Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P16 162D Tafsir Ta-Ha 127-130

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The negative consequences of forgetfulness, including negative health and sadness, are universal and structural. The importance of prioritizing one's health and staying in homes for long periods is also emphasized. The use of intelligence and knowledge in science and the punishment system are also discussed. The importance of staying true to oneself and not giving up is emphasized. The importance of being internally satisfied and bringing one's contentment to one's life is also emphasized. The Prophet has lost many people and become his enemies, leading to stress and suicide. The importance of being happy in one's heart to avoid sadness and achieve success is also emphasized.
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So towards the end of surah Taha, we learned about the story of samedi and how Musa alayhis salam before he went to the mount for the meeting with Allah to receive the Torah. Before he left, he left the Bani Israel with some instructions. Right? He told them what to do. He told them what to keep away from. But what happened? Did they remember? Or did they forget? Did they remember? They forgot. Right? Then we learned about the murderer his cell, how Allah subhanaw taala. When he sent him to Jana, he also told him what to keep away from. And he also made it clear to him that shaitan was his enemy. But what happened, Adam release and I'm also he forgot financier, but he did not have that

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firm resolve to disobey Allah subhanaw taala. And then we learned that woman Arnold aren't Zicree, the one who turns away from Allah's remembrance, but in Allahu Marie Schatten Blanca, then he will have a very constricted, depressed, difficult life. This is a consequence of forgetting what Allah subhanaw taala has instructed. You see, forgetfulness has consequences. When you forget what you've been told to do, then yes, it was a mistake, it was an honest mistake. But it will definitely have consequences. So for instance, if you're sick, and you've been given some medication to take at a particular time, all right of a particular dose, and you forget, will that affect your health? Why

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don't we say at that time, but I forgot why is my forgetfulness affecting my health? Of course, it will have an effect on your health, right? Likewise, if you come for your test, and you forget to write your name, all right, on your test paper, will you get those marks? Will that dust paper be checked? No. So remember that when we forget, definitely, there will be consequences. We see that in this life. And this is also true with regards to Dean with regards to alcohol.

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So then, what's the cure? What's the solution? What should be done? When we are human beings and we are bound to forget what should be done? A person must strive to remember, a person must try and make sure that he will not forget what he is supposed to do. So for instance, if you are very forgetful when it comes to your medication, what do you do?

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What will you do? Will you set reminders on your phone?

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Will you write somewhere? Will you keep your medication in front of you so that you don't forget? Okay, so through our life also, when Allah subhanaw taala has given us certain commands to observe certain things to keep away from, we forget those commands. Correct? What's the solution? Keep the Quran in front of you. Stay connected with the book of Allah. Because this Quran is the this Quran is a reminder when you forget, it reminds you when you make a mistake, it shows you your mistake. When you're lost, it guides you.

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It shows you how to navigate through life. So the one who turns away from the Quran for Indiana humare shatta Mancha, then he will have a very difficult, depressed life. This is just like the one who has been given the prescription, but then they put it away. The turn away from it, they deliberately abandon it. Are they going to live a very healthy life? No, they're going to be sick. In fact, that might even get worse. Their health might even deteriorate. Because if you play around with your medication, if you don't take your property, instead of curing your can make you more sick. Right? So for in nulla humare Schatten LaMancha wanna shadow yo multi Amati Arma and such a

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person will come on the Day of Judgment blind. He will say, Carla, Robbie Lima has shortened the ARMA Oh my Lord, why have you brought me blind? What could come to basura? Well, I could see, my eyes worked. I could see in the dunya but why is it that on the Day of Judgment, I am blind. And you see, being blind, unable to see. Unable to see Allah, unable to see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam unable to see Jana. What great deprivation This is our man blind. What God can do basura kala Allah will take a Delica Atka Ira tuna. My verses came to you. Our Verses came to you fancy to her but you forgot.

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You forgot the Quran. You forgot what we ordered you to do.

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What kinetically OMA to answer and likewise

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A day you will be forgotten. Because you see, when you forget something, then you're not going to do it.

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When you've been asked to do something and you forget, then are you going to end up doing it? No, whose loss your loss. So when something is important when something is necessary you strive to remember, you make sure that you will not forget. You ask other people to remind you so that you don't forget. When it comes to the Quran. We have to be even more serious about this matter, because the consequences are real and the consequences are eternal. Because what Cavalli calendulas Iman Estrada wollam, you mute Minh bat Robbie, and thus do We recommend he who transgressed and did not believe in the signs of his Lord? Well, our there will be a shadow of a call and the punishment of

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the Hereafter, it is much more severe, and it is eternal. Any consequence that we suffer in this life because of forgetfulness? Eventually, remember, we'll get over it, eventually things will be fine. Right? But when it comes to the action of forgetting the Quran, forgetting the commands of Allah than the other is assured.

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It is severe and it is everlasting. It is eternal.

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If Olivia de la whom Allah asks if Allah did they're not yet de la home it guide them come Alekna Kabbalah home how many we have destroyed before them mineral Quran of generations grown as a floor love.

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How many people have been destroyed before them? And these people have shown a famous acronym they used to walk in their homes my second floor love Muskan but today, their homes stand their houses stand for those people are going their lives ended in NiFi Valley color it literally knew her indeed and that is surely signs for who for those people who have intelligence. If you think about it, what makes us forget the Quran what makes us forget the commands that Allah has given us? What's the reason?

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I heard desires? Okay, what else dunya that we got so busy. Okay, think of it. Your medication. Okay, you were supposed to ticket first thing in the morning. But you forgot, why did you forget?

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Okay, because you were sleeping. You woke up late. And then you had to get ready really quickly and rush out of the house. You barely had breakfast? How could you have your medication? You were sleeping? You were late as a result you forgot, right? Likewise, when we are heedless, when we don't pay attention when we are too busy pursuing our desires, sleeping, eating, having fun watching one movie after the other binge watching TV literally binge. Right when we're doing that, then, of course, we're going to forget, of course, we're going to forget what is more important. All right. Likewise, another reason? Why would you forget to take your medication in the morning?

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Why? Think about it?

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Have you ever forgotten?

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What was the reason? Yes.

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Yes, very true that many times, especially women, what happens with them is that they're so busy with their children or their husbands or their home. That the first one they forget is who themselves they even forget to eat. They literally forget to eat. I remember, you know, at school, if you forget your book, or something the teacher would ask you, have you ever forgotten to eat? And I'd wonder No. And now I wish somebody would ask me? Because I would say yes, I have forgotten numerous times to eat my breakfast, to eat my lunch to eat my dinner numerous times. Why? Because when you have kids, and when you have, you know so many things that you're doing, then of course,

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you begin to forget yourself. Right? Likewise, when we are too busy with this world, then what do we forget the commands of Allah subhanaw taala. It is our homes, our family, sometimes our loved ones are the things that we love, to do to watch places that we like to go, the stuff that we like to do and spend our time and it is these things that make us forget the commands of Allah subhanaw taala. But Allah subhanaw taala says, look, look at the people before you. Did they have homes? Did they have busy lives? Did they have families and did they have things and desires that they were pursuing? Yes. But what happened to them? Their time ended.

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Their lives came to an end. They left the

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This world there are things remain. So take a lesson from this. Take a lesson from this,

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the things that you're pursuing because of what you neglect the Quran, these things are not going to stay with you forever. They're not going to go with you in your grave. They're not going to help you in the hereafter.

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So prioritize and see what is most important. You know, for instance, women are told to look after your health because if you don't, then you won't be able to enjoy life. Right? If you're not taking your medication because you're too busy watching something or you're too busy, you know, having fun, then how long will you have fun? Sooner or later, your health will deteriorate so much that you can't even enjoy? You can't do anything. So likewise, the things of this world these homes that we're in, we're not staying in there forever.

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We're going to leave these things are gonna leave us. So take a lesson from the people of the past of Colombia de la home, come look in a couple of women in Cameroon. How many generations are destroyed before them, we have shown a famous Iconium they used to walk in their homes go about in and out, just like we walked through our houses, leave in the morning, come back in the evening, then again, leave in the evening, come back at night. I'm sure FEMA secondly him. And also yam Shula FEMA, secondly, refers to the present people that how the people who are alive today, they walk through the houses of those who have gone before them.

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So we walk through the houses of who, the people who died before us. And what happens huge palaces, even huge houses. Eventually they turn into heritage sites, right? They turn into museums. So you go and look at the fancy houses that some people made once upon a time, right? They gave all their lives in building those houses in maintaining those houses. But what's the state right now those people are gone in their houses dead? You know, like in Toronto, there's this huge, massive house. You know what I'm talking about? It's like close to the museum. So this guy, he was building it and he went bankrupt. Basically, he couldn't look he couldn't pay it. And then what happened? That house

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is staring into Museum? What is it called?

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Casa Loma? Okay. So anyway, the first time I saw that house from outside, I was like, seriously, the guy spent his life trying to make this house and he went bankrupt. He couldn't even enjoy this place.

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Perhaps the only enjoyment he got was from looking at it. And that's it. You can't even enjoy it yourself. So is it worth it? Now other people come? They look at the house, they take pictures, they go around, right? What's the point? I'm sure if he Misaki him in the field, early color is illegal in new Ha, indeed. And this is a sign for who people who have no what is no intelligence, your intellect, intelligence, what kind of intelligence that stops you from doing what is wrong? Because now he has to stop?

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You see, one level of intelligence is that, you know, you're asked a question, and you know the answer. This is one level. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you apply that knowledge in your life. Some people they have really good book knowledge, you ask them any question, they will have the answers, you know, they will give you the facts, the statistics, the right numbers, everything they'll give you, they have amazing, perfect book knowledge. But only know how are those who don't have knowledge, they have intelligence, they have relative and they also have intelligence, because then there are called it stops them from doing what is wrong, it forces them to apply what they have

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learned. So you understand who only knew her or those who apply there in. So for instance, we might know of many people who have died before us who left you know, huge properties and a lot of money behind them. Okay, knowledge information, we have it.

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But only Newhart, those who have this information, they learn from it. And they stop themselves from pursuing this dunya

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they actually take a lesson and this lesson has an effect on their life, they bring about a change in their life. So in the field Ali color it literally knew her. Well I wanna Kalama tone. And if it was not for a Kalama, a word sub Akkad that proceeded middle of big from your Lord, which Kalama which decision of Allah, that eternal and complete recompenses in the Hereafter, it's not in this dunya in this dunya a person has given time he's given respite. Each person's lifespan is fixed, whether he's obedient or disobedient. Alright, so Allah has decided that eternal punishment is where in the aka and if it was not for this law, cannibalism and

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the punishment would have been Lizama and lizardmen an obligation Lesson What is Lazar? Why do you mandatory, obligatory meaning that witches do that which must be done. And Lizanne lasma is also to stick to something and to stay with it, to not leave it. So for instance and Hadith we learned millesimal Is the far the one who makes is the favelas him on himself meaning mandatory on himself. So he's constantly doing stuff are seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. In the morning, in the day in the evening, in the night, during the prayer after the prayer, he's constantly seeking is different. This is Le Zima. Salah cannibalism, meaning the punishment would have been due

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immediately. And the punishment would have been eternal, perpetual, never ending for them, what a gentle Musa. And also if it was not for the agenda, the time that is Musa that is fixed meaning for each person is a decreed time, right? They have their lifespan that is fixed. And Allah subhanaw taala has decided that eternal punishment will be in the alpha. If it was not for these two reasons, then the kind of actions we do, what would happen, the punishment would have been due instantly, the punishment would be continuous, then people would sin here disobey Allah here and instantly, they would be punished. You see other Malasana he was in Jannah. Right? He forgot. He ate from the fruit

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of the tree, what happened immediately, the privileges that he was enjoying in Jannah, were taken away. The claws even imagine the claws even were taken away.

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Right, and other innocent of Hawa, they had to leave them they were sent to the dunya. So you see immediate consequence of forgetting. Likewise, in dunya, the same thing would have happened with us. But Allah subhanaw taala has given each and every one of us respite, a time in which we can decide what we want to do. If we make a mistake, we can do it over. But unfortunately, we don't realize our mistakes. We keep forgetting and forgetting and ignoring and ignoring and persist in our wrong ways. So it's as if we are being shaken over here. Do you realize what you're doing? Do you realize the reality?

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You're only surviving right now, because Allah Subhana Allah has decided that eternal punishment should be in the end because you have a time to live in this dunya fosmid. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam is advised at the end of the surah Be patient. Because obviously when you follow the commands of Allah subhanaw taala when you remember what Allah has ordered you to do and you keep away from what he has forbidden, then it becomes difficult because people, they don't stop talking about you and they don't stop criticizing you. So for a person who is striving to remember what Allah has ordered him, he is trying to obey the commands of Allah. There is great consolation this if

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possible, be patient, Allah Mallya Kowloon over what they say, what are the people say to the Prophet salallahu? Salam? What kind of words of encouragement?

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Then what kind of words?

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Okay, abusive? And would they make fun of him?

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Yes. Would they spread lies about him? Would they taunt him in public? Yes. Would they try to embarrass him? Yes.

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Just imagine if you are in a situation like this, because of what you're doing, because of what you're spreading because of what you're calling people to? And that is the truth. And that is good. Imagine if you are embarrassed publicly. What would you do?

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Have you ever been embarrassed? Have you ever been insulted? Has anyone said words to you that really hurt your feelings?

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Think about it. Recall that moment. Just recall that moment when somebody said something so nasty to you, on your face or behind your back when it really broke your heart?

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What do you want to do? You either want to take revenge, you dare say this to me? I'm gonna smack you. Right? We want to take revenge, or we give up. We're like, you know what, maybe I should stop doing what I'm doing. I can't handle this anymore. I can't deal with this anymore. We give up the profits or a lot of stalled fuss bit. Or what happens is that we remain bottled up inside and we get sad. And that sadness turns into depression. And it turns into any a very serious issue, having a serious effect on our psychological or physical health, emotional health. So what's the way out of this? How do you deal with the criticism of people? How do you deal with the nasty things that

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people do?

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Do you, Allah subhanaw taala gives a solution over here. First bit Allah nya Kowloon. Be patient over what they say, How was sub Bish behind the Arabic and do this be with the praise of your Lord, glorify Your Lord, busy yourself in doing this. Remember Allah?

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Why? Because what is it that brings comfort to the heart? What? vicar, Allah Vickery Lehi terminal Kuru it is with the remembrance of Allah that hearts will find rest, that hearts will be at peace. There is no other way. There is absolutely no other way. This is how you deal with the nasty things that people say to you. You do the vicar of Allah. And as you busy yourself in the remembrance of Allah, just feel that stress dissolving, and going away, melting away, literally. Because you know, when people are saying things to you, then even though you're quiet, and you're telling yourself, I'm being patient, it really hurts you.

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Right, and you get so stressed out. somebody's yelling at you cursing, you know, saying absolutely incorrect things and, and you feel like you're going to explode, you feel like you're going to die. You don't think you can handle it anymore. You just want to run away from there. You're so stressed out, you're panicking, you almost have an anxiety attack. So what to do?

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Start doing the sub beer, be handy have a big, do this be of your Lord and just relax? Just relax.

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And right now what I'm saying to you, perhaps it doesn't make any sense to you. But next time somebody's saying something nasty to you and you're feeling stressed out, experienced this, do that.

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Sabir start saying Subhan Allah who will be handy Subhan Allah he will be handy here other the hunt behave what Allah enough. See, he was in a tariff, she want me to other Kadima?

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You know, sometimes it's just an argument, perhaps between husband and wife, perhaps between mother and daughter, perhaps between sister and sister or sister and brother, just an argument. And that itself can also affect you so much.

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You know, so many times it happens that people are having relationship issues and what happens? It literally turns into depression and psychological issues. And these are real, we cannot ignore them. These are real. But why is it that it escalated to that point, we need to think we need to see, so many times I've come across people who are having issues like this and every time I have told them, do this be busy yourself in the Dhikr of Allah. They say that yes, it is helpful. It's definitely helpful.

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I'm not saying don't take counseling, and don't take therapy that is also necessary. But don't wait until you get to that point where you're breaking down. Hold yourself together. Take care of yourself, because the heart it needs to be strong right? To deal with these hurtful words. How do you strengthen your heart? How, with the Dhikr of Allah, because the Dhikr of Allah is the food for the heart. When you feed it, it will be strong. But when the heart is hungry, its deprived, its weak. It cannot handle difficult situations, it cannot handle stress.

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And always remember, if you're having a difficult time, listening to what people have to say to you remember what the prophets on a lot of Saddam have to go through. I don't think anybody has faced as much abuse as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did.

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Verbal abuse, emotional abuse, because think about the lies that were spread about him inshallah we will learn in the next year. How people said he's a sad he's a magician. Can you imagine? The prophets of Allah Islam was called a magician. People call him a liar, but who acquire them? Because they're someone who lies a lot. No, no, no, no, he's been affected by the jinn. He's gone crazy. Imagine if someone called you crazy. You know, sometimes people are joking with him to call you crazy. Not in that way. If literally, someone says you are mad, and they mean it.

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Isn't that enough to shatter your confidence?

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Isn't that enough to really make you feel sad and depressed.

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So how did the Prophet salallahu Salam handled that abuse? How? What did Allah tell him to do? Sabir do this Be

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relaxed your heart, feed your heart, strengthen your heart, because you cannot stop people from talking.

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Can you sometimes they know your reality but they don't even know how to handle themselves in a sometimes a person that's hurting you. They themselves are sick.

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They themselves are psychologically ill. It's possible

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And because of that they're abusing you. Right? And there's no way you can get out of that situation. I mean, it's possible that someone close to you and your family member they have serious anger issues, serious anger issues, and when they get angry, they hurt you. Can you change them? Can you fix them?

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If it was easy, you would have done it already. Right? Can you get rid of them? Can you leave them? Well, if they related to their your father or your mother or your brother, how can you cut off from them? You can't. So then what's the solution? strengthen yourself. Strengthen your heart. Learn to deal with stressful situations, how to equip yourself, how do you do that? vicar of Allah.

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Sabir, behind the Lubbock do this be with the praise of your Lord, specifically at which times popular tourists Shamsi Before the rising of the sun, before the sun rises, this is specifically the time between Fudger and rising of the sun sunrise. So after you've prayed Fajr, and the time that you have until the sun rises, that time should be spent in doing this be what cobbler will be here, and before it's setting. This is the time between Arsal and Margaret. So specifically, in these two times, busy yourself in the decor of Allah, specifically the spear, third woman, Anna Elaine, and also in the hours of the night Anna is a plural of Indian. Indian literally means span of time.

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Right? Like, you can say an hour, but don't think of an hour as 60 minutes. Okay? So a span of time, a period of time, especially that which is during the night. Because when you're stressed out, when you are hurt, can you sleep through the night. You can't you keep waking up, you keep waking up, you can't relax, you're laying in bed, staring through the darkness and you can't make yourself sleep and the noise in your head, all those thoughts and those worries, it drives you crazy.

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It drives you crazy and this is where you know people turn to different things to force their mind to sleep. Either you prescribe some medication or some drugs or something to help yourself sleep. The profits are a lot isn't what is he told that during the hours of the night, those sleepless hours, what should you do? For some do the speaker

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remember Allah at that time, and Sabir, remember this be it means to do the kind of Allah glorify Allah. But remember that the word must be is also used for voluntary prayer Knuffle prayer, the word the spear is also used for voluntary prayer. So in the night when you cannot sleep, then do the Dhikr of Allah. And if you cannot sleep at all, even laying in bed, then get up and perform some voluntary prayer. Why? For Sabir well Prophet Nihon also at the two ends of the day, why why do this be at all of these times? Why read on what is the ISA la laka turtle law so that you may be happy, so that you may be pleased, so that you may be content?

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Because you see life is difficult. People say nasty things to you, that hurts you. But you know what makes it worse? What makes it worse is your sadness. Because when you are sad, and others are making you more sad than that sadness is only going to increase it's going to worsen.

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Right. So to counter that, that harm that people are inflicting on you, you need to be happy in your heart you need to be internally satisfied. You need to be internally content, how do you bring that contentment Larnaca turbo, by remembering Allah subhanaw taala by doing the speed, at which times, what do we learn in this ayah in the morning, before sunrise, secondly, in the evening before sunset, thirdly, in the hours of the night and fourthly will occur. Often the hub a trough is a plural of thought of two ends of the day, meaning the beginning of the day, and also the end of the day. So if you think about it, all these times they are mentioned, what does it mean? Basically?

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What does it mean? Do this beer all the time? Keep your tongue moist with the vicar of Allah. And the more they could you will do, the happier you will be.

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If you think about it, the Prophet salallahu Salam, what are the different losses that he endured in his life that he suffered in his life? Think about it. First of all, his honor, his reputation, all right, that is affected because of the opposition of the people and how

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They call him a liar and they call him with every bad name. That itself is enough to lead many people to commit suicide is.

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That's another reason to cause many people to break down. Then we see that he loses his wife Khadija Rhodiola horn. Before that, he grew up as an orphan. He grew up as an orphan.

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When he was born, his father was already dead. When he's six years old, his mother dies. When He's eight years old, his grandfather dies. He grows up with his uncle. And then what happens when he gets married?

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Soon he receives prophethood. And then everything changes.

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Everything changes the people who respected him. Now look down on him. The people who praised him, now they insulted him. The people who had good relationships with him were on very friendly terms. Now they became his enemies. You know, Ebola was the guy who, when he received the news of the prophets of Allah since birth, you know what he did?

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The woman who brought him the news, the slave woman, He gestured with his hand, you're free. You're free.

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And one of the relatives of a hula hoop It is said that it was our basketball blower on who he had a dream. And he saw a hula hoop in a very bad condition. And this hadith in Bukhari, he asked Abu Lahab

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Have you seen anything good, I will have said, No, I haven't seen anything good since I have left you, except that I was given water to drink from here.

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From here, meaning between my thumb and my finger. I was given very little water to drink from here. Why? Because I fried swaybar.

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And this hadith is in Behati. This is how much of hula have loved the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Right. And he freed the slave woman and because he freed her, because of that good deed, what happened he was given just a little bit of water to drink very little. Just imagine getting like a drop of water or something. How much water would be there? How much water can be held between your thumb and your finger? Hardly any.

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This same guy look at how he turned against the prophets and a lot isn't. Imagine people who love you become your haters. They become your enemies. Isn't that enough to destroy you? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam lost so many of his children, young and old during his life, losing your baby, losing you know a married daughter. Isn't that enough to destroy you shatter you. And then so many close companions. They'd been had with a little below one who, whom the prophets of Allah sent him called his adopted son and then later on, he was told not to do that. But imagine the affinity. Imagine the love. They had been harder than his son Oussama. There'll be a lot more on who both of

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them so beloved Osama was so beloved to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then on one lap the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would make Osama said and on the other lap he would make one of his grandchildren's said

00:33:14 --> 00:33:22

the same Osama Abdullah on when he grew up, he was sent in an army. He died. Zayed bin Haritha died

00:33:23 --> 00:33:46

at Ohad. The Prophet sallallahu CENla 70 companion, just if you start listing the difficulties that the prophets have a lot of cinema had to face in his life, the things that generally cause a lot of stress that take people to the verge of committing suicide. Yet we see the profits on a lot it's on him was the one who was always smiling.

00:33:48 --> 00:34:41

He was always smiling. When he smiled his face would be like the full moon. How Lai Lakota? Allah gave him the Allah. Allah gave him happiness, internal peace and satisfaction. And this doesn't come like that. How does it come? How does it come when you try when you try to be happy, when you strike when you force yourself to accept the decree of Allah, and you make yourself content with it. And for that, you have to remember the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala that my Lord, he decided this, he allowed this and there must be a reason. I trust his decision. I accept his decree. And he is perfect. He is flawless. What does it mean? Subhan Allah, Allah is perfect and flawless. So when

00:34:41 --> 00:34:50

you remember the perfection of Allah, than dealing with difficulties in your life becomes easy. It becomes easy

00:34:51 --> 00:34:59

and true happiness cannot come without this realization, without realizing the greatness and perfection of Allah subhanaw taala

00:35:00 --> 00:35:23

This is why I believe in God is a part of our Eman the man will God believing in divine decree. Nothing happens except that it has been decreed by Allah. And Allah, He decrees everything and Allah whatever He decrees there is hiding it. Nothing is pure evil, remember that nothing at all is pure evil. This is a part of our belief.

00:35:24 --> 00:35:44

Even if something has 90% evil, there will be some 100 in it, there will be some benefit in it. So, the one who remembers the perfection of Allah, He will find happiness in his life, no matter how difficult and stressful his life is Luca turbo. And this riddle this happiness of course this is in dunya but it's also in the

00:35:45 --> 00:35:47

it's also in the hereafter

00:35:48 --> 00:35:59

will listen to the recitation of these verses. What can I do V mon Sol Fela mu mu be your being one I

00:36:02 --> 00:36:04

do want to call

00:36:06 --> 00:36:06


00:36:10 --> 00:36:14

Rooney am Shuna famous king name

00:36:15 --> 00:36:16

Nephi that he can.

00:36:18 --> 00:36:19

Only in

00:36:20 --> 00:36:22

Walla Walla county Matt

00:36:24 --> 00:36:26

Baker laka analiza.

00:36:31 --> 00:36:31


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of all owner was big behind the bigger

00:36:38 --> 00:36:39

Shamsi will

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be warming

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up off

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Tom ball

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