Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2018 – Nightly Reminder – June 1

Nouman Ali Khan
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altavilla Pinochet regime.

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kohlrabi in Nia obika and as Allah Kamala II

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II II come in aloha Siri. Rubbish at least everywhere silly Emily looked at me lasagna Coco Lee hamdulillah salat wa salam, O Allah Rasool Allah, Allah Allah He was a huge marine. And once again everyone Somali come to light out over the cattle.

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From today on, hopefully at least one maybe some more prayers of New Orleans Salaam are going to be talked about and I'm going to share with you something that's later on in his career. I want to say some introductory things about northern asylums. So everybody's aware of some things that will help us understand these prayers better. Allah says about the nation of new in the homecare new home of llama Attila

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when he describes different nations that rebelled against a law that were disbelieving that disregarded the profits and became enemies of Alliance sided which had been basically a law tells us in one way or the other in multiple places that nobody was worse than the people of New. Like of all the nation's the worst of all of them was the people of new heights understandable, because they had the longest opportunity to listen to the message. And it wasn't just one generation, there were multiple generations for nine and a half centuries that had you know, two, three generations per century. So you've got your talk, you're talking about 30. Some generations that were dismissing the

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message of no police around one after the other after the other. So Allah describes them as more wrongdoing and more rebellious than everybody else. Like in some places, Allah mentions the Pharaoh and his nation. He mentioned other other disbelieving nations and then says about them, they were more they were worse than everybody else. So no honey Salaam had to deal with worse things than anybody else had to deal with. So that's something we have to be aware of, when we think about his story. Now, a lot of which, at the end of his journey, and by the way, when he was building the ark, when he was like, commanded him to build the ark, and there was nobody had ever built a ship before.

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This is by the way, not too much after Adam alayhis salam. So Adam alayhis salaam, the first human being only a few generations have gone by and now as the nation, humanity has grown into a nation now. And that's the nation in which new had a Salaam is sent as a messenger you can think of it as from the Quran picture. That's the only nation on Earth at the time, there are no other nations. They're the only ones. And so new holy Salaam is their messenger, but in a sense, he's a messenger for all of humanity, because there is no humanity anywhere else. This is why after the flood his offspring, this is our Mufasa Don't call him Adam, Danny, the second Adam, because there's nobody

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else left, you understand. So now, that's the nation that he's working with. That's the nation that he's trying to preach to. And by the time he reaches the end of his mission, and they just not listening after this many generations, Allah azza wa jal tells him that I'm going to rescue you and your family, except your spouse, you and your family except your spouse. When the flood begins. And the Ark is rising, he tries to get his son on board, because obviously his son is part of his family. And Allah said, everybody except your wife and your family will be saved. The son refuses. He says, Are we eligible? Yasukuni minalima I'll climb to the mountain, it'll protect me from the

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water. The waters even go above the mountains. And now he's drowning. And you can't even see him anymore. And at that point, when I don't know 100 bahuvida kala, or BB or be in the evening, oddly enough Neiman Ali. He's a local

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police on call down to Allah and said my master, no doubt my son is part of my family. No doubt my son is certainly my family, when no one can help than your promises true. In other words, he's asking ALLAH and very respectful ways. Yeah, I thought that you guaranteed my family, he is my family. Why isn't he on board, you promised that my family will be saved well under a common Halloween, and you are the most wise and the most authoritative decision maker of any that will ever make a decision. So I trust your decision, but I'm just confused. And of course, somebody watching their own son drowned is not an easy thing. No matter how bad your son has been to you. No matter

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how rebellious he's been to you. I you know, often we hear these stories and we disconnect them from ourselves. No matter how much my child hurts my feelings. If I see my child in pain, that I will forget everything. I will forget everything. If I see my child who just was disrespectful to me, and I'm angry at them, and a car is coming at them, I will get in the way. It will it won't matter what they did, no matter how long they did it for. It could be I haven't seen my son in 20 years. And he comes and shows up at my door and I'm upset with him. But if I see him in danger, it's all gone all out the window all of its erased. So this is the cry of a father, who on the one hand is seeing his

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son drown on the other. He has a guarantee from a lion he wants some desperate way of reconciling his feelings and the command of a lion the instruction of the last one he cries out and says even then in the most respect

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Always, you know, not Yala. What are you doing? You promised me not like that. This is certainly my son, and he is my family and your promises always true. And you make the best decisions, you're still very respectful, right? Still control. What were the first thing before we get to the prayer itself? By the way, that in itself is a kind of prayer. If you imagine asking without asking, we've done that before, right? So we're learning that no matter how desperate a situation gets, don't lose the respectful tone You and I are supposed to have with Allah. You don't take an angry tone with Allah. You don't take our questioning tone with Allah. And if there is something you don't get it

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Why is this happening? To me? That can be a question, why is this happening to my child? Why is this happening to me, if that's the kind of question that's coming in your heart, then the way to express that is actually it still has to be respectful, you're talking to a lot, not someone else. And you have to remember, you're talking to someone who loves you, more than you can ever love yourself, and who loves your child more than ever, you can love your child. You can't forget that. As as much as a salon loves his son, Allah loves his creation way more alive, still a rough man. And when a law makes that decision, then it's not because no other salon loves his son more. And Allah loves his

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son less. That is not the case. That's not how that works. We have to understand the love of Allah is beyond the capability of human beings to understand. So now with that, with that, despite that love this, this creature of Allah deserves a punishment, or deserves not to be saved. And a larger region tells him ya know who in the hallway seven, Alec? No, he's not your family. He is not your family. So a few really interesting questions pop up here. If he's not my family, why not just tell me ahead of time. Like you told me my wife is gonna drown I accept, why not just tell me at that time my son's gonna drown too. There's some pain that no Halesowen had to go through. Because that,

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you know, sometimes prophets, Allah puts them through pain, because their story is going to get recorded, and we are going to have to relive that pain. And so a lot puts them through difficult circumstances. So this conversation can take place so we can get guidance. And that makes us love our profits even more than a lot as always, we'll put them through circumstances. So we can learn. Just so we can learn because nothing teaches like life experience. Nothing teaches like it's the greatest, the greatest teacher. So he experiences this incredible pain of on the one hand, his love for his own family, and on the other hand, his loyalty to Allah and Allah tells him that's not your

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family. And that's a very important lesson for profits. Because Ibrahim Ali Salaam, what did he say? He said about his children, or about anybody who follows me from Entebbe I need for India, who mainly whoever follows me is my family. Whoever follows me becomes part of my family. So the loss of a loved one, Allahu Allah, Allah would talk to talk about salmaan and fantasy, clearly not an Arab and say he's from the family of the house. even call him family. Why? Because for profits, family is not blood. Family is actually faith. We are more connected to the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by blood, not by blood. Even if those of us that don't have the lineage of the Prophet

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selection. I'm just because we say Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, we are more connected to him than Abu Talib is, we're more connected to him than some of his family that's related to him by blood. Because Allah made a man thicker than blood. Now think about that. If that's what Allah did, then what is the relationship that Muslim has with another Muslim? compared to just even blood relations? What did this kalama do? What did this Imam do? It connects us in a way that nothing else could have connected us. So now when Allah says he's not your family in the Bible, Salah listen to this carefully. Allah tells him No, I'm not accepting this prayer this request. He isn't no good

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deed. Not he does no good he is himself a no good deed means his entire life amounts to just no good. What we're learning now is how is a prophet to say this one is not my family, if his deeds don't reflect my following, then he is not my family. In other words, it's not just proclaiming that I believe I belong to the family of a prophet. If my deeds represent that, if my life represents that in the hormonal label silent for lattice alumna Melissa laka be here in politics only Melissa can be here and don't ask me about what you don't know. This is something he didn't know how families to be redefined by faith. So don't ask me about what you don't know in the area, hookah and

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takuna Mila Jacqueline, I am worried I'm counseling you you might become from those who lose their control over emotions that I had I talked to you about before. I'm warning you don't lose control over your emotions control your you know, temporary yourself. And so when Holly Salaam hears this, this is the offer the evening, call or be in Aruba and ellika Melissa Lee beheren I seek your refuge I hold on to you

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from asking something I don't know about from asking something I have no knowledge of this is a very important part of the door. You will close on that without the door closed. Well, is that crispy? Hey baby. Hey,

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Baby. Yeah, that one.

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Okay, yeah. Okay. Or I'll come there and get you. I've done it before. Okay. So what was I saying something about Islam?

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Which Prophet was I'm lost? I'm gone. No.

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It's funny how someone's child messed me up. Um, so anyway, so.

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But anyway, Mila bless our children. So the thing is,

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when we when he asked a lot for refuge, I want you to understand something is the other seeking a less protection refuge holding on to a lot is asked when you are it's something that overpowers you something bigger greater than yourself that you don't have control over a shout out to him a whole lot commenting on this. Is that something really beautiful I read today, he said that new Helen Salaam is seeking refuge from asking a question. Think about that. Why would he ask Allah refuge from asking you a question? When our feelings take us in a certain direction, then we get all kinds of questions in our head about a law about a loss judgment. And those questions sometimes can go

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cross the line of the respect and the honor and the humility we have to have with Allah. And he is asking Allah for protection from crazy questions that can pop up in anybody's mind.

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Yeah, don't even let those questions come in my head and by the way, so Allison, just question so r is also request in Arabic. So Allah is also request Allah. Don't make me want something that I don't really know if it's good or not. Your law protects me from even putting the love of something in my heart, that I am not sure if it's good or not good. And what does that mean for everyday muslims for today? When we read this Torah, what do we learn from it? We learn from it that Allah has given us, Allah has given us His book, a lot taught us, if I don't care to know what this book says, and then I want what I want, then I'm not learning from this law, I seek refuge of a law listen to this now

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practically, what does it mean for you and me? I'm asking a lot to protect me from myself from wanting things without actually knowing what Allah teaches about it. From desiring things without learning, what is the law teaching me about it? Because when a law teaches me, it guides not only what I know, it guides my feelings and what I want, it changes what I desire. And when it's not what I desire changes. When I asked a law changes, sometimes we say I don't want to know what Allah says, I just want what I want. I know what I want. No, you know what you want, but you know what you want without caring for what Allah has to say about it. Don't be judging from what Allah has to say about

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it. Learn what Allah has to say, first, learn his words, and you will change not only your thoughts, which are emotions, which you ask a lot for what you want and your heart will be guided. We don't want misguided once. You know, the wife of the minister in the story of Yusuf Ali Salaam has a desire she wants. But if she knew what Allah wants, and that penetrated her heart, her desires would have changed. They could have been guided, some of you really desire something or someone there's a desire in your heart, and you can't get it out of your system. I can't I can't stop thinking about her man. Or I can't stop thinking about it about him or whatever is in your head. And it may not be

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even be Helen and this is the daughter say to Allah, your love put a different love in me. So I don't want something you don't want from me. change what I love, because I'm not capable of controlling my feelings. You are a new hologram can't help but love his son, right? I mean, you can't just stop loving your son. You can't control what your heart feels towards it. Only alarm colleyville kulu can so he begs Allah, Allah don't even make me want something. I don't know if it's better for me or not. And then after that, he turns to a line says, what a lot of family What are harmony? a communal ha serene, says again, a profound piece of Doha. He says if you don't if you

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don't forgive me, and if you don't show me love, care and mercy, I'll become from those that are losers. Everybody else is a loser. The only one saved is no holiday Salaam and his followers and he still considers himself those who might have lost if he says one word out outside of Allah's obedience. And by the way, those words a lot of fiddly, with the HMI, or communal hustlin are almost identical to the words of his father a few generations ago, Robin avala and for Santa

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Elena, what are Hana then? akuna nomina ha serene? What are we learning? New Holly Salam is actually repeating the words of Adam or a Sarah. And what we learned from that is the dollars of profits starting from Adam and a Salaam have to live on. They're not just words that they use. They have to be words that others will use to the point where one prophet is using the words of another prophet, the one that came before him and he's mimicking exactly the same words. If you don't forgive me if you don't pardon me, if you don't show me mercy, I'll be come from those that are lost. What is the last forgiveness here? Yeah, la I'm loving things that you don't want me to love. And I'm not

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letting go of that feeling. Yeah, let's change my heart. Change my feelings. And if you don't show me mercy, I won't be able to change. And if I'm not able to change, I will become a loser. Because the only way someone can be a winner someone can stay away from loss is that the what they love and what they hate is submitted. This is the height of submission.

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What they love and what they hate is submitted to the will of Allah submitted to what Allah wants. That's a hard thing to do. Our actions are easy, Salah is easy, actually. It just takes a few minutes and you do it you're done. You will obey the law, but getting the heart to obey of law, getting my feelings to obey Allah, getting my love to appeal That's a hard one man. That's not easy. And that's a struggle each one of us is going to have so this is a very very powerful draw. It did not die with new organism it lives on because of the Quran and it and we learn from it that just like Adam alayhis salaam coming down from Jenna was asking a lot for forgiveness. We are going to

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ask Allah for forgiveness in multiple different occasions. It's actually in a beautiful way also teaching us the door I'll talk to you about tomorrow inshallah, that will have automatic Islam, that it's universal. It's not just in one scenario, it's actually the most universal of all the doors which is appropriate that it was given to the Father of all humanity, right, because every human being needs that dog. The one that automatically salami So with those few words, I conclude today's session barakallahu li walakum onion Hakeem. When I finally what is particular chemo, Sara Monica avocado

Ramadan Nightly Reminder June 1

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