Saad Tasleem – Shaytan vs Nafs – Not Everything Is Shaytan’s Fault

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The host of a webinar discusses the importance of shayGeneration and avoiding misunderstandings in shale industry. They emphasize the importance of avoiding blame for mistakes and avoiding a "has been a" feeling. The speakers also discuss the use of shale play and the importance of avoiding a "brink" and avoiding a "has been a" feeling. They emphasize the importance of learning and working together to protect oneself and avoid harm. The speakers also mention a workshop on shaping bonds and encourage attendees to register for a course and attend live sessions.
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Come to this special event with shell side to steam. First off before we begin,

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everybody said Amaya come everybody Welcome, welcome will load up first. You know, you guys know the rules by now. join in with your setups insha Allah as well as we'll see where everybody's dialing in from. This is our first live webinar I think that we're doing posted on Milan. This is the first one we're doing and show what so it'd be good to see where our audience is coming from now that our schedules are back to normal. Welcome Welcome. Liga.

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Welcome in Sharla

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Where are y'all dialing in from? We've got a kid from South Africa la masoumeh from the UK.

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Wide Aiko set up for Risa y equals Sarah, Chloe

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y equals Salaam Naveed from England or in a Sema from England.

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Naveen from Canada. Why do customers have to lie even from Canada? Why they go set up with one from Connecticut and only Connecticut y equals sidama Hamza la mistura from Leicester I would have read that before as like a stir but I know it's less there now I think was set out when I come to La

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shantelle from Australia why you can set up we got shahana from Houston why it was saddam and he got from LA Aziza from Singapore I go Salaam so we got the whole whole globe basically at this point. Mashallah, we got people in every time zone. We got Fatima from Bangladesh. I go Sarah, and then as from Toronto, so, this is going to be why it was Sarah Hampton Zilla.

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From New Castle

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why eco Salaam Halima from Nigeria?

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arratia from India why costera Omar Abdullah Yeah, so

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I used to saying excited for this series plus for Milan, we learned a lot from Ramadan. 360 and hamdulillah. I'm glad to hear that. So Maria from the USA and Samia from Arizona, La Casa La Molina from Winnipeg. And why do you have from Atlanta I was set up to live in a ghetto. So this is Yeah, our first series inshallah doctrina. Milan, it's going to be a three session series with chefs at this is the and this is sponsored by his course deception online. So deception is a study of shape plan. So this is an online course that we've recently launched that hamdulillah and it's available today. And this course deception is one that's your site's taught all over the world, traveled and

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taught in many cities in the Muslim world that hamdulillah and it was finally recorded to be put online for an online audience so that our people like Nora from France and our brothers and sisters from from Nigeria and India and Bangladesh, and everybody can have accidently and so this course is devoted to how to protect yourself from shaytaan and how to learn the tools of Shetland as well as to learn about shaytaan chatline is our greatest enemy and Allah Subhana Allah mentions in many places in the hold on vashi Todd is an enemy to you, but he do I do so take him as an enemy Mohammed I will hazard from Sudan why they call Sarah welcome.

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and Mina from from Manchester, UK. So shaytaan is an enemy and allied says to take him as an enemy. And that extra layer that extra point for Allah says take him as an enemy is really profound because there are lots of people who show enmity towards you. There are lots of people who you might have a problem with but you do nothing about but Allah Subhana Allah is saying do something about it. She athon is an enemy Don't be his friend che THON isn't is your enemy Don't be apathetic che THON has declared war on you so fight back basically fight back fight against a pot challenge him take him as an enemy.

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So this course this is about taking shape line as an enemy it's about learning the tools of shape line it's about learning about shape on so that you are not misled and of course after Ramadan, we experience you know, the the relapse back into our, our own habits to we experience falling back into sin we and the question becomes Is this because of shape or is this because of me and so we've actually decided inshallah to Allah who will be answering some of these questions for us. And without further ado, let me welcome chefs at the city to the session.

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Kathy, how are you doing?

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Well, how are you? As usual?

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good to see you as well. How was your omura?

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My Ramadan was well handled nothing, we lost shift shift. No worries, we'll wait for him to get back. In the meantime, I think shakaama did a beautiful job talking about the seminar.

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While waiting for him to come back, let me just tell you a little bit about my experience. With this seminar, I share my set, I've been teaching this seminar for a very, very long time. And I've taught it to 1000s of students across the world, actually. And this is actually my most requested, seminar, most requested seminars. So I'm very excited to do it. For all of you, you know, no matter where you may be that you can, you can attend it. Miss Mila, there you go. Hey, hamdulillah

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that Shay, Thawne man, cutting off my camera.

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He's trying to stop this from happening. You know, say, Allah. So yeah, so beginning? I'm glad you started off with that. This is your it's definitely a topic that captures our attention. And our imagination. And so from the beginning,

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what is what is,

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you know, can we? Can we blame shavon for our sins? And our mistake? Is that something that we coming back from Ramadan, and they're falling into making mistakes? Is that something that we blame, shame on for? Or is that something now that that we realize as part of our own nature, or how do we understand that? Yeah, excellent question. And this question, I think, is a brilliant question. Because I think there's there are a lot of people who fall into, actually, this trap of the ship on where, you know, our nature as human beings is that if we can take, we can we can put the responsibility on someone else, put the blame on somebody else, it just makes us feel better about

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ourselves. So a lot of times, instead of taking personal responsibility, it's a lot easier to say, you know, the ship Don made me do it or shipped on spot, especially, especially now, right after Ramadan. I know a lot of us, you know, we were doing quite well in Ramadan, and we made some changes, and we're possibly feeling good about ourselves. And then the end of Ramadan came and you know, we've heard the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and when she said that, you know that the shell theme, they're tied up in the month of Ramadan. And that means, well, they're let loose after Ramadan. And so if we're falling into old habits or bad habits, and you know, our

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pre Madonna ways, well, it's kind of convenient to say, you know, the shell clean or out. So you know, she upon he's the one who's making me do all of this, you know, it's not my fault. And the reality is that the answer to this question is very, very simple. And that is no, we cannot blame this ship on for our sins, we cannot put this on the ship on. This is something that the ship burned himself, he knows and he understands. And actually, in a in, in the Quran, Allah His penalty, Allah tells us of a scenario of what happens on the day of judgment when we finally confront the ship on or the ship on stands in front of all the people who obeyed Him and listen to him and followed him.

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And one of the thing that the ship fund himself Iblees he says to these people who are going to the Hellfire, he says what my cannot legally come in. So but he said, I had no authority over you. Meaning I didn't have control like I didn't have I didn't have that power over you that, you know, you're thinking you can come now on the day of judgment and say, You know what, you made me do it. I didn't have any authority over you. He says in law except in and out to come. He said the only says the only thing I did was that I invited you like this is the ability that the shale pond has, right. So he invited us and then the Shere Khan says, first, the first first step to me, he says, and you

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answered me, right. So this tells us that the only power that chiffon really has is to invite us is to tempt us is to whisper to us. But in the end of the day, Allah has given us freewill. So we we make the decision do we listen to these whispers of the shear bond? Do we listen to these temptations from the shape bond or not? Because this she'll plot himself and in part of this verse, And this isn't sorted by him, by the way, he says, fella telo Mooney says, Do not blame me, while Lumo and pusaka blame yourselves and this is this is a very how to this is a wake up call it should this this verse in the Quran. And you know, in teaching this seminar up and say, This is a verse in

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the Quran that we may or may not have heard, but for some people who have even recited the whole Quran, they're like, what is this in the Quran? Like, I don't remember hearing this in the Quran, it is in the Quran and all these reminders are in the Quran. And Allah has warned us over and over again in the Quran about the issue of fun, and the correct way of understanding the Shia fun and like I

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I said, there's a lot of misconceptions about the ship bond. And that's one of the ways that the ship on may even deceive us. And this is one of those misconceptions that we can just come and say, you know, what is to ship bonds fault that she had been made me do it, the ship bond is he's the one to blame. And in actuality, no, we cannot blame the ship on we will have to answer to Allah has power to Allah on the Day of Judgment for our own decisions and our own actions, and often give the example of a bad friend. And this is not exactly the same, but you can you can you can, you can you can see the analogy here, a bad friend may come to you and and and, you know, tempt you or suggest

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bad things to you. But in the end of the day, you decide whether you're going to listen to your bad friend or not. And yes, that bad friend, they're going to have to answer to Allah for what they said to you. But you're not going to be questioned about that friend, you're going to be questioned about your own deeds, we're going to be asked, Did you listen to him or not? Or do you listen to her or not? Likewise, with the sheer fun, yes, the sheer fun will tempt us, he will whisper to us, He will make things look beautiful and and all of his methods of deception, which we cover in the seminar in detail all the different ways that she upon tries to tempt us, and to mislead us, and so on and so

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forth. But in the end of the day, we are the ones who either decide to follow him or not. And so the answer is no, we cannot blame the Shi upon for our sins.

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Yeah. So if we can't blame shame on for our sins, then who do we blame for our sins? like where do our sins come from?

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Yeah, so look, you know, it's very interesting when we talk about blame, you know, the prophet said a lot I send them. He mentioned a very interesting statement, which for me is kind of puts this whole topic like summarizes this topic and puts a point on it puts a period on it, that this is the this is how to understand this topic, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, let us have bushi upon he said, Don't curse the Shi uponor don't reveal the ship on what the weather below him in Shell he said, rather seek refuge in Allah from this ship on. And this is so amazing, because this is exactly the trap that a lot of us fall into, which is just blaming the ship on and blaming the ship on

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blaming the ship down or cursing the ship bought us to ship on spot, that same energy could have been spent in seeking refuge from the ship on and protecting ourselves from the ship on. And so when we talk about blame, we have to be very careful when we talk about blame and who we assign blame to. In reality, when we have a desire for something, when we have a desire for a sin, or we're tempted towards the sin, it's coming from in general, and we get into more detail about this topic in the seminar. But in general, that temptation can come from two general places, or we can say even that whispering right that whisper those and for whispering, you know, we're going to talk about

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whispering in detail in the seminar. But for for you know, for the average person we can think of it as that those internal thoughts, right, those thoughts that we're having, a lot of times people think and think that when we talk about the whispering of the chiffon that we're going to hear a voice and we're going to hear like a voice and that's not how it works, right?

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A lot of data tells us even sort of the nurse how the whispering occurs Allah says fee saluting nurse right in the in the in the in the * are the chests of human beings meaning we feel it internally and that's actually why it makes it so dangerous as well that it's not a sound that you know other people hear it's it's internal thoughts and a lot of times it's it's internal dialogue that we have to deal with. But in general, there's two places where those temptations can come from number one yes is the ship on right the ship on can whisper to us the ship on can make things look enticing. The ship on can beautify things for us. We know this happened with the Prophet Adam it he

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said I'm Allahu Allah tells us, but what file was was that he she upon that she had been whispered to them either his setup so the she upon may whisper to us, right? You know what this is? This sin is not so bad. What's the big deal? Is it really that harmful?

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You think Allah will send you to the Hellfire for this one sin? Is this even really a sin? Isn't there a difference of opinion, so on and so forth, in many ways, then we're going to talk about a lot of those ways, those arguments that the ship on uses for us, but from the ship on and in the shell thing, not that's one place, the other place is actually our own neffs which is our own self, we may encourage ourselves to commit a sin. And that what that means is that we desire that sin from ourselves and allows pedal to Allah actually gives us an example of this in the Quran. Those of you who know the story of Yusuf alayhi salam, and the wife of Aziz who tried to

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entice to to tempt use of alayhis salam when she finally admits that you know, she was the one to blame. This is her fault.

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What does she say? She says, Well my battery enough, see, she says I don't acquit myself, meaning I'm not saying I'm not to blame, enough send that amount of time bisou that that's the self certainly commands one to do bad meaning this is something that I desired from myself. So the second place is ourselves. So generally, when we're falling into a sin or a sin seems attractive to us, or we're maybe getting into a sin or attracted by sin, it's either our own desires, right, we have a internal desire for it, we want it ourselves. And we're, we might, and sometimes to penalize very interesting, we may rationalize with our own self, we may try to convince our own self to fall into

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a sin, may Allah protect us. And in the seminar, we're going to talk about ways to counter that and to defeat that, that you know, self talk. And sometimes it is from the ship on the ship been whispers to us. And so in general, those are two places where those thoughts come from those whisperings come from when we a sin seems attractive to us when we are enticed towards a sin,

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zakat. So for everybody asking, it's an anomaly online. So the the course disability athon is available right now, at a model dot online, I'm actually looking through it and you have access to the first two modules immediately.

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And there'll be live q&a is with shift sad to slim as well with the students.

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And over the next couple of weeks, there'll be released. The first module includes the naming of Chevron and the origin of Chevron and the relationship between Chevron and the Djinn. And module two includes where the enmity began, and the promise of a release and the implications of Chevron as our enemy as well as the enmity between mankind versus that and between between share THON. So there's a lot that's that's just

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foundation building with regards to your relationship with Jonathan so that the framing is correct before you go into the tools that she Asad was talking about us as recognizing his tools, just even understanding his psychology and understanding his very nature. Chef. So with regards to to come back to find all of that other motive the online, but when it comes to the issue of the knife, so we understand that there's the next thing we understand that there is

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inspired by shape plot. How does a person know the difference between this is something that's inspired by my enough so that is something that I need to figure out, this is something that I need to work on, or this is something that's inspired by shape, thought so this is something that I need to work on from a different angle? Is there a different angle?

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Yeah, I mean, that's an excellent question.

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When it comes to the ship bond, when it comes to our knifes, and we look at the relationship between the two and, and a lot of times, you know, and this is a question I've heard very often people say, you know, how do I know? Is the ship bond whispering to me? Or is this my own knifes? Am I designing this for myself? And right off the bat, I want to say that a lot of times, the difference between the two is actually quite subtle. And we may not be able to tell the difference. And and that is why this seminar, one of the things that we talked about in the seminar is that the tools to defeat the shift thought and understand the shift fun. They are the most important thing, a lot of the

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specifics about how does this happen? And how does that happen? There are things that Allah has given us the knowledge of and there's things that Allah has not given us the knowledge of and one of the principles in our faith is that anything we need to know to worship Allah to make an agenda to save ourselves from the Hellfire, Allah has clearly defined it for us. So a person so it's not something to be concerned over. If a person is having trouble telling the difference between the two, well, this for myself or this from the ship on, because the tools to fight it, oftentimes are very much the same. And we seek refuge from the ship bond, even when it's from our own knifes. But

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let me get into a little bit of how to tell the difference. And I want to just preface this by saying we do get into more detail about this in the seminar, you know, time is short in these live sessions. But in the seminar, we get to really delve into this and especially for the q&a. And I know a lot of people asking questions, but you know, the q&a for these seminars are, for me just as important as the seminar itself, because a lot of the issues that people deal with personally, we get to really go through them in the live q&a sessions that you'll have with me in shot log data. But in general, in general, how do we tell the difference between the two? Normally, if we find

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ourselves committing a sin, or being pulled towards a sin that we don't desire from ourselves, then this is an indication that this is a whisper from the shield bond. And that also means that the shield bond often doesn't directly lead us into a particular sin what the shield bond employs or the or the strategy or the method of deception that

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Employees is something which we're going to study in detailed called the hope a lot of she upon or the step by step process of the she upon this she have been a lot of times won't say directly go commit this sin, a person may be a practicing religious Muslim, and the she upon will attack them and by the way, this is something we talked about in the seminar that the shippon attacks everyone doesn't matter regardless of a person's level of Deen, their their level of dedication to Islam, even their level of knowledge even though she upon can attack scholars and he can attack laymen. You know, so the shift Vaughn has he just that he approaches scholars in different ways, and he

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approaches laymen in different ways and you purchase he approaches maybe a religious Muslim in a different way and, and if someone who is not so practicing of their Deen in a different way, but he he attacks everyone, but let's say you know that she upon comes to a quote unquote, religious Muslim or a practicing Muslim, the chiffon won't come and say, Hey, how about you go commit this, right, let's say, I don't know, drinking alcohol, you know, someone who is dedicated to their faith, and you know, they've been practicing their faith, the shaitaan won't come and say, Hey, just drink alcohol, because she knows that we're gonna say, they're gonna be like, Michelle, by the regime, I'm

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never gonna do that. I'm never I mean, a person may even say, I've never tasted alcohol in my life. I, my I was born in a Muslim household and I grew up in a Muslim household and my parents, were practicing Islam and I was very dedicated to my Deen and, you know, I don't even desire I don't have no desire for I don't even know what it tastes like. So that she upon instead of saying, hey, go drink alcohol, he may employ a step by step process. Well, maybe he might start with getting us to associate with those people who are okay with drinking alcohol. And he may maybe say, you know, what, give them dour? How about you teach them Islam as well. And, you know, don't they need help?

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And, you know, shouldn't you hang out with them to show them that a Muslim has good character, and these arguments are all seemingly great arguments. And that's why oftentimes, the person may fall prey to these arguments. And so the person may start hanging out with those people, even though Personally, I'm not going to drink my son, even though they drink, I don't drink, you know, and I, you know, I'm a practicing religious Muslim, I'm never gonna drink. It's not it's not in me, I don't even like it, I have no desire for I know what it tastes like. But I'm here to encourage them to do good, right. And a person starts to spend more time with them and the ship bond may come and see you

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know, spend more time and spend more time and person starts hanging out with them more and, and the Shia Thun knows that, you know, we as human beings, we can get desensitized to since meaning something that we view is maybe something very bad, the more we're exposed to it, the more the less we think of it as being something which is very serious or jarring, something that we, you know, we we don't want to be involved in that at all right? The more we're used to just like Subhanallah, cursing, if a person is not around people who don't curse, you hear a curse word, you're like, Whoa, that's, that's, you know, it's it's jarring to hear a curse word, someone say the F word or this and

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that, like, whoa. But you know, if you spend time or even if you don't curse yourself, spend time around people who are cursing, eventually it stops even bothering us that people are people are cursing and using bad language. Likewise, right? The sense of this desensitization, it may be that the sheer thought encourages this person to spend more time and spend more time until the person gets to the point where the chiffon says you know what, just take a sip of alcohol. And that person has been worn down so much. They're so far along in the process, that the person actually takes their first sip of alcohol. Now, this is an indication now a person has fallen into that sin.

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They're like, Oh, okay, I never desired alcohol from myself. I you know, it was a point where I didn't even I didn't like I said, I didn't even ever taste it. I don't know what it tastes like. But I find myself not committing the sin. This is indication that this these are whisperings of the ship on. On the other hand, this same person

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A year later, or two years later, you know, they've been drinking now Mila protective they've been drinking now for for two years. And they start enjoying alcohol. And they may even develop an alcohol addiction, may Allah protect us. But now a person may desire alcohol from themselves. Why? Because their neffs desires it right there next and she had fun. And by the way he can now it's, it's easy for this to happen. He can say, look, I did all this work. Now I can just take a backseat, I don't even need to whisper to this person. Their own knifes, they desire that sin, right? They want that sin, they want to they want to, they want to be in what they themselves desire. And this

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is the goal of the ship pod to get us to that point that you know, the ship on doesn't have to work that he can just leave us on our own in our own desires. And that's why countering desires is one of the ways of defeating the ship on and that's why one of the tools of the ship on is to appeal to our desires. Another one of the tools of the ship bond is to mention our fears to us. And we'll talk about all these methods of deception because when we're aware of them, we can recognize them and we're going to talk

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About how to recognize and Chatelet data, the footsteps of this chiffon, because I know a lot of people are thinking this right now, how do you know if I've fallen if I'm going down the wrong path, because the first few whispers may not be so bad. If you go back to the, you know, hypothetical story that I mentioned, you know, go give that one to these people. That's a good thing. Right? It's a good thing to give go give data to people. How else are we going to educate people by stem? But how do you know how do you know Am I going down the path where she had thought of leading me astray, or this is actually something which is good to do. So in general, in general, once again, the idea

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is that if we find ourselves doing something that we ourselves enjoy, then this is an indication that we were whispering to ourselves, we're talking to ourselves, were encouraging ourselves to commit this sin. And if we're finding ourselves going towards something or being attracted something that we didn't have a desire for, that's an indication that this is from the ship on to the ship on whisper to us or the ship on, let us down this path. As I said, to get us to a place, we may commit this sin. But once again, I'll end with this. A lot of times it is subtle, we may not be able to tell the difference. And that is okay. That is okay. Because we have the tools to deal with it.

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Insha Allah who

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know. And even if you can't tell the difference, at the end of the day, the objective is still the same, which is still

00:26:22 --> 00:26:57

coming to you from Python or whether it be to you from your enough's, right? Absolutely, absolutely. That's the key point. And Mr. Duck, thank you for mentioning that. That is where we get to the point where like, Look, it doesn't matter, because our goal is to defeat this sin and to get rid of the sin. And this is why we shift the focus a lot of times and one of the ways to deal with this she upon is to shift the focus to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because she upon will often get us to focus on the sins, and you can rationalize any sin, right? Any sin, you can ship and come and say this, it wasn't that big of a deal, especially when they had been compared to other sins. Someone's smoking

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cigarettes, the ship will come and say, Well, at least you're not drinking alcohol. The person drinks alcohol. Well, at least you're not smoking pot. Right? You so and smoking pot? Well, at least you're not doing hard drugs, at least you're not doing cocaine. There's always a way to rationalize this. And that's why we take the focus away from the sin unto Allah. My goal is to obey and worship Allah, it's not about the sin, as our scholars of the past would say, Don't look at how small the sin is, look at how great Allah is the one who has forbidden the sin for you.

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Exactly. That so this court is elbow and Muslim on mine. It's called deception, a study of shame on just what is as far as the, you know, being that you've taught this class, like so many different times on sites and you've you're not teaching it online? What is one thing that you commonly commonly see people misunderstand about Shabbat? Or our relationship with JSON?

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Yeah, so look, going into this seminar, I think a lot of people one of the biggest problems is just not being conscious and aware of the sheer thought in the first place. I know look, you ask any Muslim about the ship bond, but yeah, yeah, you know, the ship bond exists and you know, the ship bond is Yeah, fine. But how many people consciously act think of the ship on and, and and are cognizant of the, of the presence of the ship on and how the ship on may be influencing us? You know, Shama you mentioned, the verse for loves panaway to Allah says, In the ship anilkumar I do that the ship pan is a enemy for you. This is a warning from Allah for all of us. But then Allah

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didn't stop there. Unless it definitely Lou I do take him as your enemy. And the question I ask people who haven't taken the seminar is, when was the last time you woke up in the morning, or any at any point in the day, you said to yourself, I'm going to take the ship on as my enemy. I'm going to today, I'm going to take the ship on as my enemy. As a matter of fact, how do people even know what it means to take the ship on as your enemy a person may read? This is okay, take the ship, but I want to take the ship on as my enemy. But what does that mean? So being aware of the ship on and learning about the ship on learning about his methods of deception, how to protect ourselves and

00:29:21 --> 00:29:56

understanding ourselves? Actually, number one makes us conscious of the ship on but we don't leave it there because I know sometimes people are at that point, they're just afraid of the ship bomb, right? Oh, this Yep, bonds gonna mislead us. And he's got so many methods of deception and this and that, and so on and so forth. The purpose of the seminar is not fear. We're not supposed to be afraid of that. Yes, you're supposed to be aware of this ship bond. We're supposed to protect ourselves against the shield fun, but we're not supposed to be afraid. So the purpose of the seminar is to empower us to work against the ship on and certainly Allah says in the K the ship money by the

00:29:56 --> 00:29:59

fact that the plot of the ship button is weak.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:34

But only for those who understand and have the knowledge and and are aware of how to defeat this you have been. And this is stuff that Allah has given us the tools was just about us accessing those tools. And that's why a seminar like this, it i think is excellent for people because we get to do it together. If I were to leave you right now, and if I were to say to you, okay, you know, now you know about the ship on or you here's an introduction, ship on go work it out on yourselves by yourselves. I think a lot of people would be like, Okay, what do I do? Right? Well, how do I protect myself? And how do I protect myself what I do, but to learn together? Right? And this is what I'm

00:30:34 --> 00:30:44

there for inshallah. And now it's not just me, learning with a community of students is very, very helpful for us to feel empowered over this you have been in shot low data.

00:30:46 --> 00:30:49

And how quickly do you realize that shavon isn't that

00:30:51 --> 00:31:30

powerful in the first place after he was the person protection and support and so again, gelato will be wrapping up soon. But the website where you can find this seminar, Charlotte, Allah, this course is an mllib online. And you'll be able to find out more information about the course as well as be able to shop without a register and get access, immediate access to the course in the modules and they are lifetime access. There's some points about all of that online that I just want to make sure to share. Number one is that when you register for a course, you'll have lifetime access. So you'll be able to come back to it again and again and again. And then when you have a debate with some

00:31:30 --> 00:32:04

friend devotion a thought and you remember it's from the course Two years later, and you want to jump into the course and login so that you can refresh your memory where you can do that because you'll have lifetime access so new sessions as well. Bonus sessions from sheffey acid jazz on shaytans greatest victory the breaking up of a family as well as Dr. Ouma Shay man, satanic sins, as well as a bonus as well from Shall we did this unit so you'll have bonus sessions as well as the regular live q&a is with Jeff side to steam as well. And so you'll find all of that inshallah. Tyra and Margaret, on my

00:32:05 --> 00:32:38

any parting advice just add for any any parting statements to Sharla for everyone. And I do want to mention that we've got a few more sessions with shift side that you can RSVP for if you haven't RSVP for yet. And Charlotte out of those two sessions will be of June on the wisdom behind create shade plot, which is also a very, very popular question Why does shape on exist? And number three on the 14th of June, which is on shade ons, greatest tools, hopelessness and despair.

00:32:41 --> 00:33:15

Yeah, those two topics on a plug those topics, those are free sessions like this one anybody can attend. So make sure you RSVP and attend those sessions. One of the questions I get very often is that question of if shaped bonds that are caused so many problems and whispered to us and so on and so forth. And you know, we talked about the story of the ship and we discussed the story and how she had been disobeyed a law and so on and so forth. Why would Allah even create the shear pot? Right? Why would Allah create this yet? So that's the next session, freak session coming up, inshallah Tada. So make sure you you register for that RSVP. RSVP for that inshallah Tada. The last thing I'll

00:33:15 --> 00:33:17

say, for today, before we close off is,

00:33:18 --> 00:33:57

I need this seminar just as much as the people attending need this seminar, I really enjoy teaching this seminar because, for me, it's a reminder. And as human beings, you know, we tend to forget, even you may hear a reminder about the sheer fun, but as life goes on, and we get busy with different things, and we may forget about how influential the ship on may be, if we don't really know and understand this she have been so teaching this seminar puts me right back on top of my game as well. So when I teach this seminar, I'm reminded once again, of how the and you know, the different strategies that she had thought employees. And, you know, for a lot of people, I've, you

00:33:57 --> 00:34:31

know, the students who have attended this, they've told me, a lot of things were eye openers for them, you know, they took the seminar and things that are happening in their own lives, you know, a person is having a problem in their relationship. And they're like, Oh, I see how this she upon is working against me here or problems in the community. Oh, I see. Or even in the worlds have had a lot how does she have been the influence of the ship on and how people are not protecting themselves against this she upon so just just as a reminder, and I know students who have taken this seminar actually multiple times and I know one students taking the seminar three times, if I'm not mistaken,

00:34:31 --> 00:34:59

maybe more. But I last last he told me he was three times and I said Why do you keep taking the seminar over and over again, he said, because I just I need this reminder. And it just once again, puts me up puts me on on top of my game. And so that's beautiful now that the seminar is able to be taught online, and this was brother actually physically attended the seminar. They You know, he would come out to the location and attend the weekend seminar. But 100 now we have this online now and once again, that lifetime access I have done as a blessing before

00:35:00 --> 00:35:15

Last had to Allah, that anytime you want you can go back to this material and review it and inshallah to Allah teach it to others teach it to your kids, teach it to your family and let it serve as a reminder for yourself and everyone around you as well. Allahu Allah. tala

00:35:16 --> 00:35:20

Zakat outside and with that everybody we close

00:35:21 --> 00:35:40

again the website is a mother of WW and Melinda online and we'll be seeing you all in sha Allah Allah very, very soon. Let me actually check when the first live session. The first q&a is with Jeff SAT. Let me just log in real quick and see when this is so there's a live q&a that's happening

00:35:41 --> 00:36:21

on July 6, July 13, July 28 So throughout the month of July be all of these q&a so it's a perfect time for you to jump in get all of your material ready join us for these live q&a is these live sessions and then after these last sessions are over will be the inter journal q&a is in the portal inshallah that she'll sads have yourself a wonderful, wonderful weekend. Allah Subhana Allah bless you and allow you to benefit inshallah tylar students and may be a source of benefit for them and for you as well. I mean, why Yak does like hello and thank you it's good to have you here man. I was good to see you. I was gonna talk to you. Especially this topic hunter like you like the lighting

00:36:21 --> 00:36:45

dynamic. The lighting diet. I love it. I love the the contrast I was how about the contrast is beautiful. So Pamela, it's amazing. I have no sense of these types of things. So but you're the designer, is you said that I was like yes, yes. This is and this is by chance by the people listening like we didn't plan this. We did. He turned on his camera. I turn on my cameras like Oh, look at this amazing, beautiful contrast hamdulillah and it's good to see

00:36:47 --> 00:36:47

like, Guys

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