Quranic Reflections Ramadan 2023 – Surat Al-Ankaboot 46 to Surat Al-Ahzab 35

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The transcript discusses the cluster of emotions and relationships that drive happiness and satisfaction in Islam. It emphasizes the importance of performing Dawa to avoid offense and learning to be fit and not be offense. The war between the Persian- DNA race and the Persian- DNA race is a war between the two groups, with the British winning and the America's losing. The importance of understanding the reality, learning to deal with evil, and not giving up on past mistakes are also discussed. The episode emphasizes the need for acceptance and understanding of the reality, and a new program for the night is mentioned.

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limoneira Kalenna venum Hamadan early, he was so happy to hear Jemaine on that

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show today, we actually

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will get through

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the cluster of suicides that we started yesterday,

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which is the group of soldiers that talk about the human human relationships, and will cause us to essentially the castles, Lanka, Bucha room and Lachman and says that these five servers, and each one looks at a different aspect of our experience in relationships, relationships are a big deal in the life of a human being to the point where most psychological, social psychological studies

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suggest that the secret of happiness in this life is having good relationships. And

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as Muslims, we tend to agree with that. We agree that is relationships, we agree that your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala is number one.

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If that's working, then you're gonna find happiness. And then you're listening with your parents. And this is basically what this cluster says it starts from the, from the most broad relationship to the most specific one. So it started the relationship with people with historical castles, and then the relationship with your life experiences was sort of uncovered. And then the relationship with the laws of the world around you the the laws of Allah subhanaw taala the Signs of God himself, and then the relationship instead of looking man between generations, and then the relationship with Allah subhanaw taala himself and so at this stage, and that's what these sorts of talks about, and

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so it starts a new cluster, it goes from exam to Islam, and this whole group of students talk about the concept of submission or obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala it's a very, very central obviously a topic within Islam, you think is straightforward, you don't need like a no, you need a group of suitors to talk about it because they actually define what it means to be obedient to what it means to be a person in this state of submission to Allah subhanaw taala is easier easily it's actually not even an easily set like there's a lot of details that has to be the one I'm packing that is required, where he would meet to comprehend and understand what it means to actually be

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obedient or thought Allah Allah subhanaw taala so that's the cluster that we're gonna be reciting tonight. We're gonna start with sort of like a bit tonight. And then tomorrow on the day after that, we'll be in this group of solos and I'll talk about any of the Saba and Fatah and Charlotte tomorrow. Today we get to enjoy these the stores that talk about their relationships. Yesterday, we stopped somewhere in the middle of swords, Lanka boots, I think, so we'll continue from there is able to do this for me. So we'll start from a number 46 Actually, so dragon boots

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if you don't mind.

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lol kita be Ellerbee Letty here x and we Illa Levine of Allah Moomin whom worku men be lovey. Zilla Elena de la la como de la luna we're in LA hukum what Allah Hoonah Illa who co moi he do wanna Nullah whom was Lee Moon?

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So this is what Lhasa which I'm gonna just start a shot with this I am going to challenge you to Al Kitabi. in Lahti, he has no ill Lavina wala moving home and do not discuss or debate or converse with the people of the Book regarding faith in the laity. He asked her except with the best of words, the best of intentions, the best of reminders, the best of arguments, with whatever is the best with excellence. If you're going to debate or discuss or converse about faith, you do it in your at your best behavior, with your best ideas and your best form of speech and your best.

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This is what Allah subhanaw taala is telling us to do when it comes to debating or discussing or conversing with people from a different faith who have their own law, when we're trying to explain the superiority of the law of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the importance of performing Dawa to them.

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We don't do that very well. Commonly, I know if you've ever seen public debates, but commonly public debates turned into riots and fiascos and turn it turned into into a display of poor behavior, and almost no respect to the other group. And it's all every group is waiting for their speaker to say something and then everyone roars and screaming and yelling and they're mocking the other group and I remember as a kid watching some of these debates and trying to learn some things. Again, you're trying to learn Islamic concepts or trying to learn how to discuss certain issues but that's not what you learn you learn to have bad behaviors and not to and this is uncovered

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it's very specific without to God Kitabi ill ability he acid in Lowell Lavina wala moment home except those who are oppressed, you are in a state of oppression, those who are state of oppression, you don't even take discussions to them. You don't discuss the converse and debate with people who are oppressing, you know, you remove oppression and then you can talk about faith. First of all, oppression has to be removed. That's why the first thing Musa alayhis salam said when he came to Iran was not okay. Believe in God. He said out of cinema. Yeah, Benny is in free but it was like freedom and I want to talk to you about about Illa Illa

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Anybody so I eat first. And of course, for our double two problems, he didn't want to lose all the slaves he had and at the same time you want to lose the status of godliness or God, or the godly status he had, obviously the one who's that either.

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But that's that's what I was saying. Illa Levine avala movement except those who oppress you. Whoa and this is what you should be saying when you're having these discussions with people and you're debating or you're conversing or discussing Islam from down with people out there Allah al Kitab me people have their own revelation their own Allah bakudo men believe the own Zilla ilina, one Zilla illegal, what Allah Hoonah what Allah who can warhead, when Abdullah who Muslim would say we believe in what has been revealed to us, just like we believe in what was revealed to you. We believe that you have received revelation as well, and that you have a prophet that is worthy of respect.

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And our Lord Allah Hoonah, and yours is one, there's a difference. We're not going to whom was slim, when a week fully submit to Him. So when you're discussing with people, the book, you start by pointing out the similarities, pointing out the common ground where they can understand where you're coming from. Islam does not come and try to remove any faith or remove a culture or point. It comes with an idea does what the client is saying, we'll call this what you say and I believe the Zillow Elayna on Zillow can we believe what was revealed to us and it was revealed to you you're a Jew or Christian, or you're maybe a Buddhist or Hindu or whatever it is, you are, we believe that there was

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revelation that came to a prophet at some point and that revelation was given to you so we believe in it we believe in the fact that there's holy the sanctity in your teachings, it's just simply mean it's been manipulated, it's been changed, you don't have you don't have the original version anymore. You know, it did I don't need to tell you you know about that yourself. And what we have is just the natural continuation of what's been revealed by Allah subhanaw taala over the years, to different groups, and our Lord and yours is one we're not going to whom Muslim wanna we believe? And we submitted to him Subhana wa Tada. And this is the way Allah Subhana Allah Sood, Lanka boots,

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tells us to discuss and debate faith. This is how you go to people from a different from a different faiths, just how you go to them. Now to God Kitabi in bility acid with the best with excellence, you only discuss and debate and converse about these things. If you are if you're using the best ideas, and you're articulating in the best manner and your your, your, your, your best behavior. And if you're not going to do that, then you shouldn't be engaging in debates or discussions because this is not an issue of me. right and you're wrong. You

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know, there are things in life that are like that, and that's fine. You know, you shouldn't even behave that way when it's about that. But But you definitely shouldn't be about who's right and who's wrong. When it comes to faith. The only reason you and I are Muslims is because Allah subhanaw taala bestowed that blessing upon us there's nothing right and wrong here. I have no room to act like somehow I you know, I did something to earn this, I didn't earn it. It's Allah subhanaw taala is a blessing. So I don't have a reason to act like I'm writing you're wrong, that approach is not acceptable here. You have to bring bility here as it was the best in the Latino volunteer, except

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those who oppress you people were oppressing, you don't have these discussions with to begin with. Don't converse in debate faith with someone who's oppressing, you know, you go when you remove your oppression first. And then your narrative is I'm a Nebula The only let you know you know, and Xena illegal what you love who know what, you know, what I doing? When I have the home was very beautiful versus sort of non coupled. Okay, let's do the the.

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So the first a second versus what's the room because I didn't mean just the first one.

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Lilibet to room very simple. I mean, holy battle room sort of room talks about the relationship we have with Allah subhanaw taala as laws and rules, and this within sort of the room is a very powerful story behind it. What happened during the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is there was a large war there's a great war I can't remember the name of it actually looked it up to see what it was because historically is documented between the Persian and the Byzantine Empire. Just northern just to the east of of what is modern day Syria today in eastern Iraq. And that's a great war occurred there. And the Romans were beaten they weren't where they were horribly beaten holy but

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your room fee add an alarm.

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Some people say that small more in Jordan because that's the there's like a scientific thing there but we don't know for sure we think is I think it's a little more to the eastern see if it doesn't matter if you ended up getting to a place that's near near you. For whom embody of Allah be him c'est la buena fee built by a CNN and just as they lost, they will win. There'll be victorious in a couple of years and Allah al Amro mean probably won't mean bad while you're eating your frog, meno nabina Sorella

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that all matters returned to Allah in the past and later on. And on that day, that means we'll be happy with the victory of Allah subhanho wa taala. So there's different ways to understand these verses in in sort of the room and I think I think it's important to kind of point them out. Number one, the Muslims

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we're upset that the Romans lost and that the Persians, one, the reason being the Romans were al Kitab. They had Allah they believe that Allah subhanaw taala to some degree, the Persians didn't have to completely they were lawless and they live the the faith that did not was not based on Revelation, they worship the fire, and they didn't have any specific prophecies. They it was a complete deviation of something that existed many, many, many millennials before there was not there's no remnants of anything. And there were pagans, so that for the Muslims, they were they were upset that the believers of Allah subhanaw taala, even though they have obviously any problems in

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their belief, were beaten by the pagans, they wanted the Romans to be victorious. And that tells you something that Muslims don't see themselves outside of the family of the human race. We're a part of things that we do we you know, we feel for others and we'll be happy with one group. Yeah, and he'd been victorious and the other one not meaning we actually it's not like it doesn't matter let them all just kind of kill each other. No, that's not that's not homeless, there's actually saw this. So they were upset when the Romans were lost to Allah subhanaw taala. Again, teaching us a law to Rome just tells you there's a law of the universe, what's the law, they lost today, yours know when.

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And that's how things go. Vertical aim, we talked about this a little earlier, and we will get a luda, we do have a nest and these are the days of this world. And we just the cars get shuffled amongst people. One day you're up one day you're down. One day you're victorious one day you're in defeat, how life works. There's nothing will change that this cycle that we were a part of as a as creatures is not going to me or my willpower won't change that it's going to continue. Today, the Romans lost Don't worry, in a few years, they'll win and overcome the little I actually made a bet on it.

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Before betting was haram, you had recited this verse to an eight heard this verse and he was talking to a pagan of Quraysh, about the loss of the Romans, that they were celebrating, obviously, you said, well, the Romans will beat will win. No mistake after this one of the last I'll never win, he told me so he told him in nine years, I'll make you a bet of 1000. Camels that they will win in nine years, because Billa is from three to nine. So he said within nine years, though, when he made a bet with him and he wanted, but by then betting was how long, he had to go all the way to LA but he made the bet.

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Just based on what was taught getting the versus another understanding of that is where you're getting your money. And I've been talking about middle. And a couple of years from that moment battle happened. And that was the true happy victory. No, that was a true victory that they were happy with was the victory of butter, instead of enjoying the victory of someone else, enjoy the victory of yourself that effort that you put forward. But that's the idea here will be about your room, everything will lose and every one day you win and one day you lose. And that's like a that's a universal law. And it's talked about in the Quran. By looking at like, it's like Allah subhanaw

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taala was talking about this love by removing us out of the picture for a moment, you're a believer, you believe Okay, stand aside. You see the other groups of people that you don't even This law applies to everyone, to the rope to the rope to the Romans into the Persians, it's every worry about your room, the identity of the will holding him back to him say I believe when everybody's saying it's like they lost and a couple of years, they'll win. And that's how life goes. There is no such thing as a trajectory that looks like this. There's no graph that looks like that. A median graph can look like that. Meaning if you just take them the middle points on you analyze points, you just

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take the middle, you can get up you can find a graph that goes upwards. That's how a research paper is figured out. If if whatever they're doing is working, but the actual data points on the way it's a zigzag up and down. Never one is impossible. That's That's how life works. We know that we know that. And the Quran Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala explain that to us by by bringing a third party into where do you find that in the Quran? Tell me, where does Allah subhanaw to talk about a historical, historic war that happened between two groups of people that aren't the Muslims aren't amongst them, show me show me the part of Allah that talks about a war happening to other people

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that are into other groups that aren't Muslim. So from this, the only thing is the only spot it is just to teach us is to teach us something about Allah, the relationship we have with the laws of the universe, the laws of Allah subhanaw taala that law, the law of nothing, nothing stays the way it is. UCLA pay for on whatever in Carmel, Tarawa, anything goes up will come down.

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The valley is awesome. And you know, Allah subhanaw taala about

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Allah and everything goes up will come down one day, no matter what it is, no matter who it is. Isn't that what life is about? That's why I sort of had room at the end of it. I don't think I have it there. Maybe I may have had the I don't know actually talks about how he created us Ben boffin right, no majority and value boffin bulletin the majority of magical words in life anyway, but you start weak and then you're strong and young and capable. And then he goes back to being old and gray and weak again. Even you Yeah, miskeen even me

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up can you go down again? One day is good and then very soon it won't

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Pray soon the basic functions of your body will stop working. Just the basic stuff that you thought was would never go away. This just stops working. And that's the that's the law of life and that's and our relationship with that has to be of respect and that of humbleness and humility.

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Let's move on to item number 30. I'm so into a room maybe until tomorrow morning until you find this

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but aqui more Jacqueline de Hanifa yo Porat some more he left he fell poor on NASA the latter lady Lally hold up.

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Valley Dean coeem kin Ron Sheila

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this phrase in the Quran and Sunnah of Rome is very, very intriguing. He just asked him why do you Hakka dini? Hanifa? How can you hack?

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I guess today we talked about the word budget in the Quran, the word budget in Arabic, you know that when they use that? That term? The Arabs are always referring to yourself. It's like a symbol a symbol of yourself instead of saying you They say your face and that means because that's who you are, is your cognition is to have this what's happening on the inside. You may be limitless you may have a lot of dust, it doesn't matter what it means, meaning your consciousness up then what you hecka the dean, can what Jackman established yourself for the sake for the dean, meaning you have to be all in. You have to prepare yourself and be someone who's able to perform within the deen. That's

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why when ALLAH SubhanA talks about prayer, he doesn't say suddenly he says nothing is Sunnah, right? Never so suddenly in the Quran. Nowhere. I'll tell you Sunday, but he says asking the Salah, okay, when you establish it appropriately, get it all ready, do it. Well make sure that it has structure, make sure that it's going to actually fulfill its purpose. And that's what economy pm means. So he says Falcon Why do you have got the dini? Then what he's saying is establish yourself. Establish yourself to support and stand by what the teachings of God by the for the deen Hanifa in a state of monotheism and believing Allah Allah in the law, meaning you have to be all in the magic means you

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have to bring your your A game, you have to bring all that you've got and establish it for the sake of the deen for often what do you need dini? Hanifa, very specifically Fittler Otto Allah, he let him help out on nurse Ali ha. This is the fitrah This is the innate teachings that Allah subhanaw taala has instilled and bestowed within each and every one of us. This is the fitrah, the fitrah, which is the innate understanding and belief and acknowledgement that there is a supreme power that is asking you for the best of you that that piece is there, you know that it's there, it's just that it gets a lot of clutter is it kind of gets all on top of stuff, and we start realizing it or we

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forget about it for a while because it's it's just difficult to hold on to. But the concept is there this filter of knowing that there is someone out there that made you the way you are, that is continues to watch over you that you're a part of their story that's bigger than you. That's something that's innate, that's inside all of us. Not one person gets into this. That's why That's why faith is a part of every group on the planet, no matter where you go.

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One of the ways that they figured out if a civilization existed or not, they look for temples, they may not have bathrooms, they may not have schools, but they will have temples.

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Because the search that human being has had for God has always been there. And the debate that human being has had with the concept of God and the struggle that the human being has had with it is a part of our of our of our history.

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So that filter that Allah subhanaw taala has put in all of us is there is a part of you that seeks out faith that seeks out belief that seeks out a connection. You know, there's something there, you sometimes you find it and sometimes you don't sometimes the arguments that are being offered to you make sense sometimes they don't. Sometimes you have personal experiences that have knocked you off. So difficulty that you struggle with actually getting on your feet again. But this is the filter that Allah subhanaw taala put inside of us. So when we speak about Allah subhanaw taala we speak about the deen, we're just speaking to your filter, we're speaking to our filter to the innate

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predispositions that he put inside of a subpoena which Allah just by merit of being created, led to the law, nothing will change the creation of Allah that he could Nene will pay him understanding that is understanding the valuable faith that he has put for you. This is the valuable teachings that you have. Well, I can act on Nursey Yeah, but most people don't know this. Most people choose not to know this or don't think about it or somehow distract themselves or ignore it.

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This is the

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sort of room I find to be very philosophical, very deep, and often more generic. You need to commit yourself

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establish yourself in full commitment for this team in a full state of honey Thea of monotheism and believing Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, this is the fitrah. This is the innate predisposition that Allah subhanaw taala has installed and each and every instilled in each and every one of us, there is no thing that will change that nothing will change the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. That is the true religion. That is the true faith. not that complicated. STEM is not a complicated thing. Actually, the most attractive thing about his time is its simplicity. It's very simple. It's very clear. What is it? falconwood? How can it Dini Hanifa? That's it, establish yourself, for the sake

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of Allah for your religion, when in a full state of Delphi. That's it. That's all you need to do. Man to be lighter Mr. can believe in Allah and then walk in uncorruptible path. That's it, there's nothing else, everything else, or everything else you learn about Islam, or just the natural consequences of this basic belief. Everything else you know about Islam, or just got the worst, I'm going to do this. I'm going to ask them what do you need to do Hanifa? Well, that means what else does that mean? Well, that's mean, I'm going to have to behave in a certain way. What are those behaviors? That's what Islamics means, well, how do I achieve those behaviors this way? Well, how do

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I protect those behaviors? Here's a couple of laws and rules. But it all comes back from the same basic idea. We complicate we overcomplicate things when we look at the rules and the laws and like the consequences and we fail to see the root cause just go back to the basic the basic is about them what Jacqueline dini. Hanifa that's it. Establish yourself in full sincerity to the service of your deen believing Allah Allah Illallah that is what Allah subhanaw taala has predisposed the fitrah of every human being and nothing will change that. And that is the true faith. Just most people don't know

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Subhanallah Alright,

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let's do number 18 OF SWORDS Lachman

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to say you know what they can in masse wala mushy fill out will be Marwaha in Allah Hala up boo coulomb, stallion. So who talks about the relationship between generations and it's a really simple sutra. It's only four pages and it's named after a person who is not a prophet.

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There are a couple of those in the Quran. Maria Marie has said I'm not a prophet Emraan not prophets. Look, man, not a prophet.

00:22:18--> 00:22:54

Look, man, you can understand why I am Brian is a family. There's prophets within the medina Maddie has said, she's not a prophet, but she's the closest thing a woman will be to a prophet. But what about Look, man, he's just a wise man. He's not a prophet as far as we know. But his degree of wisdom allowed him to actually have a surah in the Quran named after him. And then we get to listen to his teachings. You get to listen to him speak to his son. The teachings that I did so Look, man, I think interference after facial during Ramadan, I want to say maybe two or three Ramadan's ago. And I encourage everyone to if they have time, and this is something they care about, they listen to

00:22:54--> 00:23:32

it, at least the part where it local man is speaking to his son, because it's very interesting how he speaks to his son Ali, salaam. Oh, look, man, he approaches his son and talks to him. And amongst the pieces of advice that he offers his son as he's teaching him, he says this to him. He says, well, too far I had DECA leanness. You saw I mean, it turned away. SR is a type of disease that would affect camels, and it would cause their necks to turn this way. It'd be a disease that would affect the muscles of the neck and the camels neck would turn it away. So we'd have to fly Decker in nursery don't turn your face away your cheek away from people in arrogance. They speak to you they

00:23:32--> 00:23:33

come to you and you look away

00:23:34--> 00:23:48

when I temporarily fill out the manga, and don't walk on Earth with vanity, that's what this means but I'm not gonna go to the linguistic. This means in Allah indeed Allah Allah you AB does not love coulomb hostelling for hood it does not love the arrogant moto for her the vein.

00:23:50--> 00:24:09

This is this Kia. These are the building bricks of understanding what does kirtan knifes means the building bricks, the building bricks of understanding what it means to purify yourself to have self awareness and self accountability and self improvement. As soon as a man tells us that this starts from the house from the home,

00:24:11--> 00:24:23

starts at home. It doesn't start in the masjid, it starts at home. The parents need to teach their children to understand their consciousness their subconsciousness to understand their

00:24:25--> 00:25:00

their souls and their spirits and their desires and their whims and their fears and their hopes and their selfishness and their greed and their vanity and their jealousy and their arrogance. This has to start at home. breaking down what it means to be a human being has to begin within the household you to explain to your child this as they grow up explain to them that you feel that way because there's something on the inside that functions in that matter. Because your nest is like that is a model of a suit is going to always push you towards something that is greedy and selfish unless you can

00:25:00--> 00:25:06

control it unless you learn to purify it. The problem is how does that start at home if the home doesn't have any of this

00:25:09--> 00:25:11

never heard back into Shakila Yachty

00:25:12--> 00:25:19

someone doesn't have something they can't give it how it is a household give this to the children if the household doesn't have it

00:25:20--> 00:25:40

this is a recipe for disaster. This is the recipe for disaster if the person at home does not know how to tell their children this then what are we doing? What are you who you're waiting to tell explain this stuff for? Who do you think is gonna explain this to your child? If any Imam any given you Mom has to sit with every child to explain this that's

00:25:41--> 00:26:19

you need to clone each Imam into like 1000 people to work 24/7 to actually do the job. Rather it happens at the house inside the home. The mother and the father they learn they learn what it means What does Kia means they learn the not the sacred knowledge that the Prophet Alia sauce was sent was sent to teach you Allah divided will Amina la Sula minimum, yet to Allah him it was a key hymns in the Quran four times. The reason Allah sent Prophets is for Disgaea for purification, to teach them to deal with the monster on the inside. There's a lot of evil outside, but the evil on the inside ranks anything you can possibly imagine. If you can't control it, if you don't understand it. And if

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you're not in charge of it, then then the cause is almost already lost. It has to begin at home. And it has to begin at a young age. That's what sort of documented teaches us you have. It has to start at home. And it has to start at a young age and they had to teach the kid not to have deca, leanness Don't, don't be arrogant. And don't walk on this earth and vanity because Allah does not love the arrogant lager. It's a very simple piece. But you get the point that he's trying to teach on Easter, because the teachings of Lachman to his son are categorized and a couple of things he doesn't talk about everything isn't break down everything, they just talk about that. He takes a moment to

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explain to him the importance of having those basic, basic, that basic awareness of what the neffs actually is, and what it does, it will push you to become people don't aren't born humble.

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Humility, that doesn't just happen. This is an effort that needs to be put, you will have to, sometimes life will do it for you. Sometimes life will knock you down enough times that you become humble. But that doesn't happen, then the reflex that the neffs has is they become arrogant, they become very vain, especially if it's a little bit it has a little bit of talents, a few skill sets, its success succeeds once or twice, that says it's hard to contain, unless it's taught that

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because when we look at our young our youngsters like our young young brothers, young sisters, we want them to be very, very successful, and very powerful and very strong and very capable with that will come the problem of vanity and arrogance unless you address it and if you don't address it, then that will corrupt any good deed they will ever do in their lives. And if they broken massage, it will corrupt massage and they work in politics, politics and they work in business with a corrupt business. Everything is corrupted once you bring in these diseases of the heart you put them there and they run freely with no regulation with no awareness of their existence to begin with as a child

00:28:02--> 00:28:21

you have to know that there is these problems exist inside of you you need to deal with them and you need to control them keep them in check and once you feel that they're bringing it presenting themselves in a negative way you hold them down and say no no, we're not doing this we're not allowing my insecurities and my prop my diseases to actually corrupt the work around me and corrupt the goodness that can come

00:28:22--> 00:28:29

and I think this is what look man is very much worthy of contemplation. Let's do actually 21 so decision on

00:28:33--> 00:28:47

whether newsy can mean a lot either be doing doon another bill Exbury law, I love him you're Jr rune stone research that talks about the relationship we have with Allah subhanho wa taala.

00:28:48--> 00:28:53

And indeed, every relationship that is personal in this life can become at some point boring.

00:28:56--> 00:29:00

Any relationship in this life is subject to becoming boring and

00:29:01--> 00:29:36

not exciting anymore. Happens all the time between spouses, it can happen between parents and their children, between siblings between friends. You sit with someone and you don't know what to say anymore. You don't feel as though there's not much to do. You've lost a little bit of that spark that existed initially, every relationship can enter a phase where it becomes boring, unsatisfying, and even the relationship you have with Allah subhanaw taala can go into that. You can enter a phase where your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala is no longer interesting. It's no longer fun. There's something missing this this is well known and established amongst young Muslims, who at one

00:29:36--> 00:29:51

point performed a proper Toba and they experienced a beauty and then after a certain period of time, they didn't keep on working their way up. And their relationship with Allah subhanaw taala became stagnant. And they became they stopped feeling what they used to feel at the beginning.

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

And then it's like a little bit of a slump. It's like your your plateau is a slump. You can't get out of it. And that's what the session talks about. That's why it's a decision you have that

00:30:00--> 00:30:35

Essentially there's a there's a there's a prostration in the middle of the 18th alladhina. Caruso Jeddah those who truly believe in our side are the ones who when they're reminded of them they fall in frustration What's up but who behind the robbing him and they praise their Lord and exalt Him whom lay a stick you don't there's no arrogance inside of them that they're Jaffa newable home and Mr. Bhatia, this beautiful, meaning that the Java means their genome is their sides, that the Java means that it can't stay still, so their sides can't stay still thermadata and the bed because they want to get up and pray because they miss speaking to Allah subhanaw taala they miss the joy of

00:30:35--> 00:30:35


00:30:36--> 00:30:44

amongst the hands of Allah subhanaw taala and reading the Quran and making dua This is a relationship that is meaningful, that is that is powerful that has

00:30:45--> 00:31:24

and then this verse is sorted, such that I just explained, for those who who don't do that don't have that in their lives. He says what Well I knew the panda whom and indeed we are going to have them taste Minella that will Edna there's a certain portion or they'll get a taste of the lesser punishment do when either When Akbar hopefully so they can avoid the bigger punishment La La myalgia rune so that insha Allah they can find their way back when he's explaining subhanho wa Taala is that because of this fluctuation in the relationship you have with Allah subhanho wa Taala he will send your way portions of it either.

00:31:26--> 00:31:43

That is the lesser punishment. What is the is Jana? Allah, because that's the biggest thing, the worst punishment is less than Salama. The lesser punishment are the difficulties you run into in your life, the lesser punishment or the misfortunes, the pain that you will experience a loss or

00:31:44--> 00:32:27

lack of getting what you want. Afraid to fear, something, your position that you love is taken away. There's a lot of examples of it. He says the power's out well, I knew the Phenom and I swear to you that indeed, we will have them experience a taste of the lower the lesser punishment, doing another black bar to stay away from the larger punishment law. I love them elegir own so that maybe they can find their way back to Allah subhana wa Tada. Every time. This was such just telling you, every time you're slapped on the face by life, it's just Allah subhanaw taala a little bit of a taste of the lesser punishment, so that you don't have to go through the bigger punishments. So that this smaller

00:32:27--> 00:33:03

little reminder that was a bit harsh reminder brings you back, Dr. Jones, okay, you've come back, you've deviated a little bit, here's a, here's a, here's a log on your on your bicycle ride. Okay, false. go flying into the air and fall, get up and then remind yourself, maybe I'm on the wrong path here. And I'll take you back. It's better, it's better than not doing that for you. And letting you just keep on writing in the wrong direction until you run into something that you can't come back from anymore. You fall off a cliff and you falling you die. So it's better to maybe give you a little bit of a of a harsh reminder, reminder now a harsh warning now so that you figure way back,

00:33:03--> 00:33:11

it happens, it happens to all of us. anyone over the age of 40 knows for sure that this has happened to them. For sure.

00:33:12--> 00:33:45

There is not one exception to this rule. Anyone over 40 Has 100% gone to a point in their lives where Allah subhanaw taala sent them a curveball, or they fell flat on their face, and it hurt. And it was a reminder to them that they were not doing things appropriately. And the smart find their way back to Allah subhana when that happens, but that's why he doesn't surprise me. Because he got used to the relationship, it becomes cooled. You stand there, you're yawning the whole time waiting for the Mondays call doesn't mean anything and you're not thinking about God anymore. And you don't really care about what's it's not it's not a big deal in your life. And maybe you stopped praying as

00:33:45--> 00:34:17

much as you did. And you start to deviate slowly. And then a slap it on the face. And it wakes up, you wake up and it hurts and you're in pain for a moment. But then you remind yourself what was I doing? Where am I and then you go back again to Allah subhana wa the smart of us will go back to Allah and and the rest of don't. But he says this to you because He loves you. Because that's the whole point is to say because he wants you back. Because sometimes you need a wake up call. Because for some reason, you're just not making paying attention. For some reason things are standing or staring right in the face, you're just looking looking around and above you don't want to see it.

00:34:17--> 00:34:18

It's right there. You don't want to look at it.

00:34:20--> 00:34:30

You stop seeing what's right there in front of you, you start seeing the value of what Allah Subhan has already given you what you already got. You're looking all around it to see something else. You need a little bit of a

00:34:31--> 00:34:52

little bit of a nudge, to appreciate what you got. And then you stand up and maybe if you're smart, you remind yourself and you great we find your way back to Allah subhana wa Tada. It's a promise he makes in the Quran, what actually happened to him and I promise you I will make sure that they get a taste of these lesser punishment. So they may come back and avoid the bigger punishment on the Day of Judgment. This is what I'll tell you. Don't.

00:34:54--> 00:34:55

Don't get it to that point.

00:34:57--> 00:35:00

Don't be in such a state of oblivious and indifferent

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

Since and lack of commitment that

00:35:03--> 00:35:34

Allah has to do this, don't don't don't do that. Wake up before Wallahi pleased don't don't wait until something happens that hurts you so badly that you lose something and then you come No, don't don't do that. Do it earlier do it before that happens, what looks more meaningful? Well, if you worship Allah subhanaw taala when everything is going well, it's very meaningful. Don't wait for things to come become bad that in turn, bring you back to Allah Subhan that's what most people do. As long as things are going well, they're cruising. And then they require this harsh reminder to go back and say no, I should be better and they turn back to Allah so it's still good to hamdulillah

00:35:35--> 00:36:02

it's a promise in the Quran. There's a goal to it, but don't wait until then. Allah Hey, we shouldn't we shouldn't be waiting for it's not nice. It's not It's rude. We don't need to we know we know what's what's best for us. We just sticked it was better. Just do the right thing. Wake up now. Wake up without that call. Without that harsh reminder. Without that falling flat on your face. It's not it's not nice. I've seen it too many times. It's not nice. Allah subhanaw taala guide our hearts and show. Let's do what is good 20 And 21 pretty much

00:36:03--> 00:36:03


00:36:08--> 00:36:13

can see also only he who swore to Hassan to lemon

00:36:14--> 00:36:19

law while young Pharaoh was killed on law. I guess he

00:36:20--> 00:36:22

didn't get the one I wanted. That's okay.

00:36:24--> 00:36:59

Maybe don't have time anyway, so it's fine. This is what we were told the story of the most difficult time the Sahaba ever experienced in their entire lives, which was the Battle of London, the Battle of the Trench. The scariest time by hands down that was a hobbit ever experienced. The Prophet Allah you saw him himself may have experienced things worse, but definitely as an OMA, that was the worst time of all, they had to literally dig a trench around Medina to to hold off 10,000 warriors that had come to annihilate them. And they actually camped out in front of that trench for a long time. He Taniel for a couple of weeks, they were standing there for that phase very scary was

00:36:59--> 00:37:35

very difficult. It was like a provision. There was a lot of fear. It's very hard in the midst of all that Allah subhanaw taala. That's when Allah Subhanallah chose this verse to be revealed, like out of all the times that this verse could have been revealed to us. He chose for it to be revealed when zap happened, when things were really hard. When things were really difficult when the Prophet Allah was lacking sleep was lacking food. And there was a lot of fear and betrayal and a threat, an existential threat. They thought they're gonna die, Lockard Candela. confy rasool Allah Houston has a look at him said Allahu iclm them, and then follow him. Make him your role model and your idol

00:37:35--> 00:37:51

then then when it's really hard, that's when you want to see people, easy for people to float and elevate when it's easy, it's hard when it's really difficult. The Prophet alayhi salam was going through one of the most difficult moments a leader can go through where his whole Congress, his whole nation is threatened to be removed off the map.

00:37:52--> 00:38:26

And there's betrayal and there's lack of food and there's lack of warriors and a lack of armed arms and lack of everything. And the Quran would come and say look at the current income indeed, there has always been for you to our students that within your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The great example is certain Hassan Lehmann Cornejo joola Who will Yeoman urquiola weatherguard Allah, Hakka theta for those who want Allah subhanaw taala want the hereafter and remember Allah subhanaw taala often right after that, he says Subhana wa Tada here's here's the example to understand what example he's talking about subpoena without it. It's not just a Napster basic know, what am me know.

00:38:27--> 00:38:31

When the believers saw the saw the they

00:38:32--> 00:39:12

saw the 10,000 people walking towards Medina to annihilate them, what did they call who had done Allah who was sudo who was Sadat, Allah who was who who when I said that whom in Iman and what the student had, this is what Allah and His Prophet promised us and Allah and His Prophet and his prophets are truthful, and the only increased in their Iman when they witnessed it. The only increased movement, the more difficult things become, the the tighter the crunch the more Eman in their hearts. That's, that's that's the sign of a movement. The sign of a true moment is the more the more difficult things become, the more belief in their heart, not the opposite. Nobody gets

00:39:12--> 00:39:48

difficult. The man falls, no, it's the opposite. It gets darker, their Eman goes up, it gets even darker the man keeps on going. And that's how he was civilized. And that's how those who followed him work. And if you want to be a follower of him, you want to take him as your role model. And this is what we all need to do and we don't have any more time. Please, before we do a show. For those of you who have sons and daughters within a certain age group, within total, we keep them if possible and around you for the duration of Tarawa where we have a lot of our younger brothers and sisters are going up front and playing and it's becoming quite bothersome for the people are praying up

00:39:48--> 00:40:00

front and is getting a little bit too rowdy and it's not it's not what we want to kind of people to learn for taloja So I there's nothing more than I love. There's nothing I love more than them coming here, but it's important that you keep them around so keep an eye on them. If you're selling

00:40:00--> 00:40:21

Is there a start it's not there go find them. You'll find them up front here and sometimes around the bathrooms in places bring them back and have them stand beside you or sit if they're tired and just follow along with the Quran it will be very appreciative we don't have any the facility or the ability to actually run a babysitting. I don't think it's even healthy. I think if they're coming here they should learn the etiquette of the masjid is the best time to do it and keep them by and keep them beside you and teach them to pray appropriately.

00:40:24--> 00:40:56

Okay, and tell you doesn't start tonight? It will start tomorrow. So this is the last night of the first 20 is the 20th night is the last night of the middle 10 Nights Tomorrow is the first night will actually update and I'll do a reminder in Charlotte tomorrow Yanni within the within the session about the of over the last 10 days of Ramadan and I'll explain to you in sha Allah the plan tomorrow but tonight there's no doubt you tonight as I best continues to do his hit him up at three o'clock he's been doing that from the beginning of the of the month so if you want to attend that you're welcome to but the actual program will start with the night data tomorrow night he's not

00:40:56--> 00:40:59

gonna look it's not gonna be conditional let you know he learned stuff. Really well some of us it will how many