The Virtue Of The People Of The Battle Of Badr

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Salam Alaikum deliver Qatar

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Alhamdulillah Bellarmine so Allah said on Baraka, Vienna Muhammad and right earlier so he was so limited Sleeman Kathira mama, but can the Muslims be better than

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one another?

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Is possible

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is it possible Jamal, some Muslims better than others? Like there are better Muslims and others something like that. Who's better the one who was on your right side, your left side?

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Or the one who's behind you a bone in front of you? Who is the one who is better? You see, we shouldn't be looking at that right? But who's the one who gives people this kind of, you know, reference a preference? Who's the one who gives that preference? Allah subhanaw taala and the line made for us at least in this dunya are all how can we you know, give people status based on what in Chroma Komenda Allah He at Koco those are most honorable amongst you with Allah subhanho wa Taala are those most righteous? However, do we know who was most righteous? The winner was more rich than us than the other? Does it go by the length of your beard or fluffier? hijabis

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we don't have these categories right? But Allah is the One who gives people preference over others. And here in this hadith, also Allah has given us this example here. In the Hadith number 1829 And the other side of handyman maneuver him Allah Allah, quite a few Kitab elemental Rottweil Mala, the book of miscellaneous hadith of significant values. Carla van Rafa attorney raffia hustle Zaraki Radi Allahu Anhu con

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Jabril Jabril Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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for call Mata or Duna Allah bedridden fecal.

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In this hadith Gibreel came to the Prophet salaallah Salah and said to him called Mata or Duna, elevated and fuchal So he's I asked him, How do you estimate among you those who participated in the Battle of budder? Like how do you value how much do you value? Those who participated in better for Sorolla has Salah Salem Chi Minh Abdullah Muslim, they're among the best instead were the best of Muslims Gibreel says called waka Lika Masha he the brother of mineral Mala ICA, he said to him the same is the case with the angels who were at birth among the best of the angels.

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What does that mean to you man, even the angels what?

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Categories different levels as well too. So from this hadith the Prophet Salah Salem was asked by who

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Gibreel so that preference came from where? From Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah azza wa jal, he is the one who said that people have better or better than others, right? than others in terms of what why why would they consider being among the best of the Muslims?

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Because that was the first blood that was spilled for the sake of Allah azza wa jal in that sense. They were the ones that took the brunt.

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They were the one that stood against the Mushrikeen. The people of Makkah had they did not take that stance, and face the enemy on that day, you probably wouldn't be Muslim today.

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They were the one who stood one have absolutely no preparation for battle. Absolutely not. What were they going out for the Prophet Salas and what were they after? She was in the caravan, which is what money letter is going to be easy. It's a caravan protected by a few swords. And that's it. But then when they miss the caravan, what happened? They had the first word, a world prepared army of 1000 plus people and how many were they 300 plus.

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So that was it was actually so difficult, and even they themselves didn't know what to do. They were hesitating and Allah described them in the Quran in surah Al MFAT he said that you are there you're so scared and you're wishing that you know what, we didn't come out for this we came out for for the caravan. And Allah subhana wa Tada he put that appointment for you. So do you meet your enemy, so he will scrutinize those are truthful from those who are not.

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And those who remain steadfast. On the Day when Allah was hot when the prophets Allah Sam was asking the Sahaba are they allowed to run on a sheet or Allah Jaco gave me the advice what do I what do we do now? So more hygiene. They told the prophet Samuel Rasul Allah we're with you. Wherever you're going to face we're going to face it with you we will defend you will fight with you will and the Prophet keeps saying a shooter Algeria calm.

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Is a please give me your opinion. And then we'll Algerian again. You are also Allah, where would you where next will support you. Then some of the leaders of the unsalted Sakarya Rasul Allah Allah katha. Nina. are you pointing to us? Are you waiting for us? The professor suggests Of course. I mean, you you promise me. This is the moment you promise that you're going to defend this deed. And this is the moment for right now. Carly Rasul Allah. They made it very simple.

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Rasul Allah, I swear, if you want us to cross a river or the or the sea with you, we'll go with you.

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We will you even if you take us to cross the sea and the ocean, we will cross the ocean with you. And with that Subhanallah there was solidified as one group and they fought on the last hand, bless them with that victory. Now, that victory,

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the prophets of Salaam in this hadith get the news from Jabril that what, even the angels who attended the people the Battle of better among the best of the angels,

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what does that mean? Were there angels on the battlefield? Of course, la mentioned that in Surah Surah Lamphun he sends 1000s Allah subhanaw taala to aid the Muslims in the world and in the field. And there were some reports from the Sahaba della Toranomon some of them they so what could be angels, like in the Hadith

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one of the Sahaba daughter and he said that I so Muslim Naja, they just like

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some sort of like a screen something like, like a blanket in the sky. And I thought is, this could be the angels. And I heard one time when I heard as a Professor Sam was retreating towards the mountain. side they said Khan arrived to I saw what the Prophet SAW Selim to white warriors like wearing white next to him. He said, I've never I've never seen them before. I've never seen them after the battle was done. Because I thought they were the angels as well to. Also when the Prophet Salah Salem ended the Battle of thunder, and he was taken off his armors Gibreel came to me, he goes, What are you doing? You're taking the armors off. The hinges haven't done that yet until you

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finish Humberto Corrado. So they were also there witnessing this battle. So they were and that's an evidence here that they also witnessed the Battle of better and they were considered among the best now. The battle that people have better has a very special status can be seen also in Hadith health of an epi belta hottub or the ALLAH and he also witnessed the Battle of butter.

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But he did something he did something that would count something extremely, extremely horrible. Anyone knows what how to did that upset the Prophet salaallah salah, but he's still forgiven. What was that?

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Like an act of treason? What was that?

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He wrote the letter were informed the people of Makkah about the prophets plan to go and conquer Makkah.

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And the Prophet want to keep that completely secret. He wanted to surprise the people of NACA, but how to write a letter gives it to a lady and the lady she she went out to Mecca to warn the people. And the Prophet was told about that letter

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from Djibouti and the Messenger of Allah he calls on my dad and I live in Avatar and he goes you go by such and such place, you will find the lady she has a letter bring it to me.

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And they went quickly and they stop that lady she they told her what is the letter?

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She was what letter

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they said to look for you to give her the give us the letter. Otherwise we're gonna have to frisk you. She was okay. Don't touch me. And she took it out from her hair from her braids. She does.

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And it took her to the Prophet Salah Salem the poverties that some hard to believe well, he mentioned few of the leaders of courage by name that this is it. That's what the professor Sam is doing. He's coming with the army to conquer America.

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And they will shocked the professor some was shocked by their heart. What is this heart of some of the Sahaba they were so upset with him as well to like, Well, how did he do this? Because he also laterally please don't rush. I swear I didn't do that. Because I disbelieved I opposite. No, no. Because I knew when I wrote it down that Allah will expose the expose me and you're going to know about it before even it arrives. And I knew it. It's not like I'm trying to deliver it to them. But I just wanted at least to have, have some sort of like a favor with those people of Makkah so that they will protect my family when they happen. That's what I wanted.

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So how about we're not happy with that answer either. So some of them said Collier, ossola Morning, afternoon, I'm gonna fly. I'm gonna do like this. Just give me the order I finish this hypocrite. And the professor said, no, no, no, don't say that about him.

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How would you say that about him? When you witness whether

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he was the better?

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And what you know, ALLAH SubhanA said to develop better mlmrc tilaka refer to let them do whatever you want. I've already forgiven your sins.

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What does that mean? The LMI they say oh, that was a prophecy that the Prophet saw some say that look that people have better will never apostate they will never commit an act of Kufa and they all died like this. Never commit any act of gopher never obfuscated and remain faithful to their deen and to the message. That mistake of heart about their loved one was during the time of the prophets, Allah Salam on the Prophet pass. He never had to do anything after that. But he says you know what? Forgiven Go ahead. It's okay. So that gives the status of the Battle of the people of better how special they were. However,

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I prefer the one who has read in the Hadith he was the son of Rafa. Rafa, he witnessed better with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam his father Rafa. He witnessed by Atul Lacava the night of the pledge in Mina, when the Ansari went the following that the second year of the pledge, and they went to meet the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and gave him their pledge that they will support him Yasser Allah come to Medina come together. That was the night when they doubt the door for the door vigil was open. The door for the for the migration was open.

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And the father refer he tells his son because his son was happy is the people who was one of the witnesses of whether his father says Karla Allah, He says, I swear, I wouldn't trade. I wouldn't trade the night Veronica will develop mother.

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What does that mean to him? What is he saying exactly? Which one is more valuable? To him, he says, then it will aka much more valuable to me than the Battle of Verdun. As if he's saying look, if it wasn't for the night of Aloka you wouldn't be on the battlefield or to begin with.

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So for him, that was the value of Aloka some of the dilemma of the high desert now he can't he doesn't have the right to say that because of what made it very clear that the best of the Muslims are actually the people of better but he you know, he said like the the same thing. They have the status as well to some element they say look, different status, different levels, because those are witness also bilateral one. The buy either pledge overrode one under the tree during the holiday via Allah and the Quran says, Radi Allahu Allah is pleased with them. So wherever gave the blessing of the prophets as am on that night on that day, under that tree, Allah is found as he is pleased with

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them completely, that means what they're not going to commit anything that we will dismiss Allah subhanaw taala afterwards. So they have different settings as well too. So maybe a different level. But there is one thing, aka was one database, another one for Mac as another word and so on. So whoever attend something, they have gained some sort of like a special status. And those will collect all the statuses of course panela you can imagine the kind of higher that they've collected. During the lifetime of the prophets, Allah waterboy was ceremony, the overall a Sahaba for us, they're all on that level, higher way bigger than than our even though our deeds when we do good

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deeds, it counts better than 70 of them as the prophets as I mentioned. However, no matter what we do in our lifetime, it wouldn't be a fraction of what they have done with the Prophets Allah said in terms of good deeds. That's what they will always be better than us. Rhodiola ran home or may Allah subhana wa Tada gathers the Sahaba Ginetta for those who are allowable Alameen wa sallahu. WA. Any questions your man?

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Whatever you the caravan.

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So you said you're objecting the statement that as a half hour after the money or what?

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What did they go to attack the caravan? Well, the story in this year, is that the people of Makkah, when all these Sahaba, left Maccha and emigrate to Medina, they left their houses, they left their places, and some places full with furniture or items, stuff and so forth. And no one is using them anymore. So what did that retaliation for? That they collected all their goods, all their carpets, all the utensils, all the stuff and they collected that? And they said, You know what? It's free business, we'll take it to a sham, we sell it. We get money from this and we benefit from it for ourselves and Maccha when the Sahaba the MaHA jurien They heard about that they came to the Prophet

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Casasola our money,

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our stuff, how could they do that to us? That's not fair. And the provinces have said, you know, what, should we go and bring our money back? We bring our items our stuff back. So they went to collect what they thought were their belongings. But the caravan pass and they went to a shop and they said, Okay, fine. If they sell it, we'll take the cash. On the way back, we'll take the cash. So on the way back of course we know what happened. Allah subhana wa has that appointment for them to fight. You know, for the for the Imam and for their Deen not further money. Wallah ha

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So what's the status of Sahaba such as Abu Sofia Anwar, we have a Sofia and regards to other Sahaba and other tourbillion. Right. Is that what you're saying? He is definitely better than any type and you can think of better than any tabula that you can think of because he has the virtue

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You have being so heavy, I compare the profits or loss regardless of what he did before. That's number one. Number two, he was also the father of the prophets allah sallallahu wasallam for his daughter, um Habiba from Lebanon, Tennessee, Florida and so definitely his status is high, Allah Allah.

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But he's not like Oba Casa de Almaraz. Man Ali. Never. He will never be like those who embrace Islam early.

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Part of Colombia 100, a Shara submergible salam ala go on with the lava.