Saad Tasleem – Why Eid Is Even More Significant Than You Think

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the significance of celebrating the birth of Islam as a Christian holiday, as it is a double-week celebrate the birth of Islam. They highlight the significance of the two day holiday in terms of Christian celebrations, including the birth of Islam and the birth of hamster. The speaker encourages everyone to share their resources and build their brotherhood to celebrate the birth of Islam.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu This is your brother sad to sleep first and foremost, I wanted to say a bodek to all of you, wherever you may be in the world and also, I would love to hear where you will be celebrating either inshallah, leave it in the comments below. It's beautiful to read everyone's comments and see where everyone is in the world celebrating eight. Second of all, I wanted to talk a little bit about the significance of it, then look, I understand most people, most Muslims, we understand that it is significant and is good to celebrate aid. But maybe we don't understand how truly significant it is. And I want to highlight that point by mentioning a narration

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of the parses alum, hadith of another of the Allahu, I believe is mentioned in widowed and necessery. In which we hear that when the person said them came to the city of Medina, as we know, Medina had many cultures and religions and so on and so forth. So when the Muslims came to Medina that what they saw was that there were two days that were celebrated in Medina, two holidays and process them as unnecessarily alone. And he said Mahajan, in your mind, he said, What are these two days? And NSE says, couldn't another I will be happy to die? He said, these are two days that we would celebrate in jelly I meaning the pre Islamic times. And then the president replied, he said in

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the law, God, Abdullah Khan became a hydro minima. He said, certainly Allah has replaced for you. Two days better than these days, Yeoman up ha William will fit on the day of Aadhaar and the day of fifth or the eighth of April filter. Now, why is this significant? This is significant because when it came to religious celebrations, or we can say spiritual celebrations, the verse that I'm told us that we have two days out of the year, two specific days that we celebrate as spiritual or religious celebrations, there are many celebrations as many holidays out there in the world. And that's a different matter. But in terms of religious holidays, or spiritual holidays, we only have these two

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days. And what do I mean by spiritual or religious holidays, I mean, those holidays that are celebration is worship. So by celebrating on this day of aid, we are actually worshiping Allah subhanaw taala. So our celebration intrinsically within of itself becomes worship. And by celebrating we seek to get closer to Allah. And there is nothing other than these two days in which we celebrate as worship. Other than, as I said, At the other end of the fifth thought, and that's why these two days are actually extremely significant for us. And that is why it is important for us to celebrate, as best as we can these two days and, and also help those who are unable to celebrate

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those of our brothers and sisters who may not have families or may not have a lot of resources, it's important to help each other,

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share our resources, obviously, but help each other you know, build our brotherhood and sisterhood help each other celebrate, because the celebration itself is worship. And that is only these two days out of the year. You're in your fifth out of the day, have a daughter and they have a dual filter. And yeah, so just wanted to clarify that point. hamdulillah like I said, there's many celebrations, right? There's this day in that day and Father's Day and Mother's Day and so on and so forth, and that's fine. But in terms of spiritual celebrations, hamdulillah we have a dual filter. And so I wish all of you are you robotic and I'll catch y'all later take care said I want to come

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back to life.

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