Complaining to God – Open Your Heart to Allah

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When was the last time you tried complaining to Allah, you're watching hashtag sad asleep.

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When we're going through problems in life difficulties, conflict, disagreements, tests and trials, it's common for people to feel like they need to vent. They need to talk to someone they need to complain to someone who better to complain to the last panel to add a last panel to add I will always be there for you. The last panel data will always listen to the last panel and Tiana is the one who is the controller of all affairs. And the beautiful thing about complaining to Allah is that there is no limit to complaining to loss of data. A lot will never say to you How long have had enough stop complaining to me. And I guarantee you no matter who you talk to from people sooner or

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later, if you complain to them too much they'll say to you You know what, I've just had enough stop complaining to me, but that will never ever happened with a loss penalty. And this is why the prophets I know him was Salatu was set up when they wanted to complain they would complain to a loss penalty as yet or they said I'm said in a screw bothy wasn't eat Allah. He said I only turn I only complain to Allah with my sorrow and my grief. And you will find in childhood that when you make it a habit of complaining to Allah and leaving the creation aside, leaving people aside complaining to Allah, you will not only find relief and comfort in your life, inshallah tada you will find relief

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and comfort in your heart. And unless panatela knows best until next time in sha Allah. I said I want a comb what I meant to light or what I got