Minute with a Muslim #355 – Don’t Waste Your Time – Wake Up

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of waking up to one's beliefs and finding the right path to achieve their goals. They explain that action is a proof of knowledge and that action is the last stage after achieving guidance. The speaker emphasizes the need for guidance and motivation to achieve their goals.
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For a person to walk the path

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of improvements or to to get to agenda, let's even put it in the absolute terms to get the agenda, you have to go through three broad stages. The first is you have to wake up,

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you know, no one can be saved. If you're not convinced that there's something to be saved from

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you, if you think that you're content with your life and how everything's going and you don't need anything, then why are you going to do all this work? Why are you going to fast? Are you going to pray? Are you going to, you know, exert yourself.

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You have your Netflix account, and you have your job, and you have your whatever and you're happy.

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That's not enough, right? If you want to be righteous, then you need to the first thing is need to wake up and you wake up how you wake up by realizing your death. That's probably the most important part, whoever is able to constantly keep in mind the fact that yeah, you're gonna die. And it's gonna happen pretty soon. And your time was very, very short. And then you're going to be resurrected, eventually, and you're going to have an eternal life, eternal consequences for how you lived your life. That's what wakes you up.

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That's the foundation of all faith, you can't really have faith without that, which is why I lost power to Allah. And so it's a buckler, the first description of a righteous person. In Medina, you don't want to be like, You who believe in the unseen. You don't believe in the unseen, you don't believe in an afterlife? All the religious stuff is going to seem like nonsensical. Why would I want to do any of that stuff? Once you wake up? Okay. Now you have motivation, right? You want to do something? But how are you going to know what's the right thing to do? Right, you don't know whether the right path is to go be a hermit on the mountain, or, I don't know, enlisted in the army or go

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through this. There's a million paths that you could take. Right? And so you need guidance as the second stage, you need to find out, ask the question, How am I going to tell what's right and what's wrong? What are my criteria? Which path am I going to take?

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And the last phone data tells us time and time again in the Quran, that the way that he communicated? What is right is through the province is through the province. You don't have to take on the burden of trying to be a prophet yourself. You don't have to wait for your own personal special revelation.

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Allah gave us the guidance of the prophets. He gave us the books to the prophets, and that's what He expects us to follow.

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The last stage after you found that guidance is action. Right? It doesn't do any good to know all the answers. Right? It's like somebody who It's like someone who took an exam. Okay, and they look at these, like, I'm not going to fill in anything. Turned it in zero.

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Why did I get a zero? I knew all the answers. You didn't write anything down? He did prove Okay, action is a proof. Okay, you can say that, you know all the answers, but what is it? What does it do you if you're not going to take the next step and actually apply what you know, apply that guidance apply that motivation that you have, you have to take action