Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P14 136A Translation Al-Nahl 41-64

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses various topics including a bar and webinar, a woman named Amelie, a woman named Amina, a woman named Amina, and a woman named Amina. They mention various topics such as the UK, rain, and the woman in the room. They also discuss a rune and a woman named Lila who is supposed to be killed by a group of men. The group discusses various elements of the rune, including a woman named Lila who is supposed to be killed by a group of men, and a woman named A Acton, Laqad, and Laqad. They also mention various speakers, including law, war, and money.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Nash Madhava Salli ala rosary Hill Karim and my Bar Mitzvah are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Frobisher Ashley's solidity Wei acidity Emery wash lunar of that Amelie Sani of our webinars even our ima

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that's the number 136 sorted to national ID number 41 to 64 Translation

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well Latina and those who had a rule they migrated fee in Allah He Allah Min from bar the after ma that Lily mu they were wrong.

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Lenovo we are no whom surely we will definitely settle them fee in a dunya the world has done good work and let agile surely reward I'll ask you of the hereafter. UK bottle is greater low if girdle they were yellow moon they know

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Alladhina those who Suburu they were patient were Allah and a bond or be him thereof. Yet our cologne may trust

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warmer and not ossola We sent men from publica before you Illa except three Jalan Men, nor she will reveal we inspire la him to them. First Lou so you all ask people avec of the reminder. In if quantum you were learned not that the moon you will know

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better by unity with the clear proofs was zooboo and the written ordinances

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was Uber and the written ordinances or divine Scriptures

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were unzila And We have sent down elaida to you a vicar the reminder little bay unit so that you make clear lenez for the people. My watch Mozilla it was revealed it was sent down la him to them when I'm the home and so that they get a karoun they reflect

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did firt then Amina he felt secure Alladhina those who macaroon de plotted as say he add the evils and that Josefa he causes to swallow. Allahu Allah, Be him with them. An Arbor the earth Oh or to whom it comes to them or their Buddha punishment. Men from heighth aware land not yet alone they perceive

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Oh or yet for the home he seizes them fee in the condo behave their activity

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or they're going to and fro

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from us or not home the the mortgage scene at all wants to cause failure

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Oh or yet who the whom he seizes them Allah upon the whole Wolfin fear or the whole within gradually

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for in then indeed Rob bacame Europe law often surely most kind are Haman most Merciful.

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Did WA and lamb not year old Desi Illa to Mao what color car he created? Allahu Allah min che in from a thing? Yes I say Yo, it shifts. It inclines we learn who is shaped. And from earlier mean the right was Shama ill and the left. So Jordan wants prostrating dilla he for Allah, we're home while they definitely rune once humble

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what Allah He and for Allah yesterday he frustrates me Ah whatever fee is in SML worth the heavens, warmer and whatever fee is in of the Earth, main from that but then living creature while Mala Iike and the angels were home and they learned not yesterday, the rune they are arrogant.

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Johar Fouda they fear or boom there are men from Folta him above them where if our Luna and they do Mao whatever you maroon they are ordered. They are commanded

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Wakanda and he said Allahu Allah let do not that definitely do you all take Illa Haney do God's is named to in them or indeed not but whoever he is Illa Han God wa hidden one for a year, so only me for her Boonie so you all fear me? What a who? And for him, man whatever fee is in a similar work the heavens what up and the earth? What a who? And for him a dino the religion? The worship was libre constantly, permanently

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Is firt then later other than Allah He Allah, that the cone you all fear, warmer and whatever become with you, men from near Metin blessing for men so from Allah Allah so my then either when my circle it touched you of the harm for LA heat so to him that you rune you all cry for help

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so much then either when geschaffen he removes a Buddha the harm the adversity aren't come from you either then Farrakhan a group men come from you will be him with Arab usually call the associate partners

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Leah crew so that they will deny Bhima with what attina Who we gave them further material so you all enjoy yourselves for sofa so soon Darla moon you all will know where Dr. Luna and they appoint they assign Lima for that land not yet or the moon they know asleep and a portion member from what Rosa canal whom we provided them to Allah He by Allah. Let us Aluna surely you will definitely be asked. I'm mad about what continuer does Tarun you fabricate where Dr. Luna and they attribute Lilla he for Allah al Burnett, the daughters Subhana who glorified as he want a home and for them mount what yes the home they desire. They wish

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what either and when was sure he was informed he was given good news. I had the home one of them will answer with the female well, it became what who who his face was swept done darkened completely black.

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Well who were and he is Killeen one of suppressed grief

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yet Awara he hates men from unkown the people men from Sue in evil man that Bush era he was given good news be of it.

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Should you um Seco who? He retained it?

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He retained it either upon hooning disgrace, humiliation, shame

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or yellow Sue? He should bury it. fee in a drop the dust?

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Allah unquestionably Sir, it is evil ma what Yakko moon they decide

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Lilla Deena for those who learn not you may know that they believe Bill Astra in the hereafter. Matheno description example a su the evil what Allah He and for Allah Ulmerton the description of our Allah the highest were who were and He is Allah Aziz the Exalted in Might al Hakim they always always

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wallow and if you actually do he would cease Allahu Allah and NASA the people below me him because of their wrong man not darker he left or layer upon it men from there but in living creature when I came but you assume he delays them era to agile in a time was some one fixed for either so when it came agile home their time land not yesterday Runa they seek to delay serotonin and our wala and nor you're stuck with the moon they seek to advance.

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Where's your Aluna and they appoint Lila he for Allah Mao wat ye Krahula they dislike WA and justly foo it describes or it asserts Alexina to whom their tongue turns AlkaViva the lie a nest that indeed law home for them and her snap the good ledger Rama no doubt certainly under that indeed. Law home for them. And now the fire were under home and that indeed the most Rathbone once neglected or once sent ahead.

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De la Hui by Allah Laqad certainly also now we sent it out to uma rent nation's

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men from kaberuka Before you as a unit so he adorned he made attractive law home for them a shape line with the shape on our mana home their deeds for who so he is when the home their wedding, their friend, Aloma this day, what a home and for them are that one a punishment a Lehman painful,

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warmer and not until now. We sent our Lekha upon you. Al Kitab the Book Illa except the two by Hina so that you make clear the home further

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I'm under the that which is tender for the deferred fee in it well who then and a guidance or Ramadan and immersi the calming for people you may known they believe

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or levena had

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emailed on the moon and all the way home big duniya has

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one agile

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loan can we have

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a lady you know so don't

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be me I don't

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he him bus

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lead victory

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build a team was zooboo What was

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the corollary to buy either in Missoula either

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I mean a lady in America was say he he upset see if Allah will be more of

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a woman

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doula show

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we are

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be more busy than we are

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welcome let

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me name

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our mural Ilana along with me she told

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me I mean he will show

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what he has to do Maggie says Do you wanna have

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a homeland is that

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work all along

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either hated knee pain in

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water this summer was one of the one

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of La Eloi he that simple? Oh don't want to be

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near my tears I mean a lot

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either myself both Boca la

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vida Kashia

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be any new shooting on the

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i'll see you

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the law you notice

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mesh the home

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wi either was sure how to

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do who was what zone

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Aleem yet out on the phone

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Oh FEMA will She'll not be able to see who

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to sue to

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let me know what your what the method was so

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you method

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hiking one oh you

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said you

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gotta you

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you want Anki Eda.

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Eda gentlewoman is that bureau?

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to moon

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ledger on

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the law heal up or the absence

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of any gap as a shame

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fuzzy animal shape on

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legal kita that he learned to buy, let it be

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me meno

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