Shaadi Season – Episode 04 – My Bollywood Wedding

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The segment discusses the impact of spending on a wedding party or a wedding party on one's health and future. It emphasizes the importance of balance between spending on one's means and beyond, as well as the need to be careful with finances. The segment also touches on the potential negative impact of wedding party spending on one's character and future.

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. If you want to know how a Muslim should be when it comes to putting on a wedding party or spending towards a wedding party, all you have to do is take a look at what law has said and sort of turn on when he describes the a bad man are the servants of the Merciful.

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There are those who alladhina either un*able Lemieux sifu that when they spend, they don't do a soft or they're not excessive. What am ye potato? And nor neither? Neither are they miserly or stingy? What can I baina daddy got a llama. And they are moderate in between those two extremes, neither neither excessive nor miserly. They find that balance between those two extremes. And in this ayah we see that ISAF is indeed something which is blameworthy something which is wrong, but it sort of really differs from person to person. And this depends on their means islamically sawed off is actually two things, either number one is the office to spend your money on something, which is

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how long or to spend beyond your capabilities. And I'll say that again, either to spend on something which is how long or to spend beyond your capability. Now when it comes to weddings, if you're spending on your wedding, on something, which is how long then you fall into this off, or if you're spending on your wedding beyond your limits. Then once again, you have fallen into a sauce, and you've heard a lot there's a lot of wisdom. last panel tiada has forbidden his stuff are forbidden this excessiveness for example excessiveness very easily leads to arrogance as something which is a terrible trait for a Muslim to have. And as a practice that I'm told us about that a person who has

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even a tiny amount of his butt off, or sorry, tiny amount of arrogance will not enter Paradise. And somehow law for some people, the wedding actually becomes a competition. They start competing, this person spent so much on their wedding, can I spend more this person divided 200 people can I invite 400, these people had that type of decoration Can I have better types of declaration, they had this type of food can I have better food, and so on and so forth, you see what this is going, and some how to love, if you're not careful, it's very easy to fall into this type of stuff. And for the groom, or whoever is paying for the wedding party, this wedding can easily become a burden. And just

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like when it comes to the Maha, when spending on the wedding becomes a burden, it leads to problems in the future. And this is why the presses send them similar to the mahato. With the nicaea. He said as well that the best type of kneecap is the one which is the easiest, easiest being the least burdensome or being affordable. Now we've talked about this before, but just like with resentment can become an issue. Let me explain. Let's say someone ends up spending on their wedding more than what they're capable of spending. And that causes them to have financial difficulty when the marriage starts or during their during their wedding or during their marriage. And then because they

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spent so much on a single day or days if you're they see, then they may end up resenting their wife or their parents or their in laws or whoever encouraged them to spend this much on their wedding. You see the problem here. When it comes to our finances, Pamela we should be very, very careful. And finances can quickly become an unanticipated problem in weddings and panel even though it's one of the leading causes of divorce. And by the way, the resentment is not specific to the groom. It can be felt by whoever is paying for the wedding, whether it be the parents, or anyone else they may resent their children or they may resent you know their their son in law or their daughter or

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whoever encourage them to spend this type of money on the wedding. Now, the point here is, think beyond this one day. Think about how having this extravagant type of wedding may affect your heart, how it may affect your character, how it may affect your relationships, how it may affect your future, and how it may affect the Buttercup or blessings in your marriage and loss how doTERRA knows best until next time insha Allah, Allah Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh