Tie Your Camel But Don’t Strangle It

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim amongst the pristine teachings of Islam is that It impresses upon its followers the adoption of precaution. Islam is a very calculated and responsible religion. But coupled with that Islam equally alerts us that the adoption of precaution cannot alter destiny in any way. jacoba is Salatu was Salam said to his children. Let at Holloman barbin wa hit all my children when you enter the Egyptian god, do not enter from one door camouflage yourself leaves you are targeted by the genocide. But furthermore he said wama oguni uncommon Allah him in shade. If Allah has intended for you to be afflicted in a particular way, my strategy will be futile it will

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not help you in any way because it cannot override the decision and the decree of Allah. There is a companion brother your loved one who expressing his love for his son said a very amazingly the half or rather an FCRA Oh my son, I am afraid that no difficulty and injury must come to you. I want to ward off all evil from you are in nahata Alamo, moto octomore Angelou but I also know that regardless of the precaution I impress upon you, if Allah has decreed and ordained your death, my precautions cannot change what Allah has designed for you. When saving Allah who I knew was going in a particular campaign, someone said Are you not afraid of death? Wow, what do you say not to be

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alone who say, he said a omiya mean mot a field which day of death are you referring to that I must flee from the suppose the day of death or the actual day of death? yoma the day on which my death has not been decreed law, why should I be afraid? Because my death has not been decreed I simply cannot die on that day. One me nl McAdoo de la Yun, Jie and Heather and the day my Allah has decreed my death. I simply cannot love so what's the message my brother and my sister, tie your camel, but don't strangle it?