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In Alhamdulillah, in the country law

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I don't mean to be here when I talk about a

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fusina woman say, Dr. Medina, Mayor de la

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da, da da, da da, da, da da da da Cara. When I said when I say Adana, maulana Mohammad Abu rasuluh I'm not

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a developer corneal Hamid

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Ragini Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Allah, Allah when Allah He saw an epi cabeza Wakata tada p mctominay. tominaga in alladhina cada una la voz de como

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la equal to Allah azza

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wa jal he couldn't come to do. McAllen Wu sallallahu taala

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are meant to be lucky to miss the team were called Ali Salatu was Salam. Ala Moana, we're in Kala wacana Salatu was Salam.

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ala Muhammad, Allah Allahu Salatu was Salam Salam ala Nabi Masada Rasulullah bu Karim, Allah daddy comunista Medina Western nuestra Kareena Welcome to the

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respective brothers and elders, as you and I very well know that a lot of police that he has created men exclusively for his worship.

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one would only be deserving of the honorable title have been referred to as the true worship of Allah. He his entire life is governed by endless obedience till death. We very well know that this is the reason why Allah has created us. But you deserve to become Jesus, you know of this honorable title that this man is the true worship of Allah, like in anything and everything. You would only call that person a mechanic whose daily occupation and profession is to fix cars, but that person only gets under his car when he has a problem, no man will call him a mechanic. A tailor will be that person whose daily work is to sew a nut into that person will be called a tailor. Likewise,

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only that person will be deserving of the honorable title of being the worship of Allah who governs his entire life in the obedience of Allah. Unfortunately, one of the greatest of dilemmas they don't meet today is facing you and I have restricted You and I have restricted the concept of obedience to Allah, what occasions and venues

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and unfortunately, this is how we are presenting and reflecting Deen to our children as a continuation from our last week's talk. So the child is told in advance that Ramadan is coming you prepare in Ramadan, you obey Allah, a person goes to McCain Madeira, now restricting everybody to the concept of a venue that now as long as we are young, I know I must perform my sir I will dress as a Muslim I will read Quran comes in occasion of a gentleman in the family, restricting everybody to situations to conditions, to venues to occasions, such a person he has worshiped a lot to a certain extent, but he has not done justice or he will not become deserving of the true and

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honorable title of being the servant of Allah

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dykema that I recited before you Allah speaks about those that maintain consistency in the Amal and regardless of the situations and the conditions that come just as Allah is the Creator of men, Allah is equally the creator of the conditions that surround men. So conditions will change. At time, it will be conducive to obey Allah and at times it will not be conducive to obey Allah at time from a ban will be short, the pasty will be sought, the Salah will be easy at times, but there will be late at time pressure will be the one that will only come for pressure. When it is late he had been worshipped Allah, the one that will only pass when it is winter he has not understood this parameter

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passing. In fact, if I may, perhaps from a different angle

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today being the last Friday of the month of chawan and if there is any resemblance or if there is any continuation of the practices of Ramadan, then unfortunately for some it terminates at the very end of Ramadan. For others it continues for the next month and that is the month of so well. And it ends here we will now be entering into the next month.

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Libby eccrine sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on one occasion advising his Sahaba specifically draws his attention and he tells on my sokovia dressing of the lightener Omar Abdullah de comida pueden in Canada como Mina lane Patara Katayama love photography, I'm a lady.

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My advice to you is, whenever you start any action, Don't ever leave that good action until death overpowers you. And then the results will exclusively told him that they do not be like so and so without mentioning that person's name that he used to stand up and used to perform that job. So what was the task that came upon a boba carrier llamando in Ramadan, it was easy to come up with or everybody was up for therapy.

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The old house was kicking up. The challenge is now taken over karate Allahu taala. who understand the situation, the demise of Libya, Kareem sallallahu Sallam Messiah number two lays claim to Prophethood he says, He is gone now I will be your Prophet, second challenge. third challenge the Jamaat Osama bin Zayed that was dispatched prior to the demise of Libya Islam. Now even Medina now all these other problems are facing the omen. Yolanda in a dilemma, or the Sahaba say, No, no, no, let him stay here. Let's Let's not send this Jamaat and this is what the Quran made mention of at that time. Sahaba were hysterical over karate allowed to read one verse of the Quran and what was it

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after in moto telecollaboration? Allah tobecome Romanian kalevala aqui para para la

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indeed Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam plays a significant role in Islam. But Islam is not Mohammed only Muhammad Sallallahu is but a messenger of Allah wa Mohammedan in general, as a man, if it is that he passes away in color between Allah will you turn your backs to Islam at the device of nabire ceram? Brother, I posed that same question, will you turn your back to a law at the separation of Ramadan

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when you turn your back to Allah after returning from Mecca, when you turn your back from Allah after three months have led up to the demise of Your Beloved,

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in Islam, in every action, it is better that you do something better but continuously, you are better off, going to visit your disease in the graveyard daily, then going down in day and setting the whole day. Take out five minutes daily and retreat and so a class will earn you greater reward and you will be more beloved to Allah than spending the whole day of ADA. Allah loves consistency, Allah Allah that you maintain your religion. But as we do the same thing, someone did that upgradation we say by weight, let's assess them and we don't know how long is he going to carry on? I don't know. I've seen many people that came in, you know, I've fallen apart. Let's see how long he

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maintains religion and how sincere he is giving him Allah. Allah wants to say Allah one month in Fallout,

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Satan Abu Bakr, radi Allahu anhu. This entire challenge is now resting on his shoulders, Allahu Akbar. He then goes to Sahaba crumb, and he asked for their opinion. Saba crumb also felt that the demise of navionics Ram, let's take a step towards the error. And let's be a bit moderate in our approach, and let's be accommodating. They are saying they don't want to discharge the cat. Let's just leave it for time. Let's hope time will will answer the problem. The tomato Osama bin Zayed the Sahabi was so young and tender. Then he was 17 years old. And in this Jamaat said no mercy alone was there. But can you imagine the physical mind? Normally when does the janaza line in the house? You

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can speak to the close people. He's hysterical. He's not in his senses. You go to state he doesn't understand. There's no eating nothing of his life is functioning normal. Cedric Yarbrough janardhana vre, salatu salam, the nomination of a leader the tomato the tomato Osama bin Zayed people denying to accept Islam, people that were in Islam or becoming Renegade Messiah limited who claim to Prophet would this was the time that Allah tested the development that took place in Satan Abu Bakar and this is what Allah wants to see in us now. There will be times when you will worship Allah, people will praise you. It's very easy to worship Allah that time brothers time to worship Allah is when

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you stand up when people insult you, and before the world can insult you the first to condemn and criticized and ridiculed that noble period of time will be your wife and your children. If you want to enjoy the sweetness of the schema that you have been reading from the day you open your eyes and ask yourself Take the opportunity of obeying the law when people oppose you. You will get such sweetness and such pleasure that no food and no drink is given to you till today.

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But to obey your loving things are conducive. When things are favorable when people are praising you then I don't know are you worshiping Allah? Are you worshiping the praises of people?

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Siddiq akbar Allahu called Amara de la Lu. He asked him for support. Omar Abdullah says no, let's be passive. He looks at him and he said Omar

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as a barren future

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in Islam, you stood by my sight in the era of nearly Salam Raja Raja I was depending on you and you're the first to be against me certainly doesn't mean but then he came and he ascended the pulper brothers consistency we have to maintain the fear that I have seen in this Ramadan is the only thing that is initiated me with this talk. The next Ramadan that is to come. You see the entire Ramadan demand is coming to a climax in a budget by the end of Ramadan. He looks like an angel, your line because of it being joined with the festive season, not the day after Ramadan and such a drop in the bucket and such lack of node that one wonders what has happened to this entire effort that was

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developed in Ramadan. Certainly the member he gathers the pulpit and then he tells people listen Yeah, Libyan a Salam was there to maintain piety in us. We are

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That will see the command double LA and he said in a lot of metadata Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will have to read well it's normal variable colorata below what Allah, Allah said Nabi sallallahu Sallam at a time when the followers were very few and the role of Islam was very weak, a Latin united us on the platform of Islam under the banner of Eman as one united omit Allah schism in was control is my life the words that will go towards the cook baba baba Umbra upon will be Emory law, what would I need to see Sabine in law, I will stand here and I will wage war with those that refuse to pay zakat, if it is me against the entire Arabian peninsula or my Sahaba or my companions

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or the companions of near a Salaam, I will stand for that which I did in the life of Nabila Salaam, those amount of Ramadan have to continue those are miles of Mecca and Medina to continue it has to contest to be some consistency I will continue and I will wage war in the process. I will die I will prefer that but unless custom as long as I am loving a universe who did well and I can I allow deficiency to come into the while I am in charge of the reigns of the Islamic empire with the al Qaeda was the people came to me over kerosene to suggest to me that there's d'amato Osama bin Zayed no no tell them to stay now Medina is empty let me sighs the mess passed away. Let's look at it with

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a different approach. Let's be present Ramadan is over now you must allow entertainment How long will you bottle your children? How long will you contain them? After all? What's so wrong about it? Ramadan? Is God brothers. Understand the complete Did you hold a denominator in makeup? Oh you believe enter into DNA in totality? What did he take out per se, Alaska some if the dogs of Medina bite on my body and bred me in the streets of Medina, the naked eye you can see that the person el que la voix de la rue de cada and Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, but I don't possess the authority. And I'm in no position to withhold that drama, which then a viola dispatch with his hands. How can I

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alter my piety and my attitude and your Samar into well, Looney

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Looney, you tell me if I change my piety after the demise of nabire salaam, which guy will shelter me and which earth will bear me? I will stand up and I will continue doing this Sahaba were emotionally moved. They have realized that spirit which had weakened verily from the very demise of Nibiru surrounded has been changed and utterly alone who said we are hardly you know, the sand that was on our hands from the grave of nearly saddam, we did not even just get thin off our hands. And we already felt the the condition of our heart changing immediate from the very demise of Libyan Instagram the difference game, but citycat

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demonstrated such a role of of consistency that someone came in and with this rewired, someone came to say the home or the loved one when he said to me a Viehbacher. My personal opinion is that you are much more pious than aboubaker. So I said well lucky Laila to mean Abby Bakker, a young woman Omar. Omar, I swear by the end of the day, it was control is my life. There are two occasions of Abu Bakar. Nevermind the entire life. There are two very sensitive occasions in the life of Abu Bakar. If my piety and the piety of my entire family, tribe and progeny is put together, and one side is the value and the significance and the reward of the piety of Abubakar on two instances, Alaska Sam

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those two instances will excel in reward, then my entire life piety, and one was dead date at the crucial juncture. When the nibio been passed away and the entire world and the entire Arab nation now changed mot moralized, some started denying Zakat some started denying, people will weaken the consistency that Abu Bakar demonstrated at this juncture. Alaska my entire life of piety cannot be equal to the role that Abubakar played at this juncture. So in the same token, I terminate my talk with the same request for others at this time, when the entire family has now decided to sleep the sun will rise. How sad they are so many of our brothers and sisters, they have been deprived of

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frustration before like the early parts of the morning. How sad they are so many people in Alaska somewhat deprived, who can read the newspaper from cover to cover and listen to every bulletin. But one Lama has deprived him of debt in his parent who said there are people who can speak and cherish and honor this one in debt one but they are deprived of speaking about the law. Now by the passing of Ramadan, when people have turned their backs from a law that has now revived the role of Abu Bakar. Let us stand up and each man in his own business circle in his own family circle, as though that around him as those that are under him, are we going to dig Are we going to abandon the

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practices that were maintained in the month of Ramadan, we make laws with Almighty Allah, He infused that

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instilled within us the same zeal and the same spirit of the law that we obey align every condition in every venue, regardless of the situations and the conditions that surround us, focusing on the obedience of Allah living a life of the obedience of Allah until death overtakes us.

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And then somehow he decided and he terminated this relation which he had developed with Allah. And I am mentioning this specifically because in Ramadan we had a situation and in the Ramadan to come, it will be more difficult. For verily the very ending of Ramadan will be the commencement of our festive season. And already in this Ramadan we've seen the unfortunate, drastic changes that that spirit did was with great effort developed and maintained in Ramadan and a man's came closer to Allah the situation became very challenging because he's lost Juma and his last Ramadan was now part of his holiday. So it was in fact Unfortunately, the notion that was created as though some people

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only waiting for Ramadan to left so that they can go and once again you know go back into the evil practices. What the Ramadan did is to come in will be even more greater. The Indian of Ramadan will signal the commencement of the holiday season. But as for how long will this be the notion of a budget that divided you worship Allah in Ramadan, you worship Allah in Mecca you worship Allah and occasion of Allah, how long will be this our concept and our understanding about it? So of the life never Don't be like so and so. But one of them maintain consistency, say with an ICER of Ilana was us. General something which occurred in Santa Clara was an update. I saw there was nothing very

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unusual about these practices. However, when you started one excellent, he would never ever leave that accident until death overpowered in the verse of the Quran, WA Buddha Rebecca had to come and worship your Lord continuously perpetually, under all conditions and circumstances, then only are you deserving of having the honorable title of worshipping a left America with Allah.

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We mentioned the incident of Satan Abu Bakr radi Allahu taala, who that when conditions mounted upon him at the demise of Libya, Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at this crucial juncture.

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It was now time to see how he was going to conduct himself where it was so difficult.

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That one said the demise of the reoccurring slavery which I mentioned was perhaps the greatest calamity. Okay, just repeated this Omid has witnessed in human history, the separation of Libya creme de la ism to such an extent that when gibril came and the angel of death came, and then Angel of Death asks permission to come and take the soul of navionics from the first person phone permission was us. So that was what I'm saying, what will happen to my own myth, and then revelation comes down that Allah will take care of your woman

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gives the Angel of Death permission that now you can take out my soul. After the soul oblivion is salatu salam is taken out at this juncture. gibellini Serato surrounds his own Mohammed sallallahu Sallam since he This is your last day on this earth. This is also my last day on earth. I no longer will now descend with revelation.

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That is my

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mana. Let me return I'm used to go and visit her. After the demise of Nabi sallallahu. Some Sahaba said let us try and keep up the practices of Nibiru salatu salam at this should be the duty of children after the demise of the parent, whatever the noble qualities of the parents were. So they went to the house of amendment for the loved one. They set by her she was crying, crying and cheering. They asked her what makes you cry so much. She says we all equally share the grief and the separation of nearly Sarah. But there's one additional grief that I'm experiencing and you haven't understood. And that is up to the demands of every industry. There was always concerned that profits

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were coming in succession. So the relation between the bondsman and Allah was intact by a revelation gibreel would come in via the Nabhi the message of the time was conveyed. But don't you realize that the demise of liberalism, this is now the termination of the doors of revelation till the day of the woman that born in this relation that the human kind in the human race in the human nation ahead with Allah has terminated. So at this crucial juncture at the demise of Libya, creme de la de wa sallam situations will change and fluctuate. A man is obeying Allah as I mentioned, obedience of Allah will only be if our entire life in every situation, a man is so punctual in the obedience of

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Allah and incomes awaiting in the family. Unfortunately, at this juncture, all the commandments of Allah neglected all the commandments of Allah, son one side and regard is given to the joy of anyone in everyone at the cost of earning the displeasure of Allah to please the wife and have been a big thing to please the inverse. We are not having separate accommodation to please my son in law, we will have it in this hall to please my daughter in law, this whatever is the time not come that we now start considering endless pleasure in our matters.

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So what did that one say? Did I serve a lot of fear when I'm stuck in an accident, then that action would remain with him until death

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overpower him. And this is the focus on which I'll be speaking last week and I want to make mention about just this week as well that that was developed in Ramadan, there are two forms of Abendanon one is like this particular person I made mention of inhibition a large portion is don't ever give up an exit like it is said very beautifully, that when a person starts an accident, then the reward of that action is now being prepared in general. So you started performing tahajjud damage, the reward is that appellants will be designed for you in general, daily you perform daily alive beautifying, decorating building that pellets, suddenly the engine see that overlap, this house has

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been left without roof without breaks and it has not been completed. So the Moloch ask Allah what has happened to this house that you are decorating and designing for your servant so Allah says that now there is no more supply of raw materials. As long as he was performing it will be well he terminated now there's no raw material coming. So how many of our because of Ramadan unfortunately, fortunately that Ramadan has come to increase our mark. But so many of things which perhaps have been decorated over have just been left like this, nothing been complete, nothing's been perfected. Why? Because Ramadan hardly lapses and unfortunately, perhaps it could be said that many of the

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things that we have raised has been demolished after Ramadan.

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So understanding the situation that at every juncture what is the command of Allah? This is diet in alladhina Carlota buena la those who said Our Lord is a lot so Mr. camo, and they they remain committed to the pledge that they made in this proclamation to debt overpower them once I became to

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give me advice short, brief, concise, indebted, who said say I have bought a man on a lot and then live your whole life by what that statement demand from you

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said Nah, nah man who at this stage lettieri Salatu was Salam had passed away. They are going through this difficult phase of the separation of nabire salatu salam, the Arab nation taking advantage those that it is entered into Islam, taking advantage of the crucial juncture of the demise of nabire ceram

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Waka peramuna, Lara Mancha mankapur. Many people started becoming Renegade and they said we are not going to perform and we are not going to discharge the Jamaat Osama bin Zayed. One who did that was just at the very last moments prior to the demise of Nabi sallallahu, wasallam they had the left Medina, in the new scheme, the delivery of Allah is terminally ill the Jamaat returns and they come and they witness and they observed the demise of Libya Kareem sallallahu sallam, and they witness and they observed the son of Naboo, which had brightened the entire world oma absurd, not a lot. I mean, we have not seen you but as a mercy unto humanity, modern era in law, commentating on this

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verse, he writes such a beautiful point which perhaps I can share this occasion that the Navy Obama has come as a brightness and as a mercy unto humanity. And then he gives this to a physical example. He says, in the day when the sun has risen, and it's bright in the entire world, it's some person goes and hibernates or hide himself underground, or he shuts the door or he closes all the avenues of light reaching him. And then he turns up, and he says, No, no, the sun has not benefited me, and the sun hasn't brightened my day, I still need to own the light, it will be told to him, the sun has brighten the world. Unfortunately, the avenues of the rays of the sun reach in you you have blocked

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it's likewise gonna be over light has come as a source of the Hidayat if you will continue misusing your sight or my brother. And if you will continue abusing your hearing ability and you will continue to speak in debt which invites the Wrath of Allah these three avenues by which either good or bad penetrate, you have now seen the avenues of good to penetrate Alaska some time will come as the Quran says when designers deviate from truth and become black and they come to such a point where interdomain and Buddha

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Allah said I want to be over law, even you by your eloquence of speech and you by your Naboo would have to stand up and invite these people. These hearts have become so deviated even your words will not impress them. So what is left for da da da, da da boo me known. Allah says if the Quran if the words of Allah cannot impress you in no man's words will impress you. Nevertheless, as I brought the topic last week to this point of discussion, that at this crucial juncture, Satan, Abu Bakar such a colossal task was resting on the shoulders of Abu Bakar. But consistency demanded from him that now he has to stand up and he has to now play the role that Debbie Obama had installed in infused within

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Say tonight I saw the Atlanta tech, while la isla cadena de la mano Nadella big bar was a yachtie lava at the demise of Nabila Salaam, and then the fitness get poured into Medina. The challenge that came on my father, there's no mountain on this earth that can bear the challenge that came and rested on the shoulders of my father. What was the verse of the Quran said now Omar hysterical. He says anybody that says

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Mohammed says me has died, I will be at him is going to meet his Lord. Can you imagine? For others this is not our situation. Ramadan has left as I mentioned, we are not faced with these circumstances. The only circumstances I am faced was that in Ramadan the environment was conducive to read Quran 2030 people were sitting in the masjid, so it made it easier for me. My only challenge is now in Ramadan nobody wants to touch and last term, this is the time I will attach myself to unlock Quran and let's get some now Ramadan multiplied our F our reward because of its significance. Now outside Ramadan, Allah will equally multiply our reward not because of the significance of this

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month, but now the value of the armor will go up in the eyes of Allah because nobody wants to come close to it. Now the ones that will hold it Allah will love them and raise them and elevate them.