Mohamad Baajour – Divine Messages #11 Sulaiman alayhissalam and THE ANT

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the story of Alialeh's death by ants and breaking down trees, followed by Yattaman Nakum's death by ants and broken trees. Jesus's lessons on operating a machine and communicating with people are also discussed. The importance of avoiding danger and being "any human being" is emphasized, along with the danger of "any human being" and the origin of the concept of "any goddamn thing". The segment ends with a promise to be at a place tomorrow to hear a special announcement for the upcoming evening.
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ciudad hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main fauna and finally my alum Khanna was it not in our camera

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So, if you close the doors please

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Aloha mimetic NFE Jimena, Heather was out of the gym on Mahoma was out to follow kind of embody the follow up and muscleman they asked Allah Subhana Allah to bless this gathering and ask Allah subhanaw taala to make our last deeds over this needs an interim anatomy. They shall not Ira we will move to another story in the Quran. We discussed last week the story of Solomon and Barclays. And the week before that Solomon led Sudan and the hood hood, the bird and today we are stuck with sorry, man. But there is a story man with and

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so so he went off as it's supposed to start with the end, since this is the first story and the certain it is a man at the end then so I met with the hood, then so I met with Belkis with soccer handler as long as we understand all the stories and understand the lessons from them, this is the whole goal from the from the HELOC control

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who will

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lay him in a shape on your Raji had either

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didn't call that number or that name literally

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odo Hello, Tina come on lair Taman Suleyman will join odo Welcome

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on. So they met Ali Salam, as we discussed before Allah blessed him with the power to speak to the birds and Jin, control the wind, many, many blessings from Allah subhanho wa taala. And he appreciated that so much that every time something happens to him, he always say had been Arabic, this is all from Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So swayman One time, like we said, he was going with his geonode with all his army, from the jinn and the tiger and the ins, birds, jinn and mankind, they were all moving hotter. In

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other words, while they were moving, they saw a valley of ants, and I want you even though it's an Arabic,

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just type

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if you can type it in Arabic would be great type on YouTube, where the number

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I was gonna bring it to you today to show you where Mahi it will blow your mind

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how whole

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construction site he want to call it,

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of a man followed the whole of the end, and he kept on digging. And when he dug the whole thing, they have something as big as maybe, I would say 30 feet, 40 feet by maybe 6070 feet and maybe 10 feet or maybe more deep. So like done as of the best architects in the world. It is all done by ants. So they passed by welding them, they passed by a valley full with ants when they were moving and you can imagine an army of slain man Ali Salaam and the jinn and the ants and all the animals and the bees and the birds, they were all moving. And then they got to the value of ants How big is the end? And if you want to compare it to ourselves, imagine me and you and then we have

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an army of Empire State Building coming to us. This is an equal relativity with the ants and and slay men and Islam. So

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the I'm just gonna translate then we will explain and we get the lessons. So it says that as they were going they pass through this valley, nm la one and said, Call that number. Yeah, you have none. So she told all the ants. Be careful

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Go back to your homes owed Hello Messiah Kena come Messiah kinako is the plural of Chef Muskan Muskan is home. This is going back to your homes.

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Now Yattaman Nakum sorcerer, a man will not crush you. And the word crush we're gonna explain it in sha Allah, him and his soldiers while they do not even know Yanni, she said there are 10

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linguistic eloquence in this area. She made any doubt Yeah, she made a specification, Soloman, and general has renewed, she made it she gave him an excuse, because he does not know every kind of banana isn't this i SubhanAllah. Now before we start, like I mentioned one time at a football show, comradery coffee, may Allah subhanaw taala give him a long life. And the good Daniel, he's still alive one of our scholars, he narrated the story, he said, one time, usually the ants, when they take their food to the whole to their homes, they take the seed, and they split it in half, when they take it inside to the to feed the other ends. So they split it in half. Because if they take it

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as a full see what happens it will grow and that will destroy their home. So they break it into two pieces and they take it inside no problem. So one of the scientists he came and start breaking the seeds of many, many different vegetables and fruits and planting them nothing, nothing grows except

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the seed of cilantro.

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He took it and broke it into two and put it in a group. So he said

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let me give it to the ants. See what's gonna happen. So he brought seeds of cilantro and he put it next colony of the ants. The end took the seed of cilantro and split it into three

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Allah hola Rob Danna and Lady Appa Kula che in Kalka from the Haida.

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How did

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you get to say, Rob Ben and Lady when that when when for our Ask Musa and Harun who's your Lord? Look at the sensor Rob banner, a lady at kulesza in Kalka, suna Heather, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is the one who created everything. And then he guided everyone how they can get the risk, the way we get the risk is different than the different than the fish different than the lion SubhanAllah. He gave us everything and he taught and he installed in us how to operate. So how did this end? No Subhan Allah.

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This is another American from Allah subhanho wa taala. So to start with the

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Latinum animala said, before we get the lessons, again, if you go on YouTube, and you type small talk, small talk, you will get that guy from ABC News who died. Peter Jennings, you will get that guy

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saying that in 2009 Because people in the past

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Did you read the Quran? Muslims, Muslims claim that and stock and they start laughing and making fun of us 2009 A scientist and some on YouTube.

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They discovered that there's no way you get such perfect, accurate work of the ants without communication. And they found out that they actually talk to each other.

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So called at * alumna spoke and Allah subhanaw taala who can make and split the sea is not going to be able to make an ant speak any when we believe that Allah subhanaw taala is Al Qadir and talking or lions smiling good doesn't mean anything. You know, everything is easy for Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Now, let's talk about the lessons so on and

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so the danger coming to her community

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and some of the

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explanation of the surah they say that this end her job because we all know that the most organized colonies are the end columns. They say that this ends job was security.

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She was responsible for surveillance, making sure everything's okay. So when this and found danger, she immediately

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told and announced to all the ads.

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Let's as usual we communicate and

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and make you participate. What is the first lesson?

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What's the first lesson from this first part because we have so many lessons. I don't know if you're gonna finish them today, but

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excellent. First go one by one

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Allaha your Hibou either Angela had to come and Milan and your cleaner and it was yet you perfected the wedding Masha Allah. May Allah bless your daughter, doctors Yeah, just daughter just got married last week. May Allah subhanaw taala give them baraka for the iris and that will say I mean

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that's almost SLM said, Allah subhana wa Taala loves if somebody does something to perfect it.

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I gave a lecture one time, and it was called the tiny giant.

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This tiny animal is giant with lessons to us as human beings. So the first lesson is when you have a job, and we all especially us working in the West,

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working amongst people who are not Muslims, the majority.

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So my perfection of my job is a form of dialogue.

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Coming on time, lowering my gaze when I see something haram when somebody tells me Allah It's okay. You signed him that you came at nine even though you came at 1030 I tell them no habibi. I can't. There's someone else watching even though the bus is not here. Put something here in the gas. They caught couple of gas stations adding water to make more money. No, I can't I can do that. Nobody says no, there is.

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You know, so when they see that, and you're always every few minutes you get up and

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have to pray. That's okay. What's the big deal? Wait till you go home? No, no, I can normal hamdulillah you're still doing it? No, no. Allah said now. And I pray now, when they see all these actions, and with your clap, and you're always smiling, and you speak with it with a low voice and you respect the people if somebody is happy you joined that happiness. If somebody somebody died for them, you will give them their condolences. Subhanallah all that UCLA Islam. That is from the perfection of your of your job. And this is what I said and told us and this is what this small end taught us call it *. Second lesson.

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Called *. Yeah, you hadn't

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toolbar button give me somebody hasn't doesn't vomit. Vomit his answer here but

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now I shall share my mood

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excellent. I felt danger in my community. Immediately. I announced. Brothers Sisters, be careful. There's something going on. Something's happening. We should know. We should have announced that when the *

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coming Be careful. Brother. Ali. He sent me a video on how Subhan Allah is like golf balls.

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So when we have a danger or any kind of danger, we found out that this guy is a sharer. So that is

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spreading Bidda we are now so be careful. The chef has no good. We found that there is a stone there is a any kind of infection in the water, whatever anything we announced and there's danger, that person does not say. But did she she did not say who am I? This is a wordy a valley of ants, millions and millions of ants. What is my voice gonna do? She did not do that. She stood up and said something and did something and saved a whole colony of ants. So when you feel there's something wrong, there's danger to your community. Don't say this is not my son. This is somebody else's son. I don't care. No. If we are like this, every single Thursday and Monday and Tuesday we sit down

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together and we listen and we we study and we pray together and we celebrate the weddings together and if somebody died, we come together. If somebody's leaving, we all hug him. And when something happens to my you see my son or my daughter doing something wrong, has nothing to do with me. No, this is not community. No, no the community, the real community, the real brotherhood, if I see something wrong with your son because that son is hanging out with my son, at the end of the day is going to affect him.

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I have to say something, so this and said something it did something did not say Who am I not to do anything. And quick one also, when she spoke Have you ever seen our meetings

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when we sit with each other and we have a meeting 10 People speak at the same time when she spoke everybody was quiet millions of ants were listening. God not corrupt.

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Some sort of a number one number, even though the situation is a panicking situation, right? It can you imagine, and we're sitting here and we're seeing giant people 500 feet tall and coming toward us. Please, brothers, make sure you got your home. No. Younger, everybody's gonna run and open the door. Rob, nobody's gonna think about anybody else. But this And subhanAllah the wisdom. She stood up and said, Yeah, you

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cannot come unto your home. There's danger coming. Subhan Allah.

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Next lesson.

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Did she say all Pakistani ants, or out of ants, or Bengali ants, or American ants, or flying against all black ants? No. She said, Yeah. Are you all ads?

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No. So via Islam, we are all one.

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We are all one.

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And like, I always repeat.

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When we get rid of this mentality of you're from here, and from here, you know, then this will be the first step to success. But when we keep thinking that that's okay. It's extendable brother. No, no, no, no, we are all brothers. A Chroma Komenda Allah He at Koco that brother that you may be looked down

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upon, or be liksom he could be million times better than you in the sight of Allah and that What's matter, that what matters.

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That's what matters. So yeah, you had an all on ants. Every single end. Not only my family, my relatives, my country make no on ants. Yeah, you have them.

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Now she's warning

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about a danger. And she's giving the solution because most most of the time, okay, there is a danger. What should we do? Other than go, right? No, yeah, you're on the Holo Messiah. kinako. Even though it's again, it's, she's very.

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She shouldn't be like, you know, not only panicking.

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Surprised, shocked. She doesn't know what to do. But at the same time, the wisdom is not only I'm telling you, there's danger, but also go and do your homes. Don't go to somebody else's home on Hulu, Messiah kinako. Go inside your own home on Hulu, NASA kinako.

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She could have ran by herself and said let me save myself. Right. And this will show selfishness. obnoxious, self sinful? No, she

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felt the responsibility. And she announced to everybody about the danger that that is happening

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she said what Hello maths, maths, I cannot lie to you Minako

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the word she used is crush.

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And if you see that this has been an email going on for years about the miracle in this word crush.

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Somebody they said I don't know. How true is the scientists from Japan said look at the Quran it has

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it has a mistaken it they're using crush for an end. And usually crush is for anything that is made of glass or something that is in the same

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same like glass unit. So Subhanallah a study was made on the back of the end. And it was fine. They found out that that sheet on top of the end is made from material similar to glass. That's Allah That's why Allah use the word Yachty Magneto crush.

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Sorcerer, a man not crushing. Then again after that. She said go inside your homes so Suleiman will not crush you. What's the lesson here?

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We said that

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she recognized

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she knew her profit

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do you know your profit

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and recognize her profit. And not only she recognized him, she knew that even if he harms you. He's not doing it on purpose. Profits don't do that. Even if he crush you.

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National roll they're doing it. They don't know he's not gonna see a giant

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Listen, he's not going unnoticed and if he crushes you, I'm telling you from now he's not doing it on purpose. She knew her profit

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she knew her profit and and recognize her profit

00:20:12 --> 00:20:19

and not only recognize her profit recognize that offer profit the manners of her profit that he will not

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permit such act to kill innocent ants for no reason. If he crushes you and He does not know that's why you are too small go inside your homes.

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Consider a man was you know do what home law yes Sharon

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and they are not aware husband of Vanya one this is our last

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lesson from the story has never been having

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good assumptions about each other

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unfortunately, when something happened, or we hear about something immediately our mind go to evil assumptions.

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We see someone

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a brother came to me and he said you know brother so and so said yeah, of course.

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Said I saw him with a woman

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What do you mean? I saw him in the car with a woman other than his wife.

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Clearly, first of all talking while you're telling me

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Second of all, what if

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this this there's a thing behind it? Give you a brother 70 excuses. And then if you do not find an excuse, tell yourself maybe there is an excuse I do not know like

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the Allahu Anhu said that be Karina courage admin, if you can workmen Sharon, who are in charge treasured Lucha fire. Don't ever think that your brother's word, there is evil in it. And there's 0.001% that there could be higher a

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few days later,

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I suppose other brother he was talking about and him by himself.

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So Brother battery should see what happened the other day in the office. What happened? He said, a woman fell down and

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I was the only one who know will have a car. And they asked me to rush her to the hospital. So Subhanallah

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and that happens at that moment, the guy saw him. And so he's saying, Look at this guy. He has a woman in his car. It's not his wife.

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And he said I tried to get somebody with me but

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there was nobody another male or whatever. Subhanallah but the point is, always have good thoughts about your brother in law, km, Rahim Allah He said I went, he said, There's nobody like my teacher that will attain the Rahimullah. He said, why? He said, one time his worst enemy died. His worst enemy died. So I went. And I told him

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yesterday Pune have some great news for you said, what is it? He said, So and so died? Your enemy? He said, Are you?

00:23:29 --> 00:23:50

Are you coming here telling me thinking that I'm going to be happy that my enemy died? Get up? Let's go to their house. He went to their house to the people to the family of the disease. And he told them, Listen, I know your husband died. Anything you need. I'm still alive. Whatever you need, I'm here for you.

00:23:52 --> 00:23:58

This is that level, you're not you know, immediately assume that this person is going to be happy if I tell him bad news, or

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we think this brother is showing off because he did that or because he's driving this. You don't know you. Don't judge anybody. Wallahi keep that tongue. Keep that tongue as much as you can quiet and the more the less you speak the higher possibility you will enter general.

00:24:20 --> 00:24:23

And the more you speak, the more you are risking and going to *.

00:24:26 --> 00:24:32

So someone said guarantee me what's between your lips and what's between your legs. I guarantee you Jana.

00:24:34 --> 00:24:35

I guarantee you Jana.

00:24:38 --> 00:24:41

One of the main sources such as salam said one of the main source

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reasons for people to go to * is the Tanach

00:24:47 --> 00:24:59

Look what she did what he did. Did you hear about that? Did you hear about this? I don't know maybe this Subhan Allah can be quiet as if you as if me and you are Yanni clean or perfect. So that's why we have enough time to look at others.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:04

Let's get busy with our own faults. We have so many faults, let's fix them.

00:25:07 --> 00:25:26

What gave me the authority to make fun of others or look for others people's mistakes? Who am I to do that? Who, how? We said last time, the minute you make fun of somebody, you're not gonna die till you make that sin. And one of the people said Subhanallah he said to Allah, I'm so scared if I made fun of a pregnant woman that I can get pregnant.

00:25:28 --> 00:25:33

This is how how scared they get if you if you if you criticize or mark others.

00:25:37 --> 00:26:05

So this novella, even though Cinderella, immediately, she gave her husband oven with her Prophet, she said, Listen, if should a man crush you, he does not know that you're shallow, they do not know they are not aware of you, you are too small Subhanallah look at this o'clock, that this number can can teach us. And then finally a one. ponder upon the creation of Allah subhanho wa taala. Look at that great, great creation of Allah subhanaw taala. This small,

00:26:06 --> 00:26:58

creature, insect, if you look at the details of its creation, you'd be amazed. You'd be amazed how organized is it? And how how, how? Well, they communicate with one another. And there was a study that the end goes and she seeks the food and she does not eat until she comes back to her colony and feed others and she keeps going back and forth because she was chosen to be the person who transforms food. Yeah, and he Subhanallah many, many facts about the ants that will make us appreciate and glorify the blessings of Allah subhanahu Bucha May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who listen and apply. May Allah Subhana Allah forgive all our sins, may Allah subhanaw

00:26:58 --> 00:27:14

taala protect our children protect our spouses, may Allah subhanaw taala unite our hearts is that Kamala here, welcome Navico I wouldn't be giving you the hope tomorrow and sha Allah to Allah and after the hope I have a special announcement for you. You should be here tomorrow to hear it. Smell like

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