How to save yourself from the Punishment of the Grave

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome on sorry. There's some technical issues to start to get on live tonight. 100 Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala so even I want to be in a Mohammed Radha early he was he had nine.

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Brothers and sisters Today's topic is about how to save yourself from the punishment of the of the grave. Now Allah azza wa jal has, has given us a system where we're going from this world straight into the next world, it's going to be straight into Bertha. Bertha is the place which is between the death between the person death and going all the way to the Day of Judgment. So Allah azza wa jal has kept this time

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for a person to be in a place where no one's going to be with them. Okay, we're all heading for that place. Now, there have been a number of things that privacy law has been said about the punishment of the grave. I mean, it is the it is the belief of the listener and listener. It is the belief of those people that the punishment of the grave is something real. And one of the best iots of the of the Quran to indicate towards that is in sort of harfield, where last vigil I mentioned about Iran, and Iran is about interferon when he dies, Allah says,

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at the Filo lF around, I shudder, other put fit down into the worst of punishment. And then straightaway after that, Allah says, Well, matakohe Musa, when they when the day of dead, no company is going to have like further punishment. So from the moment that the people of our own, who was with frown they died, till the moment that they actually went to the

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go to the dead gentlemen, this is for them the punishment of the grave. Now, the punishment of the grave is something that is real, it is something that will happen, may Allah protect all of us from it, and there are many, you know, there are many reasons why could happen. But there are some major reasons which we're going to discuss the Panic of the grave and be mentioned in Sahaja, as we mentioned, in various other books in Sahih, Muslim and so on. So I'm gonna say, the examiner says book has been mentioned, the punishment of the grave will happen. And for us to protect ourselves, we need to do a number of things, please, before we go into that, I just want to say I want people

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to think about the fact that we're in our lives, and we have a lot of things going on in our lives, that we're doing a lot of different things. Think about what we're doing before we go there, because right now, the things that keep you who you are is your family, your family, your friends, your close friends, your money is your things that are attached to you things that are attached to me, these are the things that

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these are the things that that are attached to everyone, right. And those are the things that actually make you have to rule among this is this is a disease of the heart, which is when a person thinks that they're going to live for a very long time. That's when they start to sin. Because in Surah Al Hadith, Allah has a sense for Paula Allah human Amadou for Asad kulu, boom wa Kathy Roma homefacts upon Allah says that they thought that they're going to live very long. And because of that, their hearts became hard. And then after that, after the hearts became became hard, after that, Lazarus as they became many of them became sinful McAfee aluminium facetune. So

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what you got to understand is that, that having this thing in your heart in my heart that I'm going to live longer, that is a disease of the heart that actually makes you sin, having the opposite of that, which is that I could die any time. That is the antidote to sinning. And that's the antidote for all of this. Now, we've got to really feel that life could be very short, in what as long as you've got that in your mind, and you think that any moment I could feel, you know, I could feel that my life could end that's when a person will say, Well, you know what, I'm going to take the afterlife seriously and one of the first places we come to is the grave. Now say there are found

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that the Allahu anhu used to have to come to the grave. Now who is this individual? He this is this is an individual, whom Allah azza wa jal has said.

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Lazarus messenger sallallahu Sallam says,

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to say ignore the alarm, he says, or worse. manaphy Jana, he says, This man is going to be in paradise. Now it's come out of the progress Alice's mouth so

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So it's a guarantee that was one of the alarm is going to be in Jana. Even though the proposal asmin said that the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, you know, said that he passed away, and what do we want to be allowed to do? He goes to the grave site, and he goes, and he cries at the, at the graveyard in Christ so much he cried so much,

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that his whole beard becomes wet, and somebody says, oh, man, why do you cry so much. And he says, this is going to be the first place of all the places we are to enter no first place of all the stations that we're going to be. So there's the gray, then there's the beginning of the day of judgment. And there's going to be the how or the other pool if you reach that next person last London is going to be what Amala actions are going to be weighed, and our books are going to be given to us. And then there's the you know, crossing the bridge and trying to get over how far and get get into Gemini. So he says this is the first of all the places we're going to be. And if this

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goes good, then everything else goes good. But if this goes bad, and everything else goes bad. Now, this is a massive reminder to me and you who are who am I? And who are you to think that I've done a few actions. And I'm guaranteed Jana, when the person like was man was guaranteed Jana, and this is what his attitude was, what was his own academic. So what we need to understand is the punishment of the grave is something really real. And the the Sahaba were very fearful of this. And we should also be very fearful of this. And I want to say something that we've had a whole

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I think it's the more years that go by the less people want to talk about this. The less people want to talk about real deaths, the less they want to talk about great less than one talk about the punishment of the grave is one of those subjects that's going to be you know, not discussed much why because people are those that you know, stories that we have beforehand. Let's talk about things that are happening between the sky between the soap about real things that are happening? Well, look, if we don't have if we don't have our Eman and our constant reminder about the punishment, punishment, the grave, then people will actually send more and more and more. This is one of the

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reasons why people are selling because they have no fear of the funding for the grave. Do you know that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam once he you know, when he used to finish his father Salah It was his his his sooner often that he's to ask, and he's to say, who has seen a dream. And he used to wait for the Sahaba to say who's seen a dream of somebody seeing a dream than the scene of green If not, the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam used to talk about his own dream. If a Sahabi saw a dream, he would interpret that if it was his own dream, then he would interpret that in you know, in front of the Sahaba now we've got a tradition with handleiding, behind Muslim, where the Prophet

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sallallahu After further he spoke about a dream of his that he had. And he said you know two individuals came they took him to a Firebase and so on, so forth. And he mentions a few few things you saw, he says he saw this man who's sitting down, and there's another man right behind him. This other man behind him takes some sharp pincers really sharp pinches, and he puts it within the mouth of the man sitting down. And the man standing up, then takes the pincers, and he then you know, then he rips the mouth from the side of the mouth of side of the right there by the side is right up to the ears, then he takes the pencil the sharp pins again and puts it to the left side of the of the

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person and then he rips it all the way to the to the ear. Now, what happens is by the time he's ripped it from to this side, or that side has already got back normal again. And this pen this person is in agony is in pain, that it takes the pencil again, push it to the right side or just being you know, put back to normal again, and he rips it again to the other side.

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Right here. While that is happening, the left, the left side of the cheek goes back to normal again. Now this is continuing, and Rasulullah sallallahu. He asked, he says what is this What's going on? And the two people said let's move on. So they move on. And then they come to a man who's who's lined up. So there's one man is lying down. There's another man who's got a massive rock in his hand, a very heavy and massive, you know, rock in his hand. And what he does is he lifts it up, and he smashes it on smashes it onto the head of the one who's like them. He's the head is completely smashed. And that heavy rock flies to a distance. And this man standing goes over there he picks up

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the rock again, by the time he's come back again to the one who's lying down, his whole head has gone back to normal again. Alright, so you can imagine the kind of pain this man is in. Right then process him as he says, Well, what is this happening and they're told, you know, they say to him, let's move on. So they move on and they come to this kind of a cave. And I think one ratio talks about like a like a

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Hold on a very large pot. And the mouth of it is very narrow, the bottom of it is quite wide and there's fire that gushes upwards. And as the fire leaps upwards, there are naked men and women who are brought from within that pot within it, okay, the fires inside it, and it takes them right above it, the people are almost falling out of it, but they don't, the fires and come straight back inside sucks the people inside those naked men and women, and then you know, the whole thing happens again. And then the whole thing happens again, you know, up down up Dutch and the professionalism says, well, who are these people on? And he's totally said, you know, so move on. So they move on, and

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they come to a river. Okay, and this river is a river of blood, right river blood. And there's a man right inside there trying to swim out of this river of blood. And there's another man at the river man who's got this large nose got many rocks that takes one rock and as this person is trying to stream out of this river, okay, and get out of his pain and agony. This man smashes him. Right, this rock hits him so hard, the man goes flying back into the middle of the river. And then he's got to try with all his energy to get back out of there and takes another rock and he smashes in again with that with that rock. And the bronze blossom says Well, what is this and he's told to move on. Now I

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can go on with the Hades. Now this is a Sahih Muslim people don't want to talk about this, right? Why? Because people want to enjoy the sitting in this world. What you know answer did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam get afterwards when when these two individuals or one of the individuals told him these two individuals with gibreel and McCallum Salam and degrade Isilon said he told him the incidents and it said the one you saw with the pincers and is ripping his mouth to one side and gripping about them to another side. That is a liar. Right? So imagine if you're if you've been lying, may Allah protect all of us. If a person be lying, then that is that is your fate waiting for

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you unless you do Toba unless you you know, seek forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal, and Allah forgives you for whatever lies that you that you've done. He actually says it says in the Hadith, or the person would lie and lie until the lie becomes a widespread thing. Now, I want you to understand this vandalizing there are people who

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there are people who lie on WhatsApp, they spread lies and WhatsApp. There are people who hide the truth and spread other information that makes this look like a lie. There are many, many different forms of lying now. Please, if life has been your habit, then think look, I want you to think about this right now. There are people in their graves already this is happening to them right now. Seriously, is happening to them right now as we speak, and this thing will continue until the day of judgment. And this is this is serious. If a person is in a habit of lying and spreading lies about people about information about something, it could even be lies about, you know, trying to make

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yourself look look so great, right? So the thing is, this is something that is happening right now. And if a person is out there listening to this, and you're lying, you better start doing Toba and have serious trouble means that you're not going to log in and give it up because that's the punishment of the great for that person. Now, let's go to the to the next thing, the bruxism when he saw that that other man you know he's smashing the head of a man lying down What was that? That was the man who was given the knowledge of the Quran, but then he neglected that knowledge by 90 neglected by day he did not practice for and if a person is given some knowledge of the Quran, this

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is a warning to all those people but it doesn't mean that I want I want to say this shutdown was worse and I was going to be that don't learn the Quran. Because if you learn the Quran and then you don't practice Oh my God, this can be situation. That's not that that's not the case. We all need to learn the Quran if you don't learn the Quran, if you don't learn what Allah is telling us to do, that in itself is a crime and it's going to be a separate punishment for that. But those of us who learn the poor and who knows knowledge, it's our duty to practice the Quran. But if a person completely Nosal or neglects The,

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the practice of the poor and when they have the knowledge for and then then this is a punishment until the detriment This is head being smashed, right, rock flying off and then coming back again. The person comes back to the rock again and then it smashes again. Now, the third one was the Prophet sallallahu. And so which was like the cable the other cold room where the naked men and naked women that I beat that I fire, agony pain is screaming and they're coming up gushing up with a fire and then the fire sucks them back in before they can fall out. Who are these people? The producer Lawson was told by DB realize these are the people who will commit Zina who will commit

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adultery or fornication from your oma Lie, lie lie. You know, I just want to say this

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Right now Okay, yes, the COVID-19 has grounded people but you know what a lot of people whether you know their home right now on the trying to commit it even while they're at home, or they were doing it before this whole thing got us in lockdown. I just want to say right now that there are people who are got these haram relationships, and they justified with a number of things that goes inside their head, you know, it's alright, I'm going to give you the Dharma, I'm going to try and make it better. I'm going to try and make myself better my friend, Linda, if you remember what I just said to you earlier on in this little reminder is that people who have the thing in the head that I'm

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gonna live longer, that's when they sin, and that's why they're sinning. Because they think that you know what, I'm going to come and Xena and I'm going to commit adultery, or I'm going to kind of commit fornication and you know, I'll be able to say my Toba and repent before I before I die, so I'm going to I'm going to give you some all I'm doing later you know, people postpone this Oh, they enjoy so much that they just can't stop themselves. But what they forget to realize is that you know, I could die you could die at any moment. And if we did die at any moment, what happens is this is your situation. May Allah protect us this is a situation of people who are you know, who have

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committed zero committing Zina that they're committing adultery or fornication, and there's a fire waiting to with all these other naked men and women who committed Zina like that and all gonna be bunched up together mm hmm Josie Ramallah said that you know what allows you to go do it and but it's, it's gone it's gone to put the same type of people together, right. So people who have committed Zina go with other people come to dinner, people who are liars will be punched up in lies and will be in the in the in the same punishment people who have who have committed the the

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thing about murder will be together with other murders and so on, so forth. Okay. Now, what was the what was the next thing that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam saw with the river? That was the person who's dealing with the usury or Riba? Right interest, usury, Riba? Whatever you want to call it, there are people like Allah who are lending money and then charging extra interest on top and they don't care. There are people who are running entire businesses and running entire things that are totally on rebar. Okay, I'm usually and people don't want to talk about this, why all year everyone's doing it. Oh, it's okay. I can do it as well. Come on God be serious man. What's worthy

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more was worth more and more, you know, to get loads of money here or to get a little bit of money because you never went down the rebar or the usury route. But that little money ensured that you had an afterlife that you have no punishment, or would you rather have that wonderful business based on Riba and usury. And you took landings and borrowings on museum or you lent it out on usury, and you make profit on it. And then later on, you face this thing where you're you're in a situation where you've got your your river of blood and someone's you know, smashing you straight into the middle of the river again, and you're trying to come out and smashing straight there again, and try and come

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up. Now, these are real incidents with the province of Alaska. So from the punishment of the grave. Now once there's another heavy for the person, last one a lengthy heavy, he spoke about the punishment of the of the grade. And in that in that heavy, what happens is that he sits at a grade, and then he takes it he takes him like a twig or something. And then he scratches the, you know, the earth, they've just buried a body in there. And the rocks are the last thing he talks about the whole process of how death comes, and how a person then, you know, goes and Subhanallah that heavy in society is in Amadeus. And NASA is in Abu Dhabi with different narrations by societies and what

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the person explained in there very briefly, I'm not gonna say the whole of it, is that he says, When I want a person that time comes, then the angel will come. And if they if the person is being good, then the angel will come with with fragrances from Paradise, they'll be calling him from the best of names, there'll be 500 angels dressed in white coming for this person, they will all struggle with one of the imagine, right, the angels are in honor that they're struggling with one another, who's going to be the first one to take this soul out and to be the first one to carry it to the heavens. Can you imagine the honoring and the promises, who says they take this soul out of the body so

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gently that the President gave an example he said, Have you seen like a jug, so when you've got a jug and then you pour out some some something out of the out of the jug, and then you put the jug back upright again, that the spout of the jug will have a little drop that will slowly trickle older slowly to move its way down all the way to the bottom of the jug, right? How gently that drop from the spout moves from the top of the jug to the

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The bottom of the jug, the browser isn't said that's how gently his his soul will be taken out of his body. So how long now once your soul is out of the body, they take him to the to the first heaven. And as he's going, every Angular pacifier says, Where is that wonderful fragrance coming from? And they say, it's so and so the son or you know, the daughter of son So, and then that that person is then carried to the first heaven. And then then Allah azza wa jal, that then allows the person to call the seven second heaven, and third, and fourth, and fifth, etc, all the way to the seventh heaven. Now imagine every single time that passing by some angels are saying, Where is that

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fragrance coming from? Then Allah says, You have been a good so go back to your body. And the artist tells the angels to write this person's name as part of the people who are going to go to alien, which is the abode of all the good souls after that the person is put into the into the body again. And as the journalism is being done, I imagine it's the body's been washed, the person is actually saying, we don't hear this, the gyms and the humans don't hear this, but the person is speaking, you're watching the body the person speaking you're carrying the body on your shoulders, the person speak, what are they saying? The same could be taken to my to my house, could you take me to our my

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boat, I take me to my to my family. These are the things that person is saying, when the person is lowered inside the grave and and we basically just put the soul on top. Do you know that from our side is the body and the various hobbies for this ad that the people who are walking on top of the grave just after burying that that person, this person can hear their footsteps, and before the 14th, or when the 14th footstep or something has been taken, the two angels come Nikki Mancha and these are angels that have no emotion. And they come and they ask the question, you know, who is your Lord? Morocco? Medina, what is your religion? What do you say regarding this person, and they

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will show the image of the promise and the loss of now, though the person has never seen the person in his real life, the person will answer straightaway, you know, my Lord is Allah and my religion, Islam, and this is the promise of law Islam. Even if you know the answers properly, these answers are based on the person's actions. Okay, so just remember that then the person is first shown to those from the feet side that are open, and these are feeding of these adults towards hellfire. And they say this would have been your adult had you not practiced your religion, and then the doors close and then allows them opens doors from the head side. And then it said, this is going to be

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your destiny now and they show Janna and they say this is going to be this destination because of what you've actually you know, practiced upon. Okay, now the same hobbies described Subhanallah I've been a person, the same hat is okay with the person who's sitting on the grave side, and the Sahaba around in the Brussels says that as for the one who denied the message, and in the separate narration, okay, this is the same thing for the monarchic. So if you're a Muslim, and you're not practicing Islam properly, then this is this is what's lying ahead, my friend, this is serious. So Russell Simmons says that 500 angels come and they dressed in black, they come with hammers, they

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come with, you know, items to beat the person up, and the person you know, is terrified and at that moment, when they take his soul out, the person describes this as you know, if there's cotton wool that gets stuck around a thorny bush and you're trying to like release the cotton wool from there, but what happens is you're literally you're ripping it out, that's how they said they're going to take his soul out and they're going to smacking from from the bottom from behind him and his his soul goes to what his his mouth and smack it towards mouth and it goes back inside. This is the punishment he's in at the time of death. Then after that, when he so comes out with a foul smell

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that comes in they come with a straight jacket and they put him into the strip type jacket and the various foul smell, a foul smell, and all of the different angles that are that are receiving the smell they say where is the smell coming from? And they say it's so and so the son of song so or son saw the daughter of song so and the person is taken above just to the first heaven and then when the person taking the first heaven again the angels say where is this foul smell coming from? They're calling from the worst of his name that he was called on the dunya there after that, Allah azza wa jal then you know addresses the soul and says you've been a bad so go back to your body. And then it

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tells me he tells the angels to write it from right the soul amongst the people of CG, which is the people who are going to go to a to a bad you know, a bad place and all the soul lubinski building punishment until the death doesn't or until Alas, he wishes. Now what happens then is the person now comes back to the to the body. Now imagine this happening to someone okay? You're in your body and then they wash in your body and you say, Hey, where are you taking me? Hey, what are you gonna leave me What are you gonna leave me and the person is being carried on the on the shoulders of people after the janazah and say no, don't take me away deserted me, or you're my family when you deserted

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me, my blood, my family and so on. And then the person is loaded into the grave and once you know the people have walked away. The two angels come

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They say, who's your Lord? What is the deed? What is the religion? And what do you say regarding this man? Even though the person might have heard the answers in this? Well, the person says,

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I don't know, I don't know, two, three questions. He says he doesn't know or she doesn't know. And then the angel, what they do this, they open up to those from the head side saying that this would have been your abode, if you had practices tab, but then they close those doors, and they open it from the feed side and say, this is going to be your boat, which is how far and the person is in punishment. Okay? Now, somehow them in both both sides. The problem says, a man comes in the grid into the grave for the first person, a very beautiful man. And the person says, Who are you, you look like a person who'd come with good news. And this individual says, I am your actions which you

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did on the on the earth. And for the second person who is the denier, or the monarchy, or the person who is a hypocrite, Allah azza wa jal sends a man who is going to be very ugly, and it's going to be a very,

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a very serious kind of, you know, an all inspiring individual. And this person is Who are you only come with some bad news. And the person says, I am your actions of the world, which you which you did. Now, guys, this is very serious, a bunch of the grade is very serious. these are these are some of the actions Apart from this, once approximately said that, that, you know, he went he was at a grade and he said the person is the person, the two people who are buried here, they're being punished in Houma, you are the bad both, both of these individuals are being punished. And they're being punished for something which they could have easily avoided. What's that the person has been

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said, one of them used to back by to speak ill about people behind their back, that's one of them. And the other one the brothels and said he did not he wasn't careful when he used to go to the toilet, when he's relieve himself. Now Subhanallah when we go to the toilet, relieve ourselves, we need to clean ourselves properly down there, guys, especially men, I'm telling you don't stand up and urinate sit down unit so that you have got no, you know, droplets coming back onto your body or your clothes, because that is one of the reasons why this punishment of the Great. And the Russians also said in the Sahaba that if anyone was going to survive the punishment of the great, he would

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have been sad bit or the alarm, who was an individual who had like 70,000 angels coming for his janazah. But what happened, unfortunately, is because he's to graze some animals, and when those animals used to urinate that that that human used to practice or used to come up to his clothes, and he wasn't careful of that, that the whole grain had seized him inside the inside the grave, even though 70,000 angels before that came for his janazah. And they were part of the janaza processing systems. Some of us was a straightaway to Sahaba seek forgiveness on behalf of modeled as a sovereign ma model the law No. And they did and then the grave releasing some Hanalei on the great

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release and so I'll do us can benefit those people after that, that this is a very big delete and a very big you know,

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evidence for those people other people who say that you do ask can't benefit the people who are passed out to us definitely, the believers can benefit the believers were passed away so make go after your brothers and sisters if you think that they in some kind of punishment. Now the big question is how do you save yourself from the punishment of the great right, stay away from these actions apart from that read Surah mulk every single night according to one Hadith if you read to a monk which is the 67 surah of the Quran, if you read that every single night Matt jarius Javi say Allah azzawajal will protect us from the punishment of the grave. In a separate Hadith he says sudo

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moon and surah Alif Lam even said that which is the 32nd suit of the Quran to the 32nd one on the sixth 67th one, you decide that initial every night which either means after Madrid anytime we decided anytime the night after my resided allows gel will give you the protection of the grave okay. Apart from that if a person is doing their regular salah and they are very punctual this are the Salah is one thing that will come and protect you from the snakes inside the grave. It's been mentioned in a heartbeat. But sudah monk is one thing I would like you to practice this from today and every night of your entire lives insha Allah till you go to the grave and inshallah you will

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find that soul to be protected for you. Now please take this advice seriously because this is this these are things that Subhan Allah Allah azza wa jal has kept for real in the next slide. If people understand the the the heaviness of this honesty we would stop we will stop doing what we're doing mallozzi gel give us

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give us tofik ability to to practice upon what I've what I've said nalazi gel, give us give us tofi tu tu tu

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Read through them every single night. I mean, now guys tomorrow I'm going to be in I'm going to be live here every single day inshallah tomorrow is going to be how to stay away from sins and how to stop addictions. So, please

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please go straight into comes tomorrow straightaway at 630 inshallah we should have this thing live at 630 UK time for half an hour insha Allah, how to stop sins and stop addiction because we understand a lot of people have got certain addictions whether the addictions of gambling addictions of you know, sinning, like I said to you today about adultery and so on. There are certain people who are in certain addictions or certain games and things that might be you know, just ruining the other athletes. So I'll see you in Charlotte tomorrow. Exactly. Hi, I'm Hannah syllabary Kumar hotline over Academy.