Nouman Ali Khan – Dua for the Ummah

Nouman Ali Khan
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Allah Xena who want to start a new one a social

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innovation you want to talk about a

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human surely unforeseen a woman say, Medina

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men yes the healer who Fela mubadala woman you believe fella had Yella when I showed you a la ilaha illallah wa the hula shallick Allah. When a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah he was solo. Also la la junta Allah Buddha Medina leovera hawala de Nicola he Waka fabula he shahida

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for sallallahu alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman Catherine kathira Amma bad for in the US Dr. De de la la halal howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a Sharon moody Matata to her were in Nakula modesetting beta carotene Bala, Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah azza wa jal Futaba Karim bada Nakula Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim boko haram boko Moroni a study of local Indian laziness Runa Ana de vida de sadhu Luna Johanna de de la mulata jan de menos, hobby

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rubbish everywhere silly Emily, Emily Sania Coco de la Mata Mata and the multi v La ilaha illallah wa la maganda, Mina Latina, Amina Mohammed Ali hurt, whatever. Whatever sob sob I mean, yeah, but I mean, Am I bad?

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I'd like to start today's hoba with a very famous Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, it's a long study, but a very profound one.

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He begins by describing Allah, He says in the law, even law, a law even that Allah no doubt, he is good and pure. And he does not accept anything unless it is good and pure.

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We're in the la mina Bhima, Amara Hill mursaleen. And Allah commanded the believers the same things that he told the messengers to do. Meaning messengers don't have a different Islam. And the followers have a different Islam. You know, sometimes people start thinking, yeah, well, those were profits. So they were great. And yeah, they did what Allah told them, but how can you compare them to us? So we're not like them, so please don't put their standards on us. And yet in this beautiful Hadith, first of all, Allah says, Allah just wants, he will only accept goodness and purity. And he did not put some extra burden on the prophets. The central commandments of Allah are the same for

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all of his slaves. They were examples of how to follow that will never be as good as them. But that does not mean we're not capable of obeying the law. So he says the same instructions that were given to them were the same as instructions that are given to the believers. That he quotes the Quran. Mercado, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Tina amanu illuminata eva Malou Solomon, he says, according the Quran, those of you who believe Allah says, eat from good and pure things. Now notice the good and pure came back he says, first of all, Allah is good and pure. He doesn't accept anything unless it is good and pure. Then he quotes an IRA and the IRA. He says, Allah says, Those of you who believe

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consumed from what is good and pure play, but good and pure, and then what loose on the hand and do good deeds and act righteously. So there are two parts to that ayah the first part of it is consumed that which is good and pure, and the second is act righteously. Now this is an important sequence because sometimes people somebody might feel shaitan can come to them and trick them into thinking that even though they're doing something haram or consuming Haram, at least they're doing some good so they're doing some good deeds and that makes it okay for them to continue to do the not good impure things that they may be consuming. And Allah says no, first and foremost, you have to leave

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filth, you have to leave evil, you have to leave disobedience of Allah, you have to leave the Haram you have to consume only the good and pure and then act righteously. And so it's one becomes a stepping stone to the other. So Illuminati but and then why musallam equals another iron. Yeah, you have Latina, Latina, Latina amanu KU Leuven de Botton Morocco, he says, Allah also says consumed from the good and pure things that we have provided you, meaning Allah has given you plenty of halal options that are good impure. So whenever a human being is tempted by options other than the permissible, other than what the law has blessed, they're thinking the impermissible is somehow a

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better option. For me. It's a better alternative. For me, the halal isn't good enough. It's not going to make me happy, it's not going to fulfill my needs. And the law says no, I've provisioned you plenty of good and pure things, stick to them, who lumen abati merasakan. Notice the word plenty of keeps coming up first as a description of Allah. Second is something only Allah will accept. And now third, what we consume, meaning our consumption has to be things that are good and pure. What that's teaching us is that when we become those who only take in and only take from this world, what is good and pure, then we become acceptable to Allah. That's when we become acceptable to Allah.

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That is our way of becoming

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purified ourselves to remain within the circle of things that Allah has permitted and not touch and go into things that Allah has not permitted. That's how we become good and pure people. So it's not some crazy secret formula, how do I become a better person? And sometimes people think that you have to follow some ridiculous secret exercise in order to become righteous. Allah has made it very simple. If you want to be acceptable before Allah stick within good and permissible things. Just stay within the halacha and you'll be fine. And that's the that's the starting point of this hadith and then the Allahu anhu, who was narrating this hadith says so much Sakura Rajan, then he made the

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profit slice of them gave the example of a person up will suffer I thought about, he says, this person traveled a long distance. And they were disheveled, meaning they traveled for so long, they don't have a chance to get a change of clothes, they don't have a nice place to stay. And they're getting the we're in the wear and tear of travel is getting on them. Nowadays, we have luxurious travel, right. So you just go into an air conditioned airport, through, you know, security, and then you sit on a cushion seat. And then you say, Man, the flights delayed 45 minutes, and they don't even have Wi Fi right now. And like, we're used to these luxuries. And we think that this was a

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tough journey. Now compare this to a journey from 1015 102,000 years ago, when people are walking in the desert. When people are riding on a camel that's straining their back with every step it takes, you know, and they're exhausted, there is no air conditioning, and there are no rest stops, there's no possibility of death. Because before the next restaurant comes, your water is gonna run out and you're gonna die in the desert and robbery and see, you know, there is no security, there's none of those things. So a person is completely overrun it you know, how you and I feel, sometimes you'd hit take a long flight like recently, I flew back from Malaysia, and it's about a 30 hour journey with

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the stops included. And by the time you come home, you're completely disheveled. You can't even stand up straight, you can't think straight. You know, you smell weird. You know and and this is just from a an easy journey. This is comparatively an easy journey. But alas, messengers are the luckiest enemies describing someone who's on journey for months, not four hours, four months, they haven't seen home. And they're eating and by the way, when you go somewhere new, then you don't get the food of your choice do right nowadays we do now we say hey, we're going to search a restaurant and find it. That's not how things worked back then. If you're out there and you see a rabbit, I

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don't care if you like rabbit or not, you're going to eat today, what's for dinner is rabbit. That's what you're gonna eat. If you didn't find any animal is just vegetable, that's all you're gonna get. That's what you got. There's no options. There is no there is no search for a nearby place to eat. It doesn't work that way. So you're you're consuming What you may not even like but just to survive. So this person has been traveling a long time. They're disheveled. They're covered and done. abre el dia de la Santa, then they read their hands up to the sky. And some scholars describe this hadith as perhaps someone who has come a long distance all the way to the Kaaba, that they've come all the way

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to, you know, perform the ritual of Hajj. Right, and they've left their home behind, and they left every luxury behind. And they are going through all this difficulty and the Quran even describes, you know, that even when you take a single step, a single step, that none of it, there's not a single step you take for the sake of Allah except that it's recorded in your favor. Right, this person's taken 1000s of steps, hundreds of 1000s of steps and the discomfort that they're feeling all of it for the sake of Allah for no other purpose. When someone is out in the middle of this discomfort in this intense heat. They're not doing it for worldly gain. They're not doing it for any

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kind of reputation. They're doing it for the sake of Allah. That's all. That's all that matters now. There's just them and Allah. So your mood dia de la sama, he raises his hands to the sky. Yeah. Rob, Rob, my master, my Master, what a beautiful scene. A person who has left the world behind who's going through every kind of discomfort. The only priority they have is Allah. That's it. That's the only priority they have. And what does that have to do with the rest of this hadith? Listen to the shocking conclusion of this hadith. He says we're not the mo who Haram. Well, my shabu Haram. Well, Mel bazoo Haram, but with the herbal haram and this person the food they eat is impermissible and

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the drinks they drink are impermissible. And the clothes they're wearing are impermissible and they're being sustained by the impermissible all the things are haram haram Haram. And the question arises, if this person is coming all the way to make dua to Allah, I'm pretty sure they're slaughtering the animal properly and saying Bismillah Allahu Akbar, a person is not going on the way looking for pork. Before they make these laws, they're eating the halal. They're drinking water. They're not drinking wine. So what is the last messenger talking about some of them? It's not just what you consume. It's the money you earned to get that. How did you how did you earn that money?

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Did you earn that money by lying to somebody? Did you earn that money by cheating somebody? Did you earn that money through a her own business? You know, people are in

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They're grossly hot on businesses. And then they want to go buy a chicken. Because it's Helen, actually that chicken is home. Because the money that you use to buy it is haram. And that larger text, the larger subject of the Hadith is, this person has left everything and they have this spiritual connection to Allah, they're crying and making dua to Allah. And Allah, His Messenger says, and while they're doing that, they're totally okay with how long there's one part of their life, it's like, you know, we, you know, I want you to imagine in our minds, it's like a shelf, right. And in one shelf, in one corner of your mind, is the worship of Allah and crying in prayer to

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align halogen, all of it. And in another shelf, there's a bunch of things that are Haram. And you're like this shelf can stay in this shelf can also stay. So sometimes when I'm when I'm consuming heroin, don't talk to me about religion. But I'm going to go to Hajj every year, or I'm going to be MC PM, and I'm going to be the most righteous and recite the most Quran in the month of Ramadan, or do all kinds of worship and cry and prayer and make raise my hands into it, all of it. But the halloumi can't leave, the house is going to stay, that's going to stay where it is. That's a permanent shelf, you know. And if that's the mindset, then he says, By the end of this Hadeeth, for

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under use the Jabu, how in the world is going to be answered. How can his daughters be accepted? You know, when I started this hood by a sighted an IRA before you were called or bukem, your master has said with only esta jellico call me, I'll respond to you. Allah says called me I'll respond to you. And that's actually a guarantee from Allah when somebody calls on Allah, Allah guarantees that they will want to respond. And then the rest of this ayah is in the lava stack be Runa. And everybody said hello, Johanna Masdar City, those who are arrogant from worshipping me, there are too arrogant to worship me. They will enter the you know, ditches in *, and they will be dug deep inside of

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*. So the first part of the iOS make dua to me, I'll answer you. And the rest of it is those who are too arrogant to worship me. What is the connection between those two things? It is as if in this ayah Allah is telling us the law itself is the worship of Allah. People who don't make the law or people who are not worshiping Allah. But Allah is also teaching us something else. There are some people who make the law but they think they're making the law, but they're not actually making the law. There's a delusion that you think you're making dog because if you were making, if I was making God, Allah says, guarantees I will answer you, I will respond. I will absolutely respond. Allah says

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in Surah Al Baqarah. He says, you know, in Sri Lanka, in Nicaragua,

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he says, When my servant as he might leave asked you about me, tell them I'm near, I will immediately respond to every single call of whoever calls me whenever they call for your scheduling. But then he puts a condition, then they should be responding to me to, they should be responding to me also. What that means is we have this concept that we have made the law. But actually there's the reality of law, what makes it authentic to Allah, real to Allah, what makes it real to allies, what I started with the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah is good and pure. He doesn't accept what isn't good and pure. This person was leaving the world behind crying before

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alarm making, begging Allah, and doesn't didn't matter what they asked, because what they were consuming was Haram. So this guy has, it wasn't really a dryer at all. And according to another, I have the Quran, this person is too arrogant to worship Allah, meaning you're humbling yourself in Doha, but you're not humbling yourself to leave what he forbade. So you're too arrogant to submit yourself. I'm too arrogant to give up what's wrong? I'm too obsessed with my own self. To give that up. How can this be called the dog? I wanted to say this because, you know, recently all of you have heard the horrible news that's come out of Kashmir, the terrible terrible news that some of you may

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know about from around the Muslim world. You know, recently when I was in Malaysia, with some Muslims that were weaker, and they told me about the state of the Muslims in you know, in that province of what is now claimed to be China, which isn't really China, and the state of those Muslims, the fact that they can't even go pray, the way we know there's military presence outside their massages. So when you machines are being destroyed, like just destroyed, the fact that we even come are have the blessing of standing in the house of Allah and sitting and listening to a clip by in the house of Allah we take that for granted. There are people today right now in the world, who

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cannot go there unless they the rest of their life. There are people who you know, if you if you find copies of Quran, if you find that the seat of the Quran, then your family can disappear. Your family can disappear. This is the state of the Muslims. This is how they're living. There are places there. You know, in Ramadan, they forced them they have these beer drinking contests. The jury

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fast, and the force the men to drink beer publicly. And if they don't, their families will disappear. And they forced this on the Muslims. This is the state of those Muslims. What's happening in so many places, the world doesn't even make it to the news. It won't make it to the news. And these catastrophes that are happening. At the very least everybody says, we got to do something, we got to do something. And yes, we have to do something. And some people say, we have to go after the government's or we have to be politically more active, we have to raise our voices. And I don't deny any of those concerns. And I don't deny any of the political activism or the call for justice or to

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hold you know, corrupt government leaders tech out none of that. But you know, Allah says in the Quran, Allah una

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dunya. They know what is outside in the worldly life. everybody hears this and says, Let's make dua for our brothers and sisters. Yes or no. Every time you hear something like that, we say at least make dua for these people. At least MiG tau for the the oppressed, at least MiG Tao for the women and children, those those women and those children. And those old men that are being thrown in jails, there are fathers, there are children there are but they are born to them is La ilaha illAllah, which is thicker than blood. That's thicker than blood. That's what that's our family. That's not somebody else's daughter. That's my daughter. That's not somebody else's sister. That's

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my sister. Those are my parents. And that pain is supposed to be felt and the very least we can do is make the offer them so we say McDowell for them and around the world. You know what we've done? We've turned to iron to such an artificial thing. It hurts me. And I know some things I say might somebody might find offensive, but it doesn't matter. If you find it offensive. I asked you forgiveness ahead of time. But the thing is nowadays in the world of social media and the internet frenzy, people say our hearts and prayers go out to the victims. I will make the offer them May Allah forgive posting a dog is not

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posting a dryer is not there is a conversation with a law. There is a conversation with a law not with the internet, not with people. It's a conversation with him. And then you say hey, how come you haven't made the law? How come you haven't made the offer? Really, because until you know somebody made the address and happened. The most powerful draws in the Quran.

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Like to do algebra him at a salon. When he was standing at the cabin, nobody was around. He was in the desert. No one was around. And he made this law. And because of his law, our messenger came some a lot more they sent him when you see in this Hajj season millions of people going around the cabin and making the love and calling on a lot and screaming the bacon lahoma big that's because of a door are made by one person because that person had left all of disobedience to Allah completely and was completely in submission to Allah that drive change the map of the world. It changed them have of the world. That's what do I do? Is that something small? You know, the mother of the Quran is the

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Fatiha own Quran it's the mother of the Quran. And the Fatiha itself is just a DA is no salata, Mr. T is just a da. And what is da da is not a public outcry. There is a sincere conversation between the slave and Allah, a real conversation between the slave and Allah. It isn't something artificial. It isn't a show. It isn't Europe, Europe, like this hadith says while people are consuming Haram, or people are disobeying Allah, and then they say we should at least feel bad for them. If you really feel bad for them, and you want a lot except your dog and leave her home. How much do you care for those people that are suffering, that you still care too much to not let go of the Haram to let go

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of alleged disobedience? Because if you really wanted a lot to answer these laws, for those that are suffering, then that care for them and that love for them that we should have, it should be enough if nothing else was enough, even that should be enough for us to leave this obedience to Allah. Even that should be enough for us to leave home and us not leaving that hard on us not leaving this obedience to Allah and then artificially making dogs like the person described in this hadith. Allah will not ask us why didn't you care about this oma? Our messenger did not describe some of

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this on my as one body when one part of it hurts the rest of it hurts. You know, this is this is the oma, this is our This Is Us ourselves. It's not even someone else. When they're being humiliated and degraded. We're being humiliated and integrated. We're being humiliated. The most powerful thing Allah has given us the mightiest weapon Allah has given us is direct conversation with him. People say speak to the politicians because they have influence. People say speak to these people because they have influence. Let's influence the media because when you have millions of people listening that will have influence who has more influence than Allah who has more influence than a lot and we

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can't even have a real conversation with Allah. We think of the eyes. Oh, yeah, I know. But what are we really gonna do? Yeah, I know. You said My God. But what's what are we really going to do? This is the attitude as if there is some superficial thing that you just do as a ceremonial, you feel bad made God but where's the real action. Real grace means the oma has made Toba real to our means.

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We have left disobedience. Real drive means these people are complaining, you know, we make dogs. Oh, y'all love these oppressors or whatever. And those same oppressors when they make movies and they make music, they're the music we're playing in our weddings. And then we make the off against the oppressors.

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And those of you who understand what I'm saying, know exactly what I'm talking about. You know exactly what I'm saying shame on us, shame on us. And then we think to ourselves that you know, we've at least we made the offer them, this is not how it works, that pain is something a level ask us about, that's something that we will be answerable to Allah for. And if we're not turning, if we look at the suffering of the world around us today, the suffering of the oma today, the only way out of it, the only way out of it, the only way the Muslims will be in a position of dignity ever again, Allah said it himself, when I thought he knew what I know what I'm doing, I know him Come to me,

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don't become weak, don't lose heart, don't be sad, you will be in the supreme position, if, in fact, you're believers, if in fact, you're believers, and he said that at 100, when we had lost so many, when the Prophet was almost killed some a lot more, and he will send them why, because that is the time to turn back to Allah, to make real draw to Allah. That is what a real believer does, they meet the conditions of that draw, they don't just artificially make data. That's what this is supposed to be. This is what our religion teaches us to do not underestimate its power. Do not underestimate its power. If you study the stories of the prophets in the Quran, every single one of them, you know,

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the major events in their lives, the major events in their lives as captured in the Quran. For every single one of them. The major event is associated with a doctor that they made to Allah, they ask the law for something, and then the course of history changes. They had a real conversation with the law and the trajectory of their life. And of the people, everything changes because of their doors. So this is not something small, it's not a ceremonial thing. Yes, there are real life actions we have to take. But this that the unseen, the unseen reality, this is you know about Allah says about people, you know, when I'm muted, lol hayata, dunya, gallica mob luminol. It has, they're the kind

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of person the only thing the only one worldly life. And that's the extent of their knowledge. That's all they know. They see the news, they see the reality on the outside. That is reality. Allah says that's the extent of their knowledge. They don't know that there's another world. There's another unseen reality, which is much more powerful than anything you can see. And we have access to that reality. Because Allah has given us the ability to have direct conversation with alaris diligence, to make sure our team to really call on him. I pray that we become peer people of real dr to Allah, that we are ashamed before Allah for the disobedience that we've been doing to him, that we can

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admit our faults before him that we can ask Him to forgive us and to really genuinely repent to him and turn away from that sin to you. No, I'm not giving you this whole bottle put you to shame. I hope you put yourself to shame and I put myself to shame before Allah. Not not here when we're together. When you're alone by yourself tonight when you're just in your own moments with Allah, then you and I have to just humiliate ourselves before him. We have to humble ourselves before him. That's when we become people of the I began, call on me I will answer and the I ended those who are too arrogant to worship me. Meaning you have to let your pride go when you make draw. You have to

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humiliate yourself before Allah. No, no sense of self needs to be left before Allah. You are completely bare and exposed. before Allah all the ugliness you and I hide inside, all of it is laid out before Allah and we beg him to forgive, we beg him to forgive. And after that, then the doors of this open, then the Bearcat come. This is when the Baraka has come, when did the help of Allah come? And even when the help of Allah came in the Quran was last thing I'll share with you is

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when the victory came from Allah, when the aid came from Allah, what did Allah's Messenger what was he told to do? For sub zero, deca, zero?

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This declare of lost perfection, which also means declare your own imperfection and just ask his forgiveness. Therefore ask his forgiveness. When victory comes we turn in forgiveness when it doesn't come we turn in forgiveness, we mean to Allah, you helped me know that Allah can

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turn back and make Toba to Allah believers. So you can just so you can be successful. People who claim to believe me Allah will make this oma successful. May Allah azza wa jal give us sincerity in our door and sincerity in our Toba back to him, may Allah make us of those who become good and pure. So Allah accepts our doors and accepts us ourselves as those that are good and pure, and so that our words reach the heavens and the help from Allah that sends the help of the angels descends the help of this

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sense and the protection and the dignity the sense that we can protect ourselves and the oma around us and humanity at large. barakallahu li walakum filco and Hakeem, when finally we can be it was declared Hakeem

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hamdu lillahi wa salatu wa salam O Allah, Allah Dino Safa. Susana of Bali him Mohammed bin Mohammed amin was early. He was a big Marine, kala la vida and akula Villa he managed a ton of regime in de la Vela. eketahuna soluna lnav. Yeah, you have Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Buddhists Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Khan masala Allah, Allah Allah Hema Phil alameen in habido Majid Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Ibrahim Ibrahim al al amin in the Gambia Majid Reba la rahima como la la Ilaha

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even kotoba wearing her and in fashion, it will come with a Nicola aka Allahu Allah momento stone Sala in the salata Canada, mini Nikita makuta

Nouman Ali Khan delves into an explicit explanation for the Dua for the Ummah.

Abu Hurairah RA that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “Verily Allah the Exalted is pure. He does not accept but that which is pure. Allah commands the believers with what He commanded the Messengers. Allah the Almighty has said: “O you Messengers! Eat of the good things and act righteously” [23:51-53]. And Allah the Almighty also said: “O you who believe! Eat of the good things that We have provided you with” [2:167-172]. Then he (the Prophet) mentioned (the case of) the man who, having journeyed far, is disheveled and dusty and who stretches out his hands to the sky (saying): “O Lord! O Lord!” (while) his food was unlawful, his drink was unlawful, his clothing was unlawful, and he is nourished with unlawful things, so how can he be answered?” 

This Hadith has very profound meanings. Firstly, Allah has all the attributes of perfection and completeness, free from any kind of shortcomings, weaknesses or needs. Allah commanded the Believers (Mu’minin) in an identical manner as He commanded the Messengers. Another point to be extracted from this Hadith is that Sadaqah is only accepted by Allah if it is from Halal sources. This is based on the principle that “Allah is pure and only accepts what is pure”. 

If we adhere to these points, In Sha Allah, it will lead us to be better Muslims with a profound level of Iman. Then our deeds will be described as ‘at-tayyib’. We will then be the ‘tayyibun’, that is, pure and blessed by Allah.

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