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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu service was Assalam Alikum malaita Allah wa barakato This is the hours as you were coming into another episode of Rocky Ramadan day three, and the Allah camassia Manya la cama de la jolla and mubaraka.

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Let's talk about another objective of fasting

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the Prophet Muhammad Ali salatu salam says in the Hadith reported by Bukhari and Muslim and headed is written by

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Assyria will june

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for either Ghana song hadn't come further yet

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What are you upset when

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the Prophet Mohammed Allah saw to Sam says that cn is the shield, the shield from all kinds of evil it's a shield this agenda it's a protection

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protection from all kinds of harms and maybe physical and spiritual harms as well

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as a shield. So is there any obscene speech nor raise his voice? And if somebody wants to trigger a fight with him, he should say I'm fasting in the South India side and fasting and fasting

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it's a school

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it's a school you know, so yeah, Ramadan is a School to the tank is a school to control your desires and to control your anger. In fact the best school to control one's anger isn't llamada able now

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to control I didn't say you know suppress but to manage your anger control it and manage it anger because suppressing your anger is not a isn't a good method of dealing with you know with your anger or Venus knowing how to manage and how to control the anger and the Ramadan is the best school for that you know, everybody's fasting let's say and here's the husband that comes in from work tired and and and and the wife may be you know, was home the whole day with the kids and whatnot. And for any little thing maybe a car can happen

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if that was to happen one should say I'm fasting and fasting the Prophet says that the the the the fragments that comes out from the mouth of the person who's fasting is better in the sense of a lighter Day of Judgment than the fragrance of Musk, the fragrance of musk a winner. So who you are that another objective of fasting is is a shield that would help us to go to this school Ramadan ik school, you know, if to help ones control their their their you know, their anger to control not doing something How do I know if something was to come and maybe it's maybe driving or working or something that would happen and and that triggers you that triggers your anger, control control.

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Some really is happening in the side and faster and faster. I asked the last panel with Allah to help us out to practice or to convey and the lack of massage and failure has a shot while ecological until another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2014. I say as to mid

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