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So what's the deal with this beatboxing that we have in the beginning of these videos? You're watching hashtag which sounds asleep.

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said Mr. Aiken. What happened to LA what I got to welcome to another bonus episode from hashtag What's his name? Now I'm going to address another issue that gets brought up a lot. And I've seen it been mentioned in the comments all that people often ask about the beatboxing at the beginning of the hashtag videos, and some people like stock photo law, you have music in your video, how to arm and so on, so forth. Now, before I get into my opinion regarding beatboxing, I want to say yeah, I noticed a difference. It's a difference of opinion amongst the scholars, some scholars do not consider beatboxing to be considered to be permissible, yet others do I hold the opinion that

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beatboxing is permissible because no musical instruments are actually being used and that is why we chose to use beatboxing in the episode inshallah Tada. Like I said, the pain that I hold is that beatboxing is not how long it's not impermissible, and it's not actually the type of music that is forbidden in Islam. It's not musical instruments which are, according the opinion that I hold are forbidden in Islam. And Allah knows best until next time, insha Allah said I'm on a comb what I meant to light bye