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The transcript describes a meeting between Rocky Kate and the senior of the Church of the Gulf with a man from the Church who claims to be the cousin of the Prophet Mohammed. Kate explains that the man they were talking about had been abused and tortured by the Muslims, and that they were using the manners of the Church to avoid evil. Kate also talks about the culture of the region and suggests inviting people to establish Islam.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Marie

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zazzy when coming to another episode of Rocky Ramadan, 2018, day 14. And today we are in our senior,

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the meeting with an Apache the very first meeting with energetically between us, between the Sahaba and who migrated to our senior and the joshy. And who was with the Najafi among us at the time, he was not a Muslim, but he was a friend of Mr. Joshi, and he came to bribe in the joshy to send the Muslims back to Mecca. But he wasn't just men. So who came to speak or who came as a spoke this man schoffel was the cousin of the Prophet Mohammed, as I said, and he was chosen as a spokesman, because I know for a very wise reason, Jafar is the cousin of the Prophet, and who is also whose great, great grandfather is Abdullah metallic was great, you know, whose grandfather his mortality

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and optimal salad was, in fact, you know, had this encounter with abraha. And abre, who's from Abba senior. So there's some sort of history there, you know, it says, you know, my grandfather knew your, you know, your leader before, somehow, so he came to speak, and he says, Are you a medic? Oh, you think

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we were a nation, that was a strain? We used to abuse one another, the strong with abuse, the weak, we used to deal with the Riba and you know, talking about this, the bad, the bad, Jay Z time. And then he says, and then came a man from us, we know who he is, we know his truthfulness. And he said, his manners. And this man told us, what did he enjoin us to do, dangerous to do good, to stay away from evil, to help the poor, the needy, to tie the ties of kinship? So he started talking about what the prophet of Islam called for. And then he said, then our people, our people started abusing us and torturing us, and they did not let us you know, follow this man, who only told us to enjoin good

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and forbid evil. So a lot of you said that. And then our Prophet told us when, you know, after all the abuse that we were enduring, he told us about this land this country ever seen yet? in it, there is a men who isn't just if you were to travel and go there, you know, people don't get abused in his land, because he is adjustment he's talking about, and there's yashi Naja, she was impressed. He was impressed. And she was a man of the book from the People of the Book. He was a Christian from the people over the book. And then I'm gonna ask, told him that, you know, the Muslims, they speak ill of Isa and marry him. So he called them again for another meeting. And he asked them about what does

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the Pope and what does Islam say about Mary, and then Jaffa kingdom and he recited the beginning of Sol antimonium. The beautiful one of the most beautiful songs in the talk about Mary the Virgin Mary gaff, yeah, I installed the calamity Bob big up there, who's a carrier, so he's talking about security and the value of an ISA. And then

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under Jess, she was convinced that these people are good. And he said that they can live in my land freely, you know, and happily, and they will not get abused.

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But what did the Muslims do? And they were there, they they just started you know, abusing the system. No, they were guests. And they come from contributed into the betterment of the society there. So they knew that, you know, the the seniors at the time, they used to like things from leather, you know, so the Muslim started crafting things from leather and selling it to them, you know, sending them to the, to the other seniors in a very, very good price for the beach in the contributed they did not just sit and just like some time people when they traveled to live in, in some other countries, and then they started abusing distance of the system. And he which is

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hilarious. So now, how can we relate this to today in Ramadan? Ramadan? Have you spoken to your neighbor? Have you invited them? Have you told them about maybe like, some sort of maybe some day that you could do in your measured like iftaar for the community and invite them and tell them about this beautiful religion, you don't even have to some hammer sometimes it's just our manners, invite people to establish. You don't have to tell them nothing other than, you know, showing them the you know, our our culture and showing them you know, the beauty of Islam interacting with Allah subhana wa Tada. Help us to practice

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Just want to convey what would happen after that. We'll talk about that tomorrow.

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And I will say the other words as he said,