you know, you know what, what I call it, I call it basically a generic version of respect. Where you go to the pharmacy and say, yeah, that's the original that's a generic, so there's that will respect and these are the these are the true friends of Allah subhanaw taala. You see the true pious friends, you just drawn towards them and we all have identified with pious people that we have no monetary link with them. We don't have any ethnicity link with them. Nothing but you just see that that piety in them that draws us towards them. And then you have this generic this generic the superficial this external, this apparent but there's no real respect. May Allah grant us

00:51:50--> 00:52:31

true respect. Fung Shui monogamy how Allah says, walk on this earth, right tread this earth. So Allah has put the earth at your service to walk on its roads, use the natural pathways through its mountains and forests, and eat from his sustenance from the sustenance that Allah has given you. But will he lay his shoe to him shall you be raised on the day of them and others the general message of the Quran, it tells you eat and enjoy in dove. But apply your mind Don't forget, remember things wise, constantly. This is the message of the Quran. And this is what is too difficult for the ego to digest. There was a man of luck with this thought in my mind never been harder, it's never been

00:52:31--> 00:52:32


00:52:34--> 00:53:15

He went to the Meccans and he said I will give you a tail to counter the message of the Quran. So Mohammed Saracen tells you of the nations of art and the mood and all the others I will tell you other stories and tales and episodes and anecdotes and the rest of it The good thing between minds and Mohamed Salah is his words he obviously didn't say a lot he was alum is that he calls you to action after every discussion I don't call it to NHS set relax chill recreation and party it's just a night Let it happen you know enjoy and this is exactly what the US one lecture go you know when you speak I can yell for hours because you know and I know we both don't practice

00:53:16--> 00:53:28

so you can go for hours we both can run for hours because it's just you know what it's it's soothing it's good but when it comes to action in English they say well done is always better than well said

00:53:30--> 00:53:59

well done is all well said well said well said we all get well said my brother even digital devices are well separate well done that makes a human out of you. We need to well done not well said If a boy comes in proposed and he says okay tell us more looky uncle I don't have much to offer now but inshallah in the future will be this amazing son in law to your to you. And I'm going to do this for now I don't have a good reputation. Don't ask anyone but you'll see four after I get married. I promise you, you're going to be blown away.

00:54:01--> 00:54:04

reputation is built on what you've delivered and not what you build it.

00:54:05--> 00:54:06

They say they say

00:54:08--> 00:54:15

the castles that we build in the AR are wonderful. The problem comes when you want to enter those castles

00:54:16--> 00:54:52

castles in the air good wonderful lectures like this everyone you get in then you realize there's nothing there's nothing it's just all in the air. There's no truth to this. There's no foundation to this year. So the point is this is the message of the Quran. It draws you in I say this in all my talks generally whenever I conclude I try and leave my audience on a note take a message come home I was the discourse was great. What were the lessons learned? Where am I starting? Where am I starting? I tweeted this after Ramadan and I said it would be ideal to sustain all the actions that you did in Ramadan. But if you can sustain all don't abandon or

00:54:54--> 00:54:56

take this for my let's let's say this year.

00:54:57--> 00:54:59

Every Ramadan I'm going to effect

00:55:00--> 00:55:10

Good change in my life. If a man is 30 years, and he started at the age of 15, there's 15 significant major changes in his life.

00:55:11--> 00:55:53

And everything is attributed to wonder but there's a change. There's a step, there's a direction there's something that is happening in his life. So the Quran says when you lay in the chute to Allah subhanho wa Taala, you will be raised. The point I'm saying here is we'll end on this note and we'll continue from the next AI in sha Allah is that whenever we discuss anything in the Quran, the message automatically is followed by a call for action, a call for action that is, that is the approach. So the Quran speaks of all the modes of transport in the 14 Jews. One paella will be Lola will Hermione Tanaka boo ha was in a way of Lupo Allah tala moon was the horse will be long. The

00:55:53--> 00:56:05

moon one Hamid the donkey litter kabu Mountain is back with Xena it's a form of adornment, right enjoy travel ride move, while allowing you to surveil a woman

00:56:06--> 00:56:42

just as you travel on the back of this conveyance and you move. Remember there is also a journey to Allah one day where Allah It was a lot of us to study there the straight path and there's a crooked path. The scholars of the CFA the correlation between the two E's, Allah speaks about the path of this word and then Allah speaks about the path of Allah. When we hop onto a conveyance. What is the draw Alhamdulillah Hilary Safar Elena hada. Allah has given us grip over this. And just as this if it's the Batman who hopped onto the camera, the same thing applies to the pilot who hopped into the plane, it same thing applies to that man who hopped onto his lorry, same thing applies to a person

00:56:42--> 00:57:12

who gets onto his cycle. What is it always belongs to Allah who's given me grip over this and we see when when a man loses control over his car this chaos is out of your control Allah has put it under my control. Woman couldn't Allahu mccreaney and I couldn't get on top of medieval Latin and give me the mind the ability the know how and then a lot of Bananaman kalibo today and traveling in the UK today I'm traveling from one continent to the other, but the door ends by saying one day I will be returning back to my alarm.

00:57:13--> 00:57:45

So that's the I have a believer. So you bought a new phone you bought a new car you bought a new house Mashallah Good luck to you in your house. May Allah give you a house in general, my brother, a believer should follow up everything with that I that he takes this he looks at it, he enjoys it, he doesn't shun it. But he's is deeper than this. Allah says walk on the walk with respect and humility eat from the sustenance of a lover then hang on, hang on. Don't Don't forget about it. With a new shoe we all go in back there one day. We allow make it easy for us that when we have to return to Him or something