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Salam Alaikum, everyone, I hope you all are doing well. I wanted to give you all a quick update regarding my YouTube channel. Now some of you may know this, some of you may not. But my youtube channel actually started back in 2010. But it wasn't until the very beginning of 2012 things like January 2012, where I posted my first video on YouTube. And since then it's been interesting, I've been posting on and off, and there's been periods where, you know, I post more consistently and post more videos. And then there's been periods where I don't post as much. And it's been like that for a few years now. But I wanted to first and foremost, thank everyone who subscribed. Most importantly,

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those people who subscribe to the channel back in 2012, I don't know how many of you are still left on the channel. And how many of you actually watched the channel till today.

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But if you do Jazakallah O'Hara, it's been awesome to have people on this journey with me starting from 2012. And obviously new subscribers and people who have continued to subscribe over the years. And this is and the subscribers have continued to grow at a steady pace Alhamdulillah. Now what is the future of the channel? Well, I actually plan on becoming more active on my YouTube channel. Now, there's a few different reasons for that, but I'll share one of them with you traveling and teaching and going to different places, has certainly taken a toll on me. And it's not easy to travel, leave your home and your family and go to other cities and even countries and teach. And I feel like

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YouTube and you know the internet as a whole is a good way for me to teach and share without having to actually leave the comfort of my own home. Not to say that I won't do that anymore. But I think this is a way that I can kind of supplement some of the times that I'm not able to travel. So I hope that if this channel gains enough steam,

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that this can be something that I do consistently inshallah have to add up. So my goal is to really start posting more, do more, you know, series online and you know, different types of series and start, you know, teaching different subjects and talking about different topics. So first thing that I want from you, inshallah to add on is, in the comments below, let me know what you would like to hear. What kind of topics would you like for me to discuss what subjects or Islamic subjects would you like for me to cover? No ideas about idea, inshallah, to Allah, please share. So I'm going to go through the comments, and you know, see what all of you are saying. And also, I want to request that

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you helped me grow this channel. And basically what that means is what you're already doing, and that's just watching the videos, how did Allah, but also trying to share the videos as much as you can, and also trying to get other people to subscribe to the channel. Recently, I was told that having subscribers is actually not enough that people need to subscribe. And they also need to click the little notifications button. So basically, you know, when you subscribe, you're subscribed, but you may not know if I posted a video. So the way YouTube is working these days, it's a little weird. to really know that I've posted a video, you have to click that little icon, I think it's like a

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bell. And you want to turn on notifications. This basically means that when I do post a new video, you do get a notification to let you know that a new video has been posted. So for those of you who are already subscribed,

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go ahead and do that. And for all the new subscribers, make sure to click that notification buttons notification button, as well. Like I said, watch and share data. And yeah, like to hear your ideas. I'd like to hear your ideas. I want to do some q&a as well. YouTube gives you the ability to do live q&a as I don't think we're quite there yet. We need a little bit of a higher

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Subscribe subscrip we need more subscriptions, basically, to get to a point where I can do some online, live q&a on YouTube, which I think could be tons of fun, you know, people post questions and you know, I can answer some of those questions live. But yeah, so the channel you know, needs to grow for that. So first of all, I asked the last Friday, it does help to, you know, grow this channel. And obviously, we rely upon law first and foremost, I asked a lot to grant us sincerity in the work that we're doing and asked the law to accept. But I also asked for your help. Don't worry, I don't want any money or anything like that from you. My YouTube content has always been free and

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that's kind of like my

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way of kind of giving back or sharing for free so I don't want to charge anyone for anything.

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on YouTube. So do what you can do is like I said, Subscribe, Share, share the knowledge, share what you learn with others. And yeah, so that's it. That's what I wanted to share this video is probably longer than what I intended to make it. But I still wanted to have a conversation with my subscribers and if you have a story about when you subscribed and and why you subscribed and what maybe led you to subscribe, please share that as well. I will and shout out to make more of an effort to kind of read through the comments and respond to the comments, obviously to the best of my ability. And as always, Allah has paradata knows best until next time, said Amati whom would have to

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lie about a Catholic

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