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Smith now

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with that said, I'm I think we're not late at all

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so we're we're sold out the bow off today.

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Why is it possible to travel to Hanover talking about us, but the other has 206 versus 26. So it's considered to be from a sabbatical and the seven long ones and it starts with a felony in salt. So that introduction is called

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Introduction with gold. And it's done being soft, it's called

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exactly falafel is a monkey Soma, which means it's been revealed entirely in my case.

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but in terms of its revelation number, it's number 38. In terms of the renovations, when it was revealed, it was revealed right off the salt, salt, and right before salt and Gene number 3038. It has three reasons as to why it was revealed, all pertinent to the machete keen to the road, and also some spot some mistakes that used to happen Jania is reminding the Sahaba of that time, I want to start with the very first gem. It says in verse number seven, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, astrology when he was a young lady and help

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my wife as he you know, move out

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eeka will move to right after these are the stages in the hereafter. They have judgment. There are several stages right after he said, There is something that comes right before heat. So there's a stage or the step that comes right before the salad it's called the museum. There is an IT Allah associate says that all that meant was he who felt would you go off to those whom there isn't that way we be heavy, felt like they will be among the successful ones. But here comes the question, what will be weigh on the judgment is a person or is it the man of the person, the Prophet Muhammad as I spend more time with the Sahaba they saw the loved investor of the Sahaba by the name of he was

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climbing the tree and he had a very skinny legs. So they started laughing at how skinny his legs were and then the progresses are you laughing at how skinny his legs were is then the Prophet says by Allah the other behavior in the setup for London did not have offered. So the reason I said that yes, the weight the person will weigh over the investment and also the armor of the person who put weight on the exam in the Day of Judgment. So Samantha Padma was in who for whom we move that Allah says here there's a dialogue, there's another gem, a dialogue now happens between

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Allah and shaper.

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When Allah is created Adam it is to them what are

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some natural natural manner is due to

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Allah Subhana Allah has created you and we shaped you Allah we fashion do and we should do and what

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you told them and educate the interest of extremely adamant for associate do it please send me a convener Saturday. They all means good, except if he's let me administration here comes the very first sin or as we mentioned yesterday about diverse crime was killing today is the first sin Allah as I told shape on EBS Why didn't you make Suzu as I ordered you on a high your own meaningful product and even

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Hollub attorney even

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more home in the I'm better than him.

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I have better than him what we call this sin or this disease it is

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buried on everywhere. And I don't know who to give it to.

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It's pride it's arrogance. It's coming to the sisters as well to come in trouble two houses don't worry. It's arrogance. I'm gonna

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document why

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don't you come online?

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I can bring the tea inside the visit. Don't Don't tell me not to bring my tea inside the measure not you know how am I?

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Hey, hey, I don't need to mention our names. But who are you? If you say if you think you better than the others, you mimic in shape and

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then Allah subhanho wa Taala told Adam

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was going there was own true culture and metaphor, Buddha. I mean, Bakula? I mean Hisashi to our our head

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To be shut off for the common enemy not burning me the very first test Allah subhanho wa Taala after the grid and what he told them live in this heaven. Do you have everything? This is amazing this is interesting. This applies to even us parents with our children. When you tell your child you can do anything you can play with everything but do not touch this. When he tells him Don't touch this that's the only thing he wants to touch. Isn't it? Uh say Allahu Allah not love Oh, it also handleless environment ma'am no matter who so Allah azza wa jal created Adam and how I told them to live in heaven and eat from anything you want except this certain tree don't eat from this tree. You

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got so many trees Why do you want a from this particular tree?

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Is it this is the thing now the point is who ate from the tree first we don't care we don't want to know who care because they said oh Adam eight first the sisters would say as an eight first the mother will say How about eight first? Okay oh eight first Allah told them not to eat from the tree at the end from that tree as simple as that. Right? So they ate from the tree and this is you know, this is another thing that they have committed Allah as usual to the map from Jana. This before that. They said something interesting here, another gem on Allah verse number 23 Allah Allah Akbar now valonna For Sana, we're in that field and our hunger and not gonna nominate for Siri. They lived

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in heaven. Right? Allah could have given them out from heaven, but Allah azza wa jal wanted to test it. And he wanted to send you an AI a lesson right here. They ate from the tree and then ate from the tree. They discovered that they got exposed. So they start running away because they were naked to cover themselves from the leaves of the tree. It's been the reason that Adam was running away and Allah is the hub of money. Are you running away from me? You're gonna be not from you here admin of chastity. I'm embarrassed. This is why he was running trying to cover himself and then they get kicked out but before they got kicked out Paula, Banner, alumina and fusina They said a lot better.

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Together. Government hands, we work with ourselves for a long time to fill it out. I have never been a polynomial fastening if you don't want to forgive us and have mercy upon us certainly will be from the wrongdoers. Allah forgive them. The lesson here is when you sin, ask for forgiveness, repent to Allah Subhana Allah and Allah will forgive you. That was another gem and that Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the dress code. Somebody just today told me chef please talk about the dress code here it is Allah subhanho wa Taala verse number 31 Remember this all the youth listen up some of the youth may Allah forgive I know they're making newcomers. They come with Jesus and Jesus all the way

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to law. And then you know, the old cotton that maybe the the other one is shown in Libya from the back is short and maybe a little bit below the back is shown your hubby ALLAH SubhanA wa autolysis Yeah, buddy, who was seen as a commander contumacy or some of other ticular your your your honor, when you come to the masjid, they will dress up, make sure that you dress up, you know, nice thing when you go to the minute you

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dress appropriately when you go to the militias and adapt coming to the message. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks again about dialogue. Oh, this is why some of the dialogue between the people agenda and the people of health. Verse number 40 410 that whenever there was horrible Jannetty has happened now. I'm

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gonna help the head washer tomorrow. Adicolor Puma

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Targu Haruna from Kaduna and the people agenda they call upon the people of hellfire they said we have fun what Allah has promised as did you find what Allah has promised you? They said yes, we have fun with Allah has promised us and then they had a wish, what kind of wish ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, Well, that was horrible out off sort of out of the pill out of who

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was being said that it is a mountain who is stuck in that mountain, the people who sins are equal or equal their good deeds. Yeah, and the 5050 they don't have enough sense to determine Hellfire nor enough has enough to be taken to China. So they are the same sins are equivalent to their to their Hassan so they are stuck in this mountain. And that in itself is a punishment from Allah Subhanallah and as they see people go into Jannah and they can go to Jana. So that's in fact it's punishment from Allah subhanho wa Taala but Allah subhanho wa Taala says verse number 51 Write it down its agenda they have a wish. What kind of wish whenever the US hollobone us haben Jun.

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Long on Oahu in Aloha Rama caffine the people of hellfire they call upon the people potion that they used to make fun of and they say a friend or Elena I mean, give us some water. Please give us some water because everything in her fire is from fire. If we hadn't we are going to be thirsty. So they will say can you give us some water the people who generally will say in Aloha Ramona, either caffeine prohibited upon the non believers and then at the very end as an end in this Masha Allah, Allah talks about the study of some of the prophets starting from no hands set up and the people of Musa Phillips I started with no people Musa is that and then he started about I'm gonna tell you,

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I'm gonna tell you the how you tell me the Prophet. Alright sisters that start with the sisters sister fazer, please turn on the mic.

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Sisters they're complaining Have some mercy, okay.

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I'm gonna tell you the home you tell me the profit. Okay, if I tell you the trike, tell me the profit.

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Comrades. The name of the profit sisters.

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Sisters, turn on the mic. Yachty. All right.

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Calm and I want the name of the Prophet. The people have asked what Prophet was sent to them because Allah talks about these prophets of Allah. How was it?

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Different chocolate?

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Give her the top eight. Oops. All right, one more. There are two more.

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I tell your counselor you told me the tribe. I tell you the Prophet told me the tribe Sonesh What is the name of his tribe? Sign?

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Your sister your sister

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demo give her give her chocolate demo give her give her a pump. All right. Pump a lot. Give me the name of the of the of the tribe convolute of it for the brothers.

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Look blue clothes. I want to try it. What is the profit? The tribe? Either the sister or the brother? Anybody?

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The name of the tribe?

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Who said

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Was it a load load is the profit

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loop is the profit the tribe is called oh who said the boat boat

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the boat

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boat boarded the boat Saddam Saddam. Saddam. What boat

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the last one the last one the last one. Pomo okay, sure I will

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let you make the adjustment that Madea million so Allah is there's a talks about this prophets and how they as the this as they disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. Allah destroyed the Melba as I say it was

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salam ala cancer