20 Years Later A Painful Update

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Earlier today Jameela Dora bade farewell to two of his brothers who were killed by Israel's bombardment of cancer, a bombardment that has costed them so far around 15,000 deaths and injuries in just 10 days. Having dropped up on the house is the equivalent of a quarter of a nuclear bomb, as was mentioned by the Euro med human rights monitor on what is the most densely populated place in the world, with half of its population being children. But what is different? Why do I share Jamal story? After all, he's just one of the many 1000s who have lost their family members in a war that has barely started. Allow me to rewind to an event that took place before many of you were born on

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the 30th of September in the year 2000. A man who was hiding next to a concrete block as he desperately tried to shield his son with his hand saying, please stop shooting. But the IDF did not listen. The father received multiple shot wounds, but survived after several operations and his son received four bullets to his young body and died on the lap of his father in front of the world. An ambulance came at once and the ambulance driver by Cemal Bill BC was shot dead as well. Now there are many people are too young to remember that day. It never left me. I asked my mom after having just come back from school as a 12 year old How old was Mohammed who had just been publicly

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The Israel Defense Forces accepted responsibility for the shooting. At first, they issued an apology, but then they decided to change their position. They claimed that Palestinians had in fact used children as human shields, as was reported by the BBC back then, then they retracted the admission of responsibility altogether. The name of this child is Mohamed adura. And the name of his father is Jamal Dora the same man who 23 years later today lives to witness yet another family tragedy at the hands of the same occupiers as he bade farewell to two of his brothers in the Gaza, the uncles of Muhammad adura. So in the 23 years since then, not much has changed at all, other than

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the fact that the IDF prefers more civilized ways of killing children than shooting them at point blank range before the eyes of the world. Instead, they take their homes, they bury them beneath the rubble of their houses, and they leave millions, half of whom are children with no water, no food, no electricity, no medicine, and when questioned about their behavior, and their crimes, their justifications have hardly changed. And this will sound all too familiar. Civilians are being used as human shields. Welcome to the depravity of the modern world and welcome to the depravity of the IDF