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AI: Summary © The host of a video discusses the upcoming episode of Rocky expand and the importance of bringing back love to family. He gives a brief recap of the episode and encourages viewers to use it to bring back the family together. The host also provides a secret recipe for a beautiful dish that will bring happiness and joy to the family.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala so less than Mr. Lake Muskoka light Allah Cata This is the other was as you were coming here to another

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episode of Rocky Ramadan 2014 day four. Again as is the case of ramadan ramadan is racing

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just yesterday we were spotting the moon the moon fighting I'm sorry the moon sighting now it's you know it's already four days and almost a week off you know so and and in the case of Ramadan so I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to

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give us an opportunity to really come close to him in this rest of the month in sha Allah Allah to make us to make to give us the strength to worship you more in this special month of Ramadan I want to focus in the in this episode and maybe next episode on a very very important issue here

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since it's my man

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and as families we tend to the spirit of Ramadan we tend to break off fast together you know normally hopefully

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minute pray together but that yet is tricky. Realistically speaking, you see a lot of families being being self segregated, isolated. The father you know, he's on his own world, the mother also their own world, the brother in his room with his own brother, but they don't know one another. Yeah, I mean, they're brothers, but they don't know each other. They're not friends, sisters, the same thing. The husband and the wife, they're all you know, everybody's in his, you know, his or her own world kind of thing. I want to focus in shallow tada I want maybe one of my intentions in talking to someone Well done, and I'm conveying this message to you. They're

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bringing back love to your family. I want to focus on my family in this llamada I want to focus on my family, you know,

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so that we can

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you don't want to enter a gym that's a you know, just alone, you know, shallow to Anna, if you were to enter that like went to you know, your own family, you know, you want your spouse to enter you want you want to you want your children as well to enter. So so this is the month this is the opportunity so that we can come close together instead of out the year everybody's busy the father is busy at work the mother is also busy maybe at work or outside or whatnot, kids are busy with their schools and friends. This is maybe the month the opportunity to bring shaman Gemma shaman Ursula, to bring back the family, you know the spirit of family. So we have a message, you know, the

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message and talk to you know the Shabaab out there, you know, the youth you know, the my brothers out there the the youngsters, how do you talk to your father? How do you talk to your mother? How do you how do you communicate with them? You know, to the to the Father, how do you communicate with your children to the spouse as well you know, as a husband? How does he communicate with his wife and to the wife? How does she communicate with her husband? How's love? How's that relationship? How's that intimacy between you to, you know,

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a brother to his brother, how's your relationship with your brother? How's your relationship with your sister? You know,

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maybe the question is, how can I bring back love to my home, I want inshallah, my intention I want in this Ramadan, I want to bring back love into our family. I want to bring the family together in sha Allah who tada I want in schelotto to instead of you know being so isolated from one another being you know, busy in this world I want to take advantage in this Ramadan to bring the family together the least the least you know, as we're you know, breaking fast together hopefully, I want to bring back love into our home. I'm going to talk to my daughter right there to my you know, the little daughters out there the you know, because they are the preferred ones. She is maybe for me

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the most important maybe a member of the family because sometimes really, you know, the parents could be so busy in their own thing. She would come because she's peppered she would come and she would tell Dad Why don't you take my house? Why don't you

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and I'll go in and have you know and have no dine out and I will look after the kids you know I will look after you know my my my brothers and sister here I will cook today for you I would do something you know I'm gonna You are the the peppermint one you know my dear brother out there. So maybe you should start you know you should initiate this inshallah tada

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to the wife as well. So the husband, this is an opportunity. kalasa fee is the time you know, it's Ramadan. Try with this intention to to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala with the

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intention to bring the family back together. I have one secret recipe.

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I have a secret recipe that will bring the love back to your home guaranteed. Guaranteed. What is this recipe? I will share it with you tomorrow inshallah. In the next episode Illa inshallah inshallah life a lesson that it gives us life shall come back tomorrow to share with you these secret recipe it's a sick recipe of wonder that would bring really wonder to your home and bring happiness you know and bring and bring and bring serenity back to your home and shop Lowe's to add to our episode of Rocky Ramallah 2014 I say a Solomonic Muslim fillet Tada.