Moutasem al-Hameedy – The Path 02 – Ramadan Halaqa 2021

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The second segment of the series on the path of Islam covers the importance of worship, the Herds, and the holy month. The Herds are the ones who obtain knowledge and value it, while the Prophet is the one who gives it to them. The importance of seeking knowledge and methodology is emphasized, as it is an obligation for every individual. The segment also touches on the importance of avoiding things that come to mind and avoiding things that shouldn't be done, and the need for individuals to learn from experiences and actions in order to avoid unnecessary obligations.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad and Muhammad Ali, he was hierbij main value.

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Welcome to the second segment in the series, the path, the series that we have in Ramadan, at our holiness center in Toronto. And

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as you saw in the first session or the first Halaqaat, that we are dealing with the classic work of any man even for them and they see Roman law which era, which is called matassa. Roman had your password in the abridgement or

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the abridgement of the book, the path The path of those who are seeking Allah subhanaw taala. The original book is a book that is called manhandle Cassadine by Al Imam, the famous humbly Imam evenin, Josie mo Lousiana, which was actually some sort of

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an A

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rewriting are an alternative to the also famous classic work of Immanuel Zarahemla which is here or Hulu and then

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we saw in the introduction that the book is divided into four sections, and section number one or quarter number one has to do with worship. So we're going to start with this today. Again, the methodology we are following is that we will read the original text in the book now we'll be translating as I read them commenting inshallah on it, I will not be reading everything or every like title or every heading, but I will be selective Inshallah, in my approach, so we start with a rubra award winner Kitab the first section of the book, robbery by that the section or the quarter of the book on worship.

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The first heading here is Kitab who will fall blue who want to unlock will be

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October will remember fondly he want me to look up the book on knowledge, its merit and things that are related to it. Allah Allahu Allah will tell us that we live in Ala Moana will leadin Allah, Allah moon, Allah says, say on Hamad are the ones who know and the ones who don't know equal Surah to Zuma, or Allah to Allah yafai level Larina Hammond Amin come well levena Who to lay the raja at.

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Allah also said and sort of the majority levers number 11. A lot raises those who have believed and those who have knowledge ranks above others all have a bad signal the Allahu Anhu man didn't really make $1 judgment call me in December you meet at the raja Medina Dodger team ser to come see me at the

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end, even Ambassador lajuan who seems to be commenting on this verse. He says that the scholars or the people of knowledge they have levels or their levels of their 700 levels above the average believers

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between the distance between one level and the other are one step and the other of these 700 is a distance that takes 500 years to be crossed or traversed. While it's either shallow having a bad Hill hula max or father verse number 28. Indeed the ones who truly fear Allah are the people of knowledge. Or if you say hi name in Hadith in Malawi attorney me Sofia Robbie Allah Oh god so metal rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam may or may you read the love will be here on the hoof will be in the site Bukhari and Muslim.

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From the hadith of Maha we're gonna be suffering under the Allahu Anhu he said

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I had Allah's Messenger so Allah when he was in them say

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If Allah was good with a person or a person,

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Allah teaches him or gives this person understanding of the religion of the deen

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one every or momentarily Allahu Anhu called Lucario rasuluh Rasul Allah is Allah and He will send them out you'll learn how to be don't want Alpha corner Summa Islam still alive and he was sending them follow me Allah BDK fogli Allah and then come to follow suit Eliza so lorrison

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Okay, so this from Abu Dhabi, Allahu anhu, that two people or two types of people were mentioned to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem. One is the worshiper and the other one is the person of knowledge the prophets of Salaam.

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In this narration said, the merit of the person of knowledge over the worshipper is like the my merit as the profit over the least among you, the Muslims.

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I mean, this hadith,

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it's a longer Hadith and there's a some part of it here. This section this part of the hadith is disputed among scholars of Hadith. And as far as I remember, she has been he specifically said about the support that it is not actually does not rise to the level of authentic from Allah so Allah is Allah Allah Salam in Allah woman, Attica who will similarity with the name Little Phaedra yell had the hood, they use a luna LM alanine, Nas and how you use and then the messengers are sent them said, Indeed Allah and His angels,

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the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth, even the ant in its

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like house on its colony, and even the fish in the ocean. They

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again, they praise or they prey upon the people who teach others good. It's collected by itself many of you have eaten Alpha Fabul halimi, al RBD, CAFOD, Lil Kamari. Leila Tilbury Allah Sarika workup.

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So this is a Hadith from the prophets, Allah Salam, this one is authentic, or it's hasn't.

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That the merit of the person of knowledge over the worshipper is like the merit or the excellence of the full moon, over the rest of the planets or celestial bodies. So you can see the brightness, the light that comes from the full moon compared to the rest of the planets that are visible in the sky, in a clear sky.

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This is the merit or the excellence of the question of knowledge over the worshiper in our federal MBA, and indeed the people of knowledge are the inheritors of the prophets are in that MBA elemi Worth with the Nano ledger how many were in and out what law

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firm and akkada who hollaby have been one of the prophets did not bequeath or did not leave behind

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dinar or dental home or money. Rather, they left behind knowledge so whoever takes it then they have secured a great fortune collected by Telemedia Abu Dhabi don't even imagine this hadith is has an

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answer one of many has a lovely allowing and then they'll be a sort of larger than icon in the lamella ecotel A turbo engineer had to hide it by the built in me we'd love to be mayor club. Hola Hola Hammond, webinar Manager. This is collected by human Muhammad and Ben manager. From Safari window I sell the Aloha know that the Prophet SAW Selim said the angels put down their wings for the person who seeks the knowledge out of their pleasure and their acceptance of what he or she is seeking. Allah Akbar B so this hadith is

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okay, so this hadith is authentic

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from the companion, so it's like the it's the statement of the companion. But referring it to the prophets of Allah Salam, or at least in this narration does not seem to be

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authentically attributed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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Okay, so the narration is authentic, but not necessarily to the prophets, Allah Salam, rather to the companion it seems. And if it's so the meaning is definitely correct. And we know that this hadith again, this narration is quoted often by the scholars, and it shows that they accept it, even at least when it comes to the meaning

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of Barbie. Barbie commented on this, he says female now while the engineer had to have a letter that well there are three meanings for the angels putting down their wings for the seeker of knowledge. How do I know best don't edge in half first that they extend their wings and this is a sign of mercy and blessings. Attorney NLB Manitoba Talia manipulable and the second meaning is that the angels put their wings down out of humility showing humility that's to glorify the student of knowledge, authentic enamorado beginning in Zulu in the majority and make what are called PI on the third

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means that the angels sort of

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come down

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and descend when there are

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circles of knowledge.

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Whenever you run a terribly long run, call the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala moana Celica polyphony. Tammy Sophie Haldeman, Sahel Allahu Allah who behaved poorly upon Isla Jana Rawang Muslim This is collected by Muslim from Korea or the Allah I know that Allah is messengers of salaam said Whoever seeks a path in which he seeks knowledge, Allah will facilitate a way for this person to Jana while we animals, Solomon, Parliament general animal to awake global Joby Islam can be nonwoven an MBA if you didn't let you Donald J. Wahida. Again the way

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Imam Kodama narrates this this hadith introduces this hadith it's so shows it's weak but the meaning is correct

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that whoever you know wouldn't if death approach is a person who is seeking knowledge in that state in order to revive Islam then between this person and the prophets in Jana is only one the one level only one level so it's it's very close to the to the prophets. What cannibal hakama Oh, later Sherry au che in a document photo, au che in Fetterman at the Raka. And

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a usually and I'd recommend PhotoLine are usually in theater and other like Ilma. So one of the wise people said,

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those who missed knowledge, those who did not get knowledge, what did they really gain? Like nothing is is of value. If a person doesn't really have knowledge, and what has the person who gave knowledge, what did they miss? Really, so if they missed anything, they haven't really missed anything. The most important thing is knowledge. If you get it that's what really matters. Women if I boil it down in a metaphor Jehovah say Haney and said even if they're not the Allahu Allah, Allah Allah is Allah He was salam ala the Holy Year of the Allahu Anhu. So this is again about the merit of seeking knowledge which is collected by Bukhari and Muslim from St. Helena. Sadly, Allah Juan.

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Allah's Messenger Salam said to Allah and Allah and yet the Allahu Allah Jhulan were hidden on the cat, when home would include any homeowner that if a Lord guides a person through you, then it's better for you then all of the you know, red camels etc. This is again this means all of the wealth

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or anybody at best, probably Alana in the litter you're only one NASA pilot is the federal level Kulu them but in adulthood?

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What are we no Derek if you had eaten before, and then maybe solar long it was a lamp. So from an ibis, this is a statement from Cuban Ambassador Allahu Anoma, that

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the person who teaches people good. Every creature seeks forgiveness for this person, even the fish in the ocean ocean. Again, we had an aeration before this to this effect. And we said it's more of so for American ambassador, it is authentic to urban habits.

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So I'm going to skip something here. We move on to another Hadith, which is authentic collected by ibn Musa probably a loved one by allah sallallahu. So Allah already he was sending them in the metal and I think he left will be human and Huda will chemically everything from homosexuality, probably Allahu Allah's Messenger. So someone said, the example or the parable of what Allah sent me with. This is a parable and analogy, if you like that, the guidance and the knowledge that Allah sent with me is similar to rain that hit a piece of land can fit right in a suburban for cannot even help or effect run by you, but I'll be letting you map and better to Keller will Shiba lKt here. So the rain

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hit a piece of land part of this land is good and fertile. It accepted the water absorbed it and

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vegetation grew. So it became green, it became productive. What kind of inherent agility but I'm secretary Matt forever Allah who we had nice fishery with Weslaco was who was our main helper if it's okay, and other parts of this land are infertile, they are hard rock, some sort of rock, but this kind of rocky land. It helped. It kept the water so people managed to benefit

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From this water later on, so created ponds, or water underneath, it caught the water. People benefited from it, although the land itself did not give rise to any kind of vegetation, so people benefited from it. And the third type of land was suburban out or if it's an awful lot in the Mojave and latency coma and will attune B to Keller and for that he came as a Roman circle have all been fairly heavy in LA when I fell in love with the matter I signed up for an email and LEM Well, method woman let me send me a couple who the lovely lady will seem to be so the third type of land is these arid in fertile lands that do not grow in average nation there's no fertility and there's not even

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hold the water is more like a sandy kind of water.

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So there's no benefit. There was no like, the rain fell on it, but there was no true practical benefit from it. So the profit is what I'm saying this is the example of people who have understood the religion obviously the first type of land and they benefited themselves and they benefited others. And the example of the again the second time or the third type hear the word the the person who did not accept the truth rejected it and turned away from it. So even Kodama here is saying fondle or hammock Allahu Allah how that hadith email Clara who al huthi saying look, may Allah have mercy upon you how this hadith really describes the reality of people. So in

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order for me Catholic will be quite analytical ability math and better Tim Keller, the people of knowledge before

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will have understanding proper comprehension. These are like the land that accepted the water, the rain absorbed it and also grew vegetation and fruits vegetables, because they have learned, they have understood and comprehended and

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they have taught

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Vietnam and even with a hint or follow what I learned via to Natalina minimum Hadith in Aladdin Allah municipal festival fam and non committal adjustability Have you gotten math and

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then to simplify the man in the home, and there's the example of those who just narrate memorize, for example, Hadith and memorize and narrate it and preserve it, but they were not given the understanding and the depth. Those are like the Iraqi lands that kept preserved the water and others benefited from what they had

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a Molina semi or Willa Mater Ala Moana may follow for half an

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hour, our agenda and those who, you know, who had the knowledge but did not learn it did not benefit from it. Again, these are the let's say like the below the average is like poor people who did not really, you know, invest in knowledge, or colin has an overhang on La Lola Manus Island. So maybe a little behind Hudson River has an buslee Rahim Allah, He said, had it not been for the people of knowledge people would have ended up like sheep or cattle anatomy animals. Meaning is the knowledge that Allah teaches humans through the people of knowledge that really elevates humans from the levels of animals. What Allah ma who will be Allahu Taala and how to handle them on Hema for him

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that's a llama holy law he has Shia or toilet that was a bad one without I set the hotel to be well back then Who do you had which I Lima who remain lie Allah Masada What better holy Ali Baba or who were any superior whadda halwa rather than a Java Ruby Allah or a great companion, the scholar among the companions, he said learn the knowledge. Because learning it for the sake of Allah is an act of

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hasha meaning fear of Allah true fear and appreciation of the mind of Allah will follow back away bad and seeking it is an act of worship. Studying it is like the speed is like

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well breadth one who do you have seeking the knowledge and searching for it is like jihad. What are the moody Mala Masada can teaching it to others is like sadaqa whether you really he orb and offering the knowledge for the people who deserve it. The students of knowledge who really want to benefit or those who are seeking answers in order to act upon them. This is again an act of worship or newness to Allah. What will any soulful why that was so helpful when it's a companion when you are alone. So it's a very good companion or call it cabin by him Allah.

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Gab, also the great companion.

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Oh, Hello, dad. I'm also nice to them.

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And tandem Yamo cellhire Valley marinas fairly minor we only mainly will hire a woman to eliminate Ebola. Abdullah is the ratio the mechanic can again cab window cab was had been a Jew before becoming a muslim Kerala. So he narrates from the People of the Scripture and he says Allah revealed to Musa these, almost a learn the knowledge, learn the knowledge of good and teach it to others, because I will illuminate the grave of the teacher of knowledge and the learner of knowledge, so that they do not feel

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again, a sense of,

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you know, a sense of estrangement, or a sense of loneliness in their graves.

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A new chapter, a first long vulnerable enemy variable. So here, Emmanuel, Odin and mark this he was highlighting from generations, the merit and the importance of knowledge. And this is actually a suitable introduction, since this section of the book is in on knowledge, and knowledge of its own a bad. So he's actually making a point here that the most important aspect of the matter is knowledge. Without knowledge, you cannot worship Allah. So you need the knowledge to worship Allah, you will have to worship Allah based on true knowledge. That's number one. Number two, he's alluding to the fact that seeking knowledge is one of the great one of the greatest acts of worship. So seeking

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knowledge is not separate from worship is not separate from prayer, learning how to pray, and learning the rulings of prayer fast is a cat hedge of jihad of Mala, Mala, transactions and elbow, and you know all of this. So knowledge is seeking knowledge is a great act of worship. So he's actually now moving on to a new section or new chapter, small territory or a heading, where He's emphasizing that seeking knowledge is not only an act of worship, but it's an obligation. It's an obligatory act of worship. So he says,

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But Ruby, Anna, Sydney, Malik and Toby Allah who didn't be useful Allah already he was sending them and now on bada boom hitting the ferry Latina couldn't be Muslim. Oh, haemophilia.

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So it was narrated from NS Murni, or the Allah.

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The Prophet SAW Selim said, seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim This is an authentic hadith.

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Carl masani for him, Allahu Allah telephoned NASA for you there, Nick. So the author said, people have different about this. So the author here he's referring to Emil Josie,

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the scholars have differed on what this actually means what kind of knowledge is an obligation for Colin fuqaha anymore? In fact, he is the behavior of

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scholars of faith. They said it is FET knowledge of faith halal and haram, the ruling jurisprudence

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because with this knowledge, you know, the halal haram, right? What's permissible, what's not permissible? We'll call him officer on the throne who animal Kitabi was Sona. It'd be him a Utah solo Elomi Kalia, and the office Syrian scholars of exegesis tafsir scholars of Hadith, they said it's the knowledge of the book and the Sunnah. Because through the book, and the sooner you arrive at all the knowledge this is where you derive all the knowledge. These are the sources, what are letters, Sophia, the worshipers, the mystics, they said, Sufis, they said, who are evil if lousy were after to NuForce they said, the knowledge that is obligatory that hadith refers to is

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obligatory when everyone is learning sincerity, and learning the flaws of the neffs of the self. We're calling Mater Kinley, Mona, who are a monocle and Mater Kelemen Who are these these are the scholars who spoke on at Ada, but again their background was was

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was more I would say

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was influenced a lot by

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the methods of logic, philosophy, etcetera. Okay? So animal Calum refers to is used to again it's there's no agreement on what elementary lamb means different groups use it slightly differently.

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But in general, in general, it refers to matters of act ADA speaking about matters of aqidah

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and again, Addison now specifically when we speak about the traditional hamady Salafi background, when they refer to Mr. Kalam they refer to people who speak on matters of art either from a point of view that is influenced again by logic Phil by the rules of logic, philosophy etc

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Okay, so colorimetrically monomial collapse so these are the

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Water Kalamoon they said the knowledge is elemental callaham Knowing how to speak about our data with this, these kinds of logical systems, these rules that are formulated, that were developed again by later

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you know, scholars from specific again backgrounds

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he loved very dearly came in at a while and Latinos if he had told him Margie and other other opinions about what knowledge here is referred to in the Hadith, and other statements, that

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which none of them is actually accurate or accepted.

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was so one hour anymore. manatee Abdullah Robbie immunodominance, saying the truth.

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Or maybe this is actually the statement of, it seems this is a continuation of the Josie statement, the truth that this knowledge refers to

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the knowledge that is about how the slave treats his or her Lord, how human beings treat or deal with Allah subhanho wa taala, when were admitted to litical, left, Allah, Khalifa

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antifade, whatever, whatever. And this kind of treatment from the slave to the Lord,

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you know, covers three areas, beliefs, tenets of faith, actions, things that to do eat to be done, and abstentions, abstain from certain things.

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So he's saying, This is what the Hadith that seeking knowledge is as an obligation upon every Muslim. It's about how the slave human being treats the Lord Allah subhanho wa taala. And this covers three areas, belief,

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things to do, and things to avoid, to abstain from. Now, he's going to give us examples as to what is an obligation on us to learn and this is a beautiful thing, this is a very important

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kind of, I would say, foundational work on

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seeking knowledge and methodology of seeking knowledge. And he's going to expose a lot of problems that are common in our days, among people who seek knowledge and they cause a lot of problems these mistakes caused a lot of problems, he's going to highlight some of them and actually call out some of the these common mistakes. So he says for either Bella, wasabi you for a while watching what you've been up to, and no mockery Matei shahada or femme Omana we're in the midst of radical Ben novelry with delille. He says, If a child reaches puberty, than the first obligation upon this person, is to learn the shadow testimony of faith, La ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, and

00:27:53 --> 00:27:54

understanding its meanings.

00:27:56 --> 00:28:05

Even if this isn't this understanding, and this knowledge is not achieved through proper study, and

00:28:07 --> 00:28:30

the methodology of establishing this on proper evidence and proof, just learning it anyway. Learning the correct meaning of that. The end the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam examined geographic arbiters directly mineraI, Rita haloumi their name, he saying, because the prophets are seldom accepted from the Bedouin Arabs,

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that they accept what this statement means. And it's correct meaning without teaching them or without having to go with them or seeing how they derive this meaning from the evidence and from the text. For their like affordable work to you. Because this knowledge, this basic knowledge of the meaning of the testimony of faith is the the priority is the obligation of this time.

00:29:03 --> 00:29:32

Then afterwards, the person could you know, learn how to seek these meanings from the evidence and trace them back to the text, which is a state law in other words to blend seeking, like looking into the text, then extracting the meaning from the text and seeing how the text teaches you this meaning of the testimony of faith. He says this comes second after the very basic simple learning of what a shadow now law shouldn't have an awful lot of means

00:29:33 --> 00:29:59

for either laughter, solidarity, whatever it hits, and no matter how hard it was to live, the time for prayer comes then it becomes an obligation upon this person to learn how to perform purification but also will do wash for the Salah, and Salah how to perform Salah for either Asha de la Ramadan waterberry He to Allah muslim if this person lives to Ramadan, it becomes an obligation upon this person to learn. Fasting the rulings of fast

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Stick in Canada who Madden Muhammad Ali, how would you evaluate I normally look if this person has money, and this money this wealth reaches the level of nisab, the doctor threshold for Zika when the car becomes obligatory, and a whole year passes, when this person is in possession of this wealth,

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then this person has to learn the rulings of the cow. That's when it becomes an obligation upon him.

00:30:28 --> 00:30:38

Well either Joe often had you almost stopped doing what your buddy he told them when monastic And if time or the season for Hajj comes and this person can perform Hajj, the now it becomes an obligation upon this person to learn how to perform Hajj

00:30:40 --> 00:30:42

with a metal rock as to

00:30:44 --> 00:30:55

things to abstain from so he mentioned first Arpita what's an obligation Arcada distilling the basic meaning of life Lamphun Rasul Allah in terms of actions, prayers to people who

00:30:56 --> 00:31:10

worship acts of worship to be performed. So you mentioned you know, when they become obligatory upon him, and now he's talking about the third segment of the third type, which is things to abstain from. He says one material Kofa will be has to be my agenda dominant.

00:31:12 --> 00:31:20

He's saying as to things to abstain from it's based on, you know, the immediate circumstances, what are the conditions that person is going through?

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It Lie algebra don't matter, I Lumumba look my whole novel never really, for a blind person, he or she does not have to learn what they should not look at, because they don't see they don't look at things. So learning what they should what they are not supposed to look at what they are not supposed to watch, right? It's not obligatory upon them, because it does not apply to them. Well, I will add kami Talamo my hormonal column and the person who cannot speak

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then it's not obligatory upon this person to learn, what are the kinds of what kinds of speech he or she should abstain from or not engage in because this person does not even speak in the first place. In canopy Bella Donita al Buffy he showed her battle hungry well lips and hurried envelopes and hurry, watch Abadi and the artifacts. And if this person lives in a land where people you know, would generally you know, drink alcohol and wear silk, this person, it becomes obligatory upon this person to learn the rulings that these things are haram. So only then it becomes an obligation upon this person.

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Okay, so, so he's saying, let me try to wrap this together.

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So he's saying, When the Prophet SAW Selim says, Bala will only feed on adequately Muslim seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim. He's saying this knowledge is about what is obligatory knowledge. It has to do with the relationship between the slave and the Lord, between man and the Creator, Allah.

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And it covers three areas, beliefs,

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things that should be done and things that should be avoided. Then he explained each one of them things to believe in, he explained the most

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obligatory foundational, which is a shadow and La ilaha illallah wa shadow no Muhammad Rasul Allah testimony of faith, you need to understand its meaning.

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That's the first obligation no embrace and understand its meaning the very basic intuitive, simple straightforward meaning before having to study systematically etc, and search for evidence etc. He says, this comes next and later on.

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In terms of actions, things to do, he said, again, return for prayer cards, this person has to has to learn as much as possible to the best of their ability, how to prepare themselves for prayer, how to pray, same with fast, same with hedge, the same with his account, etc. He mentioned the most important obligations here in terms of things to do. And then things to avoid. He said, It depends on the circumstances of every individual. What what are the Haram that are other available that he's or she's exposed to? And that's what they should know about so that they can avoid them. Then he's going to elaborate more on things that are that comes come secondary to the things he mentioned.

00:34:31 --> 00:34:58

Wait a minute. Amala to call that 5g Boring Mojave hashtable. Whopper Venkataramana. Who should configure Ernie let me tell you why the heck are they here Kenny Mata shahada waterberry He doesn't do more myoskeletal in a mess will be here isn't it? You should keep it as two to the beliefs. tenets Aqeedah matters of RPM belief creed. Then, they should be learned as to what arises in the mind what the person is faced with

00:35:00 --> 00:35:29

So if the person experiences doubt when it comes to the meanings of the testimony of faith, he or she should learn the knowledge that will repel this doubt. So he's saying it's more like a contingency, the obligation in terms of our failure to learn is more of a contingency here. When doubt arises about matters of Arcada you will learn how to repel this doubt. When can a few Belgian authorities will be that what do you do about it and it's gonna help.

00:35:31 --> 00:35:48

And if he's a person in an area or a land weathers, will be that practice of begotten innovation, religious innovation is very widespread, this person should learn the truth, meaning the Sunnah here, and to avoid falling in Baghdad, these are things to abstain from,

00:35:49 --> 00:35:55

can I know can attach it on for you, Bella didn't share if he had rebound, verbally, honey, and lemon has Ramona, and if he's

00:35:56 --> 00:36:42

engaging in trade and business in a land, where rebar is rampant, and is everywhere, it's practiced everywhere. And this person should learn the prohibition of rebar and learn what rebar is in order to, you know, be cautious of it and stay away from it. When Barry any it's a LM an email, and I will bet you will Jannetty one. So again, he was talking to here about contingencies. Generally speaking, a person learns as they go, based on what they are faced with. And again, this is a way of learning that is that is ignored. Let's ignore that a person should learn based on contingencies, whatever is whatever circumstances they're dealing with, whatever challenges, they need to learn what Islam says

00:36:42 --> 00:36:45

about these things, so they can handle them, well.

00:36:46 --> 00:37:11

Then he speaks in more general terms, were embedded in its element each and every bacterial Jannetty will not on a person should seek to, to learn more about the faith or belief in resurrection in Paradise and the Hellfire for banner Bhima the colander and then will either be followed by a melody who fall behind may it's a you know, do what other shows. So you're seeing that here. So now it becomes clear that what is what's what is meant by

00:37:13 --> 00:37:18

seeking knowledge that is an obligation on individually on the person

00:37:21 --> 00:37:43

is what a person needs to see what a person needs to learn in order to in order to handle what they're dealing with, for a man full of dorky failure as to the collective obligations, again, for bulky failure. These are things that if there's enough people, individuals among the Muslim community, who are doing this fulfilling this,

00:37:44 --> 00:38:12

then not everyone has to do it. If enough people do it, that's it. They carry out this obligation. And it's it's this, this suffices the rest of the community. It's not an obligation upon everyone, but a specific group, or an enough number of people of individuals need to fulfill that obligation. So they do it on behalf sort of on behalf of the whole community in that sense.

00:38:15 --> 00:39:02

So he says the unmuffled Wilkie failure Tifa Kulu, la mala use Lester esterni, livestock NanHu via Kawamori dunya can flip the whole double real reality but couldn't have done. So he said, they know the lymphoplasmacytic more equal Messiah Uriah is saying as to these collective obligations. What they really are, is that it's every knowledge that cannot be dispensed with that is necessary. In order for the affairs of life to be taken care of. Whether is like medicine, for example, you need to have enough doctors, not everyone has to be a doctor, medical doctor, but you need enough, you know, people in the medical field in order to have the the health of people in good state in

00:39:02 --> 00:39:15

general. Because it is a it's necessary in order to keep people healthy. And also, learning math, for example, a numbers is important in order to

00:39:17 --> 00:39:18

make sure that

00:39:21 --> 00:39:25

again, inheritance is distributed well, et cetera, et cetera.

00:39:27 --> 00:39:52

For how do you know Hello, Bella domini automobilia I'm Anil Kumar via heavy journal Bellet where either a comma b How I don't care for our socket on football and boxing is saying such kind of specialties. If a community or a country or a city has no one to perform these obligations like medicine or to no math and calculations.

00:39:53 --> 00:39:59

Then it would put the people of this town or of this of this locality in India

00:40:00 --> 00:40:06

The quality but if at least there's one person who covers this, then this would be

00:40:07 --> 00:40:11

this would be sufficient for the for the whole community.

00:40:12 --> 00:40:47

What are you to add gentlemen Colina in Napa bevel hisab inferable Keifa. For interval sola Sinha atta element for all bulky failure California had, you will hear Cathy Bennett hijama. So he's saying and that no one wonder or be puzzled as to why we're seeing medicine and calculations are among the collective obligations, they're not individual obligations is saying because the origins or the most of skills and crafts, or act fall under this category, they are like collective obligations, like

00:40:49 --> 00:41:08

you know, farming, weaving, for making clothing etc, and even hijama cupping, for in Nepal, oh, hello, Bella do and hijab last all * AquaLine. So because in a land if even a country if there is no person to perform hijama here, but any kind of, I would say

00:41:11 --> 00:41:14

not necessarily medical, but more of a

00:41:18 --> 00:41:24

supportive kind of thing like fields that support medicine, like chiropractic.

00:41:27 --> 00:41:31

People, nurses, for example.

00:41:37 --> 00:41:52

Yet again, not not not medicine itself, not the medical profession itself, but the supportive the other supportive professions, then, if a country doesn't have any of those, then, you know, it's going to

00:41:53 --> 00:42:05

affect their health to the point that it's also a serious point for in the end, Zillow, and Zillow. And we have to know that he was speaking about a time when copying was

00:42:07 --> 00:42:13

widely practiced. And obviously, the prophets, I seldom mentioned that there is no healing in cupping.

00:42:14 --> 00:42:19

And it was a big part of people's health. So it was a common practice. And people

00:42:20 --> 00:42:56

resorted to it when they had pains when they had issues with their body when they had health issues. And obviously, there are benefits until now, and they're not fully discovered. But again, just recently, they became recognized in the last I would say, in the last two centuries, they become became more recognized. Whereas previously, maybe they were looked down upon, but now they're actually really recognized, especially when they are practiced regularly. And in the right way, they actually could be very, very helpful in even preventing disease. For insula, the insula De Anza, though, because the one who

00:42:58 --> 00:43:43

sent down the illness created the illness, he's the one who also created or sent down the healing or the remedy for this illness, while show that it is their family, and he recommended Allah recommended seeking and using the remedy. Well, I met Tommy over the park and he said, Well, Derek, further ado, for the lesson. Yeah, now we started, as to the very advanced, you know, levels of math, when it becomes more luxury, these levels when it becomes more of a luxury, and also in medicine as well, things that are not necessary, but just show more skill and mastery, the more of a luxury, then these are, again, these are just an extra and they're not the not an obligation, but on

00:43:43 --> 00:44:25

a collective obligation. Look at the accordion bubble, alumi MOBA had claimed maybe a little less of a fee here, some fields of knowledge are just permissible, they're not obligatory or haram, they just permissible like knowledge of poetry, which is again respectable poetry. It's not poetry that has you know, inappropriate language whatsoever you can talk about and some of the news of history etcetera, or the according Babu, Hamid Moon moment, and some fields of knowledge are actually blameworthy, like learning black magic, because academies, what bolus Matt what will be set so like omelets, and sorry amulets,

00:44:26 --> 00:45:00

I think I'm getting hungry. So. So a polis Matthew amulets, and again, magical spells, etc, whatever. For me, la Michel ER for Kulu Hamada. As to the sciences of Islam of the knowledge of the deen all of them are praiseworthy. And they were then crossing over that Salima for omocha de the Moto, Moto Moto and they are divided into origins original, foundational and branches are extensions of all one

00:45:00 --> 00:45:08

But the Moto moto min max and introductory, again foundational and then supplementary if you like

00:45:12 --> 00:45:59

Okay, I think we're going to stop here although I wanted to explain what he means by this statement, but we'll leave this inshallah for next time. So see you in sha Allah, I believe in today's Saturday evening Allah to Allah. So again hope you guys are all benefiting using Ramadan and having great time and are able to engage more, more meaningfully in fasting and in recite reading the Quran praying at night and remembering Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah to accept from all of us, and to give us more zeal and sincerity in worshiping Him and pleasing him in this month. So see insha Allah and a couple of days. And Xochimilco for joining us today was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi

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