Preparing for Ramadan – EP03 Those Who Don’t Fast During Ramadan

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Episode Notes

Preparing for Ramadan Episode 3! In this episode we discuss those categories of people who are excused from fasting during Ramadan, and what they have to do for those missed fasts.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh welcome to episode number three of preparing for animal bond. Today we are going to talk about those people who do not fast during the month of Ramadan, we have three categories of people number one, those who are traveling and those who are ill. Number two, we have menstruating women or women who have postpartum or postnatal bleeding. And number three, we have those women who are pregnant or those women who are nursing now let's take a look at the first category traveling and Ill last kind of data tells us with a bucket off a young American who doubt that fasting is limited. It's a set amount of days, but men can I'm in Cambodia, but Allah

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Cepheid in very determined a young those amongst you who are ill or traveling, then the same amount, meaning the same amount of time must be made up from other days meaning days outside of the month of Ramadan, Weiland, Medina up akona, Vidya to violent movies skin and those who would fast with much difficulty, then they feed a poor person. So in this ayah, we hear about those who are traveling and those who are ill, those who are traveling, they simply make up their fast at a later time. Now those who are ill can fall into two categories, we have those who are ill or sick, but they expect to get better. So someone, for example, has a fever, and they're expecting that the pharaoh will get

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better in a certain amount of time. This person simply leaves those fast during those days. And after the month of Ramadan is over, they make up those days. The second category of people are those people who are ill and they don't expect that they will be getting better. So for example, someone with like a terminal illness, or old age can also come into this as well because obviously the person not going to get younger, if a person can't fast because of their old age, then that's considered an ongoing sickness. I know that sounds bad. But that's just the way it's categorized. These people it was kind of data tells us for the atomic bomb when miskeen that they feed a poor

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person. So for every single day that they missed, they feed a poor person. The second category of people are menstruating or women who have postpartum bleeding. They simply leave off the fast on those days and they make them up at a later time after the month of Ramadan. It's like a body shot to the left that tells us that we were instructed to make up our fast and we were not instructed to make up our prayers and she's referring to the time during the menstrual cycle. The third category we have is pregnant or nursing women now in this category, these women don't have to fast if they fear or if they feel that any type of harm will come upon themselves or upon their child and they

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simply make up the days that they have missed at a later time after the month of Ramadan. So those are the three categories of people and a Lost Planet Allah knows best I will see all in the next episode inshallah Tada. Take care I'll set on what April what happened to lucky or what I got to