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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam so less than a modicum of delight Allah Allah cattle. The other is as he would come in here to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2012 day seven.

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Yesterday we talked about a lot of the good manners and good morals. And I,

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for the past couple of days In fact, we've been talking about good morals Good luck. And today I want to talk about how to acquire and maintain this good flock, how to acquire the good and how to maintain that. So I'll give you some pointers on how to

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shallow data acquire these good morals and manage some of that, number one, and

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well what civic

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first is to truthfully seek help from Allah Subhana Allah, Allah to bless you with good luck

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asking Allah supplicating Allah subhanho wa Taala truthfully, sincerely to bless you with good Allah, the prophet Mohammed and is sad to see them used to do so. And you still there's so many that he used to make is not to sit him asking Allah subhanho wa Taala for good luck he used to say Allahumma Kamau has center Allahumma Kamau has sent the Hopi for Heston hollow T or Allah as you have perfected my my inner appearance or my outer appearance or a lot perfect my whole look my manners as you have perfected are better than my my appearance. Oh Allah I'm asking you to also perfect my Hello my mama has sent a copy for Hudson hockey. He is to also say Allahumma This is

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reported in fact by Sam Houston and the rest of the bay area with the LA noir buck a la homerun Lucha mendini I love them and you need to look for in LA Yeah, they asked me how in the end Allahumma Allah guide me shorts, good luck. No one can guide me towards them except you. And then he used to say what's with me say you know what Leslie for, and you say, and ward off for me, the best of luck. No one can ward off from from me is bad luck, except except you. So he's seeking help from Allah Subhana Allah to bless him with good luck. Number two, another pointer on how to

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acquire this. Good luck.

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And Mujahid I wish I had a need to struggle to get this good luck. You know, do not give in to these may be bad manners that you may have to these bad luck that you may have, you know, don't don't don't cheat, don't just say, Oh, it's just me, this is the way I am. There's no such thing as these Just do it. Everybody can change. If you want to change, you can change. Don't just say I'm

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treating me like this, I can change law who says

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don't give in to these manners or bad manners. Have this as the mantra or the struggle. So ask Allah Subhana Allah Kay said, and be determined, inshallah tada to change these bad luck that you may have acquired the good ones in shot. Number three, which is very, very important and has accountability. You put yourself into accountability for every cleanup, for every word that you say, for every act that you do, I think is the believer who puts himself into accountability liquidus availa caveat for every minor and major thing that he does anything that he does, the good believer would always insert into into accountability, why they would want me and what I mean, when I'm so adequately

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selected, okay, beta, you may say, when you act anew, you say something bad or you act funny in some doing something, in fact, wrong. You may say, Well, this is not me. Why do they Why did they act this way? Why did I have to even respond to that person? Why did I really behave this way?

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This is not me. This is not good. You feel bad about it? Yeah. And then you just saw what you blame yourself for that particular for that, for that app that you have that you may say this is b seven B, then B? Well, you had a for some of them. b this is this act is maybe because of my sin because of the sin that I sent today, mainly because I did not pray fresh on time today. Maybe this is why I'm acting like this. There was a man who came to it, Debbie.

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Debbie thought a man came to him complaining about the fact that he could not wake up for the pmla Allah. He could not wake up 4pm he cannot wake up for the night prayer. So he's having the problem of not being able to wake up for the night prayer. I didn't have it. I told him and tajuddin idea. That's crazy.

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New Book

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and 2018 that's got a new book, you're the man beating you are men do you look like you've been restricted by your sense, as if he's telling him your sins have control over you see this is that you know, like, as I'm saying here seems could be one of the culprits, the sins that you do could be one of the culprits as to why you're having this bad luck. So, stop it, stop in and return to Allah subhanho wa Taala and put yourself into accountability

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to accountability in fact, my brothers and sisters, you can elevate your soul from from from the enough's another way to

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build accountability tomohisa you elevate yourself from the self approaching soul to the, to the to the the righteous soul, the self reproach and saw that blames you for everything that you do. And then it moves up to the next

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to the righteous bias. So, that can only feel comfort with part of that with obedience over law with the law and with the hustle and bustle of law.

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This is the only way you can

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acquire this o'clock to this Mohammed Salah constant who has ever which will elevate yourself in sha Allah who to Hana to enough's, eventually, and neffs and whatnot in that which I've tried to acquire in this blessed month of Ramadan. And I have another couple of things in shuttling data that will also add bus you know, acquire the good, the good manners, befriend the righteous, befriend the pious, befriend the good friends, those who have good luck. Don't be friend those who have bad luck because you are a middle onto a middle onto one another. So if you are only befriending those who have had bad luck, you will be like them. In fact, try to be friends, those who have good Allah as

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the Prophet Mohammed is sort of, you know, when he says

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really funny angle, I recommend you hire him and men would follow the footsteps of his close friends, that is each one of you follow, meticulously follow their friends, or choose their friends that each one of you choose their friends. So choose your friends, meticulously Be very careful on whom whom you hang out with and tried to hang out with those who have good luck, those who have good manners, those are always smiling those who are not to be patient, those who are not not to get angry quickly, those who are known Mashallah to be to help the neighbors and and help them hesitate and help Muslims and help people all the time people who are like outgoing Mashallah, they like

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helping one another. They have this higher they have modesty those who have tried to befriend those inshallah Tada, hopefully you can earn or gain something from them be in your lap. Also, last but not least my brothers and sisters ladies and gentlemen. Have another silhouette. Be very careful with what you sell out and and try inshallah tada to

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pray your prayers constantly in sha Allah. Allah Subhana Allah says in the forgotten her and in fact she won't come beside me the prayer, the prayer bits what prayers private immorality and and

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when Monica and I need the wrongdoings so the Sunnah prohibits immorality and wrongdoing so to the saw that in sha Allah who data you can get to read of those bad manners bad habits and acquire and maintain acquire and maintain and shockmount Allah the good habits what again to the what to us without us without us

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as the Prophet Mohammed and it's not a sin, I know he was dying and he was as in last final breath and he was saying that a solid a solid so to the solid inshallah tada we can help a court is good luck and Shalom and maintained and that flap with our parents, our children of luck with our neighbors or friends. Everywhere we are.

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Hey, how you doing my buddy? Okay, what's up, all the neighbors need help. Let's go help them.