Reflections Ramadan 2023 #03 – Indeed the righteous will be in a secure place

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Santa Monica tomorrow Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. Today's affliction is on a beautiful ayat of surah to the Han chapter number 44 Verse number 51 in which the Almighty Allah says in Turkey Nephi McCollum in any in Wehrli al Mata kin the right yes on the Day of Judgment will be in a secure place. But the English translation is very poor. Because the word Amin is a superlative form is an extensive for so in Arabic there is m in a secure place. And there is a mean maximum security. The secures place ever the most secure

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and it is none other than a Jimena. So I'm keen on the day of judgment on the day which Allah subhanaw taala give it different names in the Quran. The reflect the horror, the fear, the calamity of such day, he call it out here, or Saha, uttama

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and Korea and these names afflicting the horror route will take place on the Day of Judgment

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in which Allah Almighty also said in sorting Muzammil about the data cave at the corner in caffeic Tamiya woman here will then a Shiba

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How would you then fear a Day that you disbelieved and the day will make l will then the babies the children, the young kids Sheba with gray hair

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in the beginning sort of will haunt

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too much Allah says, Yeah, you have nurse otaku? In zealot and Sati che on our way.

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Yama Tarragona Hello ko Loomer, we're out in a bar. What about who knew that he Hamlin Hamlin

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worked on nurses who

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be suka Wallach in

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law he Shadi so the Almighty Allah says all people fear the day that wait the earthquake which will take place on the day of lpm is really terrible is very powerful. Now like any earthquake that happens in the dunya

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you don't matter on

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Kumar got in her mouth about a woman who will be breastfeeding her baby will drop him and forget about him because she's scared.

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What are the

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I will call you that your Hamlin Hamlin, and every pregnant woman will drop her load. And he said, What are nurses Okara and you will see people behaving as they are intoxicated, or Mahurangi Socotra, they have not taken any intoxicant in reality, but they are afraid of the severe torment of the Almighty Allah. Then out of all of that Allah Almighty gives and grand security Laxman security to whom? To Anunnaki

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there is a beautiful area in surah

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chapter number six, number 82 The neutral Lord Almighty limits this security to certain people may Allah make us among them. So it says, a loving man while Emile de su e man

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be a woman Hola. Hola.

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Do you refer lawmakers among them? Indeed those who believe and did not mix their faith and belief with any injustice particularly to disbelief or associating others with Allah in worship. Such people shall enjoy the maximum security on the day, law whom will and know who or whom, more than rune and they are the truly guided one again, may Allah make us among them. So security on the Day of Judgment will be only given to those who believed in the Oneness of Allah, those who acknowledged the messages of all the messengers of Allah, those who did what is good and avoided anything and everything that made this please Almighty Allah to the best of their ability and in case that they

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involved into since the rush to see forgiveness in Tokina FEMA come in, I mean,

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what kind of security do they get? You see that the prophets Allah Allah Allah cinema said once you sit your foot in paradise, you get this map maximum security?

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Why, in Elgin in heaven as a prophet salaallah celibacy. mela I know right. Well, I was on semiotic wala hotter, Allah Calibri Russia, Allah has prepared for the Willers of paradise what No, I have ever seen, what no ear has ever heard of, and what is ingen have never ever crossed anybody's mind Subhan Allah,

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the Almighty Allah says, in Jannah, you do not fear lack of provision

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or that the resources will vanish or that may be you will be staying there temporarily and you will have to leave or you will die one day. Khalidi in a few other abiding there in eternally. This is a word from the Almighty Allah. Here the Almighty Allah says fission nothing while you're in Jana.

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Not genuine well, not only one Jana many gardens of Paradise and full of water springs and rivers, fish water, rivers of milk, rivers of honey and rivers of wine in Minnesota and in Saunders in Istanbul, Rocklin motorcar believe the dress of all kinds of silk fabrics this thin and the thick facing each other no one will get to see the back of another kid holy cow was a word you know whom before in in and Allah Almighty has very third for Abu Jana purified spouses. May the Almighty Allah make us among them and grant us security on the day was Saramonic mattala hillberg