Aarij Anwer – The Deprived on the Night of Qadr

Aarij Anwer
AI: Summary © The "week of power" and the "week of Decree" in Ghana are discussed, as well as the "week of light" and the "week of power." They touch on the "week of light" and the "week of power" in Ghana, as well as the "week of light" and the "week of power." They also discuss the importance of avoiding misses out on blessings and finding one's attitude towards snipers and events. The segment emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and the "we" concept in Islam, as well as the "we" and "we" concept in relation to actions.
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In Alhamdulillah una una manera de Villa Himanshu Julian fusina. Amin say Dr. Medina, mas de la la medalla Houma la de la Chateau La ilaha illAllah hula hula sharika a shadow, Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala already he was five years married, followed

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by the Darfur

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regime. Yeah you have lived in multiple la hakuho de La Tomatina 11 to Muslim would

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call a Latina Mundo De La Hoya kulu Colin's Cohen's, D de la cama con, el fin, la ku con la hora, Sula, Lima, hora de la, la la,

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la la la la la, la la la la casa de Hiram in El fissure, Tennessee Luma echo roofie habenero him in Cali, I'm Sarah amatola. In the surah that I recited to you that is very well known, is the surah of Quran that is named the surah of cada which describes the night of the quarter. What is the night of the Condor, it can be translated either as the night of power or the Night of Decree. And we'll talk about the the beautiful variants or the the beautiful complimentary meaning that both of these bring together. Allah says about this beautiful night. He says this incredible night. He says in the Angela houfy, Linda to other We have revealed it in this night in the night of power. What is it

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that it is referring to the forearm, but it is referring to the scripture that we hold to be the words of God that the verbatim words of God that is what Allah is talking about. What's interesting brothers and sisters in the hustle and bustle he says about this, the great scholar of Islam, he says that

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God chose to chose this night, the night of power to begin revelation. He is the one who has the most color. He has the greatest status the greatest honor, he chose the greatest angel who has the greatest status and the greatest honor gibreel he chose the greatest prophet who has the greatest honor homosassa he chose the night of the greatest status, the night of laser color. and in it he revealed the book that has the greatest status the greatest other the Quran

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in the month that has the has the greatest status, the greatest honor of the month of Ramadan. It is truly the night of power, the night of of honor, a blessed night in Ghana who feel so blessed my brothers and sisters, it is so blessed that Allah asks us what madaraka what will make you realize what is the night of power?

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This is a rhetorical question. When the last panel asked this question in the Quran are questions of a similar nature. What he's trying to get at is you really cannot get this. It's so vast, it's goodness is so incredible, his blessing so numerous and uncountable, that fully words cannot capture the blessings of Allah will give us an example of phrase that will explain to us or give us an estimation of how incredible This night is. The phrase that he says is les little qaderi, Tyrone mean official, the night of power is better than 1000 months 1000 months, though according to the scholars to the

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the scholars of the year they say the word 1000 here is metaphorical.

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The word 1000 is metaphorical. In figure speech, we say hundreds of times 1000s of times, you know what do I do home low un model alpha center. In one part of the Quran, Allah describes people who are very attached to the world, very materialistic. All they care about is this life. All they care about is the pleasures and enjoyment of this world. He describes their attitude as that person wants to live 1000 years.

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What he really wants to do, that person was consumed by materialism is he wants to live forever. So the 1000 here is a figure of speech to show and you know, an eternity or an infinity. Here again, that same thing can apply this night has more goodness than infinity.

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This is really the greatest, the most powerful night without a doubt. I asked you to if you're able to see some sports as we're coming in just step in Sharla sokolova.

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Have a seat. Please. The

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It is the night that a lot gives us this expression to give us an idea. That is what it's all about. Hi Edelman, Alan Fisher

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has more blessing has more goodness than 1000 months, really more than an eternity. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam says about this night, he says in Russia, but how the raccoon

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that this month, the month of Ramadan has come to you for sure. But he he Laila to Hiram and Alfie Shahar and this month is so incredible. so incredible. It's so incredible sins are forgiven. It's so incredible. We fast from dawn to dusk. It's so incredible. We come together, we eat together, we prayed together, we give charity together, we made go out together. We cried together in our prayer, we laugh together in our in our meals. But what's even more amazing about this month is in this month is a night that is better than 1000 months.

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Better than a lifetime.

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Better than a lifetime just one night.

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And the Prophet says something very stark. So awesome. I want you to think about what he said here. He says, Man huri Maha Karima. The Pharaoh Kula who

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the person who was deprived of it was deprived of all goodness, what are you?

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What are you

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in Rome, and only a deprived person is kept from its blessings.

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Think about their brothers and sisters, the prophets or someone is saying how terrible What a tragedy. It is for a person to miss out on the goodness of this night. That is more than a lifetime's worth of goodness and blessings. A few hours a few hours.

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The one who is deprived of this man who de Maha

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Omen Shuri Maha that person is deprived of all good, aka the hood email hierarchal know

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what a Yamaha a llama Harun The Prophet said this is a person who is deprived. What is this deprivation? What causes this? That's the question. That's the question that we have to ask ourselves, are we being deprived of the greatest night of our lives? Are we being deprived of that what is causing us to be deprived? What's holding us back?

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You look at other big events in people's lives, other big events that we consider to be a big deal, whether it's someone's marriage, whether it's someone's graduation, whether it's a sporting event, whether it's whatever, it matters to you a lot. Those are moments that people don't miss.

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That number the sense because we think this, we've considered them and we see them to be that important. We don't want to miss out. We don't the fear of missing out is real. Here, the Prophet is saying the one who is deprived of this who misses out on it doesn't have the fear of missing out. So they're forced to the anxiety of missing out, forces them to come and do good deeds, that person is a deprived person FOMO

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that attitude is the attitude of a person who is deprived.

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So we have to wonder ourselves, what is our attitude towards the snipers and sisters? how seriously do we take it? How much of a priority is it for us? How much of a priority is it for us? How much do we fear on missing out on the incredible blessing of this? Today we're going to have a janazah

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after the solo, after the prayer, we have a janazah

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This is the way life is brothers and sisters.

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Today we are here and praying, praying on the person who was you know deceased mela and mercy on their soul and tomorrow or we are

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and nobody knows when that tomorrow comes

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and happens to happen so suddenly

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happened so suddenly, and it's so real. When it happens, it's too late.

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The idea is we can't be deprived of this night's blessings, we have to take the desire to catch it more seriously. And that starts with the attitude. The attitude of I don't want to be the my home, I don't want to be deprived. I can miss out.

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The other thing that deprives the person. The other thing that deprives a person from from the reward of this night is the things that busy them.

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Some things are legitimate, some things are not so legitimate, irrespective of what busy is a person. This is the time where we have to clear our schedule.

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This is that time the prophets of Salaam in his entire time in Medina in the 10 years he spent in Medina philosophy world clear his schedule out completely. He would pitch a little tent in the masjid. And he would stay there every single light of the last 10 nights.

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Just so he does not miss out on the blessing of this reward.

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clearing out our schedules. This is something perhaps now it's a little too late. But maybe it's not. Maybe you can still clear out your schedule. Tonight is Friday night. And then tonight of the 27th. Tomorrow is the night of the 28th then the night of the 29th. And then that's it. Ramadan is over. If there's any time to clear out our schedules, to make sure that whatever is not necessary, not the most essential thing in our lives that can be removed, should be removed. This is the time

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this is that time.

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Why? Because this night has more goodness than 1000 months it's a better than a lifetime.

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And really the one who misses out has missed out what

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what also prevents a person from being from catching the goodness of this night from being deprived on this night. This blessed night is a person since we have to realize brothers and sisters, our sins catch up to us. Our sins catch up to us. gullible Ronna Allah pulumi him makin waxy Boone, a lot smarter describes the heart of a sinful person. Here he's describing the heart of a, this is the spiritual heart. The spiritual heart is described as Ron Allah boo boo him, it's rusted.

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The scholars of the field, give the analogy that the it's like something is covering the heart. Like if I was to, you know, clutch my, my fingers like this, like that. whatever is inside is completely enveloped. That's the idea of Ron,

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the spiritual heart is enveloped, by a person's sense by a person's bad habits by a person's lies, the cheating their, their their lifestyle that is inappropriate, that covers up the spiritual heart.

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What that does is that the the guidance of the Quran, the guidance of the sooner that is supposed to speak to the heart that's supposed to pull on the strings of the heart. I love the vicar Allah He talked to my node that's supposed to bring the peace and tranquility to the spiritual heart. That effect is not there anymore.

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That effect isn't there anymore isn't so pronounced because the hearts enveloped

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with those cells.

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So the one who has that situation they find themselves in this terrible state. That is what perhaps prevents them.

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That's what prevents so we have to ask ourselves, what is it that's preventing us and holding us back?

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What is it?

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That's the question we have to answer ourselves. What is holding us back from the greatest night of our lives.

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The Night of Power lay the father of the prophets of Salaam described it as man or my little country, Iran and Russia Bonhoeffer Allah humatrope at the moment,

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he said earlier, sotto Salaam, the person who stands and then he says stands he's talking about standing and praying, standing and standing up for the religion, meaning you're standing up to really take this thing seriously. Praying supplicating remembering a lot remembering our mistakes, crying over our mistakes.

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One of the best things a person can do is cry over their own sins. That is a priceless, tear. priceless

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requires self awareness requires acceptance of our flaws. That's what we are told to do. That situation doesn't says when that happens.

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Well, if you're a human being a person sins are forgiven, but the attitude has to be right.

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The attitude has to be right. It is seeking the reward. It is seeing this as an opportunity not as a burden.

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Amen and is doing out of conviction and faith. Not under peer pressure.

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That attitude when it's in place. That effort isn't is put by a person when they put that effort in that attitude is there. That is when sins are forgiven

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irrespective of what has happened before Ramadan, irrespective of what happened during Ramadan

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irrespective of what we missed out on, this is the chance for us to redeem ourselves. Again, I have to repeat this disclaimer, if you have hurt somebody if you have harmed somebody or someone has hurt you or harmed you, just by praying a few records does not get you out of reparations. This is a very important aspect of Islam. If someone has been abused, their abuser cannot just speak to doctors and say, Allah has forgiven me, no, no, you have to make the other person whole. But talking about our personal sins, sins between us and Allah, shortcomings that we have on a personal level, that that is forgiven, when there is conviction, when there is the right attitude, and there is the desire to

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catch the state and do something for our alpha. That's when the Prophet says over your lahoma tomato tomahto stuff

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah he was having Well, before I continue, I'd like to request the brothers to find some space inshallah, if you have if you see something like a spot available next to you please move over. If you're able to make some accommodations, please do so right now because we have plenty of people trying to get some space in Java. So please, if you can take a moment fill in the gaps. There's not more located so some of the people who are coming in can get a cd charlo

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everybody sees a spot ahead of them should just move in and that will create some space in the back because

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam describes this night, as are the one who misses out on this night is the one who is deprived

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for a loss petard describes this as the little other the night of power, which means that deeds are more powerful.

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They're more meaningful, they're more rewarding. There's more blessing.

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Whatever is done tonight, matters more than done on other nights. That's what the night of power truly means.

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The wife of the profits of our mother I showed the law on her. She asked the profits are solid. She said Yasuda law he ate in a limb to a lead in Laila to Casa de ma foofy. Her she said O Messenger of Allah. If I knew what night is the night of power.

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What night is the night? Oh power? What do I say in it? The profitsystem has told us in other narrations, that the knowledge of the night of power has been Allah has kept it to himself. And he says i akuna Hydra loco. He says that's because perhaps that's better for you. Because then you have more opportunity, more shots to do good, more nights where you are encouraged to come out.

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So the idea of it being the knowledge of it with being with Allah, Allah is something that is a real thing. And it encourages the activity that we see in the last 10 nights. The Muslim is full 100 we have about 100 people who join us for the night prayer. That is a beautiful thing. That's an that's a enlightening experience. That happens because we are all here on all those nights seeking any one of those has been the night of power. So the Ayesha says of the law and how she says what do I say in it? She's asking for a recommendation for dawn, the prophet SAW Salaam says to Ayesha, our mother, his wife, Puli Aloma in Nagar foo 121451. He said to her say, Oh Allah, you are the one who

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forgives. You love to forgive. So forgive me completely.

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Such a short, such a beautiful dog.

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It is so powerful. It's so it's mesmerizing, actually, although you're the one who who's who forgives in NACA alpha one.

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is to clean the slate. The Arabs would say alpha tarea who

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the winds have blown away the footsteps in the sense. If you think about a sandy desert, there's footsteps in that desert. The wind blows that over

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and then the

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Who comes afterwards has no clue they were ever footsteps here. There was ever somebody who stepped foot on this piece of land.

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That's the idea of apple. That's the idea of forgiveness, that the slate is wiped completely clean, as if nothing was there before, as if the sin never existed or law you are the one who forgives like this. complete and total forgive this as if it never happened. You love to forgive to humble effort. You love to do it. This is the beautiful this is our Lord brothers and sisters. In law we are the ruler diaries. Salam, Allah is inviting us to the abode of peace, the house of peace, he invites us to forgiveness, he invites us to His mercy. Are we accepting the invitation? That's the question.

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That's the question. Are we ready to accept that invitation or last month Allah will offer you love to forgive for one name. So forgive me, clean the slate, give me a fresh start. This is the best night of my life. This is going to change the rest of my life far for me.

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That's what the prophets have some told his beloved wife to say on this night. That's what we should be saying. Because this is the Night of Decree as well. The night of lasal 100 is the night of power also The Night of Decree the night where you can literally change your future.

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Your supplication meaningful supplication can literally change the course of our lives.

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That is what we believe in the dollar has that power.

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But the power that comes from the heart that's truly meaningful has that power. We ask a lot smarter to give us the ability to be the one who catches this light. We ask Allah say Me, me ask a lot to me of those who are not deprived. We asked the last protection from being deprived. We asked the last puzzle to make our deeds more blessed. And we asked a lot to accept all that we have done and to give us a fresh start

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this on the 27th night burden sisters, only a few nights are remaining. Please don't miss out on the opportunity. come tonight. Come tomorrow night Come Sunday night. Make this count that's finished all along strong in the La homiletical solo una una de

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la masala Mohammed Salim ala Muhammad phylactery salam

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wa rahmatullahi wa Shona assume that he was the hero of anatomy lamattina fusina taqwa zakia and the high lumens aka undervalue have opened it up into Santa Fe, Santa

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Monica De hecho la 4519.

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Also, let me know comment

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below likewise well along the lines of a sugar regular

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a long way to go.

The Prophet (S) said, “The one who is deprived of the night of power has been deprived of all good.”

The khutbah touches upon the importance of the night of power, the magnitude of it and how to not be deprived of its blessing.

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