Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2018 #13

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the abuse and persecution of the Prophet Mohammed bin Salman, including the use of stem and acceptance letters to negotiate terms with the Prophet. The speaker also talks about a meeting between an Apache and the Sahaba to discuss giving the Prophet power to non Muslims. The segment ends with a discussion of a beauty presentation and a future episode on giving power to non Muslims.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu Salam Alikum

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welcome you to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2018 day 13.

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And we're still talking about the previous from the seed of the Prophet Mohammed Salim Prophet Mohammed, as I said, M has announced

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the message openly,

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Piyush and and we talked about the abuse and the persecution that happened to the Sahaba Viola on my phone

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came the

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lot of events actually did happen in one day started persecuting and abusing the Prophet Mohammed and the Sahaba. Amongst all these abuse hotline, within all this abuse, there's always something good that has to happen.

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You know, sometimes we go through some difficulties in our time, in our life, and then through these difficulties, there's always a breakthrough, so panela to that breakthrough that happened at the time of the when the profit and loss habit were getting abused.

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You know, embracing stem and Hamzah embrace stem as well. Like the law

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Quraysh, the, they had to think of ways to to negotiate some sort of terms with the Prophet Mohammed Ali he a salatu salam. So they they came with this idea they came to him and they say, why don't you worship our gods one day, and then we worship your God one day, right? This trying to negotiate with him, you you worship our God, one day and we worship your God, one week, you worship one god one day and we worship your God one year, you know, they started negotiating that with the Prophet Mohammed also them Allah says reveal Korea, you heard caffeine, the Buddha met Abu Abdullah Abdullah and I will do my best to

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let them do what God has you stick to your religion, you stick to your faith, you stick to the truth, once you know the truth, in a prayer you have calculon you with AI, you have your religion and I have mine, you worship your God and I worship mine, you know, so, we do not negotiate in terms of faith.

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They put some pressure on his ankle to put pressure on him, he did not work they offered him they offered him money they offered him wealth and and to rule and to get married with the most beautiful girl and whatnot, yet the profit from them that was not his aim, the aim was for the message to be spread. So, they kept on in fact in on making it hard for the prophet in the Sahaba came the idea of migration, you know, because the Sahaba were being persecuted a lot and the Prophet Nazism was thinking about them. So, he thought and the Prophet also said, you know, was aware of the surrounding, around him sold a lot and he was selling them not only in America, you know, within

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Malaysia, but also outside of Mecca and outside of the peninsula, all the way in at the senior, he had news letters in them. So, he knew that there was a king there by the name of negus on the joshy who was Christian Yeah, he was a very very just men. So he told the Sahaba those he asked them if they wanted to migrate. So the first migration as there was two migrations the first migration 11 men and for women you know, migrated amongst them was an okay yeah, which is the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed who was married to a man by the law. So, not only you know, some people may say he you know, only the

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the elite of Mecca of boys you know, moved out, but also the family of the Prophet Mohammed as I see them you know, migrated and then in the second he showed up at three men at 13 women migrated to to have a senior and amongst them was again the shofar is the cousin of the Prophet Mohammed also sent him Jaffa we thought it here will come a very beautiful thing that would happen there. The the sit in the meeting with an agenda because all he heard that Muslims, you know, traveled to Kenya, so they tried to go and bribe him so they can, you know, send them back to maca. And here comes this beautiful, amazing meeting between pi between an Apache and the Sahaba. What happens

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Who was the Spotless man?

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Something really really beautiful happened that we could use today you know and learn from it on how to give that power as some of us who are living you know in non Muslim countries how to give that power to non Muslims. I will talk about that in our next episode, next time shallow to add up until then

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