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Assuming The Worst In Others

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Saad Tasleem

Channel: Saad Tasleem

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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You know what they say about assumptions, right? You're watching hashtag,

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Assuming the worst in someone, or assuming the worst when it comes to their intentions, opens the door for so much evil and so much conflict. Once you begin to assume the worst when it comes to someone's intention, it's very, very hard to stop any type of conflict and SubhanAllah. This is why chape on, he loves it when we assume the worst because the conflict just won't end. If someone's having a problem with someone else. And you keep assuming or keep keep making assumptions about their intentions, or why they did it and you assume the worst of it, then this conflict will never end it will keep it will perpetuate and it will continue to go on. On the other hand, assuming the

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best or thinking the best of someone or assuming that they had the best of intentions, not only will this stop a lot of conflict from occurring in the first place, it will put an end to conflict which is already taking place. Sometimes a very simple solution to conflict or problems that someone is having is for one or both of the parties in that conflict, to just assume the best and the other person and it was panatela knows best until next time insha Allah said on Monday come to light