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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam, ala Malik.

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He will come here to another episode of rock Ramadan. 2018 day 12.

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And we still talking about the previous from the CETA of the Prophet Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, after the Prophet Mohammed Al Salam went to a sofa, and he called, and he announced his, his message, some blah, blah, what he said, and then I had to take a stance, the first thing they did were was to ridicule him

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for Firstly, changing his name from Mohammed tomb with them, you know, it's like, ridiculing him and making fun of himself, blah, blah, and he was sent them.

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They call him names, they call him a magician, sir had they called him carrying, you know, soothsayer, they called him after, you know, a man who cannot have children, or who cannot have boys, you know, belittling him and making fun of him so long before it was said.

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But what did the Prophet Mohammed also do at that time with that period, he started protecting the the, the Sahaba, those who embrace Islam, and one man or one boy or one young man, in fact, he did something great for Islam and the Muslims. He offered, you know, people who thought, you know, they embrace Islam, and they start thinking, what can we do? What can we do to serve? So this man, he came, young man, 16 years old, his name is an outcome, an outcome, you know, from being a Muslim, he offered his house, he said, you know, here's my house, let us have a venue, you know, sometimes you need a venue to do some activities, you know, to do some programs. So he offered his own home for

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the Sahaba to come and the Prime Minister to teach them or at least,

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they think you could do anything you say that you don't ever want to think of how can you serve this Dean, this boy, he said, What can I do? Let me I don't know. And I don't know it's them. I'm going to serve, I'm going to offer my house and collect them. And here's my home, you can come here and then you can, you know, and the professor teachers, the dean, and I've come, I've come from Burma. So then the correlation took a different stance, another stairs, the stairs, now they started, you know, abusing Prophet Mohammed and the Sahaba. They started abusing him some blah, blah. And he that Yeah, just for the sake of this religion, so much, you know, abuse and hostility, that he went

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through Salalah who and he was elected. They asked him, they asked him, Why don't you show us some miracles yet the Prophet Mohammed, you know, and like so for instance, you know, when they asked him and visit

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them in the summer, you know, send down a mat either a table, you know, full of food from the, from the heavens. And then, as I said, he made the

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assertion, sent down that man, he died before the eyes, they could see the table coming down from the from the skies, you know, but then, you know, if they were not to believe, they will be destroyed, and locksmith and beam and having mercy upon them, the prophet refuse to show any, any any miracles. Why, because what the end in itself is a miracle. But to polish what they asked for, in all these, you know, certain miracles, the prophet refused to show them anything. Why? Because he was afraid that he may show them these miracles and then they will refuse to believe in Allah would destroy them, and Allah will punish them. So beam salam, Lahore and he will send them here he is

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praying in some alerts, the Kaaba comes, you know, comes the Aqua webinar, why didn't you start throwing dirt on the back of the Prophet Mohammed Elisa to sit in the dirt of this camera that they slaughtered? Then he took the guts of it in a field with dirt and filth. Then he threw it into the back of the Prophet Mohammed.

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Abu Shan, he took his mm and then he choked the Prophet Mohammed is awesome. And he went down on his knees as he could not breathe Salalah all for the sake of

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the Sahaba you know themselves like a Massoud like an huband and hubbub like bln like, like the very first martyr in Islam, the woman in Somalia, you know, from the family of Yes, and they went to so much abuse just because they said that he law in law, mighty brothers and sisters, Eastern did not come easy to us.

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The stamp game with love sacrifice is that game with lots of efforts that they have done from the barn to bring guests established. Yet the Prophet he never called for extremism and to go out and fight against them and whatnot. No, he was, you know, initially his message was a peaceful message. So long bajo la usnm enjoy Ramadan. Like I said, enjoy your deen your deen is such a beautiful Deen enjoy it enjoy the time in your Salah show a smiley of the show smile when you go to the masjid you know in the month of Ramadan Ramadan. You know think you know and understand that this religion like I said, you know, people they spilled the blood to bring it to us and then what have we done for it?

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So I shouldn't do that at least in this month of Ramadan. Try to enjoy it. Try to enjoy your Salah. So as to enjoy your fasting, do some hair, give sadaqa to him, teach the end and teach it to others. Do something for the sake of Allah subhanho data tell your neighbors about Milan and about these damaged by these beautiful D tell about the people who work with you do something for this deed for that

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to another episode of rock Ramadan. 2018 and the other was it saying

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Don't forget to share your comments with us in shallow and to share these videos with others. So they can also benefit inshallah

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