The Prophet’s Final Dua Was

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If you notice, we've been speaking about goal setting, and the things that people you know, set their standards for one person for a house, one person for a wife, one person for a car, and then when you read the prophets and what they pray to Allah subhanaw taala for, you'll see again and again they'll say, what to offend Amal abre

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make us die with the righteous people. Well, heck number Salah Han.

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The righteous people let us be gathered with them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last words was the DUA. His goal. I showed on the line and says that the Prophet said Eliassen died in her lap. And he raised his hands to the heavens, and his dog died that he'd been living his whole life. Aiming for was Allahumma rafiqul Allah.

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Oh Allah in the highest companionship