Saad Tasleem – To Say We Believe And They Will Not Be Tried

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of testing and trials in times of hardship and stress, and emphasize the need for more patience and faith in oneself to achieve success. They also emphasize the importance of protecting one's identity and community, uphold their Islam, and share the challenges of trials and trials goals. The speakers stress the importance of being a last-minute to establish a legacy and unite the generation, and emphasize the need to empower individuals to make a difference in their lives.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah hearable alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Shara Phil ambia celene nebby in our say you know a heavy we know Mohammed wa early he will be he marine

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Allahu Allah in Marana Illa Allah tala in Naka until alleman Hakeem Alomar alumna and foreigner. One foreigner be my name Tina was Israel my Arabella amin, Allah Marina kaha Kawasaki nativa oriental belty la botella de Nava wa Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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My brothers and sisters,

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one of the realities of life,

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that there is no escape from

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is the reality

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that we all go through tests and trials and difficulties and hardships. And not only that, not only is it the reality of our lives, it is the reality of our eemaan

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that Allah subhanaw taala will test us and try us in this life. And Allah subhanho wa Taala makes this absolutely clear for the people of Eamon a hessie by na so are you truffle Amana wa homelife tahnoon that to the people think that they will be left alone, simply because they say we believe and they will not be tested. what are called the 510 11, amicably him certainly we tested those who came before them. And as people of Eman as people of faith. We look at this area, we hear the words of Allah, Allah and we hunker down, we get ready for these tests and trials for we know that there is no life without being tested and tried. And there are moments of ease and there are moments of

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hardship. And that is why Allah subhana wa tada went speaking to the people of Eman commands us with three things is spirou. Have patience, wasabi true. And have more patience, what albeit Lu and tie down. Its literal meaning have patience in these moments. wasabia will have more patience, meaning have more patience, than whatever you're going through. Whatever your trial is, the level of your patience has to be higher. What are we coming from the word rot, which means to tie, tie yourself down, hunker yourself down for the long haul. Meaning the moments when you're feeling like you can't make it the moments when you feel like you can't continue, remind yourself that it is part of Iraq.

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It is part of your creed, it is part of your faith to be tested by lust, to Allah. And it is that those moments that we bring out our principles law, you can live alone, Epson illawarra alone will not test a soul. Allahu Allah test enough's with more than they can handle. So in this political and social climate, when we feel like it's too much, when we feel like maybe you know what, this time we can handle it. Remember, while

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we tested those who came before them, because you know what we were saying the same thing after 911.

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We were saying, You know what, I don't know if I can make it through this time. And then the next event happened and we said, You know what, I think this is it. I think we can't make it.

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And in this political and social climate, I know some of us are thinking, I don't know if we can make it. I don't know if I can persevere anymore. But remember that as Allah, Allah has given you faith, as Allah Subhana Allah has made you people have he man, like was a last panelist to Allah has given us the ability to overcome these difficulties. And my brothers and sisters right now, as the Muslim community in America, we're at a very important time. We're at a crossroads. There are decisions and choices to be made right now.

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Lives are changing. My brothers and sisters were in a different environment. Number one, whether we like it or not, we're forced to up our game. You know, there was a time where you can live a passive Muslim life or you can live in your little box

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You could be a Muslim and nobody knows. You go to school and you go to work, you go to the grocery store and you just hide your Islam. And nobody knows and maybe you go to the masjid on Juma. Maybe you go attend to eat, and that's it. But that time is gone, my brothers and sisters, now Islam is at the forefront. Islam is the topic of discussion. Everywhere we go. It's hard to turn on the news and not hear someone talking about your religion.

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So we have to up our game, we have to understand that we are now the representatives of Islam. There was a time where you could sit there in the audience and say, yeah, that person on stage, they're going to represent Islam for me, my local Imam, he's going to represent Islam for me, this someone so well known person, they are going to represent Islam for me, but my brothers and sisters, that time is gone. We all represent Islam now.

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Our actions and our behaviors

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have to match what we have been talking about. We've been talking for a very long time, we've been talking about the beauty of Islam, we've taught we've been talking about all Islam has to offer. We've been making a lot of speeches, but now my brothers and sisters, now is the time to deliver.

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Now it's our responsibility, not as any mom or a chef, as a scholar, it's me as a Muslim in my community. It is my time to deliver it is our time to deliver my brothers and sisters.

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It's decision time

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do we hold on? Or do we let go? And every time we're faced with a trial, every time we're faced with a difficulty, I know there's part of us that says you know what, just let go.

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You know what my name is? Mohammad, maybe it's better if I go is Mo.

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You know, people used to, I used to want to identify as Muslim, but maybe now is not the time anymore. But there's another force pulling at us. Saying that now is the time to represent Islam. Now is the time to hold firm to our morals, now's the time to hold firm to our identity. Because you know what?

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It's not just about us. It's not just about this generation, it's about the generation to come. And I'll ask you this question. If we start chipping away at our Deen. Now, if we start chipping away at our religion now, if we start letting this go and letting that go and saying you know what, this is not the time. This is not the time for me to be that representative of Islam. This is not the time for me to show my Islam. If we start chipping away at our religion now, then what will be left for our children? What will be left for the generation that comes after us because now we are responsible. Just like the generation before us, we have a lot. We owe them a lot. It is because of

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the work that they did, that we are able to gather here in the 1000s and be proud of our Islam. And we want to continue that tradition. We want to continue that tradition that the next generation comes our kids come and they say you know what my parents held on to Islam.

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My parents held on to their Deen

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they were proud. They were proud to be Muslim and proud to be American at the same time. And that makes it that today, I have a legacy to follow. This is the time my brothers and sisters, this is the time to establish that legacy as a last minute to Allah tests us. Likewise Allah gives us the ability and the opportunity to raise us in status. For how else were the profits raised in status. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that those who are tested most severely are the Gambia. Allah raised them in status by testing them. And likewise, we actually should have no doubt.

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We should have no doubt in our mind. That Allah wants to raise our status, that Allah wants to strengthen us. Allah wants to unite us. Allah wants us to hold out Hold on. Allah wants us to be an example for the generations that come after us. My brothers and sisters, that is the bigger picture. But I don't want to just leave you with that. It's easy to talk about the quote unquote

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Quote, glamorous topics, it's easy to talk about Islamophobia and hate and bigotry. And yes, that is the larger challenge for us. That is the larger picture.

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Our oma indeed is going through immense difficulties, but never belittle the individual problems that you are going through. Never be little,

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the little problems that Steph seen little from the outside, because each and every one of us, we have our own struggle. Each and every one of us, we have our own trials. And how can you tell me, somebody who is going through an emotional trial, someone whose life is suffering, that their hardship means any less, their hardship for them, is a hardship, their distress in their trial, for them is a hardship. So I want to make sure that as we talk about these bigger issues, and yes, they need to be talked about, yes, we need to encourage one another. Yes, we need to hold on to one another, and unite and come together and help each other persevere. Likewise, we need to also look

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out for the little guy, or the little girl, we need to start meeting the needs of our communities, we need to start looking out

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for those segments of our communities that have been neglected for too long. Whether it be the role of women,

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whether it be our reverse, and convert brothers and sisters, who we've neglected for so long, whether it be our brothers and sisters suffering from mental illnesses, whether it be those sections of our communities, that are suffering, that are afflicted with disabilities, now is the time my brothers and sisters, as we forge our identity. And as we come together, likewise, we have to do it, we have to make sure that we're doing it in a complete fashion, we have to make sure that as we're forging our identity, that it begins with the little person, it begins with the with the neglected needs, and we move up from there. And I know what a lot of people think a lot of people think, what

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can I do? How can I make a difference? I'm just one individual. I look out. And I see these big Muslim organizations, and I see these well known speakers and so on and so forth. But I'm just, I'm just an individual, what can I do? My brothers and sisters, we all have a role to play. And sometimes we miss out on doing something good because we're just waiting to do something great.

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And with a loss penalty, Allah, we don't know what that definition is. We may do something seemingly small, but with a loss penalty Allah, it is great. La Tierra nominal Maru fishy. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said never be little anything from good. So all I asked from you today, as we come to the close, or the or close to the end of this evening, all I ask is that you make the personal intention to make a difference. And never tell yourself that it's too small. Never tell yourself that it's not big enough. Never tell yourself that is not glamorous enough. Because the real work is really, really being done by the people who are unseen. And it has been like that throughout

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history. And we will show up on the day of judgment and and I have no doubt that we will see people walking in front of Jen walking in front of us into Jenna, people that we never imagined people that we never looked at people that we never thought about. And we will see how to add I will take those people who are unknown in this life. And the last panel what to add, I will make them true celebrities. The Celebrity on the Day of Judgment is the real celebrity. Because you're not talking about a few 1000 followers. You're not even talking about a million followers. You're talking about billions and billions of people who will be standing on the Day of Judgment looking at this

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individual who was unknown in this life.

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This individual who thought nobody knows what I am doing, but Allah subhana wa tada knows what I'm doing. And so as we go through these tests and trials, my brothers and sisters, revive your EMA and revive your spirituality revive your connection with Allah subhanaw taala and hold firm and Allah Subhana Allah knows best desert Camilla Hokkaido was set on what a comb or Rahmatullahi wa barakato

Belief is not just a word we may utter, but it is a complete package with obligations and duties. Allah tests how truthful are we to our verbal claim of belief. Allah is always with those who maintain close connection to him during those trials. The results of the recent US presidential elections sent a message to American Muslims to get up and be ready for an incoming test.

This lecture was given at the 15th MAS-ICNA Annual Convention.

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