Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P17 166A Translation Al-Anbiya 83-112

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a variety of topics including a webinar on various women, a night in a city, and a woman named Tanya. Some admit to the truth while others express confusion. A song and woman named Holly are also mentioned, but the transcript doesn't provide much context or information.
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Whenever one a Sunday are louder Sula Hill Kareem and my beret. Ferodo bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Rubbish rashly Saudi way a silly Emery wash Lola that are melissani gahoo Kali Robina. Zina Ilma

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lesson number 167 Surah Al Anbiya ayah number 83 to 112 Translation what a YouTuber and a you are the his Salaam is when Nerida he called out, boohoo his rub a knee that indeed I must Sonny it touched me a bedroom, the distress will enter and you are our him, most merciful, a Rashi mean of those who show mercy.

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first webinar, so we responded Lahu for him. fucka Schaffner then we removed ma what be with him, men from Berlin distress. Where are they now who and we gave him a hello who his family were Mithila home and like have them ma home with them. Rush Merton as immersi men from Rendina near us where they crawl and a reminder. Lil Aberdeen for the worshipers.

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What is my real and Ismar eel were Idris and Idris Waddell careful and duel careful. Are they hemocyanin Cullen all men from a submarine, those who endure with patients what other holla home and we admitted them see in rush mattina our mercy in the home indeed the main from a slot machine, the righteous was a noon and one of the fish possessor of the fish, the man of fish

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is when the harbor he went off move all the bun as one angry for one. So he thought on that learn never Nakamura we have power or lay upon him. Fernanda so, he called out fi in a Willamette the darknesses and that law not ILA her any god Illa except under you. Super Hannukah glorified Are you in need? Indeed I can too. I was men from a volley mean those who are wrong.

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Faster jobina So we responded low for him when a Jaina who and we rescued him. Men from alarm, the distress, the worry.

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Waka valleca And likewise, Nan Jie we save a lot meaning the believers was there Korea and South Korea and his salon is when Nevada he called out robber who his Rob, Rob be Oh, my Rob lair do not gather me you leave me for then as alone. We're under and you are Jairo best al where he seen the inheritors.

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First jobina So we responded Lahu to him while we're Hubner and we gifted Lahore to him. Ye Hear ye here La Silla? What are slashing it? And we reformed LA who for him xojo Who his wife in the home indeed they can do they were you Sadie Aruna de Hudson. Fie in El Herat the good deeds were their own Anna and they call us Robin in hope. Well Robin and in fear what can you and they were Lana for us has Shireen ones who are submissively humble.

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Well Lottie and she who asked when she guarded Fauja her her Chestatee her private part further Faulkner so we blew fie her in her men from Russia Tina our rule our spirit what your allow her and we made her webinar her and her son I attend assign little Ira mean for the worlds

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in the indeed had the heat this OMA to come your religion, your nation. Oh my 10 a religion. A nation. Washington one. We're Anna and I am Rob Bukom your fireball Dooney so you all worship me?

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What Dakota and they broke up. They divided Umbra home, their affair their matter. Buying a home between them. Cologne all Elena to us, Roger your own one.

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To return

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Salman so whoever YAML he does men from a Saudi had the righteous deeds or whoever while he is may known a believer, fella so not go from any denial, Lisa up for his effort we're in and indeed we law who for it guilty Boon ones who write once a record

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will haram one and a prohibition Allah upon but yet in a city a HELOC now her we have destroyed it and the home that in the de la not the LG room they will return

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HEPA until either when 40 hertz It was opened yet due to your George, George and Mark dude. We're home and they men from Cali every header been elevation. The NC rune they swiftly descend

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Wakata robber, and it came near. It drew near Eduardo the promise and help of the truth for either Then behold, then suddenly, here it is Sheffield satune One that stairs. Charlie's atone one that stairs. I will sorrow sites. gazes Alladhina of those who care for all the disbelieved.

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Yawei Lana, Ottawa us odd in fact gone now we were fee in law flat in negligence, heedlessness men from Heather this vile rather could now we were Lolly mean want to do wrong in nickel indeed you warmer and that which thurgoona you all worship men from Dooney besides Allah He Allah Hassan who are few Johanna of hellfire and to you all love her for it where he don't want to enter once you arrive

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low if Ghana was hula it bees earlier then God's man not what I do her. They entered it. What could alone and all fee her in it. Holly don't want to abide eternally

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law home for them see her in it zephir on heavy sighing heavy exhaling

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we're home and they are fee her in it. La not yes maroon they here

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in the indeed Alladhina those who subaqua A preceded LA home for them. Men now from us. Alicia snur The best reward hola Iike those and her from it mobile or dune once removed for LA not yes my owner they will hear her Sisa her its latest sound. Were home while they are fee in math what is to her? It desired and foster home their souls. Holly don't want to abide eternally.

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Law not yet zunar home it will grieve them and further the terror Al Akbar of the greatest what that Aloka whom and it will meet them. Al mela Iike the angels Heather this yo Macomb your day. A lady which come to Muir to our dune you all were promised

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Yoma on de Natal we we will roll up we will fold a summer the sky kappa ye like rolling like folding? A Siddeley of the scroll of the sheet lil Koto for the records gamma just as Budhha we began oh well first Hultin creation nor a de who we will repeat it what are then a promise or Elena upon us in there indeed we can now we were fairly lean once we do

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while occurred and certainly Katerina we wrote fi in a visible visible men from Bardi after a victory, the mention the reminder and that indeed, Allah Akbar the earth URI through her he will inherit it. Everybody My servants asylee shown the righteous ones

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in the indeed fee in Heather this labor Levon surely a notification.

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Lik omen for a people. Are we the ones who worship warmer and not also NACA we have sent you Illa except Ramadan. immersi Lee

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lol Amin for the world's gonna say in nama indeed not but you heard it was revealed eladia To me a nama that indeed not but Illa who comb your god Isla Hoon is God where hidden one for * then are unto you all Muslims don't want to submit for in but if there were low they turned away for all then say Adam to come I have proclaimed to you Allah upon so equality we're in and not a dairy I know a Caribbean weather near um or bury don't far man what do our dune you are promised

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in the hood indeed he Yara lemmo he knows Al Jazeera the spoken aloud men from a local the speech were Alonso and he knows math what duck to moon you all can see you

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were in and not editie I know la isla who perhaps it fit not on a trial law calm for you. One meter and a temporary enjoyment. Isla to Shane in a time

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father he said Robbie oh my gosh can you judge bit of help with the justice? What are buena and our rub? A rush man is the Most Merciful Elmo Stan the One whose help is sought almost an hour the One whose help is sought Allah upon ma what does the food Yuan describe?

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That's this is the recitation of these verses

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what are you

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name is Sunil booboo

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Shambo bossing me first

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like I shut up he

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me know in the

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mean in the

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end what is

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our theories over there look carefully

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in may not saw anything he

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only hit

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the door Ali

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found one

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don't sue the hand

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to me no body mean less danger

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me one can link

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meaning once again Gary

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B let me

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call you don't worry the

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first time

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we are here

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for your RT

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all anti axon it's normal Jahad nervy

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In heavy metal

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he didn't tell me

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what I thought oh

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there may be no saw your hands you mean

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Ron and he said he

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brought he was in

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washout on Isla

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doo doo doo doo

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Welcome to

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don't have either he or she is

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yeah Ilana

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now on II mean

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house Abuja

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lumpy has Fe

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Fi hi

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is now on our high seas

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Wi Fi mesh

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go to

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the Korean

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saw the phone

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be the

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me hold him

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to the moon

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weigh in at Erie body

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Jehovah Amina

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to hone in

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on Bish

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shout for all of guna man almost

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