99 Names of Allah #78 An-Naseer

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Salam Alaikum tonight's name is M now see if Allah azza wa jal is an associate, and NL C, it means that Allah is the helper, the one who helps. And this name is very, very important, because we need a lot of help from our law every single day. Let's imagine that it's test day. You're in school, you're sitting at your desk, and you look at the question and all of a sudden, your mind goes blank. And you can't remember the answer.

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who's able to make you remember the answer?

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And nasiha, Allah, the helper is able to help you remember. So if you make dua, in that moment, you ask Allah, yeah, and I'll say it, oh, the one who helps please help me, then it's pretty likely that Allah is going to help you to remember the thing that you forgot.

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We need help every single day, sometimes with your siblings, you might get into a fight with your brother or your sister. Maybe they did something to you when your parents weren't looking. And then you did something back to them. And your parents caught you. You want to explain to your parents that you didn't start it, that your brother, your sister were the one that started it. But they didn't see that happen. Well, you know that a law sought and you know that Allah is a nasiha that he's the one that can help you. And so when you pray, to unnecessarily pray to Allah, asking him for his help, Allah loves to help you. And he loves that you come to him and ask him for help. That's

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because a lot is and they'll see. And that's all for tonight. Set up Polycom