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Part 2 of Surah Al-Fatihah until verse 141 of Surah Al-Baqarah

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I quickly finished up the last few verses of art of seed, which shouldn't take more than 10 minutes inshallah and I know some of you are thinking some so No, okay, shut up, don't worry, you'll pray your son, we all will pray or send on Shabbat at

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the time that you finish your sauna and remain in the place that you that you prayed the angels are seeking your forgiveness. So remain there longer and your forgiveness will come for you in a long time.

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We continue on with verse number 67 to 71 in these verses Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says, while you've gone to musala comi he in the middle commenters battle bacara call to attack a donor who's called rubella he and akuna minal janene. And you can read through the next verses, and you'll hear them tonight and shot a lot of data. Here, Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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When he's referring to musala, his son, this is the incident of the cow. What is the name of this sorta? So let's go back. All right. So this is the incident of the cow. And this is where Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling Moosa or is teaching moose, Allah has sent him to inform the people at his time, the Jewish not to be too picky in their questioning. And so here what happened was, there was a wealthy man who had only a nephew, there was no one else that would inherit his wealth, and this nephew of his ended up going and murdering him. So he murdered him. And in order to find out who the the murderer was, now, the people were very upset, he was a pious men. So they came to

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musala his center, and musala has sent him had told them, you know, it simply slaughter a cow, and this will be sufficient for you. And they got really upset started to, you know, question and say, Why are you saying this? This doesn't make sense? You know, how does this how does that solve the problem? How do we know who did this? And so because they continue to question they then would ask, what type of cow? What should we do? What does it look like and then the verses will read through it in sha Allah to Allah, you'll be able to get the gist of what was being questioned or what was being asked and the response that was being given to them.

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And so here, we learned a lesson of not being too picky with our questions, and we know it must have had all the data says in the Quran, let us add one Shia into the delicate untersuchen. Don't ask too many questions with regards to things that eventually if you were too picky with trying to get to the bottom of something, you realize that you make it more difficult upon yourself, rather than making it easy for your own self. Right that you ask Okay, what about this? What about that? Okay, I need to I need to fast during Ramadan. But what about this time? What about that time? Well, this mustard does it at this time that mustard does it this time? What about 16 degrees, 18 degrees, all

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these different things? How come we're spraying it this time a shot and they're praying at that time, Aisha. Don't ask too many questions. Why? You can ask you can learn there's nothing wrong with that. But don't confuse yourself. If you really want to get to the bottom of that or any other, you know, question that you might have, first of all, follow your community, whatever Masjid that you go to locally, do whatever they're doing, why? The problem if there's a mistake will be upon their shoulders, not yours. That's one thing. So you're relieved from that. Secondly, they've been put responsible for looking after your community. So the brothers and the sisters that are there that

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are looking after the timings and this and that. And I'm not saying this must have I'm saying, I received many questions today and yesterday from across Canada. And this is a big problem in Montreal as well. Yesterday, I posted this picture that says moon wars instead of Star Wars, Moon wars, right? Because at the beginning of Ramadan at the end of Ramadan, you know, it's always an issue of battle was the moon scene? Where was it seen? What did it look like? Who was the person who saw it? I remember two years ago in Chile, for example, the person who saw it, you know, one mustard in a Canadian city declared the moon was seen in Chile. And that mustard that declared it every

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other mustard followed what they had said but then two hours later that mustard pulled out and said Oh, the person who saw it. We don't know who they are. Okay from us. Now, all the other massages have declared tomorrow's eat and you're the only mustard that's not doing any tomorrow because now you are not happy with the person who saw the moon, right? So it's not your responsibility as in the regular person who attends the mustard. It's those responsible for making the decision. If they make the wrong decision. It's on their shoulders. And this is why being a leader is not easy. Right? So musala his sentiments telling the people don't ask too many questions. And they continue to ask and

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when they continue to ask Allah Subhana Allah continue to make it a little more difficult for them. Right? Instead of just going and simply slaughtering one cow. They had to find a specific cow to go and slaughter. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us in that lesson, the more you question

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In what you're being told, the more difficult it will become upon you. Of course, this doesn't apply across the board. Then in verse number 110, as we move on, we said we don't want to take too much time and a lot of time on it. In verse number 110, Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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well, the most wanna toe to toe moto candy Mooney fusi come in taggi to dogma in amo habima Terra mono una Bosley an established prayer and gives the kind of whoever and whatever good that you perform for you put forward for yourselves, you will find it with a lot indeed a lot of what you do is seeing so I must have handled what Allah teaches us in this verse, whatever you do, will not go unnoticed. Allah subhanho wa Taala knows what you do. He knows what you intend to do. And this is why when we come to the masjid, for example, for 20 guy, we let's say we're gonna pray 20 card for Tada, we right? You came with intention for 20 you wanted to do 20 you told your spouse or you got

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your family ready and said we're going to do 20 we're going for 20, right. And you feel you notice after you know 10 o'clock at 12 o'clock, you're falling asleep. You're not even paying attention. You're literally like in another world, you're daydreaming about something, you don't even know how it's coming into your head, but you're in a different world.

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Then Allah subhanho wa Taala knows your intention. He knows what you came for. He knows what you wanted to achieve, if you cannot achieve that he will reward you for your intention in our man will be at what even the modern equilibrium manner well, right? This part of the Hadees can be applied in so many different aspects of life, that Allah subhana wa Taala knows what you intended. You came, you got ready, you made Hulu, you prepared yourself, you brought your family or you came alone, you told your family I'm going to be gone for a long time. But you just couldn't do it and haven't done it.

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Tomorrow, you'll do it today, go and get some rest, right? Go and get some rest. Or go and make Whoo, go freshen up. You know, purify yourself, run around, do some push ups, maybe go outside, do a lap around the building, get your blood flowing, come back in and pray the West and rest of tomorrow we do something that is going to get you able to perform it otherwise alumnos your intention? Go home, go home and rest. But if you make your intention, you know what?

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I'm going to tell all my friends Oh, you know, I'm praying 20 and you go home every single day after eight, right? And you're telling your friends Oh no, I'm praying 20 your intention isn't to pray. 20 your intention is to create, right? And you're just making it seem as though you're one of those 20 guys, right? So whatever your intention is Allah Subhana Allah to Allah knows, and this goes with everything. Almost palitana tells us he recognizes our efforts. He knows what we put in. He knows what we want to do, how we want to do it, when we want to do it, etc, etc. And that's what a lot of Hamilton is showing us here. Don't think that your actions will go unnoticed on the day of judgment

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will come before a muscle panel attend and wonder how is this possible? Where did this come from all of these good deeds? I never did these things. Yeah, Allah Where did this come from? Allah subhanho wa Taala will show you that you intended these things you intended to help the poor you intended to feed the needy you intended to close those that don't have clothing. You intended to be good to others, you maybe never saw them in order to be good to them. Maybe they pass away before you tried to rectify the issue between them. But Allah subhana wa attallah shows you on the Day of Judgment, your intentions, held them. And so Allah subhana wa tada teaches us in these verses that will recite

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tonight, that whatever it is that you do for his sake, with a man, you will be rewarded for them. The person who does not have Amen, but does good. And I use the example of the doctor all the time, who was spending their day and their night treating people doing good things for others trying to help them right. And yet they don't believe in a muscle hadn't wanted to have it. Well, we covered this in our last class right before I left in when we're doing our tips, our book of other will move forward, that person should they become Muslim, they will get the reward for all the good deeds that they performed. If they do not become Muslim and they die upon before they die as a non believer,

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they will not be rewarded for all the good that they do. Because the tipping point is you have imagine the scale goes down. You have no human there's no such thing. Right. And so also handle with Alan verse number 114 of swelter. Baccarat he tells us

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woman of monero messaggi de la jolla

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cofina smooth wasafi photo beha hula eucommia Canon

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aefi in dunya

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Sierra tiara

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and who are more unjust than those who prevent the name of Allah from being mentioned in his mosques or in the massage did and strive towards their destruction, it is not for them to enter. It is not for them to enter them except in fear meaning they don't allow others to enter the masjid to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala except that they're scared or they must abide by certain rules and regulations, or they're simply distracting the people from entering the masjid. They're discouraging people from entering the masjid. And this is a powerful verse. This verse is basically teaching us

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to be careful of preventing people from coming to the mustard. Be careful with preventing people from coming to the mustard. And tonight is the beginning of a long month, where many people contribute towards convincing people to stop coming to the masjid.

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And sadly, that's the reality. We do always invite people come to the musters Ramadan come and pray we invite people, but when they're here, sometimes someone steps on your toe, Brother, what are you doing? Right? This might be a new Muslim, this might be someone who thinks this is how they have to pray. This is someone who this is all they know they were taught this, they don't know anything else. And you all of a sudden in your actions, the way that we treat the others sometimes might make them leave the masjid and not come back, or go to a different mustard and never come back to this one. So it's important during this month, it will be hot during taraweeh it will be long, we will

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stand next to some people who smell like gentlemen, we will stand next to people who will wish would just jump into gender for a second. So they can smell like gender. Right? There will be people who need a shower, some people will just showered, there will be people who push and shove to get into the front row. There will be other people who will not come and stand next to you. When there's a space and a gap in the row. You'll find all different kinds of people coming to the mustard photography, you'll be standing there, the Imam is reciting two pages, three pages, four pages, you didn't even pay attention to a single word. Because you're thinking, why doesn't this person just

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come closer to me and close the gap? Right? It happens. It happens we spend so much time during our solid thinking of the person next to us what they're doing right what they're doing wrong, and so on and so forth. And we don't focus on what's being recited during sada. Right. So this is the month for us to practice and prepare. And when you see someone do something wrong, when you see children running around, don't stop them from coming.

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try and come up with ways that the parents can look after them. set up something where you volunteer yourself and say I will sacrifice my toddler we to look after 10 children so that the rest of the Muslims brothers and sisters can pray in silence or pray comfortably without being bothered and disturbed. I will sacrifice my time I will do that. For those that are having trouble parking. They say you know what? I'm going to sacrifice my time and go out there and help to make sure that the cars are parked properly. Right? Why? Because you will get the reward of not only you standing in praying there in Jamaica, you sacrifice your time, your energy and your spot in the masjid. To pray

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that thought are we so that other people can have ease and facilitation and make it on time you will get the reward of yourself and the others? Isn't that a beautiful reward? Isn't that something amazing? Isn't that something that we wish for during Ramadan? Not to be greedy and just get the reward for the actions we do? Why not try and get the rewards for the actions that many other people do at the same time? That's what I'm Yvonne. Strive to Excel to get the most that you possibly can. And so we asked her muscle Rihanna what to add it to make it easy for us to try and learn to assist people to come into the masjid and not stop them and turn them away from entering the house of Allah

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subhana wa tada in the last few verses that we'll take which is near the end of the Jews where we will recite up until today. Just verse number 127 128 Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Why the pharaoh a Buddha Hema kawari domina bt what you smell real Robert

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De Niro Lani often our Geron sneem, a Nina

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like arena

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Don't worry. He came here a loss of kind of what I was mentioning the incident of when the caribou was being built by Ibrahim. And it's Marian Allah has set up

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the Prophet Ibrahim and his son who grew up to be a prophet as well. What is the O'Farrell Ibrahim and why are you who beat us is married. And I've been at Taco Bell Minh in Milani. They were praying to Allah subhanho wa Taala, asking him to accept their efforts except what they were doing. And look at how Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted it. During the time of the Prophet so longer either he will send them the direction the template that we pray towards was shifted in Medina from praying towards the north to praying towards the south, praying towards the carrabba that dibbler was then shifted to the Kaaba in Mecca, were used to be in Jerusalem, right? it shifted and changed. And so Allah

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subhanho wa Taala shows us the honor in that building of the Kaaba and how Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted it in so many different ways that we today go to the Gambia to perform the life. We today go to make Hajin armineh around the caravan. We wish and desire to go and see this

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building of just simple blocks really, it's just bricks underneath that kiswa the cover of the caravan. It's just modern day building blocks. At that time it was stone that was put together. Right. And Ibrahim alayhis salam was standing on his macom that brick that was moving up and down with the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala so he can take a stone from his son and go and build the house and build the walls higher and higher.

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And they may do it for you and me.

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They may do it for you and me in the verse that we just recited a banner when Jana was the main the letter woman Zhu Li ye Tina omata Muslim at alette Arena manasi kana were to ballerina in the world of laheem benna what I see him Rasulullah Minh home yet to Allah him, Chico Halima Makita. But when he was a key him in until azeez with hockey, they may do have for you and I

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they wished for a progeny that would come a nation people that would come that would continue to worship and be known as Muslim.

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And you and I today are known as Muslim.

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And they wish that for us. And we are blessed with it. But how many people aren't? How many people live on our street that are not from amongst those that can say I'm a Muslim? How many people live in our cities that are not from those who say I'm a Muslim? How many people have passed away during during our lifetime that we know of that could never claim I became a Muslim.

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And we were blessed with that blessing, with the opportunity to be known as being part of the amount of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the family of Ibrahim and his Mariela Allah hemocyanin those who worship Allah subhanho wa Taala those who turn facing the dim low which is in that direction.

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We turn towards that direction five times a day at least.

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Yet we don't realize the blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala that it that it that that is that we've been blessed with that is placed upon us. So we ask Allah subhanho wa tada throughout our nights of Tara we, throughout the nights that we're listening and reciting the Quran to grant us a deeper understanding for these verses. To now make us feel tonight in our first that I've got after Salah delicia to know that I am facing the direction of the Qibla the place where Ibrahim and is married, built that character they built up the walls

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and they asked for me to be from amongst those who worship Allah subhanho wa Taala purely and solely and here I am tonight to a lot during the month of Ramadan seeking your forgiveness standing before you wishing to be forgiven for all the things that I've done throughout this year that I'm aware of and that I'm not aware of. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make it easy for us to be from amongst those who continue to do that throughout the entire month of Ramadan meaning out of banana mean for some of the most sentimental about our kinda into Vietnam Mohammed while he was suffering in a second