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Waleed Basyouni
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Now hamdulillah in Amador wanna stay in who want to study he want to start Pharaoh? When Allah him in short, Sheree I'm fujinami sejahtera man in ma de la vida de la la

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la la la la la la sharika wash Sedona, Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad. While he was so happy he was suddenly mila hamata Sleeman kathira ameba all praised you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has lost on final message. Just before I started the brother back there and front, on the chair.

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If you can go

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Yeah, make sure that his switch he can't, you can't have you cannot have a chair at an exit door. So you have to go all the way back or on the middle. So somebody volunteer to replace or switch place with?

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Is the exit door is the exit door far away? Yes. second line, thank you, just for your safety and people's safety to to somebody switch with him.

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Because in law for a bed for any exits, and you have to rush out you should not have any obstacles in the exit door. Like

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there is a scholar in his name and emammal Kesari Rahim Allah one of the greatest colors in Arabic language and literature and he was an amazing scholar, respected by all his peers, and everybody came later on

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and maturing.

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Remember casaya Rahim Allah one day he was walking. And before he became a scholar, he was just a shipper right on him. And he saw this mother dragging her son to the school to learn and to learn, you know, basic Arabic and stuff like that, like just to go to school. And the son her son was fighting back he doesn't want to go, then the mother said you have to go to learn. Otherwise you're gonna end up like this right?

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And she pointed to the moment Casa de la la. She said you have to go to school, otherwise you're gonna end up like this man. This shipper me and him have not not much you know, future. Okay, so casaya Rahim Allah upon for him. Many did. I was very offended that I became like mob Robin method. And if I became an example for the losers, you know,

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that she thought her son, if you don't we study well, you're going to end up like him. And I felt so offended by that. He said, I decided to turn my life around. And also there's another story about something else happened to him once he also went to gathering and he's talking people making he said every time he makes a statement they said that's not linguistically correct. Had an agenda in Mohali la

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basura. Well, hey jazz, he collected the knowledge of the people in Hejaz and elbasan he became the most recognizable name in Arabic language and an element in general Rahim Allah. Guess what his age when he started? It was he was 14 years old.

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In Santa, what can opener bear in Canada current have him Allah, for coolum comes at Messiah and he will memorize every day, five points. He learned five things every day, and he keep repeating them. And he became one of the most recognizable scholars in history. That also reminded me of someone who was not far away in age from that same eight witches have been hesitant Rahim Allah was a great scholar and Dennis. He said I went once to the mustard. And I came and I said, So somebody told me don't

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Set without praying to Raka Aren't you Muslim? No, your deen came to know that no Muslim should set on the mustard before praying to Raka then he said, Okay, so I was praying on another time praying and came into messenger pray to Raka so somebody told me stop and he stopped me from praying. And he said, aren't you Muslim? Can you know your deen? You know, now it's after us are almost mother Boy, you pray, you should not pray. He came before mode. And he said this is one of the time the process of him said you should not pray. You're tired. So I became confused, pray well, and I pray and he said I don't know what to say. Everybody come up with proof. So he said I decided to learn myself or

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him Oh, Tada. Then he said to one of his

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his father is a very well respected minister in the government so he has access so you as someone to deliver Allah Darren faki Abbey, Abdullah he needed. He went to one famous scholars, Maliki scholars at the time, and he told him his story. Then he said, Son, why don't you read him up and he gave him a copy from Al Kitab and more Bartleby Malema Malik Rahim Allah, he said, I took it, I read it, and I loved it. And he dedicated the rest of his life to for knowledge and he became one of the most recognizable names and knowledge until today. And he was around his third year of chemo low data. Yeah, Paul couldn't talk necessity were actually in a Santa

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Ana in kafer, edge bottle solid. I was 26 years old. And I don't know what to do if I miss one Raka if I come after the man finish, the man finish one or two rock I don't know how to finish my Salah. That basic knowledge that you might love and said, No, he doesn't know how to do that. He said that wasn't like I would get confused. That's how ignorant he was of the Sharia.

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And men karate. And now there is Rahim Allah and the scholars who came later a lotta Hindu limra in Limerick in effectuer. You're not allowed to be a Mufti. Unless you have a copy of three books. One of them the book of mohalla live in hasm.

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That's how how great scholars he become Rahim. Oh, Todd.

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Today I'm asking you

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to take a lead and to take control over your life. It is your life. So make it a great life. Make it great. And nothing can make your life greater than learning the dino philosophy cannot add and learning the knowledge of an uncertain episode sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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I want to share with you five obstacles people's mentioned it all the time. And five advices five tips. The first obstacle people always say, Chef, it's hard for me to memorize and it looks like all the shittier knowledge about memorization. You know what, I'm too busy. I'm too occupied hard for me to understand even the way the knowledge is written.

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I want you to know, memorization is a skills is not a condition for you to learn. You know, some of the Sahaba used to memorize only five verses and when they finish it they do you know it was said that one of the Sahaba took him 10 years to memorize so that 10 years is not the silly that everyone has that you know, photography, any

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memory. I do believe everybody have photographic memories. It's just some of us have don't have a film.

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So it was like there's capacity in the memory card is very smaller than other anyway, we're all capable scientifically we're all capable of a lot of ability to memorize a lot but in the end of the day, memorization has a lot of factors connected to it but I understand you're not familiar with the subjects hard for you to memorize maybe different language but yeah, you don't need to worry about that. Just start to comprehend to understand I'm not asking to be have the Koran or have to memorize the Book of the Hadith. No repeat Yanni is parallel. Luca and Robbie been silly man one of the most recognizable name in the Shafi for ha he's a student of Shafi, Yanni Kenya cool Anna Anna Baba

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infancia I am slow I don't and don't get things quickly. What am I allowed to add? And he said the kind of Suki Takashi pan and and who can come to Korea Korea to Kitab al amin hum smear Tamara had a doctor. I read only Shafi written by sharing 500 times until I was able to understand it. You know any Abu Yusuf who doesn't know when we said hanafy Abu hanifa imeem immediately immediately think of the two students of Abu hanifa him alongside

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be abusive and Mohammed Hassan shavon don't think that you were a genius just the art the word genius.

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But the point is don't think that they just it's not about talent as much as about commitment. No, Jacobo Hani Rahim Allah, Johan,

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any country believe in luck and Rajat Kumar Baba, he said to us if you are believed, yeah, and you are slow in understanding things, you don't get things fast. You're slow, but the thing that made you

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distinguish is your commitment. Almaviva that you always come and you always study. Don't give up. Another obstacles people give, you know, they said, I'm not a chef. I don't want to be a chef. I don't want to be a Mufti, Habibi. This is important for all of us to know, old or young. It's not learning the dinner philosophy that is not about you, being chef is not about you giving lecture. It's not about you, giving talks or giving answers to people know, the first reason for us. To seek knowledge is for us to be educated to remove the ignorance that we have to enlight ourselves. So I worship Allah subhanaw taala based on Buddha based nor based on El, not just based on culture and

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Also, a lot of people said, Men aina any

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woman asked me, Allah, Allah, and before that, I just wanna remember the last the intention has to be pure when we seek knowledge when we learn because it's an invalid as an act of worship, and itself and in every cell, allow and SLM said, monpa malleability, because sufa only about he build a map only. So if I will do a NASA LA for whorfin. Now, anyone seek the L the knowledge of Sharia, just to start arguing with people and go debate people online and social media, or liuba. They act like a scholars and they want to be recognized like a scholars or Leo's Refaeli who do not so people will look up to him and they become fan and followers and celebrity status in Nevis. olaleye seldom

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said for who have enough such person and helpfile.

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As for the question, Where do I start from? Who do I start with? Who do I learn what book that I read? I want to say I can have it just just to start I'm tired of this. You know, some people for the last 15 years I know them every time they told me Sharla started with Urbina. We're sort of alpha No, no, yeah. It became like a 40 now we've had involved in became like, 40,000 Yeah, happy just to start, you know, just start with a simple thing. Just ama at least understand the meaning of just ama at least just a simple understanding of it of some of the pseudo that you read. You know listen to the other side of him to already know you know, collection of unknown Rahim Allah, just

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simple steps do you need to complicate it, people have a different way people have a different interest in different fields of knowledge. But the more you learn, the more you start listening, the more you take the steps, the more you will find yourself. You know, going deeper and deeper. I always say l l. l l kalba. It's like ocean. We can enter the ocean from different places you enter from this spot. I go from here you go from there, you know as long as you take it slowly step by step and you know how to swim and how to learn how to have a share of the top you will be great. Who do you listen to make sure that you listen to someone and your need for someone have a correct

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update so it doesn't corrupt your belief or promote better to you. And, and the tips. I will give something specifically for this. Number four, which is I think it's the most common one.

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occurrence ledger don't harass us many valuable

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people are not interested in learning. Share, we are a class, you have to three people showed up. You have class, you have online to three people goes take up a class and commit yourself. You know, there's no interest very out. Many young people lm is not attractive for them anymore. They're attractive. They willing to spend hours and hours and many other things. But when it comes to learning, it's it's a quiet challenge.

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case of Nicky Theo said a man came to Medina to visit about Dada and that that city was the mash cannibal at Moscow, Alamo fire. Then he said to him, my academic he said What brought you here? He said I came

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he came over from Medina to Nabi sallallahu Sallam to dimension. And he said because I heard that, you know reading Hadith about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and I want to hear it directly from you.

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People Medina told me that you're the one who heard it from the process owner. Then I told him that's the only thing made you travel all this distance. He said yes. Do you need anything from me? He said no. Do you have any business in Damascus you come in to take care of it? He said no. can imagine to la palabra de la jolla, no relatives nothing kind of innocent. Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam I heard the process of him said men silica Perea Can you tell if he Hillman who ever take a path for seeking knowledge? silica loader will be a buddy of an agenda alone will make him an easy path to turn. Well in America tell me how to handle

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an angels lower their wings for the student of knowledge the one who learning the one who's seeking knowledge what that means they lower their wings Yeah, I need to protect him. The lower their wing out of respect for him.

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Also, he said sallallahu Sallam were in an animal Stubblefield Holloman facility woman Phil had tell Heaton a film that a person who's knowledgeable will be a person that everyone in heavens and earth from last creation will be making still far for him. Even that even though the small fish and the oceans which is billions and billions of them, or al haitang could means the whales the biggest animal and also the ends. So the biggest to the smallest or the largest number in the sea and ends are the largest number in the land, both way you can understand the Hadith, okay, so all these all these creations of Allah saying Oh ALLAH forgive to so and so Allah for gifts on so then he said we

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will eliminate or an added the virtue of a knowledgeable person over a worshipper just a worshiper. caffeic little Thai Mariana Sarika like, like the virtue of the moon over so many other plants that you don't see. It doesn't have any impact on us direct impact on us. We're in an organization like my like my position towards like, how newbies are selling position in the Ummah that's how they'll Allium position tour comparing to the public and it will allow the inheritors of the profits, the profits Do not leave behind them.

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wealth, but the left behind them knowledge from an academic who have to be held in laughter. If you seek more knowledge of what the process of them left behind him, which is an honor and a student and this Dean and this risala you are in higher status. My brothers and sisters, if you have the lack of interest, think about what Allah subhanaw taala said about the people of knowledge that you've taken them witness that a lot older us to follow them that Allah Subhana Allah simple Holly esto en Latina Ala Moana Latina moon, they will never be equal those who knows and those who don't.

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He acquitted Omar kalama jameelah

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Ha, ha, Mr.

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Parramatta to

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make sure that you gain knowledge before you become in charge. If you now today especially this young men and woman if make sure that you learn before you get married, she you know the rules of marriage and the rules and in relation to you know the future you're gonna have business you're gonna have a family. You're gonna be a leader and community. You know, make sure that you learn your calling Buhari Rahim Allah

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Azza wa barakaatuh and to sell what you need to sell your current Buhari made a comment he said not only learning before you become in charge and Buhari said, and after you become in charge, you need to have the knowledge of Sharia, you do your best and you try your best to learn.

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So one of the things that in my opinion,

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if that's good enough for you, to inspire you to learn, just think about how bad ignorance is.

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How bad ignorant is. That's that's what motivated kassai because he was seen as an ignorant person, you know, without a care and in Ottawa, living in Ottawa, said to his son, now

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the worst thing is to see an old man but he doesn't know his deal. He doesn't know the rules of Sharia. And we have so many like that today. Your Masha Allah 6070 and he still doesn't know any basics and his drill deep or asked him a basic things or somewhere that means I don't know

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what this means. I don't know what the Salah means, I don't know.

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basics. Can you read just through three lines of the Quran

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shame that our youth today have no interest. I'm not saying have no knowledge. I'm not even interested. Learn

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Why so?

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People say to me all the time, Chef, we don't have time. We're old. We're not a specialized. I'm a doctor. I'm a nurse. I'm a businessman. I'm a students. You know what, it doesn't matter? How old are you how young you are? Doesn't matter what kind of career that you're in. What matters is how much you care. It doesn't matter how much you accumulate, how much you commit,

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even if it's a little bit. So how about the alarm? You think they were young? They were like full time citizen knowledge, their family, they have worked their business, they are all most of them are in their 30s many of them are 30s edificio, Pia conium, but it's America does medicine. Instead it suited him Allah said after you reach the age of 30. That's the time when you start hearing the Hadith called Wakanda. Gemma is the Buddha that it isn't some guru scholars like them. Just remember, one of the great scholars in Islam is number four. Lilith Nia, kind of sharp Iranian, a sharp, sharp

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kind of sharp. him Allah, he was a thief break into people's house. Well can you HIPAA and there is a girl he likes for can damage so on and so

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He will go in the night and he knows how to climb walls very well isn't. He climbed the wall and he stopped watching her looking at her sometimes like you know, flirt with her in her house. So one day he was waiting for her to come. And he heard the one next to her house. The house next to them reading in the night. And he was reading the salted headed when I lost my dad I said lm e Ne Ne leadin

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duck shampoo boom Li karela isn't time isn't the time for the believing men and women now isn't the time for you as a believer for this heart to humble itself to Allah.

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He was in tears and broken tears and he came down and he said yes it is the time

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and he became one of the most recognizable scholars and acid worshipers in Islam it fully live nailed him on lockdown. I asked a lot is it in the news economia commandment nafion hamano saadian akoto masamoto Masahiro la tierra Cousteau

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hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Milena Viva

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you know there is many people started their journey and they took control over their life and they made their life great. Not necessarily in the beginning of the line. Zero rubbish. Which is most of us read the Koran according to scara the huddle Elvish he studied from cannabis and cannabis or cannabis a teen he was 60 years old. Abner Josie he said I stopped learning Elmo karate with my son when I was 16 years old.

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And soccer great scholars and had even after 14 he started Rahim Allah God

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holiday is a famous scholars in Arabic as well as are very famous if you if you google his name. He used to be

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the Take care.

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The care taker of the mess

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in Egypt in Cairo, Kenya and administered wa ala

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Shara malata, Anna became later on one of the greatest scholars of Islam as a Kabbalah man as Rahim Allah, tala he became one of the great scholars.

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You know how he started? He was also his fourth year, I believe. When he start, Rahim Allah 36, something like that. He was supposed to put lights, you know, it's a candle, you put oil, then you light it up. So he dropped some oils on somebody, then he's told him Yeah, john.

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Hey, you ignorant? Don't?

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Don't you watch what you're doing. Then when he said it hurts me when he said, Yeah, john, it really hurts when he said, Hey, ignorant,

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Watch out, what are you doing? And he said, I decided to learn. And he became one of the great scholars of his time. And in many, many scholars that isn't under Sam

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Shah, we'll have other time to talk about this. But five tips I want you to keep in mind. Number one, we'll help you

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make the most awesome feature. To me. I will make sure that you have every day or every week, a specific time to learn. I don't care to read to listen to lunch, but you have to have a time. It's 10 minutes in Sharla. Five minutes. I don't care. But that's something I want to increase my knowledge of Dean every day or every week, but don't go beyond that, in my opinion. Just Tom

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One hour and commit to it, do you not gonna do it, if you're just gonna get after it go back to the same exact routine that you have before listening to this whole time. Number two,

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take advantage of your driving, have when you exercise, when you walk, whatever you go to the gym, listen to something beneficial. Don't just listen to beats, you know, just listen to a lecture and I advise you to listen to a series of lectures, like for example, a series of lectures about CRM, a series of lecture about the CEO, just a series lecture about fifth, something that to build you up to build your knowledge. Three, make sure that you put a commitment for yourself, to read the book, either audiobook to listen to it, or to read it. But make sure that you make commitment that every month, I will have a new book, I will look at it, or I will read every month, every two months based

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on the size, and I'm talking about a book that will help you to grow. And if you want to help, I'll be more Nisha commercia. But I am more than happy to give you some suggestions. Number four,

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attend the classes. If there is a class of the semester attend.

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I'll be honest with you, on many times, people will say to me, you chef, yeah, we need classroom and send you making the class and you see the attendance is very we do this for a long time. We don't do it for people. But you will be surprised why the community our martial arts, not all Muftis and have knowledge.

00:26:37 --> 00:27:24

In See you See that's across the board that American people complain about. Attend the classes, you know what, make sure that you made that commitment, either on site or live or on online. Take advantage of your local shoe. Number five, I highly advise you is also to make an arrangement with friends to increase your knowledge collectively. If you're a high schooler and you listen to my hotma if you're a group of sisters, and listen to me, if you are martial law, a bunch of young people in their 50s and 60s or late 40s, you know, or you are in college mix, team up with some people and said you know what I mean, you're not you're not a social person, you are your family,

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you and your family, make sure that you have basically a weekly gathering. And in this weekly gathering, my advice to you is the following is in this weekly gathering, there is a 30 minutes and you prepare something then your son prepare something your daughter, prepare some your wife prepare something, listen to something then make a summary of it and give it to the breed from the other side of hate. Just as simple as that. Or you are a group of friends even if it's over zoom or online or on site with keeping social distance. Okay, that's fine. But my point is, this is another thing that you can take advantage of. And these are five tips I think possible for each and every one of

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us and you will see how you live will be great. Not only this life, but also the next one. Because remember Shanti Rahim Allah said something very good to reflect upon. Allah Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah Allah, Allah I don't know anything after the obligations in Islam that bring you more closer to Allah then seek knowledge

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just remember that I asked a las panatela by his names and attributes and you're gonna come in via Ramadan sada along with illman natural

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Denali my empire when you are home No, no overland no in order to enter in another gelato.

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gelato ikura. Minnesota canto de nada de Valentina here Amata Muslim in a Muslim I mean, you may not even know what I'm What do you know? Me Now I didn't know what the vinaya Jelena la mina odb coming surely unfussy Rahman sejahtera Medina, Allahu manana silica Pharaoh hirato torkham Corrado herbal Misaki Allahumma Silikal houda Itokawa Paulina, one to tinubu Sonata quanto Qian to humans aka

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Cora, Father Nafisa, hatena, raffia, Tino and while you know Ola Deena Will you Tina will do any other journalists from a law firm in Urdu Vika Jalali cram into a theoretical Sujata nomadic with Amina Sahaja co inner circle meezan and Elisa Savino emin kita Vanna White elephant genetti da da da da da da Ekrem Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Ali he was talking he was telling me lomita Sleeman, kathira omens, salatu salam como la

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