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One is like an opportunity to stand in front of the mirror, but not look external, look internal?

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Because it will tell me can I really do it? And I say this to everyone, myself included, if I can stay away from food and drink for 1618 hours, I can do everything else. How many of you have a non Muslim colleagues

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who they look at you assess, and this is I always remember this is like 20 years ago, one of my colleagues looked at me and says Dr. Yunus. So what is fasting? I say I don't eat from sunrise from dawn to dusk, looked at me as if I'm speaking French. And he says, no water.

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And I said, No. And he said, at the soup, I said,

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no coffee,

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Nothing, literally nothing. I can see the changes. Nothing. I said nothing.

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To us, I'd be dead.

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And I looked at supplies. And I've been doing it since I was seven. And I was still alive.

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The point I'm trying to make the way he is seeing it. This is how Allah teach you and me. This is real for him. Because he cannot imagine. But for you and me.

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I've always done it was a big point. If I can do that, and a lot of people think this is impossible. No, I think it is possible. It's not that I think it's happening, then everything else is possible. Especially when I am doing it for

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what's called the minimum viable. nose.

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Alina sabula.

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Ronnie compete, complete, complete run to the forgiveness of your Lord. We're doing that in our boissonnault you are competing to Janina to Gordon, the width of it is the heavens and the earth.

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It is being prepared for those who have to remember

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now all of this climate, I think

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it's both normal they spend when they have and what they don't have, and spend the weekend in a comfortable spending minis. When it comes either way, those who control the jumper while Alfie gnarliness aha, and those who are the people

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and allows those who have utmost goodness, generosity. So part of me part of my talk is I'm changing. Again remember what I said earlier, they wouldn't have come along. If I am the same as they start to follow along. I am a loser.

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I got nothing out of this robot other than the hunger and thirst no one will not ask me will not punish me because I didn't fast I did not get any inch closer to Allah. I was able to control my tongue. I was able to control my anger. I was able to be much more generous and everything would coming to this than I am for sure I have improved and I definitely beautified my cake and it is up to you and don't let yourself say if I'm not but you don't know my children. You know what I live in I everyone a lot knows more than you and me but you can do the same thing of the example Institue example story I showed you was asked me and I was like what is the big deal? right but for that

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person's a huge deal.