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The pandemic has created challenges for society, including the fear of raising children and the impact on mental health. The speakers emphasize the importance of love and kindness in the development of children, as well as the negative impact of actions of Muslims who executed the killing of their father. The segment also touches on the teachings of Islam, including the use of a teacher's hand, and the importance of acceptance of Islam in one's life. The segment also touches on the fight against evil behavior, the importance of acceptance of Islam in one's life, and the importance of acceptance of Islam in one's legacy.

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In Alhamdulillah, in Alhamdulillah, una starting when a start up when a when

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a woman say Hi Dr. Medina, may

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Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Wa salli ala

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Moana Mohammed Abu

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Hamid, rubella immunoassay banyuwangi Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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boo pasa cuando la, la la

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la la, la,

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la collina bu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam kulu the new Alfredo Ababa, who you have with Danny Oh Eunice Leilani Oh, you met de la liga SATA,

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SATA la Mola and Avi Masada parasuraman Abdul Karim, Allah Allah kameena *gy de Nova Shakira, you know, when hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders, one of the greatest challenges that stay at the world today is the fear of raising children. The fear that haunts the mind of every individual without exception is what will happen to the generation in a society that has become totally immoral and devoid of values. As we draw closer to three Yama, and we find the prophecies of navia Kareem sallallahu. wasallam manifesting before us

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saved in the long run, who saved we had barely dusted our hands from the grave of Libya Kareem salatu salam. And we immediately found that the condition of our heart had changed. In other words, the burial of nearly salam, which marked the termination of the golden era was felt so instantly so immediately that we had barely dusted our hands. We had barely taken the soil off our hands and we found a change in atmosphere. What about you and I did find ourselves 14 centuries down the line. We know how great the challenge is upon us. The wind comes in Bukhari, Sharif second volume, that one Sahabi address in his companion said in nicoleta Marina Amada here at the poofy unicorn Mina, Shari

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coonan I don't have the Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam minute movie thought is it today I find many since common amongst you, which you trivialize and you regarding significant yet I remember in the time of nivia A Salaam if anyone had to commit this sin it would be referred to as the most destructive crime. This was the condition in the time of Libya Kareem sallallahu wasallam brothers if we analyze the dramas of Ambien mo Salatu was Salam satana Ibrahim Alayhi Salam who came to destroy idol worship from this earth, yet he makes this worth one law. What nobody weapony and nabooda law, our law safeguard me and my offspring and my son from worshipping idols. Why the

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environment to which he was exposed was an environment of idol worship, and Satan I by Emily salat wa salam realize the need and the importance, we know how vulnerable our youth are becoming today. A boy a tender age is vulnerable to such certain set evil set vices that were unheard of. So brothers without doubt, one of the greatest challenges in this time and age and raising children is such a challenge that no man can play me as mustard it, never mind saying that it works for your children and it doesn't work for my children. Many times one Father having two children, it was with one child and he doesn't work with the other child. So the challenge indeed is enormous. And it is

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getting more worse as the days are continuing.

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If we studied Quran and Hadith, then a B over LA, just as he had mastered and protected every every aspect of human growth in human development, how to interact with our spouses how to interact between employer and employee between the ruler and the subject. lhaviyani salons teachings have encompassed every aspect of human growth in human development. And if we analyze and closely look at the teachings of nabire salat wa salam, then Much has been said regarding the development of children is the raising of children and the therapy of children. But it's just as it is the greatest of challenges. While when the desired results are achieved. It is the greatest of choice to find an

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obedient child who is applied in society, I swear by Allah is the priceless gift of nature. In fact, not to go so far not to go so far just to take when a man comes home tired and exhausted. Like someone said, there's no more pleasure left in life with the exception of three.

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Islamic Talat Shem masovian Well, hello Manichaean malapa 21 there's only three things

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That one can really truly cherish. What is the presence of children. One is meeting in seclusion with your spouse, and one is intermingling with friends and having social discussion. These are the three angles that add flavor to human life. When a person comes home tired and exhausted, one is his wife that is in a very seductive way, presenting herself before her, which definitely is a human need and is appealing and striking. One is the unique, wonderful, delicious meal that had been prepared, which is also a human need. But in between this as this man comes home, that innocent child with his innocent smile, I wonder if you can attach any price to the smile of the child? Well,

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ah, the smile of the child has the potential to put an end to the fatigue of the day hasn't put in the potential to put an end to the stress of the day. This smile is so unique. As those that don't have children. They are going to the extremes of adopting children for the smile. This is how unique this slide is. Brothers. This is a great challenge. Unfortunately, Today, many things which are unimportant have taken our primary time and in the process. We don't have time for raising our children. Time is passing away. hasn't been three Rahmatullah says a doctor appointment can occur to one Shahada Omri meanwhile at me, I said with the group of Sahaba and I found that they were more

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possessive over the time than they were. I said, What Sahaba and I found they were more possessive. They held on passed on to the time claimed and more to them good money. The other day, one youngster came to my house, he was really traumatized. One of my mother is very sick, and my father is a stressed individual. I can approach my father, he's a stress in the way his words, according the exact words of this young boy, I'm in a crisis in my life, my mother is terminally ill I can think of talking to my mother. And my father is a stress individual, I cannot approach him in any situation. So one of the greatest challenges is raising children. And as I had made mentioned, if

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you study the lives of ambiente, mas Salatu was Salam. Then every every prophets life was divinely molded and shaped by Allah. Maybe Elisa himself said, A Gurbani Rock Paper accent, db. My Allah nurtured me and my Allah raised me and my alarm molded me and every prophets light was molded in relation to his nation, hence the life of Musashi. ceram was molded so that Bani Israel could relate to the life of Musashi Salaam. The life of Srebrenica was molded by a lot, so did the people of majan could relate. But the life of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam has been so divinely and completely molded, that any human beat upon and in his poverty, a wealthy in his effluence a

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governor in his dominion in His Kingdom, a young boy of men, a woman, any person at any time, if he looks at the life of navionics around he will able to relate to this life. That is our law has shaped Designed Instruction the life of navire salaam. And if you study how Allah had discipline Gambia and align it with Zambia, you will find two common factors in the nurturing of every prophet, which would happen and if necessary, and vital in the nurturing of any person beat a child beat a student beat anyone. One is the element of love, coupled with stillness,

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both in moderation are of vital importance. Elias plays down BIA and at the same time, Allah has cautioned Gambia, Allah has discipline The Gambia. Today, I only want to single out one aspect of the human growth in the growth in the development of our children. And that is the element of kindness, the element of love embracing children, which is a gift of nature. The wind comes in bizarre

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Viola was coming towards us and your husband and procedurally alone with him

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He has entropy alone on one shoulder was a movie alone on one shoulder. Yamaha's American was American, he would walk occasionally kiss the child on the right, occasionally kiss the child on the left, and we are observing at Santa Elena. Finally he came before us. I then said owner Viva La inaka Toshi buma looks like you're really fond of your children, these two grandchildren. Now via a salon says I am definitely fond of them, but only he who loves them. He will love them truly loved me, man. They need money, he will love them truly love me, woman.

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And he would dislike them dislikes me. So then to be overlying a lot of time as far as love was concerned with children. In fact, Islam is that beautiful religion that advocates kindness to children even if it be the children of our own enemies. There is a beautiful teachings of Islam to substantiate what I'm saying. The revised that we have been Buhari Sharif asked him if

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he was going to be able to hit dispatchers in a particular direction. We within Sahaba were calling him

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and asked him to be alone was made the Amir of the Jamaat finally after many incidents that it occurred

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They came to a particular place and they were surrounded by the kuffaar. So the Cooper told him that come forward, hand yourself over, and we will not harass you. So as Donna said, amapola and Villa de multicopter. I will not entrust myself at the mercy of a disbeliever. And he said, I'm going to resist them. And in the process they saw with arrows he saw an arrow saving it, what are the olana was assassinated. The other three Sahaba they came forward. They didn't Athena have a brother in law and what you learn after that is how the Hadith makes mentioned. They came forward as soon as they came forward, the proofer betrayed them. The third zahavi said I think what the First Men said was

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the right thing. These people have already displayed betrayal. So I think I'm also not going to follow with them and tie the rope with them. He also resisted, there was arrows from both sides in this Sahabi also met his faith and he passed away at least two Sahaba within brought to Mecca, Tabitha Daniel Harris, Daniel Harris had purchased as a Kobe, BRAVIA llamando now Kobe Bryant alone who was responsible for the assassination of one of the members in the Battle of butter. So they said, Now we have demand, we will execute him and we will take our events in favor of your loved one who anticipated this he was happy, whatever the decree of Allah, as at platina is written so

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beautifully when he was about to be executed upon Sophia who was present at that time who was in a Muslim made a comment to him and his ears and he said, You are doing this defending Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam now Your life is at stake. Wouldn't you prefer that you be in the place of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and he be in your place? He said now Hi, Bonnie akuna Mohammed and olaniyi mckernon McCarney Hill Eddie Murphy Hey, what to see but we'll show we'll get into the one meter early. You are saying that would I prefer being in the place of Muhammad? sallallahu wasallam? No, no, you have your flex muddles. I am ready to embrace death. In fact, even if it is one tone

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tricky nabire salaam to avoid the phone prick. Interviewer excellent. I prefer to present my right apostrophe and then said well like Mr. Ito mean and nasty awkward and then be as happy Mohammed Mohammed and sallallahu wasallam. I have seen love I have seen respect. I have seen people honoring and revering, I haven't seen someone embrace respect and revere anyone as much as the companions of Muhammad salah and respect Mohamed Salah, tell him nevertheless, Kobe broke the law without digressing, just to the two to three days prior to him being executed. While he was sitting there knowing that these people were going to execute me. He asked one of the people they have the house

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for Star moves on embodied by Natalie Harris. He has them for a blade, can you just borrow me a blade, so they willingly gave him the blades? He had the blade in his hand and he was sitting for Dr. Boone Lavine avala, one of the children from that house, a child doesn't know color. A child doesn't know. child knows no borders. No, it is you and I didn't make a child prejudice. Whenever you see the child is born with the potential of accepting truth. It is the parents that mold the child. It is the parents that shaped the child. It is the parents at that point in the mind of the child. It is the parent to teach the child way to socialize and when not to socialize. There was an

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incident recently, one of my colleagues son was hurt and they had to amputate his toes. He was hospitalized in one of the government hospitals. He said, Well, my child taught me a lesson I said Why? He said we went to visit the child. And then in the evening we kissed the child and as we walked out of the ward, the child is telling the mother but Mommy, you're unfit. So the mother says why my baby Why?

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He says you have kissed me live and kiss my friends in this What?

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You haven't kissed me. What does the child know? What is color? For me, Danny? Oh, you know it is the parents. So this child came in, sit down in the lap of this savvy, this Muslim doesn't know that this man is my enemy. He has killed my uncle in the battle. The mother was busy with something. And then she came out and she realized that my son is sitting in this man's lap in here the bleeding event as it made sense from the face of this woman that she became hysterical. So he said attack Shane and Aquila boo. Oh, sister, do you fear I will take out my revenge on this child. No, no, that's not the teachings of Islam. You can go ahead and execute me this child is innocent. And I

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love the style. That is the beauty of Islam. In fact, that woman was so impressed. That woman was so impressed that she said, Well, Mr. Ito, I see you're on mithila Kobe. I have seen many prisoners. I haven't seen a man like this. My child was in his lab. He had a blade in his hand and yet he embraced a child. He showed love to the child. That is the teachings of Islam kindness even to children. In fact, the incident is very beautiful. Two days later, Satan aku babies been brought to had some advice for the use of this oma he was brought in public view. And then the men in the woman came he was then hung on a tree and then he said couplets Papa bah bah, bah boom

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boom in just a moment. Now he ilani Ashoka robotics, a woman

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over law they have gathered the woman or law they have gathered the young in the old Allah they rejoice in a lightning

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moments of happiness for them a lot they've hung me on display I complained to you of my feebleness ally turn to you indiscipline and then he cries to Allah. Then he he asked him permit me to perform to rocket Salah. He gets so engrossed in that salami, lengthen that Salah, then he ends the Salah, and he tells them I was enjoying my animals so much that I was going to prolong it, but I feel you will interpret me prolonging my namaz is the fear of death so I terminated it. Otherwise I was so engrossed in my mama, but I hear you say this man is afraid of death, Lola and tavano Annie in Amata Waldo jameelah minute mode. Let's take for two minutes Ah, and then his life is presented and he

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sings the couplets so Brent is in essence Islamic dutiful religion that teaches us kindness, kindness towards children. It is such a great name it likes a finale, Rolando said lifecell belly up Amina Jabba belly Salama, trophy ha de la gente laser chama and we'll be adding to the you know na in JAMA tomorrow likely will be the envy of Allah said no father can favor his son with a better gift in good manners signally alone to say that it is not beautiful exclusive clothing that adorn our youth in JAMA Jama who luckily will be but it is morals and values. It is good nurturing and tutoring brothers have a young boy who has a striking appearance who is well dressed but it is

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really rude in his character. And another boy who perhaps doesn't have exclusive clothing, who is not striking in his appearance, but is polite, is respectful is obliging the beauty of this boy would be perhaps for a face for a period of time in his youth in his teens. He will impress some girls and he will attract beauty towards him. But the beauty of this child will remain neither the time nor the environment will change. This is outstanding beauty lifestyle Jamal will be at work into the you know not in Ninja Mala. Tomorrow luckily will be laser Leah team Olivia pata marcelito inelia team a team will be well at a signal he says it is not only that child whose biological

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father has died who is an open that child who is deprived of an Islamic upbringing. He also is an orphan and equally needs his empathy. So brothers, loving children embracing them maintaining equality between children, like I said, there are two aspects. Today I'm only focusing then one is to embrace every child every child of society is my child. Islam does not advocate a selfish attitude. lhaviyani salat wa salam and he comes in stays in the company of Newberry Salaam. One day with me over Latinas okay unless you go and do this for me. In fact, if you study the chapters of Hadith about Salam greeting, you will find Karna sallallahu Sallam recently mahallesi Bian la Salaam

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walked by and he seen children plain he would stop look at them then call them Salaam Alaikum. Are you my baby? Whoa, you might say you will find in the chapters of Salaam mine to be stopped walking and moving totally Sahaba to halt. embrace this innocent feature of nature loved him a lot worse. But whenever Killa Viola became the Amir and he took the reins of the Islamic empire. One girl said Allah Allah, Allah boo Monaco, Davina Gone are the days where Abu Bakar will milk our cows now you are talking of the Amir? Okay said what you said my baby, come here, my God. What did you say my child? She said, I said, well, you the leader Now where are you going to come in milk my cow where

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you will come in talk to me? He says no, no, I Oh, from Allah, the position May Allah has endowed me does not alter my relation with the general message of the summer. My sister, my daughter, you're still part of me via Instagram, send it along. And then he says, I told him I'm not going but in my mind, I said I'll go. I said, that's a child. Well, when the child comes to the masjid, embrace him. Don't take him out. Don't ever disown him. If you want to disown him, there are 1000s Tony if you will cry tears of blood. When he is making noise. He is a child that has first wounded adults that are making a noise and not only children. Let us embrace the children that come to the message. They

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have come to our door. We know how vulnerable that society outside is. Look at the life of nabire salaam, how tolerant outpatient, how encompassing how embracing his nature was, he says Finally I waited, I couldn't see. And then I came. I seen him. And as I was walking, I seen children play nicely. Let me enjoy the play. And I sat in the real exam is waiting. And then I realized Sam came to me. And then couple of coppia he caught me on my name. And then I turned in a scene I said oh, maybe I'll

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do a DMCA tell you to go I said one minute I'm on my way. Just wait I'm going. So behind Allah, this was the injection of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam brothers, no parent can claim that whatever I do is correct.

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We can learn in fact, if we will give our children the correct upbringing under the commentary of the site. Well Papa Yato sorry, hydro hydro angara pika Sahaba. We unless he is virtuous deeds, that is what will ultimately

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helpfully help you on the date of Tiamat. There are different explanations of what is virtuous deeds on the authority of obedience. It is written and is one of the olana that substantiate this particular quotation, that one person on the day of Tiamat Allah tala will command him that needs to be thrown headlong in Zaandam, as he will be taken towards the enemy's daughters will run out, and his daughters will employ a law will plead before law or law. This is our father. Perhaps he faulted in his relation with you for which he is justified for the penalty. You have decreed for him, along with our father made his day and night one in instilling good values and morals. The last alight was

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this very father of us, that did not allow us to go outdoors that enforce that we dress morally and when we have good values, it comes in a hurry, these daughters will persist before Allah will insist before law, they will be those who will earn salvation on the intersection of prophets, there will be those who will get salvation on the intersection of martyrs of fortunate will be that father who instilled good values in his daughters, that maybe over losses, they will insist until they will convince Allah, Allah will say no, take your own father and put him in jail that way you wish. How fortunate is that father, brother has given one two examples of the kind nature of him getting

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Masato ceram in interacting with children.

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Many times we can learn we can engage within our children and learn from them. The talent, many of these children that are coming to Masjid tomorrow they will be will be performing Salah before they're behind them, they will be our leaders in society.

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Allah makes mention of an incident of Tao with a strong father and son both for profit in alignment bless boat with kingdom. One day one person came to sit down with a restaurant, whatever that was when a man or a woman you feel the necessity you're gonna come. What can you hook me in January. So this man came without delay, salami said Oh, that would

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just be person that you are the owner of a farm. He says last night this man the shepherd left his sheep and his sheep grazed in my palm and destroyed all my crops. So we are here before you we want you to analyze our case and make a decision. Now the salatu salam heard the case, and then valued valued, the harm that was caused to the farm was equal in value to the flock of sheep. So you told the owner of the sheep, the shepherd, that it is your negligence that has resulted in your flock destroying the crops of this man, so you will have to suffer the consequences. Hence your sheep will be given to this man in lieu of the harm caused by your sheep. The man against the farmer now had

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his own farm, of course, the crops were destroyed, and he had a flock of sheep. And as they walk out of there, except in the vertical column, they passed by Fremont and a Salaam, with reference to tafsir issawi. It is written in the footnotes of Jalali in the hatia number 11. That is they come back to the Mona Lisa from Romanelli salatu salam said, What decision did my father tell you? So they said, Well, this is what your father said that my sheep had tested in his farm because of my negligence, and the harm caused was in value to the value of my sheep. So my sheep must be given to him in view of the hump. So demodulate salam said Lolita, aamra, Kumar naka de tomar, who are

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possible for each time, but that most respect to my father, but if I was asked for my opinion, I would have made a decision accommodating both parties. He was off 10 days, he was 11 years old, 11 years of age,

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and was told that your son's got some other input in the matter. Now, that is Sarah, who is the Navy over law, he calls his son he says they happen Oh, boo, boo, boo. Oh, my son, I asked you through the medium of prophethood end for the word. I meant to be over law, you are my own money, and I'm your father, you are my son. Tell me what understanding Have you come to in this particular situation. So my father, I don't wish to be abrupt. But what I thought the way I analyze the situation I felt that I would tell the man, the shepherd, that because your sheep the negligence of your sheep and your negligence has caused so much pain. So you take that man's farm and you once

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again irrigate the land cultivate the land and once again plant and bring the farm bring the crop back to its position as it was before your sheep had destroyed it. And in the interim, you give you a goats in your seat to that man, you enter your village anyhow, a Sufi ha the farmer, the owner of the farm can benefit from your goat from the merch from the production from the world when you have brought the farm back to its original condition. Then you return your farm to him his farm to him and he returns the sheep back to you. So in such a way you have not totally suffered otherwise you lost your sheep also in the farm is also gone. That was really strong was very impressive said alpha

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omaka data. My son you have in fact made a better decision. I withdraw my statement and My ruling is now in accordance to my young boy of tender age. So behind the lobbying gonna be of a lot. This is the teachings of Islam in second brokerage and if they can otherwise get to a woman walk in, and this also came to the audience with a man and they had to

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Sons with him both who in their appearance they resemble one another for jazz table for the hobby even a dogma. The wolf came devout one boy and went to it. Now these two woman started arguing, the one said this is my son. The other one said this is my son. As I mentioned they were the appearance was similar. That is why they could argue over the same time. They came to LA salatu salam and they told Tao that Islam This is the story. Totally ceramah heard the story heard the case. He says Papa, halal Cobra, I think the elderly woman She is the mother, you are the mother of this child you can go as they came out of they they passed by a man in a slum, not challenging his father. But

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brothers, Allah has blessed every child with some tenants. Well let us embrace the challenge of our children, it will mean that we will have to give up some of those things which we are passing for, which has taken up valuable time which has taken up our priority but unfortunately doesn't hold much merit in the eyes of Allah. For that woman to receive the child. Maybe she will have to Stop fussing with her kitchen. On a Sunday I will have to Stop fussing fussing with my garden in my car. Can I will have time for this nature, this wonderful gift of nature that you've given up in before we.

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Anyway, so the Mona Lisa had the case. He said Okay, do me a favor, bring me a knife. The best thing is when you split the child into you, have you ever when he brought the knife and he put the knife on the head? The younger woman said whatever it is, don't slaughter the style. Cinnamon is something this is the mother, the one that says don't slaughter at any cost. She's the mother. The father said the elderly woman sorry Mother Nature and intellect young boy says no, no. If he's saying don't slaughter, kill, this is the mother. She's the true owner. So brothers, let us embrace this gift of nature. Likewise, we learn from the time has led to be equal. Normally, if a person says I came to

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the BLT Salaam, the nephew of Allah had a gift and you wanted to give it to me. So he said, whenever you have a law, I was going to give my son a gift. I just thought I'll give it to you in your presence. The VOA Salaam said aloka would

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you have more sons besides the son? I said yes. You get every son of yours the gift? No, I haven't given everyone you want them to be equal to you in loyalty. Xavi answered yes, then you must be equal to them in giving them gifts. Even love to see the need for any loss. Allah God, please don't make me a witness to injustice make someone else a witness. If you have gifts give the others will take this gift back, in fact does not train us in that aspect in bizarre ways rewired.

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Ilana says I was sitting with nearly Sam there was another Sahabi his son came running the Savi picked up his son kissed him for the last day and he put the sun on his neck. And then his daughter came running. So he held the daughter for just a half a day. And then he told the daughter can you sit here so you put the sun on the lap and unintentionally no father would want to deliberately be unfair to his children. He put the daughter in front and he didn't put the daughter on the other lap. The restaurant said unless the weight of a Norma Why is this unfair treatment once on the left or the one on the floor? Would you not maintain justice within your children? Brothers let us

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embrace this nature of this nature of this gift of nature. This great gift of Allah tala say it's a person with a lot of hustle age of six at the age of 66. I managed secure in one party from my grandfather Mohamed Salah ism. While playing he taught me that howdy dama URI book ala mala URI book, abandon those things which are doubtful and embrace those things which have no doubt. At the age of 10 years, he had memorized this hadith and it's conveyed at age of six, memorize this hadith and conveyed it to the sama, significant amount of Messiah deduce from this quotation of husbandry alone in his tender age. So really we can we can impress upon our children and convey great amount

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of Deen to them. May Allah Allah safeguard our children in this evil environment. May Allah make them the coolness of our eyes that bring joy to us in this world, the best legacy that you can leave behind whether it's inside the thing yet the Buddha who by his offspring that convey the warmth to the late parents after they have passed away while threw down on him.