Ramadan 2023 – Surah An-Najm #04 – The Type of Love You Should Avoid

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The speakers discuss the three types of speech, including neutral speech, doubtful speech, and against opponent speech. They also discuss the concept of "has" in the statement of AD and how it can be used to describe the speaker's actions. The importance of distinction and the need for men to make their own decisions is emphasized. The transcript also touches on the meaning of "how" in the Bible for expressing emotions and feelings, and how it relates to the concept of love.

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When the prophets I saw them is giving spiritual guidance, religious advice, the distinction between right and wrong, that is never based on what however,

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when Najimy either

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now oneness or he will come one of our

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make the most of this series by downloading our free workbook for a guided contemplation of this powerful Surah hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam o Allah say the MBR you will mursaleen while he was here in Ahmedabad, Aruba bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim Yun Tico and in Hawa

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Allah is now going to

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speak to us about the claim about the prophets I said I'm a negation there are three negations so far Melbourne, del Sahib, Okinawa, nyan Tico. And in Hawaii.

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There are concepts that amorphous soon talk about that sound really technical and difficult. My job is to try to make that stuff easy for you. This is going to be one of those concepts, but it's an important one. It happens in the Quran a lot. So I'll run you through it briefly. There are three kinds of speech. There's there's different ways of describing speech, but in Bulava. One way in Alabama you can do it as there's three kinds of speech speech to a neutral person. speech to a doubtful person and speech to an opponent.

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Neutral doubtful and opponent calamity that II can I'm taller be. I talk today about talebi and Kitab. In carry. That's that's the key terms, but who cares? What did I say? What are the three kinds of speech? Neutral? Doubtful opponent, okay, so what does this mean? If I say, you're you and I are taking a walk and I say the weather's nice today? You're not an opponent. I didn't have to do any extra layers in my speech because you're like, Yeah, it's nice. Because you're neutral. Okay. Hey, so what are you doing nowadays? Nothing. Okay, neutral speech, there was no intensity in the speech is normal level, then there is doubtful. Hey, is the class starting today? Now the class is

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starting tomorrow? No. Is it starting today or tomorrow? If somebody does that, what are they doubtful. And when they're doubtful, you got to add a little something to get rid of their doubts. So you say no, it's definitely starting today. I added what word? Definitely. So you added one extra stressor, one extra emphasis. So for neutral speech, you need no emphasis.

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For doubtful speech, you need one emphasis. Somebody says the class is not starting today, starting three days from now. And you say, Listen, stupid

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Wallahi. I'm telling you the class is starting today.

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What did you do? You said stupid to stress the point. You said Wallahi. Because you committed a sin and then you can remember the law. And then you added definitely and you slammed your you needed more than more than one stressor. When do you need more than one stressor? When you are talking to someone who disapproves? Or rejects your they're an opponent. Now they don't agree with what you're saying? You understand this? This is the basic the building blocks of but Allah studies, when you're reading the Quran, is there zero emphasis? Is there one emphasis or is there more than one emphasis, and that might tell you are is Allah talking to a neutral audience or a doubtful audience or an

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opposing audience. But this is the building blocks, then it gets more complicated. Because if you're super good at this, you might be talking to somebody who's opposing you.

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But you're talking as if they're neutral.

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Like somebody says, I'm gonna kill, you want to destroy you, and you're like, you're not.

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And you're totally calm. You know what that is, you are so confident that they have nothing, that you don't even have to like, respond to the opponent as an opponent, you're responding to them as if they are as much a non threat as a neutral one. You understand? So you could mix and match sometimes for special reasons. But this basic dichotomy of neutral, doubtful and opponent is very helpful. And it's a big part of the study of the Quran. Because through it, we get a lot of meaning of how is Allah communicating? Remember, the built the same strands are there right, the same concepts are being presented, but how are they being presented? Who are they being presented to? This is

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important? The reason I brought that up is the word Ma. And the oath in the beginning our double stress, ALLAH is talking to opponents. From the style of the speech, it's clear that Allah is talking to who opponent opponents who are saying he is lost.

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He has an agenda. He's He's the law he's got Bolin. He's got to Hawaii or he's got a guy. That's who they're claiming him to be. And he's responding with an oath which is already a stress one Najmi that how then Mom will last one hour that the two ma there right and it's not let me live Lhasa Hebrew calm while I'm Yahweh be a you know so because lamb is not extra stress but my is and then one Ma Yan Tico Anil Hawa now and he the common translation of this is he does not speak from desire. The common translation is what he does not speak from desire, we're going to tear that apart, we're going to go a lot deeper than that. In order to understand this young people first of

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all, is used for

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eloquent speech, well put together speech, it comes from the secondary meaning it is tightening something or gathering something together, gathering your thoughts together, gathering words together, every word is gathering letters together. But when you coherently gather your thoughts and words and ideas together, then it becomes not

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coherent speech. So that's the word nucleus has a side note about it. And he doesn't speak and he never says anything, or based on what we said desire so far, but we'll dig into desire later. One more beautiful artifact. This is the mom for her dinner, Rosie. We love Rosie and our team Rahimullah. So I'm just going to read this to you. And I'll translate it because he just deserves it. So now what Allah this what he's saying is Wanda is past tense. Well, now Kava is also past tense. But he didn't say, well, ma nataka and El Hawa. He says warmer a young Tico annual Hawa for those of you who know even a little bit of Arabic, that's Medora, isn't it? So now the MALDI FOMA al

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Medora. Felicity fat, banal, muddy middle mouth evil Madonna, he switched from the past tense to the present. Why did he do it? We'll see a little mistake. But if you hold the Who am I and take off he writes an awesome, he says and using the future tense, and the Present Future Tense all of a sudden, is extremely beautiful. Here. I am albala Hina Tesla calm while I'm at Abu Luna facility. And because he's saying he wasn't even lost when he was a kid. He wasn't even lost. When he was small, and you were worshipping all those idols. He's never been lost. His entire life has never been not even after becoming a prophet. He's never actually been misguided. And he's never been on the wrong

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path. Mala Sahiba Komazawa heinous gonna be enough see you. I'm an AMA humara. And so at this time, and the time that he saw the angel, and the revolution came, even then he wasn't lost. And while Nyan TaiKoo Anil Howell and Hato Lucilla, la Comadre, la Sulan, Shahid and alikhan. And even now, when he's speaking, and he has been sent as a prophet to you, as a witness over you, even now, he is not lost. And he so this is from then to now, as if Allah is saying his past is proof of the truthfulness of his present. Right, the character of the Prophet socialism speaks for itself. his track record speaks for itself. And that's his that's the evidence that's being presented for them.

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Yeah. Oh, well on Baldan, whatever we and we're solid and monkey Domina bodalla, on Washington Mojave, and he was never lost anyway, and now more than not being lost. He's a guide and protected from his guidance and guiding others towards the right way. So that's just from the present tense usage of the word. Then there's a an interesting discussion among the scholars about this idea. Does this refer to the Quran? Or is this talking about the Quran and the Sunnah? Because the it says, He doesn't speak from desire, right? Here's this and the next is gonna say it's nothing but Revelation. That's all it is. It's revelation. So does that mean it's only revelation when the prophets lie,

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Selim is reciting the Quran? Are everything the Prophet says, is revelation? Or is the answer even something else? The first thing we're going to look at the early commentary so this is from a property on my uncle Mohammed on behalf of Quran and Hawa who he's saying and the ayah is saying that Mohammed does not speak this Quran from his own feelings. It Maha the Quran Allah wa human Allah He you he lays the Quran is nothing but revelation from Allah that he's giving to him. So nobody's opinion is what's this is talking about the Quran. This is talking about the Quran specifically, but other than Katahdin design missing, a Mayan Tico and Hawa who, Allah you Hallo,

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who Tabata Kawata, Allah Allah Gibreel where you Jubilee Allah Muhammad

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We're gonna be coli here on my anticolonial How are built? Oh, that's a separate issue. He's saying he's saying here he doesn't speak from his own feelings Allah gives to Gibreel gibril gifts to Mohammed so Saddam and Mohammed Salim says what Allah tells him to say so it's not coming from him that's the point. So again the indication seems to be they're thinking this is talking about what the Quran Okay then we get to ignore ashore Rahim Allah more contemporary scholar, the author of the Hadith within weave what does he have to say? When not few not the and how when you after the nephew nephew agensi My auntie Kobe and it dissolve the story and how once a while on camera Quran a will a

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room in Alicia they never we

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this is Allah denying any involvement of how're we haven't defined how are yet any involvement of what they translate as desire. There's no involvement of it in the Quran, or anything else in which the prophets like Selim is guiding people,

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but he adds a clause guiding people. So I want you to understand this properly.

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We have to distinguish between the role of the Quran and the role of the Sunnah of the Prophet Seisen them I know we use the phrase Quran and Sunnah Quran and Sunnah all the time. But this is this is an intricate issue that I want you to understand some things about it, at least, there are instances in the life of the prophet slice of them, where he took a decision when no revelation came.

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He just made a decision, he decided to free captives in butter.

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Right? We freed them, that revelation came, why did you free them?

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They should have been executed. The question is Allah could have revealed before to execute them, Allah chose not to reveal it. And then he let them go. And then he revealed it.

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Right? What's the point of doing that? The point of doing that is to show that the prophets ISIL and makes his own decisions sometimes. And the only one that has the right to correct him is Who is Allah? Because even though he's the Prophet, he's still at the end of the day, Abdullah Allah. So Allah will do that. At the book, you know, when when Makkah was conquered, and we were about to engage with the Roman Empire, some some hypocrites came to the Prophet and said, we can't go to battle. It's too much fitna for me. You know, I'm just going to end up getting married on the way. So I can't I can't do it. Can I not go to battle? Because you know, too many women are interested in

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marrying me and I'm just not gonna make for a good warrior. I'm a lover, not a fighter. Basically. It was what he what he said, and the prophets I seldom said, stay home. And if I was the commander of an army, I would ask the guy to stay home too, because that's clearly a liability on the battlefields. You know? We all just love each other like that's so it's a good it's a good military decision to keep that guy at home. He's gonna disrupt he's going to cost lives at the on the battlefield. Allah afterwards revealed that if Allah Who and Kadima as in Tullahoma, may Allah forgive you, why did you give him permission?

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Right. Now, in those moments did the prophets I should have give him permission based on Revelation on based on his own decision? It's clear he made his own decision. Right? He made his own decision. Now, there's other instances, you have

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the prophets. I said, I'm asking the Sahaba to set up their camp, the military camp it offered, he picked a place. And the Sahaba said, Is this from Revelation? Or is this your opinion? The Sahaba asked this question, which means the Sahaba are very clear that they also know that sometimes the Prophet SAW Selim is expressing his own opinion. Other times it is revelation. And then he said, No, this is my opinion. And they said, you know, if this is your opinion, when we dare disagree, we think this is a better position. That happened.

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The Prophet SAW Selim came from Makkah described famously as bad in lady did have these other a valley that has no vegetation. He comes to Medina and people are growing dates. Right? So he sees some, you know, date growing practice. That's a little strange to him. He asks the planters Why do you do that? They say so we get a good crop. He says I don't see the point in doing that. They thought this is revelation from Allah, they changed their farming practice. There was no crop that year.

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And they said yeah, also Allah you told us this and he said unto my Allah movie will moody dunya come you know, your world's better I was just saying that he wasn't giving them revelation. So the distinction of ignatia here is really valuable. Why is it valuable? He's saying when the prophets I saw them is giving spiritual guidance, religious advice, the distinction between right and wrong. That is never based on what haha that is not based on haha. That's not based on empty feeling. But then howa is also a you know, interesting, deeper meaning of the word Howard that I want you to know. Al Hawa

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is actually emptiness between any any empty spaces called howa a coward is also called an Hawa, Javan the Allahu Lacan but knuckleballer HuFa and no failure when it says if the guy has no heart, it's empty inside the heart there is no courage inside his heart. So he's called a coward a Hawa. A bottomless void, like one of the names of Hell is how we are right for who, how we are, because it keeps going and going and going, it's bottomless. That's how we are. And falling to a lower place is also how I am from it, we get the meaning of love. Actually, I don't like the translation desire, or how I actually the closer meaning is actually love.

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It's actually love, but it's different from hope.

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So what's the difference between hope? And our hope is using the Quran in good ways, positive ways, positive and negative. What do you have in contempt to hipbone Allah for to be earning? Welcome Allah if you love Allah, if you love me, Follow Follow me and Allah will love you. If you love Allah right? So love is used in great ways in the Quran, the word hub, but the word howa is actually used for lower loves animal loves empty loves whims, things you love that don't really have substance and meaning.

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Like for example, I love this tick talker. That's how I love that song. Oh my god that's how

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I love messy that's how our

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there's loves we have that don't have substance they're empty within. Those are called howa they're whimsical they're not substantive there's there's no depth to them. The prophet is being the what is what is being said about the prophesy sentiments. He doesn't let temporary feelings moods, appetites he doesn't ever make a decision based on them he he doesn't do this at all. And he's not doing this right now. My young taiko in my opinion now who could also mean as we speak right now this is not his feelings talking because the previous IO was what your your saw him is not lost. He's not corrupted. No this is not him defending himself. This is not him as oh he feels bad that you call

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him these things so he's defending himself this is not coming from him this is coming from who is coming from from Allah well my aunty Quran in our because if somebody insults you and you decide to defend yourself that doesn't come from someone else that comes from you. But no Allah is saying no even that is not coming from him. He's not defending himself. I'm defending him it's very beautiful inside the meanings of romantic who only have a by the way how why is it kind of love that overtakes the person and empties them of all other feelings afterwards? I'll tell you take from each other. Now. This is Imam foster Dino Rossi again talking about how he says what axonemal You call feet

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exceeded our under Halima hubba Lakan min and nuts you call her we to be back to hula kennel profundity? How I don't know Allah Dunoon when no Zul was so caught Minho. He's saying yes, how I mean, it's love, but its secondary meanings have to do with falling and being low. So it's loving lower things, lesser things. And when someone loves things that are that kind of love they have it's how it makes them a lowly person. And he the Prophet SAW Selim is not a lowly person. And so that's not what is associated with him. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even though I showed on the same word, Malan Malan FC llama to Hibou out to everyone out there who do not and yet to do Lucknow serene and

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Hakim. This is really important. He says how it means you love something. And it's irrational.

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Like you don't you can't explain a good reason and you're actually denying common sense to love it. Stupid Love is hella

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but I love it. Why? No, I just do that's how I

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I can't explain it.

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That's because it's Hala

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are less these these voices I work on them. This is part of my preparation for the lecture.

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So the idea of how is the prophet sighs Allah is not he never desires something without it having meaning of course he desired to marry Omaha to be mean. But it was never based on something empty. It was always there was always a purpose behind things that he loves is a really interesting statement about our profits size. And we talked so much about being like the Prophet Isotta Islam and taking inspiration from him. Maybe we should take inspiration on on curbing haha. And checking in my ID to check in myself. How many How are departments have I opened inside my heart?

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I like things that I'm loving and I'm obsessed with that have really no substance. And I have no logical explanation except I like it. That's it. And in fact, it's even harmful. It's even harmful and that's the question we you and I have to ask ourselves Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job at Vienna is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna

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